May 3rd, 2011

Pokemon Badge Project: 24 Hours Remain for Johto!

If you want to get in on the cheaper pre-order phase, today is your last day to do so! After midnight tonight the price WILL go up, so don't miss out!

The pricing for Johto badges is:

$30 for a set of all 8 badges
$5 per individual badge
$5 shipping on all orders of up to  and including 16 badges

If you'd like to order, please email me at!

Aaaaand here's some closer images of the new badges!

Oh, and there are a few Kanto sets left, as well as a few assorted singles! A Kanto set goes for $50 plus the same shipping price, and singles are priced same as Johto (just a heads up, I only have singles of Boulder, Soul, Marsh, Volcano, and Earth Badges)
happy rattatas

Such a huge post you can smell it a mile away

I have SOOO much to share with you guys, updates of pretty much all of my collections.  Be warned it's so image heavy my computer froze twice while typing it up.  Thank Goodness for draft saving!

First up a small photostory!  Boy were all my little guys happy to finally get out of moving boxes!

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Alright now that that is out of the is my collection update!

First off my new makeshift display! Lol..the top collections have to share the spotlight with my Kyo Sohma collection..he's my non pokemon love!*cough I need more of him!*    


Thanks you growly  for helping me build my skunk collection  I love my stinkbutts to bits!

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Updates for the Skunk, it is almost a complete collection, from what I am aware of the only things missing are a skunktank Kid (I don't know if there are any clear/shiny versions of them) and the Jacks throw plush Stunky.

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And now for my wonderful side collections/random gets.  I like to focus on the Rodents, but when something is so cute I can not refuse it.
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And now for a small customs updat!  Looki what I made!

Collapse )And last but not least I've been tinkering with an idea and I wanted to see if there was any interest in it.  I'm currently looking for the best brand of paper to make these out of. 
Collapse )Thanks for hanging in there with me through this long post!  I've greatly enjoyed this community

I need to get this stuff gone!

A new sales post yaay!
Feel free to offer away on all the items, I'm completely open to haggling, I need to get this stuff out! There's no room for this stuff in my apartment lol.


Sales Permission granted on 3/17/11 by dakajojo 

Thanks for looking!

A collection update is in the works. I've gotten new things since the last time I took pictures for this new collection update so I need to take more pictures DX

Have a nice day!
applejack's pondering

weasel sales!

hello hello, and welcome to weasel sales, sales for my weasels! i am really not even sure myself how to price some of these, so it's an offer and haggling extravaganza! if you want something, come get it for a price you (hopefully) like!

the goods:

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it's golden week, so i don't know when i'll get mail next, but when i do....rare generation I south american pokemon plush?! yes it's true! stay tuned!
Chillarmy Doll

Pick ups: Johto style!

Alright~ I just got back from the doctors and walmart, and I thought you guys might want some of this before Black&White takes over! :D

Sales permission granted by denkimouse 4/24/11. (She also said it was fine for me to do a pick up!)

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Comment if you want anything! :D Thankies~

Edit: Also! Is anyone on here going to Jacksonville Anime Day Saturday?! :D
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Pokemon Kids Kimewaza BW Reservation Post!!

First off, if we have transacted, please leave feedback here. I will do the same when provided a link! :D
Hi, everyone! I have decided to pull 2 boxes of Kimewaza kids, and I will be putting them up for grabs here! :D

Each kid will go for the flat rate of $9, shipped anywhere in the world, so that is a flat price, shipping included. You will pay for your claim when I post at the end of May when I post. If you desert, I WILL leave negative feedback, as this is a monetary commitment! :D

Since I am pulling two boxes, please note that I will take up to four people for each kid. The odds are that one and two are guaranteed, and three and four are about a 20% chance, but it does happen with 3-4 of the kids, no guarantees on which one(s). Please claim what you want below!:

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Please be ready to pay the $9 per kid when I post with totals! Thanks! <3

Also, I still have some kids and Jakks available from a previous post:

Frillish and Tranquill: $9 shipped anywhere in the world! Please comment if you want!

Snivy-$8.50 plus shipping! Comment on these guys below!

Thanks for looking! :D
rkt - u wan sum slowpokez?
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Looking for a Reshiram or Zorua

This is just a quick wants post.

