April 29th, 2011

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Head's up! Gamestop's weekly ad says they're having a sale on DS accessory kits, featuring gen 5 ones; 5$ off. :)

Also, Portal 2 is on sale, which is an awesome game if you've been thinking of getting it. Just saying.
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N obtained companion cube

Short collection update (no witty photostory) + a meme for you students

Hello guys.
I have some new gets for this month~
Unfortunately, I didn't have time for a witty photostory (and no poorly done MSpaint expressions either...except for one I think), so you guys get a short story instead.

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now that that's over, time for a meme.
I know some people here are college students, and in some cases, Finals are coming up.
Here is the meme: Show how your little buddies are helping you prepare for your Final exams.

they help me make flashcards for Ornithology. :U
gdi, I'm not ready for my stats or ecology final. ;;

To all those taking finals. I salute you. BI

Now to debate whether or not to stay up and watch the royal wedding...


Base Set Cards: Unlimited vs. Shadowless; Also Error Cards?

Hi PKMNcollectors!

In my internet browsing, I've stumbled across something that I had never heard of before. I know there are 1st edition and unlimited cards for Base set, but, apparently, there's also something called shadowless? I tried watching videos on youtube to better understand this, but I'm still kinda confused. Is there a way to tell if a card if you don't have an unlimited card to compare it to? Will the Shadowless card look exactly like a 1st edition just without the 1st edition symbol?

Also, I know that 1st editions are worth more, obviously, but does it really make a difference if a card is shadowless or unlimited when pricing cards?

Another thing I stumbled across is error cards. I've always known about them, but now I'm wondering if they're more valuable than the corrected versions? I know I have the Red Cheeked Pikachu from Base Set (which I think looks better than the yellow cheek)...and I also have some other error cards. Do people really care about the error cards?

Hoping that there's some people in the community that are more familiar with all this than I am. I'm considering auctioning off my Base Set (I have a complete collection) either on here or ebay. Yes, I have sale permission (before anyone asks). ^^;

~ Risha

Also, I might delete this post after I get some clarification...since it's just a bunch of questions. ^^;
Breloom Wut

Custom Reminder~

Just a quick reminder that I have 3 art spots left for my April customs! :DD  Be sure to get your hands on one before they're all gone!


I've also lowered the prices on all my items from my small sales!
And I still have a Pearly Absol TFG still up for offers. Give me any offer! 

And lastly, I have a familiar Pokemon toy lot back up on Ebay! The buyer who won it last time didn't pay me in the end. >:[  I've also lowered the price on this as well by half of what the winning bid was!


It includes pokedolls, toys, pogs, kids, cards and more! Feel free to make a group auction for it!

I'm waiting for some huge lots to come in later so expect a huge collection update and additional sales next month! <3


Purugly Celebration

I bring you more sales...

I don't want this post to be all about sales, so under the cut I have a very small collection update!!

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Now it is time for some more sales!! I have updated Purr's with new awesome goodies! Some items are from my own "purr"-sonal collections! I need to raise some $$$ for a trip I will be going on in August!

Like last time, I have some less common items, that I was unsure of what to price them at! So, I decided it best to put these items up for offer, somewhat auction style! This way, it gives everyone a chance!

Click either the below image or link to be taken to Purr's Auction/Offer House!

The Auction/Offer Block!

Finally...I give you Purr's Pokemon Palace!


The shop is overloaded with all kinds of goodies, thus Purr's has not one, not two, but four different departments! I will list all the links below to make it a little easier:

Purr's Main Shop

Purr's TCG Department

Purr's Flats Department

Purr's Non-Pokemon Junk

The link titles are pretty self explanatory! The main shop pretty much houses non-flats, things from figures to plush! Thanks...;)


Pokemon Badge Project: Last Chance for Johto Orders!

First things first, due to a trip to the hospital taking away time from this project I've push the deadline for orders back to MAY 3RD. Should make up for lost time without delaying the release too much!

The pricing for Johto badges is:

$30 for a set of all 8 badges
$5 per individual badge
$5 shipping on all orders of up to  and including 16 badges

If you'd like to order, please email me at pkmnbadges@aol.com!

Aaaaand here's some closer images of the new badges!

Oh, and there are a few Kanto sets left, as well as a few assorted singles! A Kanto set goes for $50 plus the same shipping price, and singles are priced same as Johto (just a heads up, I only have singles of Boulder, Soul, Marsh, Volcano, and Earth Badges)
zekrom fly

Is this worth it?


