May 2nd, 2011

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Looking for a Whimsicott Pokedoll

I've been debating over whether or not I wanted to get a Whimsicott Pokedoll for a while now, and just when I've decided to place an order for one, the last place I could think of that actually had them in stock ran out of them =/

I know the going rate of them right now, and I'm willing to spend it as long as the plush is new, has its tags,  and isn't a bootleg.  I've checked out Ebay and since I'm new to the whole identifying whether or not a plush is real or fake, I'm not sure if I'd want to risk it and pay the same price as what a real one is going for and end up getting a poorly sewn, lumpy plush instead.

I've asked around, and have been told by a number of people that when in doubt, this is the place to come to when looking for a specific Pokedoll.

So yeah.  If any one is willing to sell theirs/pick one up at a Pokemon Center that has them in stock, I'd be really appreciative if you'd let me know :)
Thanks in advance!
houndoom and slowpoke

Super ginormous collection update!

Hello, comm! Hope everyone's had a great weekend. :3

It's finals week for my college classes this upcoming week... so what do I do? Try to reorganize my collection and take pictures of course! ... what, study? Oh well, that can come later. <3

I've been meaning to do a collection update for months now, and its finally here! :D Well, mostly. I wanted to do a really in-depth post with really great photos and such of everything, but I've gotten lazy and just took some (bad) photos of the shelves and such in general. xD Still, better than no update at all. ^^

Of course, I always have more stuff waiting to come in the mail, but I'm tired of waiting, so here we go. D:<

Check under the cut for LOTS of (bad, flash-filled) photos! Full of Team Rocket, Dialga, Char-line, Chansey, and of course a few Hounds among other things! ^_^

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Annnd... I'm super tired now, but I really need to study a bit for a Geology final. xD So I guess its time to wrap up this post...
I'll leave you with this face:

[Pokemon] Kangastar
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Sales update! Vs Figure Auction!

Hello Hello! Here to announce that I have done some collection weeding (mostly side collections!) as I'm trying to part with more and more pokemon things recently. Too much! So I pass them on to you! Tons of new items added such as Jakks Espeon, Change-to-pokeball Cyndaquil, Cyndaquil Friends plush, Totodile and Skitty laying plush, Mareep zukan and more! Please take a look :)

Click banner to go!

Also I am holding an auction for this Dragonite Vs Blastoise figure! Click the image below to get to the thread c:

the most persuasive chou advert ever.

hi guys! i've finished consolidating my chou collection, thought that deserved a collection update on its own. now that the pictures have been taken, they would be going onto my collection site, Pine Cone Forest, in due time. =D.

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NOW NOW. for those who were bored stiff by the non-Black & White action, I actually have the B/W Chous, but thought they wouldn't fit into this collection post. For you B/W lovers, here's something interesting for you: B/W mini Poker cards.

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and here's this week's sales post! some new kids, some Chous, charms, TFGs and tons of new flats and stickers ahoy. click the banner to proceed!

thanks for reading guys, have a good week ahead!
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A little wants post~

Hello, my favorite people in the world. <3

My collections have been growing exponentially, and beautifully, and I of course am aware that I have you all to thank! I look around at my shelves now am feel so proud, and so grateful that you guys provided everything I've hunted for, and I hope you all know that I love you for making this such a friendly, fun community full of support and encouragement. :3

For those who don't know me so well, I collect pretty hardcore. My main collections being 1. Zorua 2. Eeveelutions 3. Humans. and have about 4 bajilion side collections because I'm silly like that. :3

Today, I come to you guys with a few wants hoping you can help me expand on these collections!

First off....

I'd love a Gary Oak kid, and I've missed out on so many. xD I have the figure to the right. He's my all-time favorite character of life. D:

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Those are just a few, but I'm always on the lookout for ANY trainers, Zoruas, eeveelutions (especially Espeon and Umbreon atm, and Espy/Umby Promo merch), vulpix, or growlies/Canines if you have any to show or offer, and eeveelution TCG in any and all languages is also something I love. Also, trading is fun in any situation, so if you wanna swap for something, let me know!

