May 1st, 2011

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Magnet + sticker sales!

These things are so charming! I bought a box for the ones I wanted and the rest are up for sale!

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I'd also love to get rid of these--I'm not as fond of them as I'd like. Both are MWT, and 6 inches tall. $20 each, or $35 if you take both!

ToysRUs - Collection Update - Sales - Auction

Hey guys! So, like everyone else, I made a run to my local Toys R Us to see what they had in stock. They had a lot more than I had dared hope for! I picked up some things for my Gen V collection, so check below to see what I got!

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Okay, and now onto some sales!

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And finally, a couple things up for auction!

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Shameless commission plug here <3

Wants reminders + questions

Reminder about TCG binders wants (with updated Milotic binder want) and movie-related wants.

Found!-->I heard you get a bonus TCG card when you pre-order a red collection box (news shown here). I'll order one anyway so I was wondering if anyone knew from where I could get said Red Collection box (in hopes to coplete my TCGdex!) as well as this blister pack coming out in june, wondering where I may possibly be able to find it once it comes out.
Perhaps also some information on this because I love that Sawk card, but seeing it -alone- at 13$ on hardrock when the card+packs+a minibinder is 630 yen makes me think... yeeeah.

Regarding TCGs yet again, apparently Toys R Us had packs with a blind card (as shown in the second row of images here) along with 2 packs of cards. As always, we don't seem to have this blister pack available here, and I am very interested in the Axew (also pansage) if anyone ever came across it. The japanese card would be fine as wll, but doubtlessly costlier.

Also, still in search of a Team Magma TCG coin!

If anyone can help on any matter, thank you very much!

Victini Bottle Cap Figure

If I haven't shipped your order and you would like to add a Victini bottle cap figure to the package, please let me know.  It will be an additional $4.50 for any destination. ^_^

I will try to honor any request for a specific base color.  ^_^

Entei is still available too.

This offer is extended on all future new orders as well (once I start taking them again), while supplies last. =)

Also, someone made a request for a Gen 5 tote bag.  It's here but I kind of lost my notes and forgot who it is.  Would that someone please speak up?! XD


Collection update

I have a few more things in the mail (Tepig Tomy line and a Raichu League patch); but I'm going to be busy soon so I thought I'd post what I got; since I got two really awesome pieces in the mail.
Also I took pictures of most of this stuff; but the camera decided it didn't want to load; so I've borrowed some images.
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New! (+ WANTS lol)

Hi there!

I'm new well Kinda, I found this community via DeviantART today and I also found out I was already a member haha. I guess I found it a year ago or something and became a member.
I don't understand livejournal very well so bear with me if I don't have a decent profile or anything.
I am a member on DeviantART and have been for years, lately a bit inactive thought..
This is my regular DeviantART:
And this is my (sadly inactive) Pokemon-one: you can see my nooby journal of when I only just restarted collecting pokemon cards :D

Anyway, I'm happy to have refound this blog because I'm very seriously collecting again!
When I was 12 I was a huge fan, had tons of stuff which sadly have disappeared among the years (no idea where it all went)
Now I'm back to playing the nintendo games of which I own a fair amount and I've picked up collecting cards. I'm collecting all of the eevee and evolutions cards. I know not very original but I just like them alot. Jolteon is my favorite :)

Other Pokemon I like alot are Arcanine, Venusaur, Nidorino and Aerodactyl. I somewhat consider them my team haha

Reason I'm posting here is becasue I hoped I could find some additions to my eevee/evolutions cards collection :) I'm trying to make a google doc to make the list viewable for everyone but for now I'll post my main WANTS here:

legendary collection:
flareon holo 10/110
flareon reverse holo 10/110
jolteon holo 14/110
jolteon reverse holo 14/110

umbreon 41/147
umbreon reverse holo 41/147

jolteon H12/32
umbreon H30/32
vaporeon reverse holo 33/144

ex sandstorm:
flareon reverse holo 5/100
umbreon reverse holo 24/100
vaporeon reverse holo 25/100

ex unseen forces:
eevee reverse holo 55/115

majestic dawn:
eevee reverse holo 62/100

rising rivals:
eevee reverse holo 59/111

HS undaunted:
espeon reverse holo 2/90
umbreon reverse holo 10/90

vaporeon 41/90 reverse holo

espeon non-holo daybreak theme deck
leafeon prerelease promo STAFF

flareon non holo pop3 2/17
jolteon non holo pop3 3/17
vaporeon non holo pop3 6/17

espeon goldstar pop5 16/17

Espeon ex 2007
Jolteon ex 2007
Vaporeon ex 2007
Flareon ex 2006

eevee vending machine

McDonalds Umbreon Promo 025/P

VS Karen's Flareon 089/141
VS Sabrina's Espeon (2 different ones?)