I remember these were very rare and limited. Shiny Suicune is one of my favorite Pokemon (second only to Shiny Manectric who doesn't have any official merch), and I've always wanted one of these for quite a bit, but I never brought myself to get it (I have a strange lack of impulsiveness). But now I seem to want one more than ever.
To be honest, I would never pay more than $150 on plush toy of that size, rare as it may be. What do you guys think? Is a Shiny Suicune Pokedoll $400? In my opinion it's not, but that's just imo.
maractus 2, cute

TCG last chaaance oh noes

Our garage sale started today, and I put my Pokemon cards out to sell--well, I've already gotten offers to buy the whole binder, SO
This is your last chance to buy any cards I have. I know I'm kinda annoying about this, but I'm open for trades too!

Card sales HERE

And I will respond to all messages/feedback requests later, I just wanted to make this quick post before I'm busy again

Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

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Hello all~ I promised a collection update after Sakuracon and I'm finally getting around to it now. 8D

I was disappointed at first that most of the merch seemed to be the same few UFO catcher sets, once the masses of people cleared out I did find a few neat things. c:

But first:

Jade made this amazing adorable sculpture and was willing to sell it to me when I expressed interest in it. ;w; I love this thing so much and I'm so happy to have something else in my tiny little Jellicent collection. <333

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A friend that I met last quarter mentioned that she was going to be selling at the artist alley and started making tons of pipecleaner Pokemon. 8D My friend Hannah and I naturally suggested a few (blanketbug, ghosts, spiders). She finished some awesome ones and just made a Giratina and Desukaan at my request fff 8'D I bought these two from her a couple days before the con. c:

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EDIT: Also a quick question, I'm almost done with two of my three plush projects at the moment and I'm thinking about making some stuff to sell here on the comm. What sort of things would you guys like to see?
Chillarmy Doll

GA Update, Sales, and some wants!

Ok, so about the big plush GA I did... We won! :D AND it ended at 1/3 or so of what we raised! :D

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Oh, and I also want some PokePark merch! :D
And well, pretty much ANYTHING else that's pokemon center! (Keychains, stickers, etc.)

Edit: Actually... I have come to a new collection. For the time being it will be my main collection, since I never had a chance to go when I was younger. It is Pokemon Center New York merchandise! I always thought the logo was the best, since it was the most unique. I have nothing in this collection thus far, so ANYTHING will do. (I am watching the eBay auctions for the mugs and tote bag though) Please please let me know if you have anything.<3 I will love you forever. :DDDD
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

BW4 Kids Round 2, BW4 Kid Extras Sales, Jakkks Plush Sales!!!

Hi, everyone! Round two just came in the mail today, and I got some other stuff too!

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Also, I still need [info]omgitslph to pay $9 for their Swadloon. PayPal info under the cut, but replace round 2 with round 1 in the subject line!~! Thanks! :D

Now with all of this being said, I do have extra kids. I have:


Please take them away!! $9 each please, shipped anywhere in the world. COMMENT TO GET ONE OR MORE OF THESE! :D

Also, I went to my TRU today, and they had a ton of merch! I have these for sale, at $9.50 each plus shipping to be added:

Snivy x1

Please let me know if you would like these! :D

Thanks for checking this post out! :D

TCG portfolios

More wants. (movie wants are over there. I haven't given up on them!)

EDIT 3: Found <3 This. My TRU might just never have it.
Anyone thinks I could get this shipped at around 15$, or is this 20$ horror at ebay the best thing i'll get?


(insert cool HS Triumphant Dialga/palkia binder here)

Still looking --->
Also, does anyone have the 9-pocket portfoilio with Palkia/Dialga? I may also be interested in it.
 I am not certain if a 9-pocket of Ho-Oh/Lugia was ever made, but it would defenitely be something amazing. Some people say they might have seen it, so I wonder if it isn't some sort of mythic portfolio O.o;
<--does not exist.

If anyone has any other neat-looking portfolios they wish to dump to canada, I'm willing to look! Since new portfolios are usually 7-9$ max, I will see about spending higher (shipping not included of course!), unless it is indeed a rare item.