I'll leave you with a link to my WIP collection site: (There's a WANTED page there too...) ;D

Smell ya later! <33

opening commission slots

you can go here for them:
here's a picture of the last ones i did, in case anyone wants to see them

eevee is there for size reference.
if you are looking for more examples, there are those on that link i said earlier. 
thanks a bunch, guys!
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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My Pokemon Collection Set 1 GA - Payments!

Unfortunately, the exchange rate presented in the invoice (click to see) is a bit different compared to the time I actually calculated the estimated price per plush so the final price is a tad higher than expected, but not too much- everything rounds out to $16.58 per plush including internal shipping, but not including fees.

Please check your totals below and label your payment subject "My Pokemon Collection Payment #1 - [username]" and send your payment to quilava156 at! I will pay off the invoice as soon as I receive all payments. =)

eternal_rena - Oshawott - $17.57
larvitarscar - Axew - $17.57
pdutogepi - Sewaddle, Pansage, Patrat - $52.06
flag - Pidove - $16.58

When it's time for me to ship, I will personally contact each of you for shipping payments. Thank you!

Big Sales! New items and offers! PLUSH!!! AHHHH

Hello everyone! I have a BUNCH of new items in my sales post
Plush, kids, tomys, figures, and so much more! A few things I have never seen on this community. Check it out! I also have this brand new handkerchief and rare plush up for offers.

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Features Mew, eeveelutions, mudkip, lucario, weavile, dewgong, munchlax, minun, plusle, etc etc!
Offers start at $5 and will end Friday at 12:01am central time

Plush offers:

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Corduroy type material charmander with fuzzy tail flames! Banpresto brand (tush tag only)-starts @ $10
Piplup NWT Banpresto brand-Starts @ $10
Shieldon Banpresto (tush tag only)- Starts @ $5

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Pika sling purse NWT-Starts @ $5
Banpresto brand Char. (tush tag only)- Starts @ $7

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Tomy brand Gligar (tush tag only)- starts @ $10
Magmortar Banpresto (tush tag only)-starts @ $8
Electrive is on hold for pantherotter :)

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Giant Arceus NWT- Starts @ $15
Giant Shaymin NWT- Starts @ $15

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Tomy Pachiruisu (tush tag only)-Starts @ $10
Banpresto Azelf- Starts @ $5
Banpresto Uxie -Starts @ $5

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Tomy brand Chimchar- Starts @ $5
Tomy brand Turtwig- Starts @ $5
Tomy brand Piplup- Starts @ $5
Pokedex plush bag for plush-offer

All community rules apply. Threads below! :)
I hold the right to decline any offers. I probably won't but...

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Japanese TCG want list ^^

hello everyone! =D
i'm currently on the hunt for cards to complete my japanese LEGEND sets.
i'm only four cards short of completing the main sets (not counting the Alph Lithographs) and am trying to get more of the promos.
if anyone has these to sell or knows anywhere i can find them at a decent price, please let me know!

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Selling my collection of TOMYs

Sigh ;___;

I really adored the TOMYs, they're such nicely made figures, but i do have my nicely made Zukans i collect... and I really need some money to pay for my Gecko to have treatment on his ingrown claw problem. </3 So i flung my entire collection of TOMY's on Ebay;

Just incase anyone was interested, or if anyone wanted to GA it. Anyone hosting in the UK would get super duper cheap shipping for it all.

AANNDD just to liven this post up a bit!

This is a photo of my TCG card collections. I have all the English card sets ever made, all laid out with gaps for the cards im missing in that set! I dont know how best to show my cards D: I guess on a Youtube video when i got my collection looking nice...
Still am looking to fill the gaps of cards i am missing ;_; My wishlists can be found on my profile here

Speaking of YouTube, i re-made me a new account here. I will be doing Pokemon Card Un-openings and such soon, i have a booster box of Rocket Returns and Unseen Forces on its way to me :'D So feel free to keep an eye on that~


Some wants :D But no finds :(

 Hey PKMNCollectors :D I'm CaptianBadKid, or CBK. I've been around for a little white, mostly lurking, but I'm really looking to start collecting plush. I've been looking for a while, and have yet to find any plush I've been looking for :( I have been using Y!J, with no luck :(
Can anyone help me? Have you seen these plush! :D  

Please check under the cut, but be warned, somewhat image heavy!
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(no subject)

