April 27th, 2011


Victini Box Set + First Sales/Trades: B&W Cards

Hi PKMNcollectors! ^^

I just picked up my pre-ordered Victini Box set today. ^^ I was SO EXCITED! lol.


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And I leave you with this -

Victini is a card holder! SO AWESOME! ^^

Thanks for looking!

~ Risha

What are you waiting for? Show your booties!

With there being two bank holiday weekends in a row over here in the UK, it's been great for relaxing but awful for things arriving in the mail..
So what deliveries are you currently waiting for excitedly?

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Also, what are the worst or weirdest bootlegs you own?  I think that creepy purple Zoroark figure someone posted recently takes some beating, but let's try!

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I need a Mightyena plush commision

Hello it's me again :)  I was browsing deviantart,live journal and google and can't seem to find someone that would make a Mightyena plush for me.Most of the people on the artist list had stopped commissions.

I wanted a plush a bit bigger then the Hasbro Poochyena plush with details along the lines of this plush junolover made before she stopped commissions.
Any advice or a possible price qoute would mean much help a Mightyena plush would be my biggest grail and I am willing to pay a reasnoble amount for a small Jakks sized plush


 So I started a Pokemon themed Comedy Show and I'm looking to start collecting Pokemon T-Shirts to wear on the show... I've been searching online and can't seem to find anything that isn't crazy expensive and I figured you guys might have insight....

WANT: Clever Pokemon T-shirts

The last shirt I got was a "Slow Bro" screenpress shirt... that you can see here ---->


Where do you get Pokemon T-shirts for a fair price. I've been here for a while so I know they exist!
'chu bros

Lookin for pokabu!

At animeboston this passed weekend my tax return came finally and I bought the 6" banepresto pokabu! I love him to bits! He is right next to my bed and i can't help but smile when i look up to my little onion-head. So...

I'm looking to buy little pokabu plush and some figures! For now Im not interested in any large plush or flats (unless they are pan stickers in a unique pose, or you have a really good deal). Please come forward with your pokabus! I want them!

Also: his english name doesn't exist to me. Pokabu love! Bu! Bu!
  • karoia

looking for pokeballs!!! and mini GA update

so sorry to add to the wants posts... but one of my BFFs is looking for pokeballs for a team rocket executive cosplay. She wants 3, and I don't think she cares if it's great balls/ultra balls. But I think pokeballs would be best. Ideally they need to be easy to glue/attach to a belt somehow. Not sure what would be best... :P maybe those ones that come on a string, the throw ball ones that usually come with a plush? I have one of those, but she would like 3 so I come to the community asking for help!

So if you have anything, please link me to a picture and give me a rough price so I can help my friend out :D thanks so much~
think I found some, thanks guys!

And some GA updates: for the 2 in 1 GA, I was just finally able to pay for both auctions and was waiting for them both to be in the SMJ warehouse. I'll soon be able to put in a shipping request and have them sent off to hibikitikibi :] so sorry for the delay and thanks for the patience!

And I'm STILL waiting for the foam stamps from the GA I did with jedi_amara. They should be here any day now @__@ but once I get the stamps, I'll contact people individually about shipping :3

Jesswyn's First Post!

Hello! I have desided to make this post after a suggestion from the Rules and newbie help guides. I've been lurking around curious about this community for a while, but I now have the confidence to post, since you all seem like lovely people :)

My favorite pokemon is Venonat. I have a small collection at the moment since I have just started, but I hope to expand that! He seems to have some pretty rare merchandise, most of which I can only find on outdated live journal entries. I also collect Venomoths.

Here are a picture of my collection and my wants :)

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shiny mew

Collection TLC

Hey guys, I need some help with my collection.

My Dragonite zukan from the massive zukan GA has a broken antenna thinger. I want to try to glue it back on, but I've never repaired a figure before! Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use?

Also, I have a zukan peg that snapped off in the base. Is there any hope of getting it out? Any tips?

Sorry for such a boring post. I just have absolutely no idea what to do, and dont want to ruin my Dragonite!
  • nasija

First Post here

Hello all!

This is my first post here and i wanted to introduce myself.

I have bought few things here already or bid on them. But i decided not to wait till they arrive before making a post here. My Collection i can store in a shoe box atm, cause i had to sell 3/4 of it two years ago cause of money problems. Now i want to start a new one.  I'm a fan from pokemon since the inception from the anime in my country, not a huge fan at the beginning but that changed.   

My main lines will be Chandelure, Mareep, Flaafy, Dialga and Leafeon/Glaceon. But i want to collect a few Tepig, Pignite, Giratina, Suicune and Litwick things to.

My Collection with pictures can you find here in my LF Journal. I come from germany.  

I hope i formated this thread right, when not let me know please thince i'm really new to LF Journal.  I be grateful  if someone could tell me when I make a mistake, general tips or anything I need to know. 