Burger King Eevee Platinum
Burger King Glaceon Platinum


All cards I am looking for the English variety, unless they were only pubished in Japan. I'm not sure if I want all the cards in Japanse too...seems like alot so I'll think about that :)

Espeon Goldstar or Shing Espeon however you want to name it is like my biggest WANT, I cant find it anywere for an affordable price while I did get Umbreon around a year and a half ago.

If you can help me out, gladly!
I'd also appreciate it if you can give me additions of cards that my list still needs, I'm sure I'm missing a bunch and there must be more eevee collectors out there!!

Thanks alot!
Chillarmy Doll

Sales!~ ...And some wants! ... And another group buy!

OK! So I foiund this lot while browsing eBay... AND I WANT IT. Why? BECAUSE THERE'S JUNIPER IN THAT PANSAGE SET. ;D Aha.
Each one is $6.90 each. I'm (obviously) claiming the Pansage set! There will be 2 payments. :D

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 4/24/11.

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Alrighty!~ So, next up I'm selling some stuff I don't need, and I want GONE. It will be a lot sale. I'm looking for $220 plus shipping for it all!

Collapse )Feel free to GA it if you like!~

Last up are some wants! :D

Things I'm looking for:

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:D That's about it for now, thankies!~ :D


Just a quick collection update of awesomeness, I am expecting to see more pop up on the commuity soon, but I am so happy with this present that I got from my Mini Me, Paperlightning on DA

Just something to add to my slowly growing Reshiram Collection

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Dunsparce Zukan?

Hey guys~ My husbands birthday is coming up and I was curious if anyone has a dunsparce zukan available? Thanks in advance, friends.
Sorry for the super boring post~ nothing has been going on on our end other than the endless hunt for Jakks plush here XP

Does anyone else love GA's as much as me?

I am in love with running GAs.  I am having so much fun.  Here are updates for GA#4 & GA#5 and introducing a very quick GA#6.  This will be my last one until I wrap up all of the others.

GA#5 - Invoices have been PM'd to all participants.  I have already paid for this auction, but am still missing a couple payments.  So, please get those in.

GA#4 - We won for less than half our raised amount. YAY!! Invoices have been PM'd to all participants, so please get those payments in.

Now for a quick GA

GA#6 by couchpotatonet


This seller is willing to combine shipping on these plush lots, $15 for the first three lots.  The really big Plush lot (Group 4) will be shipped separately for $50.  So anyone bidding on that lot please be aware you will be handling that shipping cost.


Only 2 days for this auction.


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Please wait while I create threads, Thanks.
Okay, Bidding is now CLOSED.

We won!!  I will be sending PMs to everyone soon. (Update 5/3/11 4:05pm CST)


Update: Plushes arrived Thursday, May 12th, 2011 - shipping quotes are underway.
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Black & White TCG Sales + More!

'Sup pkmncollectors? I got my box of Black & White TCG cards the other day and it's time to offer 'em up to you! Super cheap prices, as always, along with some other stuff for you to check out! So come on in to...

Some items you'll find inside!

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Thanks for looking!

Friday, Friday Gotta Get Down on Friday, Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday

Sorry about the Title! Rebecca Black is too hilarious to miss..
Lets get down to business, to defeat the HUNS! did they send me daughters...when i asked for sons?


Right So Final payments are needed for the Charm/Sliders GA i held!, a Few People need to pay the actual 1st payment too.. so until that is sent you won't get an update on shipping and Myself & my_chapstick will be coming after you, and if we hear nothing back soon, i'll be leaving Negative Feedback.

Payment 1- needs to be sent to my_chapstick on Fredatemespleen17 at yahoo dot com, Mark your user name and item bought. Also update the spreadsheet with your location and comment below when you've sent payment

Payment 2- Needs to be sent to myself, as i'm shipping. Payments can be sent to dougthehedgehog <@> hotmail dot Also please update the spreadsheet and comment below once payment has been sent! I plan on getting these out ASAP.

Spreadsheet here:

Now there's some left overs under the cut! so check it out if you want some cheap extras!

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Also i have a GA running at the moment for hebilea! Alot of items are still on their starting bids! so please see if they'res anything you'd like to bid on! and it ends in just over 3 days!

Photobucket -Click da link!

Also on another note! my website has been updated with my latest gets! so check it out and comment if you wish! It's good to see people taking an interst!

And people i'm trading cards with i have you're cards packaged and ready to be sent Tuesday! psy_man i've ordered your items, so they will hopefully be with me soon!

I hope that covers everything! and remember kids!

"7:00 waking up in the morning, gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs, gotta grab my bowl, gotta have cereal.."
More obvious lyrics have never been sung!