May 6th, 2011

Spinning Sandshrew

Hi! ;3

Hi everyone! I've lurked here for about a year now without saying anything. :< I left livejournal for a while and have recently come back and I decided that this summer I really want to start communicating better... and I've always wanted to get involved here, so I'm taking the initiative this morning, haha.

There's not much to say. My name is Sam. I'm 20 and male and live in Pennsylvania. I'm a college student right now majoring in English and minoring in Philosophy. I used to work at a library but right now I am sort of self-employed (making plushies and accessories -- I crochet & sew).

Sandshrew is my favorite Pokemon. :3 One of the greatest feats of my youth was beating the Elite Four with a team of only sandshrew. I'd really like to start finding more Sandshrew items. As it stands I now only have things left over from my youth and my cards of course but I'm the sort of person that has to look at things a LOT before I buy them, which unfortunately means I miss things a lot. :< Other than Sandshrew I'm not sure what other Pokemon I'd like to collect (mostly because I like so many and I know how quickly this could get out of control, lol~~).

Anyway, that's all. Hope to be more active here in the future!


Hey guys! I'm here with some more updates (and a couple of quick Zukan wants!) I managed to get to a TRU, and found some awesome merch there, as well as some new Zukan for my collection! Clickity click the cut to see my new babies! :D

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Wants thread, also I'm obsessed with scale-accuracy

Hello folks. I feel it's about time I posted my own wants list, due to just lurking around for good deals and an empty wallet for a while. What I'm looking for/questioning the existence of are some official Pokemon figures by ranging from around 3 inches and up in (at least somewhat) correspondence to their actual sizes ranging from what is mentioned in Pokedex data ( i.e. Nidorino is 2'11" so I'm looking for a figure of about 2-3 inches in size; Clefable is 4'03" = 4 inch figure). Of any brand, from any year.

It's going to be a long list, so:
-I won't ask you to be anal by googling the millionth result somewhere like I did.
-If you know about some or have it in your collection, just let me know.
-If a toy isn't  under the max size I'm looking for, I at least want to know the biggest sizes it was available in at any point in time ( I own a Rayquaza toy, it's supposed to be 23ft long, but the toy is at least 8-9in instead of 23in...yipes).
-I'm not in a hurry to find out or to obtain these. I just want to know for future reference. Thank you.

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whats going onnnn

do do do do do

Ohi, this is my first post here~ Waddup, I'm Iba, and I've been unintentionally lurking since, oh, probably around November of last year~ Finally decided to not be that creepy person who randomly comments on people's entries for a month and make an entry!

Let's see... I'd classify myself as a very casual collector. I don't have a set subject to collect because I like many Pokemon! I get whatever catches my eye, and I have no choice but to be picky of what to get due to money issues. Sooo, I try to get at least one thing of one Pokemon. I'm hoping to weed out my old collection for bigger and better things to replace, but that's on hold as I don't have sales permission yet. As of what I *am* keeping... well, some of it's a blast from the past. Let me show you.

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Long time no see.

So I had some questions. I am about to put the majority of my stuff up on ebay,but would like to know what I should price them at.

I also thought I might give you guys all the chance to have at them first,since I would love to see this stuff go to collectors.

My roomies and I are trying to get into a house,and start our pit bull rescue. So far we have rescued 3,and living in this small apt. is just not cutting it.

Anyway here are some pics. Thanks for looking! ps: I never did get my pokekid *sniffle*

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Pokemon Cross Stitch Customs <3

When I was little my Mother taught me how to cross stitch. It was one of the first crafts I ever learned how to do and I loved it. But I never managed to finish anything. So I decided to pick it back up again just a couple weeks ago. And of course I started cross stitching Pokemon sprites! :D I love doing them so much I thought I should offer customs to the community. So follow the cut for samples and info~! <3

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pokemon •• kokoromori snugs

magnet sale reminder!

I think I posted this too late in the night last time, so I'm reminding everyone about my BW magnet sales! These aren't very common, so come nab your favourites before you lose your chance! Some popular Pokes still have no offers, or are still low like $6 for Reuniclus, so!

(follow ze fake cut!! )

I'd also love to get rid of these--I'm not as fond of them as I'd like. Both are MWT, and 6 inches tall. They're $17 each, or $30 if you take both!

Hebitheivan GA Payments 1 NEEDED & Small collection update



Okay guys we didn't raise the full amount hebilea was looking for, but she's kindly accepted to take the claims on the items that you may have bid on! so check the spreadsheet and make payment 1
Spreadsheet is here

Payment 1 needs to be sent to hebilea themself, since it's much easier - so send Payment 1 to shiroihebi.lea(@) and remember to mark your LJ user, items won & "hebitheivan GA payment 1" in the comments box on paypal. This makes it easier to tell who has payed

ALSO mark that you've payed and put your location on the spreadsheet once you've sent payment 1, it's easier for me to keep track of who has payed myself, and also tells me where shipping needs to go to.

Please get your payments in quick so this lot can be shipped out people!

Now enough of that stuff! My custom Pokedolls from system69 Check them out under the CUT!!

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Don't forget i have this GA running ATM too!
Photobucket -It's here

We're doing very well! And there's tones of good Tomy's available!

So guys i have a question for you, What are you're favourite 5 Pokemon per Gen? For example mine are:

Hitmonlee, Cyndaquil, Kyogre, Magmortar & Snivy

Mine don't have a pattern, like they're not all the same type, I want to see what other peoples patterns are like!

Peace out people!