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04 May 2011 @ 01:05 am

Finally got this GA all nice and sorted, so time to pay for the shipping from me to you. Note that extras will be available only to participants for the time being.
Spreadsheet and extras under the cut!
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Blackjack Gabbiani
04 May 2011 @ 03:57 am
I'm in a spending mood. Show me your manga, your Team Rocket, your Team Galactic, your Dusknoir, and your Landmin stuff.

Also your Jirarudan stuff but let's face it, that's a long shot. please though?
04 May 2011 @ 05:10 am

pic from here: http://photozou.jp/photo/show/1329273/78084516 

It feels like only a few weeks ago we just got new pokedolls, but here we are again graced by new ones! :) They're so adorable! I'll be for sure getting the sheep pre -evo! (I don't know names still hahaha) Lemme know what you guys are gonna get! Just remember not to flame any of the pokemon no matter how much you hate them. There is someone out there that loves that pokemon. <3
04 May 2011 @ 12:12 pm
Ok guys, I have some awesome news!

That victini set that was for .. the Nederlands NETHERLANDS only? I found it at my Walmart last night! The victini figure is so cute! It came with 5 packs of booster cards also, so an added bonus. :3
I haven't been around much, so if that is old news, sorry about that! D:

Also, I am in love with Sandile. Can you all show me the available merch out there? All I have is the banpresto plush (I think) and a cell strap. :D IT SI SO TINY AND CUTE! I may want another cell strap because I am worried Buff-ette might break. Yes, I named my cell charm.


Firstly, I would like to apologize to all that purchased kids from me quite a bit ago. All USA orders have finally been shipped.
LJ likes to not notify me of inbox messages, otherwise I would have let you all know sooner! I will be able to ship international orders either later tonight, or tomorrow.
In the craziness and mess of things over the last month, I MAY have forgotten to add a kid to one or two packages that bought from both kid sale posts. If that just so happens to be you, please contact me on aim or even email me at: 6reycat@gmail.com

PLEASE CONTACT ME ON AIM AT HOWLING TORMENT ! I'll be adding that to my posts in the future so I can keep in contact with everyone.

Kitbug is taking care of selling and shipping of kids (I just middled them to her kinda). If you wanna go take a look, it is just this way: KIDAPALOOZA

04 May 2011 @ 12:43 pm
Hello there guys! :D

Me and myvampirelust19 are bringing you a Group Auction of Retsuden stamps:

- I will be taking care of the threads and spreadsheets, myvampirelust19 of everything else.
- There will be two payments, one will be for your claims + shipping to myvampirelust19 and the second will be the shipping from her to you.
myvampirelust19 will be claiming Luxio and Luxray for 30$, willing to go higher.
- I will be claiming Mantyke and Riolu for 12$, willing to go higher.
- Each of these stamps will start at 4$.
- Please bid in increments of 1$ at least.
- This GA will end on Sunday, May 8 at 2:12PM GMT time! Here is the counter:

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Please wait until the threads are up! Thank you! :)
04 May 2011 @ 01:27 pm
I keep an eye out on Amazon for Zukans now. I bought Portal 2 on there and decided to get a Zukan along with it.

04 May 2011 @ 02:02 pm
hey guys~
ive gotten lots of stuff in the mail during april and i think its enough for another collection update~
ive also got some new things for sale :> (including a bunch of BW tour patches, cell charms and tcg cards)

o and if you bought anything from me or commissioned me they will all have been sent out by today :> please let me know when they arrive
btw i plan to do a batch of watercolor commissions this month if anyone is interested

preview of some new things i have for sale:

collection and sales under the cut :>Collapse )collection and sales under the cut :>Collapse )
So, I just got a huge box in full of some rare plushes that I'm not particularly interested in, so I am taking offers on them, since I'm not sure how much to price them at. This includes a variety of plush such as TOMY recall plushes and 1/1 plushes!

I'm also doing a bit of collection weeding, so I am putting my lock and key sets up for offers. Keep in mind that these are quite dear to me, so I may reject some offers if I feel like it's not enough (although most likely, I will accept all offers due to my financial rut). Included as part of my auction will be the SUPER RARE metallic/pearl colored versions of the various locks!

Here's a preview of what you can nab for yourself :3

Please, please READ THE RULES FIRST!Collapse )
Plushes HERE!Collapse )

Locks + Keys HERECollapse )

Please wait for all my auction threads to go up before bidding on anything. Thanks!



I haven't posted anything in a long while but while I have been slowing down with my collecting I have come across some interesting items that I need help figuring out or maybe getting more information about.  Also a small wants because I don't have the cash right now for any of my big wants. :3

Aerodactyl used Cliche!Collapse )

Finally we have my small wants list. Right now I'm sort of saving up to go to a big con so I'm only looking to buy (or even trade) very certain items if one has them for sale.  Mostly either of the Snivy kids or the Snivy line zukan are the high wants right now.  (I also really want a Snivy Pokedoll or the MPC Snivy, but I pry can't purchase either unless the person is willing to wait after my con in June when I know I will have enough money) (Also might be interested in other unique Aero items if you have them :D)

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04 May 2011 @ 04:04 pm
Hello Community! I hope everyone is having a nice day :)
Looking for a Jakks Jolteon figure. Any condition! 

