April 28th, 2011

Jakks update!!!!

Well, I decided to browse around Toywiz to see some nice new updates and a couple dissapointments :(

For the Single figures, remember on how there was some confusion with the 3 dogs and it's series, how it split in 2? Well, now I guess they fused them into 1 large one BUT THEY TOOK OUT DELIBIRD!!! I was so looking forward to him too! :(
Also, Series 2 and 3 of Black and White updated! 2nd evos of the starts and uh, Reshiram and Zekrom again in Series 2? Munna in 3 again? What's up with all the quick reprints? 0_o Not that it's that bad, but still there's lots more monsters to go through!

3 Packs

3 packs (and those TRU exclusive tubes especially!) can be good bargains, especially when you can find all the figures you want in one go! But... these soon reprints! I'd get the packs with the Dogs in them, but I already have Zorua and Zoroark >_< What's worse if you if see the coming soon ones YOU SEE A REPRINT OF SERIES 1 IN EVERY PACKAGE!!! That's not fair :( Couldn't they.... just put in 3 of the NEW series in every one??

Alright Series 3 has the 2nd evos! THOSE will be fun to try and find when they get released >_> I think we'll ALL be marathoning to our nearest stores to try and find them! Oh, and a Zorua reprint! That's a reprint that's actually a good idea^^ But, Minccino twice? Really? Eh, maybe he'll be the new Zorua so maybe it's a good thing!

~And those are your updates! Can't wait!^^

Hey everyone! :)

First of all, I just about have every figure of Girafarig, and I was wondering if any of you are willing to sell this:

I've been searching for it for waaay too long. ;_; Let me know, and I would be forever grateful.

Also, I decided I want to collect all 151 original Tomy figures. So if anyone has any for sale in pretty great condition, I would definitely be interested. (Keep in mind, I already have Pikachu, Raichu, Growlithe, Arcanine, Clefairy and Mew)

Thanks everyone! Hope everyone's having a good week :)
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B/W finds,updates,and need help pricing these

I hope this post is not very long have allot of updates

I recorded my collection video and wanted to know if I can post videos?

Also here are the updates
I am very close to getting my grail I have gotten responses from 4 different people for my request of a mightyena commission.I am going over all their pricing and my options to decide who I will go with.Also my Cubchoo and Victini mini plush are on their way from denkimouse :) I bought them at the sunnyshore pokemart.I also had a few questions as to how much some of these items in my collection are worth.

Sealed 2000 Australian Olympics Pikachu World Collection
Jakks Pacific Giant Dialga and Palkia Plushes
Jakks Pacific Sprite Trio Azelf,Uzie,Mesprite
Pokemon Center USA Mew Plush 2005
Pokemon Center USA Latios and Latias Plush 2005
Pokemon Center USA Shadow Lugia Plush
Pokemon Center USA Giant 11 Inch Reshiram and Zekrom Pokedolls
Jakks Glaceon and Leafeon Plush
Pokemon Umbreon mini plush,This is the closest thing to my grail he also looks like my dog who is a husky/lab mix

Updates on my finds and a shopping guide for all people in the Herndon,Reston,Sterling VA Area

Found a ton of Black and White TCG products at Target finds are below
Victini Box only 1 in stocked yesterday they cleaned the Victinis
Reshiram/Zekrom Tins
No promo packs as of yet going tommoroww hope they got the blisters and boosters
Toys R Us in Sterling VA has gotten some Black White stuff and some rare HGSS stuff.They had the plushes but last time I went they only had munna.They did however get a rare wave of Jakks HGSS plushes and they restocked them twice.They hadJirachi,and Teddiursa last time.This was just a heads up for anyone in this area looking for the new stuff so you don't call a bunch of different stores.

Thank you and good night.Hope you guys in my area who read this find my guide helpful.I will be uploading my collection video tommorow once I know if I can post vids.
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So.. I have a little money to spend right now, but not a super lot XD
anyway, I'm falling behind on Sandile collecting, since I haven't been able to find a job. However, I occasionally come across some spending money, like now :D
The things I am looking for are:
the keshipoke
the kids figure
the chupa figure
plush keychain
phone strap
and the jakks toy that has him coming out of the pokeball with his element. (this one only comes in a set with oshawott, but I'd rather not pay $20 for just the sandile :x) there is no picture of the sandile one, but the figure I'm talking about looks like this:

Also, I'm not 100% sure, but I think sandile may have also gotten a chou get figure, and if he did, then I need that too XD

EDIT: also, I still have an Oshawott jakks figure for sale for $7 if anyone is interested :>

Thanks for looking :D
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Wanted: Lati@s Pokedolls! + My first Pokedoll EVER

HEY GUYS. IT'S ME AGAIN. 8D Anywhooo, right now, I'm reallyreallyreally in need of Lati@s Pokedolls! Preferably minkyyyyy. Money is a little short right now, so I'm looking for probably loved/no-tags/whatever. I don't know. ;w; So if you have any Lati@s Pokedolls, please let me know! I'm also possibly interested in a minky Lugia, soooo...

So, I edited this to make it more exciting:

Today, I got my first Pokedoll ever. What was it? 8D

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indiffernt quagsire
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Final Reminder ~

Final reminder; Both end tomorrow (Friday) at 3:00PM PST

Big Ol' Plush Sale

(assuming there are no higher bids already of course)

And, this is your last chance to get an offer in on this:

OOAK Maractus plush.

(snivy pokecenter plush is in there for size reference)
She is 11 inches tall (28 cm) and made of fleece and heavy felt.

And! Your offer on maractus will include shipping if you are in the US.


