April 30th, 2011

Quick Draw!

Multi Post of Goodness

Hello Everyone~

I come to you today to share my AMAZING get<3

I've been getting a lot of amazing items in recently, and I plan to make a big big collection/gets post later, but I just had to share these guys now
I mean come on
they demand to show off their smugness x3

I would also like to remind that there are still unclaimed figures from this GB:

We are trying for at LEAST 2 sets but hoping for 3

Suicune: blackdog333 , mandysaurus_rex
Entei: blackdog333 
Raikou: mandysaurus_rex, blackdog333    
Zorua: elisha1288, kneesocks,
Zoroark:  mandysaurus_rex    blackdog333    
Pikachu: mandysaurus_rexyaoi_queen

The Entei never was claimed in the original GB, so he is also up for sale.

Each figure will be $2.25 each if you live in the US and $2.27 if outside of the US.

These prices are BEFORE shipping from me to you. Like I said in the beginning of the post, I will have to take one to the post office and see how much it probably would be to anywhere within the US and outside of the US before I give an exact estimate.

If anyone wishes to see closer pictures of the figures, let me know. I have some at the ready that I can show you.

Remember, if you have a probably waiting for me to get you a quote, then please don't buy.

Also, if I had told you I couldn't sell anything under a certain amount, there isn't a problem now, since I was able to find that ride.
So come on back and I'll get you a quote! :D

to those of you who are waiting on me to get back to you about TCGs. I haven't forgotten!
Just I've been searching through my many tins of cards during my free time from work/other stuff.
I hope to get back to you all soon!

Thanks for your time!

Nintendo World pick-ups!

I'm going into NYC tomorwo, and will be able to pick up up to ten (10) pokedolls/pokecen plush for folks : ) They will be $16 + shipping each.

I'm not sure of exact stock, but they should have (pokecen plush) emolga, sandile, minccino, munna, tepig, oshawott, snivy at least, and pokedolls, i'm not certain of exactly, but they should have the same stock they've had over the past few weeks/months. I'll try to post a list if i can from my phoen once i get there, but if you were to call after ten am EST and get a list, you can post your wants to this thread, and i can check my email from my phone. i would need a list by 11 am EST latest ( sorry this is so late!) ( I'll be heading towards the Brooklyn Botanical gardens for the Cherry Blossom Festival afterwards <3 )

I can pick up TOMY's too, but i don't know what is available. they would be $6.50 each + shipping.

Nintendo World phone number is : 1 646 459 0800

I feel bad for not knowing available stock, but calling NW slipped my mind today!

Please be ready to pay by monday evening if you decide you want anything ^_^


larvitarscar's collection site now open!

hi everybody! i've noticed that the community membership is growing enormously each day, and i figured i should do a small re-introduction of sorts to coincide with the unveiling of my new collection site.

i'm larvitarscar, some of you may know me from my weekly sales posts and occasional collection updates. my main lines of collections are piplup, marill, pachirisu, team rocket, tepig, spheal and larvitar. sadly, the latter two are not the sort of Pokemon that lend themselves to mucho merchandising, so most of my energies are devoted towards my blue favourites.

apart from my main lines, my starting point were kids. i was obsessed with them, and was darn happy to finally complete my Pokedex of at least one kid per pokemon. My kids count (excluding B/W kids) is now at about 900+, and I have a flickr account where i catalogue all my kids. in my kids section, i do provide a link to the flickr page, but the pictures mainly present how i display my kids in my rooms! also, i collect chous, TFGs, megabloks, zukans, amada stickers and the odd plush here and there.

i've been working hard on my collection site, and it's finally reached a level of completion that allows viewing! currently, only piplup, marill, pachirisu, kids, megabloks, team rocket and pokemon vs sylvanian families (remember those? fond memories) sections are open. i'd be slowly updating my site all summer, but in the meantime, do take a look! i'd love to hear your comments and feedback. =D

here's a sneak preview of what you'd find:

it's quite work in progress, and i'm still halfway through my collection site banner, so apologies for the site not being 100% functional! meanwhile, here's a sea of penguins to welcome you in.

