May 5th, 2011

M11 Dialga

Back from China/Japan trip - Lots of photos and new gets!

Hello everyone! I'm finally back from my China and Japan trip! It was awesome I tell you, so many experiences and impressions. I've finally made my long-time dream of traveling to Japan true. ;v; On my way around cities in Japan I of course visited some awesome Pokemon Centers to further expand my collection, I'll tell you more under the cut!

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ok guys and gals its time for my usual but always infrequent wants post.

Wants -

Japanese Pokemon Gym badges (grabber ball also accepted, can do some trading in near future as my Brock/Whitney/Pryce Japanese badges are due to arrive in coming weeks)

Onemuri Pickachu Mug (this one is a slight long shot but hey im optimistic)

Banette Plush

im also looking for digimon merchandise (usually wouldn't post here but it does turn up from time to time.) specifically a 1:1 Terriermon Plush

thanks for reading and ill see you all in the comments.

I just keep finding things... KIDS FIND

But before I go into that, picking up the Johto danglers has been going pretty well. But, in case people didn't realize... I will NOT be shipping these guys out until I get back in the states... so not until June. I also won't be collecting payments until then either; I just wanted a head ups to see how interested people were in getting them.

OKAY! On to my finds!

!!! I was so excited about them! But was also wondering if any of you guys would like these sets for $22 shipped anywhere!!! Or $5.50 per figure shipped anywhere. They had a lot more in the store I went to!

If anyone is interested in just one or two figures in a set, I'll only be willing to get it if all the other figures in the set is claimed as well; so let me know what you guys think! Again, these guys wouldn't be shipped until June, but I would like to know if I should pick any more sets up! :D

Set 1:

Totadile: nasija
Houndour: jesslyra

Set 2:

Octillary: heychado
Cyndaquil: pikachux
Heracross: nasija

Let me know!

Hope everyone is having a great week! <3
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Free Sleeve #3


We've been making a lot of new decks since the release of the B&W cards so that means more sleeves to give away. This time I only have 3 to give away so the first 3 comments will receive them.

As last time, if you have already received a sleeve from me in the past please wait a day before posting for others to have a chance.

Happy Thursday!

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Pokemon Center Stickers Update

Hey guys, we still have Pokemon Center stickers up for offers, here's a little preview:

Click on the image to go straight to that page or our sales banner for our sales page.
We have a ton of flats, tcg, figures, battrio, kids left on our sales, not to mention plushies. Come take a look!


MPC sets won!

Good news! We won these MPC group auctions:

You can click the pictures to visit the original GA post. We won the first set just barely (raised 5900 yen, won for 5260 yen). For the second set we raised 6800 yen and won it also for 5260 yen. It looks like there will be no discounts after shipping etc. is taken to account.

Winners, please keep a close eye on the community, as I will post the first payment post as soon as my middleman gets the items and sends me an invoice! When that happens, payments are required ASAP~ Thanks for participating! <3

(no subject)

Hey everyone! The Target I live near finally decided to stock BW merch! But, of course, there were still no Zoruas to be found.. I've avoided buying one of the many that have popped up for sale here, because I felt it was silly to pay extra and wait for shipping on something I should be able to easily go out and buy..but I'm starting to lose hope that my stores will ever get them. u_u; SO!

Would anybody be interested in trading me a Jakks Zorua for a Jakks Tepig, Oshawott, or Sandile? I picked those three up for the comm, but I'll offer them here before I get around to making a sales post. Here's a picture of them:

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I'll trade any of em for a foxy. ♥
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Dear pokemon collectors

I need pokemon collectors! the card not the people,
It is a hgss uncommon supporter trainer, and i really need it
willing to buy or trade for it
thanks :)
also still looking for a carizard chess piece for my boyfriend
cant wait to get my computer fixed so i can post pictures of my pokabu collection!