Group Buy shipping payment :)

Remember this group buy? It's in and we have shipping totals. :D Please get your shipping payments in as soon as you're able.

Please send payment to samheartsuyw @ gmail.com and make sure you put your username and that it's for the plush group buy shipping payment in the memo. :)

Totals are here

The Manaphy line plush is still available and can be taken for $10 shipped ANYWHERE. Please claim it. :)

New here and Looking <3

Hey Everyone

You can call me Lovelychu <3

I am new here and I am looking for a few things!

BULBASAURS!!!! GAH I want Bulbasaur Plushies <33


Anything life size <333
If you are selling anything please let me know and I hope to get along well with everyone <3

I am a big collector of Pokemon Plush and here are some photos of my collection >.<

My favs are my Chikorita, Mincinno, Jigglypuff, Mew, Oshawott, and Emolga

My Best Wishes So far xD 

My Pride and Joy!!! <3333

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Galvantula and Joltik

Another GA arrived + other GA reminders

Hello there!


Wanted to let people know that this huge GA has arrived to my home today! :D
The EEVELICIOUS GA!!! So happy all of them came safe!!! PEOPLE CONCERNING THIS GA, PLESE READ!!!!
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Now onto the people who did not pay yet for shipping or even for their claims in the GA, so please take a look, who hasn't paid me yet!!! If your name is under here, please comment here and I will give you the shipping total!!!

Pan sticker GA: glacidea, thunderwolfcat (thank you zeldana for the PM, I have been worried :))

Korth_Dono Arceus GA: azraelalexander 

Umbreon GA: jerybunny (will combine shipping with the GA that came today, so please wait a little more), omgitslph, pokabubu, spideyroxas (discussed it, will combine), thefilthhigh (sorry, still need to go to the post office to ask : (), vaporleon (will combine with the GA that came today)

Keychain GA: betonicifolia (ready packed and combined shipping with Jeansama's GA), jazzbie, phantomggirl, xlindziex 

Jeansama's GA: allyugioh (I don't even know your location), betonicifolia (look under Keychain GA above), djsiren (did you pay for your claim to jeansama? I don't even have your location), gl4x, kermit_young, system69 

If you do not pay me for the shipping, I cannot send them out to you, hope that is clear!

And well, another boring post, but it needs to be here -___-
Anyways, to try to not make it AS BORING, here is the reason why I wanted the Vulpix canvas:


Thank you people for being so patient and sorry for so much journal spam!
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More Sales + Stuff

Hey guys! I haven't posted lately and I know that some of you are waiting on some GA updates.

Quick GA; If you've paid for your stuff before today it's in the mail right now (with a few exceptions), waiting on paypal funds to transfer over so I can get the rest of this stuff sent out!

Huge Karoia GA: It's in! I need to get you guys shipping totals so I can get this stuff outta here. But first I need some money to get more mailers so some sales!

Also I need to respond to a ton of messages, I apologize schools been kicking my butt these past few weeks. >: (Almost over!) If you're waiting for something from me feel free to remind me about it and I'll get back to you asap!

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bubble gums birds

Items for Sale

...so buy them >:/
HI all! Many of you many not recognise me, but I've been a member for quite a while! I just haven't been around due to IRL work. But I'm still accumulating Pokemon stuff of course, and therefore still end up with things to sell! Just a small sale this time around, but interesting items nonetheless! Take a look --

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Jakks Leafeon

Does anyone need a Jakks Leafeon? There was an extra one at the store while I was out hunting, so I grabbed it figuring someone might need it. I'll take the best offer. :) Just trying to help out for those who can't get these guys. (I found Vaporeon for myself! Finally!)

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Poke Wishlist

New bought updates: I recently got this oober cute togepi made plushie for me, a Munna plushie yesterday from toys r us, and 28 pokemon tomy figures from someone online. I will update with some new pictures later but for now I'm waiting to receive some other pokemon stuff in the mail like my mantrike figure, suicune and raikou pokedoll, giratina tomy figure and some other pending shipping stuff.

Seeking/Wishlist: (mainly seeking tomy figures)
ponyta,rapidash,haunter,cyndaquil, quilava,typhlosion, pichu, pikachu, latias,latios, espeon, girafarig, spheal,spiritomb,gible,lumineon, togekiss,leafeon,glaceon,shaymin,serperior, zebrastrika,audino,whimiscott,deerling,sawsbuck,vanilite (and all forms),litwick,chandelure,zekrom,meloetta, ivysaura, venasaur, wartotle, blastoise, haunter, munna,  (willing to pay $2 for each used one.)

As for plushies I'm seeking-(looked for used plushies, so prefer to pay $20 and under for these)
suicune~ preferably seeking this one-  http://www.amazon.com/Pokemon-Diamond-Pearl-Plush-Stuffed/dp/B002H9X1LW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=toys-and-games&qid=1301355799&sr=8-2
audinos, ~preferably this one- http://www.japanvideogames.com/Pokemon-Center-Pokedoll-Plush-Doll-Tabunne-p/pokemon-4521329102399.htm
leafeon (preferably the tomy one)
mew pokedoll
ho-oh pokedoll

I'm also seeking all of the johto series of episode DVDs, and most of the movies after the 5th movie like the jirachi one, deoxys, giratina, some more i dont  know the names.
If you know of any sellers let me know :)

Tabitha - Smug


I should do a collection update, soon, really. But this one I had to do today because lol.

Also: If you're waiting for a package from me. I know I have one big box to go out, and I gotta get back to someone else on your total with international shipping. I know who you are. Don't worry I have not forgotten you.

I still have Jakks reversible Snivy and Tepig plushes for those interested. $25 shipped in the US :)


Magma Rules, Aqua Drools, etc etc.

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