While we are on the subject.. Anyone else collecting foils wrappers? How do you display them?
(and if anyone has any nifty wrappers to throw away, just ask if I wanna buy em, I don't have many older ones.. for example. More specifically: Legends Awakened: Lucario. Majestic Dawn: Garchomp, Empoleon. HSUnleashed: Suicune. Supreme Victors:  Garchomp. Holon Phantoms: Kabutops, Zangoose. Secret Wonders: Weavile. Unseen Forces: Umbreon, Stormfront Torterra)
aipom + ambipom

Monkey Buisness Gets! :)


After a rather disappointing run to TRU and Zellers in Toronto, I came up dry for B&W toys in both. :'( However, I did get something awesome in the mail...and an opportunity to show off some stuff I got at the local comic shop with a friend! 


Collapse )Heh. I know it's not much, but I love this community so much and I felt like I needed to share my mini-gets with you. ^^;


~ Pirka


Quick question to anyone located in the uk who uses Noppin

Hello, this is just a very short post for a quick question! When I find my answer I will delete this post!

Basically, living in the uk, when anything is sent by EMS 10/10 we get hit by customs, depending on the price you can expect at least a £25 customs charge ontop. Im personally getting a bit sick of this cause something which has cost me for example $80 off noppin, with the customs charge its adding a good $50+ ontop of it. This is ALOT of money.

I know Noppin dont like to mark down the value of their packages which, is fine, but, Noppin do offer other postal services other than EMS. I basically just want to know, if I got my items sent by 'Air Parcel' wil I be able to dodge these extra fees?

I know Air Parcel can cost more, but Id personally rather pay an extra £10 on shipping than get a £25+ customs charge. If I can get any information I will be more than GRATEFUL then I can hurry up and get my grail home to me ;~~;

I know this is a bit off topic but, its still about getting a collectors item home to me, but like I said when I find out what I need to know I will delete this post. If people want me to leave it up just say, cause, I think this may go out to quite a few people living in the UK.

~ * Textured Bookmark Customs * ~

So I have rekindled my love for my original first customs ever sold here, laminated bookmarks. However the art style I previously enjoyed is boring to me and I found something I love doing more. C':




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Also, I kinda have fallen in love with another custom and wanted to gather some ideas. This idea is one of those customs that I would only auction off, due to material costs and other lack in confidence supplies. They are textured Pokemon designed tote bags like this one~


So I wanted to ask the usual customs question of what Pokemon would you guys go nuts for on a bag? This one personally comes with me to work~ :'D I am bias to 5th gen Pokemon, and have the idea of Whimsicott in my head, but I want to know what Pokemon you'd go for~ Thanks!



As for packages and pillows from me, I am sending out a few tomorrow! Things are crazy busy for me, and while bookmarks can be shipped in tiny mailers from home finding a way to to get to the post when my work hours have me everyday except for Sunday and during the post's hours is difficult. Sorry guys! Pillows are hard to get out which is why I won't be opening pillows again until both my last two orders are complete and the liquidation at my store stops. I sent out some messages to the few of you whose orders I still have in my hands, though seeing as there's been no replies and LJ Pms suck, give me a shout at TobyLeeSF@comcast.net please!  ;u;

Also, expect a spooky collection update soon! I'm just waiting on an important item. ;D


Collection Update-Victorini!

So I got some things from Japan in today, which also means sales coming soon :D

Look at all my gets <3

Awww look it's Victini and his special buddy...er..Victini
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My most expensive collection piece. My Pikachu tattoo. Yes I am the biggest nerd here :D! I got this because Pokemon got me into drawing and creating my own characters. I want my whole ankle to be dedicated to things that inspire me. Simba is next ;)

Also, captainangel PLEASE send payment to pantherotter@hotmail.com for your zukan purchase. We both keep asking nicely and get no response :/

Spring cleaning sales!

It’s that time of year for me to get some spring cleaning done, and I figured I’d try to sell what I can on the community first before throwing the rest on Ebay. I have a giant mix of stuff here, from figures, to plush, to flats, kids, zukan, all kinds of stuff. I took some fresh pictures and added a few things. Take a look, and your bound to find something you like!
Picture heavy!

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Collection Update AND WANTS!

Hello again,
I have a little collection update in just a sec, but first, some wants of mine :D


Also, very image heavy

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Hope you enjoyed, and some of this might be a sneak peek of possible weeding sales :o

Today's gets. :)

So I've been pretty sick lately again. My husband was kind enough to pick me up something on his way home from work today. I'm feeling a little okay right now so thought I'd show you my gets. :)

He got me the Victini set and the Tepig and Snivy one booster pack sets from Target. As well as Oshawott and Tepig Jakks plushies.

Earlier in the week he got me the entire Jakks figure set and some other cards including the Oshawott 3 booster pack from Target. :)

It's very image heavy under the cut.

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