[disclaimer: the site is quite image-heavy, particularly the blue penguin section. you are strongly advised to have a cup of nice tea while viewing. ;) ]

(enter the pine cone forest here!)

thanks for viewing!
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Jakks Pacific New Series for September! (We have a long wait!)

Jakks is already clued us in on what there plans are for September!

So to me this is a good sign! This means they'll make sure the Black and White Series 1 & 2 get out there :D However I am really looking foreword to September for sure!

There are no pictures yet, but you an expect September to Include:


The next Series for Black and White (series 2) 

+Mincinno (So probably the same plush will carry over to series 3? Maybe not!)

So we'll be seing Woobat, Deerling, and those fellows first in the month of June, which is not too far off!

Personally, I'm excited about Scraggy. I don't own anything Scraggy yet but I'm sure the Jakks plush will be choice!

If pictures arrive sooner rather than later, I'll make sure to let you all know :D

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Question On PokePark Plush Tag

Hi all! I need help figuring out if there are 2 PokePark plush versions out there. I own two PokePark Groudon plushies and one PokePark Kyogre plush.  All of them have the same tag. I was searching around as I normally do and came across another PokePark Groudon with a different tag.

Did they make two different versions????

Here is what my tag looks like:

Here is what I found:


Hello~ Long time lurker, newbie to joining.
I grew myself out of Pokemon some time after Yellow came out. Seems like a part of me won't let go of this series. BW made sure of it. Ugh! So in love with those characters (although many of the PKMN make me miss the original 151 so much).
Let's cut to a pic spam!
Sorry, but I only have a webcam. Not the greatest photos ever. Made worse by bad weather outside.
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Thanks for your time!
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Looking to Trade for certain B/W Cards

- I receivedCollapse )sales permission sometime in early 2010.
- I can only trade with people in the US due to having to deal with customs elsewhere.
- I will be sending in regular envelope but I can tape it around the edges to make it more secure (if you want).
- I will send out the cards you are trading me as soon as the next mail day,please do not rip me off and do not send your cards or something.

Cards I really want (will trade multiple cards for, want second maractus the most).
(Images from Pokebeach)

I am also willing to trade for any cards I don't have from the set,some are more prefered than others. I do not care if a card is holo/reverse holo or normal.  Just send me a list of what you have to offer if you want to trade some other card(s), I have a  fair deal though just to warn you.

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metal ga anyone?

so while look through yahoo japan today...

i was wondering if anybody would be interested in joining this ga? i would be holding it of course but i would need a co-host...

must of all though, i would need some serious help identifying all of these figure, the taller trainer figures would be a challenge lol

Edit*: guys my internet/computer is down and I can't post anything since it's costing me money to access the internet through my phone, so if anybody wants to pick up the GA feel free to do so. And if you want to be an extra sweet heart and hold a few claims for me (arcanine and charizard) I would be more than happy to be a co-host when I get my internet back (probably few days). But if you rather not accept my claims and keep them up for other users I don't mind.

I'll check back later tonight and give you the link if you do decide to hold it.
Sorry about this guys....

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Sirius eating macaron

Because I needed to spaz over this package

This package came in today, and I needed to spaz at it so I'm making a post just for it XD;

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Thanks for looking! At the moment, I'm working on gathering things for sale as I need to start saving up for all the Gen 5 goodies that are going to be released in Jun and Jul, and some of these are pre-orders which I've already...well...pre-ordered XD; And of course there are the two Reshiram plushes that's going to be released in Jul, MPC Reshiram and Takara Tomy Posable Reshiram plush and also all the MPC plushes I'm aiming to collect whenever they are going to be released @__@ Need more money

Also, a shoutout to all pkmncollectors from Singapore! I'm thinking we need to organise a meet up one day but I have no idea when and where would be a good time and place. I'd like some input?
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Mini sales and small collection update!

Man, I'm super talkative lately, huh? :O
well, I caved and bought the set to get the thing I wanted, so... sales!

I ship from the US to anywhere, I usually ship 4 days after receiving payment to allow time for paypal to transfer the money to my account, paypal only please, aaaannndd feel free to haggle!

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 Next, collection updayte!

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Everyone who bought from me earlier this week (all 2 of you lol) your packages will be shipped monday :D

That's all I think, thanks for looking!