Galvantula and Joltik

PLEASE HELP! + Reminder about GAs

I am...starting to get pissed off with the usps and the postal services. Today, a third package arrived to my home in total damage and it is the third one in about 2 weeks. No kidding :|

I wish I could show some evidence, but my camera died on me. When I send out really small things, like a kid, a figure, or stickers, I am used to using this kind of longer envelope (some random envelope taken from google):

Now the package/envelope arrived so damaged that the WHOLE right side is ripped off. So...I don't even know who will not receive their item/items now from me, I apologize for this :(

Now my question is, are people really responsible for lost mails or not? In the rules (if I am not mistaken), it says you are responsible and give a refund, while most sellers tend to write "I am not responsible for damaged/stolen mail."
There is one package that was returned to me, because the postal services said the address was wrong. I have written a PM to that person (you know who you are) immediately if the address was actually right. That person said yes. Now who is responsible now for sending it out if that person wants me to? It is not my fault it was returned to me, but am I still responsible for paying for the shipping, worrying it might not arrive again? Or should the buyer send me the shipping once more? I am extremely confused.

I am a seller and a host of many GAs at the moment (or most were already done), so it is my responsibility to ship them out safely (which I always do), but what about when they are returned? Did this ever happen to some of you? I have NO PROBLEM with refunding people, or paying for shipping a second time, but I thought I should really ask this. Hope I can get some answers. I would REALLY appreciate it! :')

And a reminder to people:


There are some people that still did not pay for their shipping or even the claims. Please take a look at this journal to find out more:

I have sent out most of the packages today, except for doomycaffei and thefilthhigh. I will send them out 90% on Monday, 100% on Tuesday, because I need to send money to my bank account again. Sorry for that! :(

Thank you guys for reading!
Chillarmy Doll

Karoia GA time! :D and GA totals!

Well, it's time to GA the amazing lot Karoia posted about a day ago! :D

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andddd, that's everything! :D

Don't bid until all threads are up! :D [info]eidolon_nights should be on soon to get the threads started! :D THREADS ARE UP! BID BID BID

Also... A preview of collection updates to come! ;D

Alright! I also got the invoice for this GA! :D

We got a TON of discounts! :D We raised $320! :D :D :D 

Here's the spreadsheet:

Send the money to as soon as possible please! :D Thankies for taking part in this guys! :D Once all payments are in I will have it shipped! :3
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(no subject)

I'm in the midst of moving and have been told that I need to downsize some of my stuff since we're moving into a studio and it totally lacks space (thank you, economy!).

I put some Pokemon comics up on ebay that a few people may be interested in; I also have a couple of Pokemon toys up as well. I'm still in the process of going through my storage unit so I may be listing a few more items up throughout the weekend/coming week as well.

My auctions are currently going on here

Thank you. <3

flygon phone strap?

i saw one being sold some time ago and was so sad i had missed that opportunity ;_;'

i was wondering if anyone is selling a flygon phone strap/charm whatever you have it? i think it's from a movie.

while i'm at it i might as well ask about wingull, skitty, lopunny, luxray and arcanine phone straps as well. >n<

also how much does the flygon zukan sell for?

thanks in advance. ;^;
n - omg so much love
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Beginner collector here!

 I've always been a fan of Pokemon, but I've only recently discovered Pokemon Center's adorable merchandise *o*
I've been lurking around for the past half a year or so, and occasionally buying plushes and participating in GAs. And it's really, really fun. More fun than I thought it would be! Although my wallet is definitely feeling the burn haha ;u;. 

So my very first collection post! It's pretty measly, but it's a start!
Cut below! Hope it works ;u; /never done a cut before hahaha oh manCollapse )

Shipping update/Feedback and Liquidation Sales!

Heya once again everything has been shipped out!

If anyone has gotten their items could you please leave me feedback here:

I'll leave you feedback in return!

I need to get rid of everything still, I have more coming in the mail that I'm gonna probably be selling too...I hate needing money and moving and all that good stuff -_-; I don't want to end up selling my new Snivy stuff but I may have to X_X

I ship from the UK

I am not responsible for the Post Office failing X_X

New Items I need to let go T_T; Please make offers on these I will consider any reasonable offer!