I'd love to have both, but with conventions coming up I've only got enough for one plush! (Two if I'm Lucky)

I'm looking for the following Reshiram and Zorua plushies:

Super DX Reshiram
Banpresto UFO Reshiram
Reshiram Pokedoll
And last but not least the Pokemon Center Plush

As for Zorua:
Banpresto 28cm Zorua
Ichiban kuji Zorua
Zorua Pokedoll
- I don't care about which release it is, I would prefer American over Japanese.

If you have any of these, would you be so kind as to list your prices + shipping to 95062?
I'd be ever so grateful! :3

S Greninja Pokedoll

wants post

Hey guys! I've been rearranging my collections quite a bit lately and seem to be cutting down from larger collections and focussing on several small side-collections. X3 That said I've got quite a few exciting things coming to me soon, so will have a collection update once they arrive. :D

However, since I have a little spending money I thought I'd post up some of my wants, since I haven't in a long time. I'm not looking to buy *all* of these and will still have to work on a budget, but if anyone has anything for sale feel free to come forward!

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I'll be updating my wants post with these to keep track of what I have and haven't got yet and what I might want next ^^ Also apologies for the boring post. Thank you!
Galvantula and Joltik

GA payments + missing some people + help with some wants/grails?

Hello there people! Here I am with some news concerning GAs and some important information, so PLEASE READ!

Thought I should start with some missing people.
I am not getting any messages or anything from these two people:
These two people didn't even pay for the items they have claimed from these past GAs. Does somebody have their E-mails? Or any other contact? Please let me know!!!

thefilthhigh I have gotten the payment from you, but no address is included in my Paypal. Please message me your address via PM or something else. If there will be lesser payment in the post office, I will give you a refund :)

I have also gotten a payment from an UNKNOWN user, no GA hints, or the username. The mail through which this person was sending is katatafish(@) You, who are the owner of this mail, please LET ME KNOW! I haven't even gotten your address!!!

Remember this GA still?

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And now to this GA:


Collapse )

Now onto my grails. These are the items that I am most after right now:
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Thank you for taking a look! <3

Retsuden stamper GA help

Hello Community! Just a quick question.
Can someone help me with this GA?

I only need help with the threads and spreadsheets, I can take care of everything else n__n But im literally only after 2 stamps out of these 50!

I will be claiming the Luxio and Luxray for $30, and willing to go alot higher!
So please comment and I will get back to you and we can talk buisiness!

So far there is 4 Days and just under 17 hours left so we can do this if we pull together n__n
(P.s I am off to work shortly so replies may be short, but I will delete this once a helper has been found)

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Pokemon B&W CARRRRRDS! & Reminder!

HEY everybody! I've decided to start collecting the B&W TCG set, i have quite a few now and a super slick binder for them also! I'm looking for some specific cards from the set, i have a few doubles of commons, uncommons, rares...

So if anyone would like to trade/sell i'm game!

I'm also going to say that i HATE reverse holo cards and i pulled a Reverse Embour (With Pokepower) today... FML, If anyone wants to direct trade for the standard Embour I'd be super happy!

I also pulled 2 of the Same Samurott Holo..


This one here, mine aren't reverse Holo they're the normal ones! So i'd be willing to trade for any other holo besides Zoroark Krookodile & starter deck Serperior..

Also i'm seriously after the Reshiram, Zekrom & Pikachu special cards, pictures under the cut if you need to see pictures and the card list of what i need is under there!
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and if anyone has the Pre-release Darmanitan i'd like to know as the UK probably won't get this card!


And the Hebitheivan GA is ending tomorrow! we're so low on claims and haven't made alot so please one last time, please check it out!

So anyone up for a trade just ask, and im not looking to just trade my B&W cards, ask if i have anything/pokemon type and i'll get back to you!
Rarity - Happy!

Grail get?

Well, if it isn't, then it's pretty darn close! I won, I won, I won! Amazing grab for the price, too!

Don't let my excitement fool you, though, because I have been watching this sweetie like a hawk all week! Truth be told I found this auction by pure accident while looking for some MLP items. Further proof that, sometimes, awesome things just happen at random. :) I can't wait until he arrives.. With shipping, though, that might be awhile but he's totally worth it.

So, I figured while I am on the topic, please share with me any awesome items that ya'll got for unexpectedly cheap. I am very curious!
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