Hey all!
Really sorry to make a wants post this short but I have no collection updates that are particularly interesting right now ^^'
Does anyone have a minky lapras they're willing to sell? I've been wanting one for a while now and have decided it's at the top of my list!
I'm not very keen on velboa but if anyone has a new one i'd consider that too!
If anyone could guide me on there going price i'd be very greatful! (I'm not too sure if the only minky ones are japanese or if there is a US version)

Also if I can't find a lapras there are a few other minky pokedolls I may be interested in such as legendary dogs, dialga and various others, mainly water/electric types ^^
I'm located in the UK btw just for anyone who can't ship internationally!
Scolipede/Pendoraa chibi

Of buggies and cuties

Ah, I meant to share a collection update last month, but offline life continues to drain my energy and time. ~_~ Before I get any further LJ loading errors, have some sort of collection addition fun!

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Now for a seemingly random question! To my knowledge, I've never seen anyone ask directly, but I've always wondered. How are clear kid figures normally acquired? Are they only found in sets or random pulls in the usual boxed individual kid figures? Are shiny kid figures gotten in the same way?

Related to my question, if anyone has a clear Scolipede kid figure for sale (if any exist), please let me know! :D

Thank you all for reading! <3

Commissions Round 7 part 2

Alright, so round 7 part 1 commissions didn't have enough to keep me occupied with my time as I'm almost done with the last commission. mana_mihara your shiny yanma is done, and your shiny lilligant is nearly finish, so I'll be messaging you soon with a shipping total soon =0w0=

Follow the cut for details on my crochet plush customs! ;D
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Round 8 Slots

1. jadekitty777 - Skymin - complete
2. jadekitty777 - Shiny Flygon - processing

Art Trades

1. Taikxo - Cubone - complete
2. Jirachi_chan - Shiny Yamask - complete
3. rypeltajaroll - Corrine - pending
4. ambertdd - shiny desukan - complete

**NOTE: Also, I've still got some custom plush for sale if anyone is interested. Gastly, Petilil, Shiny Minun, Jumpluff, and Drifloon are what's available.
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Where have I been? D:


Well, this post is to say that... I'm back. xD I've been away of the community for so long, I'm terribly sorry D:

Also, I'll make a collection update soon. Meanwhile, I've been in the B/W prerelease and got some rares:
Zoroark H
Emboar RH (non ability)
Klinklank RH

I went pretty fine for my first time: 3-2. The pulls were actually nice, since I got no Zekrom FA ): nevermind, it was a nice experience.

Again, sorry for not being active all this time. I'll be more active now :)

...and sorry for my bad english xD
Spin! Spin!

super birthday contest of awesome

(i figured this would count as a customs post)
SO. GUYS. My birthday is coming in exactly one week :D i'm getting at least one present that i'll love (it's the only one that i know, the rest is a surprise xDDD) so i'm super happy and anxious.
HOWEVER, i wanted to share my birthday with you guys, and this is what i came up with:

you can get these:

more examples here:

you could make a tiny drawing and mail it to me, draw me a super duper wallpaper digitally, make a photostory idk. Your choice. It doesn't even need to be art xD
And if your work/birthday wishes/etcetera gets chosen (i will be the judge) you will get a sheet of these stickers, absolutely custom, requested by you :D

1st prize: one sheet of stickers or more
2nd prize: half a sheet or maybe more
3rd prize: some stickers :D

If you need my home address because you want to send me something, go ahead and ask me for it (just remember i'm in Argentina when doing so) :3
I'll make a list of people who participate, and there will be a reminder this Friday, along with the next (and delayed, sorry T_T) episode of God's kitchen! (if you haven't read the previous ones, go to my personal LJ please :3)

THE DEADLINE WILL BE THIS NEXT MONDAY MAY THE 9TH, MY BIRTHDAY, so get those totally random entries in! :D
Pokemon - Mudkip and Swampert

my mudkips, let me show you them

I found my camera (finally!) and this is probably my last chance before exams, so you know what that means... Collection update tiem! :D

Accidental Pokedoll collection, Mudkips, and epic re-organisation ahead! SUPER image heavy, sorry. <3


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Phew! If you managed to get through all that I will be seriously impressed. XD A winnar is you!

BONUS: Mudkips improve everyday life. PROOF!

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And a teensy tiny wants, since I need to stop spending all my money. XD
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