Picture used from Pokeai.net :3

Huge Update is in the works :D *pokes camera*
Thanks everyone :D
That Pikachu Girl
04 May 2011 @ 04:45 pm
I was originally gonna post my collection update at the end of April, but as soon as school got out, me and my friends started partying, and I've hardly had time to use my computer. It gace time for a couple more packages to arrive though, so ONTO THE UPDATE~~

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04 May 2011 @ 05:04 pm

read before you buy! Collapse )

HELLO! Today for auction we have a

Photos and information inside!Collapse )

☼ GOOD LUCK BIDDING! I want these draggies to go to a good home! :D ☼

And once again, I DO have sales permission from denkimouse, as stated in my TOS. :)
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04 May 2011 @ 06:09 pm
I still have some commission slots available and I'm still open for two more art trades. =0w0= Keep in mind that I am doing my commissions the way I normally do instead of that one time bulk payment stuff.
Check out the details here: Commissions Round 8

Also, I took a picture of my whole candle line family together =^^= Follow the cut for the image!
Espeon Used CutCollapse )

I also have another reminder that I still have 5 custom plush for sale: petilil, gastly, shiny minun, jumpluff, and driftloon. Please help me give these cuties a new home! If anyone wants images of them, you can check my DA or my journal and if you're interested in them, please contact me ;)
04 May 2011 @ 06:10 pm
HEY PEOPLE! Okay i know i have a post on the front page already, but since i really need to get this posted and out of the way, please allow me to do it now. I was going to have a cohost, but it's been kinda a hassle trying to sort this out with one, so i'm handling it all myself!


As you can see there is alot! But... there's some stiff competition already, it's already up to £10...! and there's 4 days left, so we need as much time as possible to raise the amount.

Check under the cut for rules and the like


I've put the Questions/comments section at the end, so it's not in the way of any bidding! so any questions ask there!

04 May 2011 @ 07:06 pm
I didn't really "collect" until I came across this community. But I came across it, and bam, like a kid in a candy store: WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT. So I GOT GOT GOT GOT GOT. I don't have any pokemon in particular to collect, I just want/get stuff that looks cool to me, though I do love the original 151 so. I would also LOVE to see missingno merch.

Dragonite: Got a long time ago from ebay.
Pikachu 1: Used to be a surfing pikachu, but surfboard was cut away and lost years ago.
Mewtwo: The beauty that I saw on this community that prompted me to join and collect! OH MEWTWO STOP CONTROLLING ME WITH YOUR PSYCHIC PO-*MMMF*
Oshawott: Reversible into a pokeball. Neat function. Will probably never use it.
Pikachu 2: It talks! "Pikachu" or "Pi-pikachu", really old.
Dittochu: All I have to say is.... :]
Mijumaru: HE TALKS! It took weeks for me to get this baby, and in the meanwhile, I had wondered, wow, is this really worth the $100++? Then it got here, and I had no batteries, so I ran out to get some, came back, and YEAH TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Well that's my collection, may it grow!
04 May 2011 @ 07:13 pm
Hey guys! Sorry if this is a repeat or old news, but I hadn't seen news of this anywhere and the sight of human character merch excites me greatly.


Pokemon Cafe (Dream World stuff??) and new game styled merchandise! It all looks so neat and cool! :D

Please delete this if it's redundant!
Chrissy 'Fluffbutt'
04 May 2011 @ 08:29 pm

Hello everyone, it's been quite a while. I've been holding back on an update but I just can't hold it back any longer. This is a collection update + recap of pretty much everything, so be warned this post is really freakin' image heavy. And also contains a lot of fluff.

so if you don't like fluff, don't look

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04 May 2011 @ 09:52 pm
Hello hello! A few little updates~ (:3)

Our Tsunami Relief donations has been sent in to Red Cross! You can see screen shots here~

I have finished shipping out all of the packages from my last pickup post for everyone who has paid before May 3rd. I am currently assembling the list and sending out the last few shipping notices. :3

For feedback, I am chiseling away at all of my comments and private messages to make sure everyone gets their feedback! Thanks for being so patient everyone. ;o; Things have been so crazy lately~

I am still taking orders for the new stock as well!
Lastly, I have a request...

I bought one of the TOMY foam pokeballs a while ago and lost it last weekend. ;------; Specifically, it was the Lure ball:

Everywhere I look online, it's $10-$20 before tax... I bought it at Toys R Us a few months ago, but now they seem to be all out of Jakks foam pokeballs at the stores near me. Retail wise, I think it was a little over $3 with tax?

I really need another one (badly D:), so I wanted to ask: Can anyone possibly pick one up for me at a Toys R Us if it is in stock? I would be willing to do a commission free pickup or pay a commission if someone can. ^^; Feel fee to comment or send me a private message if you could!

That's everything for now~ thanks for reading!
04 May 2011 @ 11:11 pm
As a reminder, this Dragonite vs Blastoise figure is ending tonight in two hours! (It was to end at 11PM, but I ended up getting home really late tonight and wasn't around to make a proper post!) So, it will end at 1AM EST! Click the image to go!

Also, I realized the last time I updated my sales I forgot two pictures! Click them below to get to my sales if you're interested in them! :)

And finally, I'd like to offer my re-paint services. Mainly, for the jakks Vaporeon figure! I've had a few members contact me already asking for a touch-up (since we all know what a good job jakks did!) and I figured I'd let others know I'm willing to do this!

Two vaporeons, repaint on the left and original on the right!

I have also painted one shiny! :) (He was photographed before the gloss was applied, so he was a lot smoother and shinier in the end! :D)

Mostly I aim to fix the fin discoloration, though on my own figure I also changed the eyes a bit! Whatever changes I make would be up to you. (So if you like the eyes the way they are, I won't change them.) I'd charge a $5 commission fee and the buyer would cover shipping to and from me. Basically, send me your vaps and I'll paint 'em for a few bucks! Drop me a comment if you're interested. :) (And hell, if you want me to re-paint something entirely different we can talk about that too!)
04 May 2011 @ 11:36 pm
I'm super new here. Like, here for maybe a week new.
I've been collecting since i was a little kid, but my mom thought it would be a good idea to throw out most of my pokemon stuff when i turned 13.
I've recently brought my collection back to life with some new purchases and a few survivors from my old collection
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