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Collection Update, Wants, and D: help?

First: a package I mailed out has seemed to gone missing... since a package I sent AFTER it got to the same person and the other has still not shown up... it was : 

I'm 99.9% sure I got the right address, but there is that 0.1% ...  in the off chance that I did screw up (I mailed a lot of packages that day) and send it to the wrong person, please message me and I will compensate you to make sure it gets to the right person. ;___; I'd hate to think it is just lost and gone forever. So I figured it was worth a shot.

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Sales (few new things, lower prices on old things!) and shipping update :3

I ship from the US to anywhere
paypal only please!
Most things in this post will be shipped either tomorrow or monday
feel free to haggle
prices do not include shipping

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Next, shipping update!
To those who ordered from my previous posts, I was unable to get to the post office before due to school interferences, however, school is pretty much over for me now, so I will be shipping your things tomorrow or monday at the latest!

karoia ! Sorry about the delay on that back picture :x I'll have that for you shortly and PM it to you!

and just because:

marphoria  and I made some cheese danishes/pastries, and we decided to make a few of them cherry. In doing this, some of them looked like pokeballs, so we just added a blueberry to the middle, and ta-da! (marphoria  did most of the work, I mostly just ate them <.<)
But yeah, yay pastries!
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Looking for 1 item, and I need your help!

Everybody, I'm looking for 1 thing at the moment, and it's very important, and I need your help to find it. It's this:

This is the Clefable Johto Dex Charm. I know it's asking a lot, but I really need to find two. Help me pokemon collectors, you're my only hope.

As for how much I'm willing to spend, you tell me. As long as it's not cray-cray, I'm probably willing to pay-pay. But, if you really have no idea, I've been picking up single charms for 15$ (at the high end), if you think it's worth less, more, let me know, we'll work something out. Trust me, I'm easy. Thanks for lookin' y'all!

Big fat squishy collection update!

When I say "big"... Well, you'll see what I mean!
I've been snagging bargains and rescue Pokes all month, and most of it has arrived now. :)


Some Pikas.. I was not really a Pika fan (his plushes were always so deformed when I was younger), but something about his figures is very appealing. Anyone remember what the one with a rotatable head is from? I know it was a capsule toy but can't remember anything else.

Speaking of which, one of the Pikachu will be my size ref for these plushes!

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Glasses Shift

Giant Card Sales + ACEO Commission Slots!

 Everything I have previously sold has been posted a while ago. Everything should be a-ok but if anyone is worried about their post, please PM me and let me know~

Anyways, trying to clear out all these cards before I leave Uni in a week. x-x So, behind the cut is a cheap card sale. 
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Also, ACEO commissions! Opening 5 slots to keep me entertained this week as I wait for my final deadline date.
Compensation! If you don't receive an image of your finished ACEO within 7 days of payment I'll do you another one free of charge (motivation for me to finish them asap xD).
More info under this next cut.
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(Pokemon) Pachi costume
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May customs post and update

Hello hello! :D

I finally cleared my long list of comm commissions from February (all 34 of them, omg DX), it took two whole months because of thesis/schoolwork and...actual work. XD Thank you so much again to my very patient commissioners for being so understanding of my situation. ;A; Everything besides the last 3 watercolor drawings I finished and 2 sets of keychains are all sent and should be arriving soon! Under the cut is a picture of all the keychains I've made for February:

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This batch made me realize how it's really hard for me to manage so much things to do, and I barely had time to work on my own I've decided to auction off slots starting now! Details under the second cut!

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As for my own collection, I've placed all leftovers from my Celebi/Jolteon/Rotom collection for offers/sales post in a box now. I was sad at first, but the office I am in is much less cluttered now, and it seems that the family is ok with it. You just can't have so many things out at the same time in such a small space! XD Maybe one day I can have them join my currently small but growing Cubchoo/Emonga/Vanillite collection again when I get my own space. :) Take care of your collections everyone. <3 I'll post a collection update of snotbears once a few more stuff arrives!