Some new & Unexpected Raichus!

Okay, so this was a nice surprise today,
my friend is moving out of his house so he is getting rid of most of his stuff. He had already given me some of his digimon toys, i didnt think  he had more stuff to give me. But my boyfriend came over today telling me he had more stuff from him, raichu is his favorite pokemon too though he isnt really a collector he only has some toys of zoids, digimon, some pokemon gundam, and stuff like that, he has the raichu hasbro, but he did have some cards, and other interesting flats so I found some raichus that are now part of my collection

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Multi-Fandom: Monster Kombat


Caaaaarrrrrdddsss! I got quite a lovely package today full of delicious new cards. I recently got my hands on all the ADV-era core sets, so I've had to fill in the ex cards myself which is a very easy task given it took me quite a few years to get the core sets alone (go figure, the secret rare cards are easier to get!) It's even more easy to do so when your partner insists on getting such shiny acquisitions to complete the sets you just bought for yourself, haha. I figured why not post my card gets for a change, especially since everything was so pretty.

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Thanks for looking at my silly lil' post.
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Small Wanties List

Hiya everyone,

I'm pretty new to this, but I'd like to post a little want-list of mine, to see if I've got any luck on here.^^

So here goes!

-Oddish PlushPlush

-Clefairy PlushPlush or Pokedoll

-Jigglypuff Pokedoll

-Wooper Pokedoll

-Marill Pokedoll

-Mudkip 10th Anniversary Pokedoll(this one I want definately the most, since I already have Treecko and Torchick, only this little guy is missing in my collection>.<)

Preferably with tags. I'll make a good offer on each of these, so you won't regret contacting me.^^ 

edit: added Jigglypuff, which I forgot for some reason :O
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Derp + A Question

I got a new item to my mightyena/poochyena collection (my main focus)...my first bootleg. XD I have never seen this particular one before and I snagged it when I found it, its from a U.S. seller. It kind of looks like an american cartoon version of mightyena to me. Does anyone know what this might be a bootleg of?

I thought keshipoke when I saw it on the listing due to the size but then  when I got it I noticed it was surprisingly large and smooth. I am kind of thinking its a tomy bootleg,what do you think?

Regardless,this derpy little thing is cute (also lulzy) and something different compared to the other one or two mightyena bootlegs i've seen. (This one is also not horribly-deformed =D).
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Chatot Collection update

Considering my first (and only) collection update was back in September (a month after joining the community), I think this update is long overdue. :)

My main collection is Chatot and I tend to go for everything I can find, although I'm trying to cut down on the flat items I buy, as a lot of it is the same stock poses repeated again and again. This is currently the only collection where I indulge in customs; charms especially are my Achilles heel.

I have a side collection of Murkrow/Honchkrow and a fair amount of random items that have caught my eye. I plan on collecting Rufflet (with a bit of Braviary thrown in) eventually but I'm waiting to see what merchandise comes out before deciding if it's going to be another side collection or a big one like Chatot. :)

This post is just showing on my Chatot's because it's big enough as it is.

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pika cap2

Wanted scizor prime for trade

Evening all I got a problem I lost a scizor prime card that was support to go to a friend but I misplaced it and can't find it and had turned my bedroom upside down so if anyone has a scizor prime for trade please let me know.
Thank you
  • donny9

Just some small Wants.

Hey everyone, just some small wants that I'm looking for

1) Minun and Plusle Canvas plush - I've been looking for this pair for a while now they're still eluding me :(

2) Minun Winter Plush - Only saw this on Y!J for an exorbitant price

3) Minun and Plusle Dragon EX Cards

And just a question about the MPC Plush - Are they going to shops soon, they seem to be only found on Y!J.

Well yea, that's all from me then, thanks for reading.

(All plush Pictures from PokePlushProject)

The most epic wants list I can pull off...

Right, firstly, to anyone who has bought anything from me I got everything shipped out tuesday!
(except the person who bought the Celebi card off me, but thatll get sent out asap!)

First Id like to just do a quick shout out to chatsy as shes the sweetheart who sold me the long wanted Raikou Charm ive been hunting for since February(?) so again, thank you SO MUCH! ♥

Also if you bought from me and wish to leave me feedback, please do so here; http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/5132873.html?thread=244256073#t244256073
Leave me a comment if I owe you feedback and I will do the same n__n (sorry my inbox is terribly full at the moment >D> so i kinda....cba to search through it ^^; )

Also! I have a collection website up!
Im ALWAYS adding to it as I get my new merch, so, you can keep an eye on it if you like n__n
Any feedback at all is appreciated, but im waiting patiently as im waiting for 2, yes TWO grails to arrive :D

So anyway! Heres some wants under the list!
Ive used imaged from denkimouse 's website cause she happens to have...ALOT of stuff that I want... :D
so if you'd like me to take them down Gin just say n__n

now, for wants, UNDER THE CUT!!

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