May 7th, 2011

OP_Riolu [best combo]
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Hey guys :) I thought I'd stop lurking and post.
I'm a casual collector, or rather... not much of one :'D I loved Pokemon as a kid and even went to the TCG league in my town, but never really bought other merch.

But! Last year I was in Tokyo because of a three-month study trip and happened to visit a Pokemon Center. For a brief time I did pickups for people over on LJ (some of them are here, too :D) and sort of ... got sucked into it. |D

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I'm expecting my first SMJ package - and plenty of stuff I bought from members of the comm, so the collection will probably grow soon!

In the meantime, a couple of wants: I'm looking for the (infamous) Altaria pokedoll, as well as Shinx pokedoll and Vulpix canvas.
Also, if you have stuff for the Lucario movie, I'd love to see it! Things like clearfiles, notebooks, folders... Just show me what you have :) I don't have an exaggerate amount of spending money, but we can discuss. :D

New gets and my toys r us

So, I got the plushies from the Jhoto set with Zorua :D YES I GOT ZORUA <3 Along with the 5th gen plushies except the starters ;w; (have more of these if you'd like to trade) Sorry Muna's not in the picture. Got a pack of cards, and got a rareReshiram card :D I coulden't believe it. Also found this Pikachu thing in my kitchen, have no clue what it is, it must of been thare for years. Check out my toys r us under the cut ~

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May Customs Post and Questions

Hey guys my slots for May are now open for my custom plushies if your intrested please click on the banner above or if you wanna check out more of my plushies click on the thumbnail pictures below. I graduated with my Degree in Fine Arts today so I want to get some plushies done before I have to go into the world and get a real job >.<. lolz

Also I had a few questions for people out there who are intrested in to scaled plushies and what would be a good idea to make.
I was wondering what would be the best way to go about doing it to sell. I was thinking about either making a full scale eevee evolution and auctioning it or having an auction for a slot to choose which one you would want done instead of me just picking one and making it. Any opinions would be great because I would be afraid to sink a lot of money into a rather large plush if no one would be intrested in it. Thanks XD.


Retsuden Stamp GA reminder!

Firstly! Before the reminder, I would just like people to take a quick look at my collection site I've been making :D

Then just a quick shout out for the Retsuden Stamper GA me and hebilea are running!

Click the link to be TRANSPORTED to the thread page! :D

It finises tomorrow, alot of stampers havent been bid on so people, get them bids in! n__n

(can someone please find that thread for me which shows you how to do names as links and images as links? D; )

And lastly, anyone who has recently bought off me I am getting your items shipped out today! So do not panic people!

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Lowered sales: Last Chance for a While

Exams just ended so I'm moving out in a few days. I have a few packages ready to ship, but I'd like to send out more and give new homes to my items. Prices have been lowered as I don't know when I'll put anything back up. Also, feel free to haggle. : D

Some items include Mime Jr. plushies, Zapdos deluxe shooter figure, Charmander Game Boy Advance Holder, Bonsly phone charms, Lucario strap phone charms, hasbro beanies, and a Lucario T-shirt. And a few 151 badges.
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

MPC GA #1 Shipping Payments Due!/MPC GA #2!

Hello, everyone!

First off, to my MPC 1 people, your plush have arrived! They are so gorgeous! Thanks for participating! I really love my Axew. <3 

Ok, so shipping...

tamago226  (Oshawott): $3.47

Please send all payments to jandjsimonenterprises(at)gmail(dot)com

Also, I collect Drilbur, so I am going to try and go for a GA for set 2! :D

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Thanks! :D


do you like charmander, eevee, meowth and dragonite? DO YOU LIKE SUUUUUPER RARE, SOUTH AMERICAN EXCLUSIVE COIN PURSE PLUSHIES?! :D

about a month ago, some comm members found a bunch of these super rare fellows, and with the help of some super spanish translating friends, i managed to get the lot! these are the fellows who do not yet have homes, so please give them a chance!

and if you wonder what was in this for ME, well, wait for my super raichu update next week.... (i know it must be very hard to guess).

THESE PLUSH ARE MINT WITH TAGS!! completely brand new, un-used condition!

Each plush begins at 20$. Shipping will be 5$ each.
Each plush has a white clip, mini backpack-straps, and a zippered pouch!
They are about 15 CM tall!

Bidding will end TUESDAY NIGHT, MAY 10th, 11 PM EASTERN CENTRAL TIME. Follow all community rules when bidding! Bid in the appropriate threads!

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I am also trying to find out more about these plush. So far I know they are South America only, having been sold in Brazil and Mexico (as reported by PKMNcollectors in those areas). We know of these plush in the set, though we don't have photos of them all (bold means I do NOT have a photo yet).

-Snorlax (I was supposed to get him but he was not in my box D:!!!)

Does anybody have any more information on these guys, or know of any more in the set?

Just a quick little want here...

I don't know why but I've always wanted this Pikachu plush:

(photo is not mine)

Is anyone selling one at the moment? I'm hoping to not spend too much on it since I've heard it can be sold around 4 to 5 dollars. Let me know! :)

I'll be posting an update in early June!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

B/W pan sticker GA is in!

Got a big ol' stack of pan stickers in today :D If you participated in THIS GA, this post concerns you! This payment is shipping from Japan to me (roughly $.61 per person) plus shipping from me to you plus fees. I'll be sending these in plain white envelopes unless you ask otherwise. Shipping costs aaare:

Within the US: $1.39
UK/Australia: $1.99
Canada: $1.78

Please send payment to becky_1229[at] with your name in the note somewhere, and I'll have these out asap C:
LET ME KNOW if your address has changed since you sent the first payment, because those are what I have written down! xP Also, okapifeathers and thunderwolfcat, I never got the first payment from you guys! Let me know where you're located so I can update your totals!

I do have some extras available, woo! :D They are: set 1 Pikachu and Patrat, set 2 Minccino, Drilbur, and Watchog, and set 3 Tepig, Cubchoo, and Tranquill. Check the GA post for pictures! These leftover pan stickers will be $1 each and are open to anyone, not just GA participants. (I've also got older-gen pan stickers and a ton of other stuff in my sales post, oh boy!!)
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cute art card sales + GA reminder!!!!

Today I bring you a special little sales post of these cute little Eeveelution art cards!

click the pictures for bigger versions, or check under the cut for details and even better pics!

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Also, a GA reminder!!!

This is for the awesome captainangel GA! If you want a chance to get an awesome plush that is in amazing condition with tags attached, then check it out!! :D

Also participants of the Foam Stamp GA- I finally have the stamps and the shipping amounts figured out. I'll going to be messaging you all ASAP with totals. Sorry for the delay!


I need Faves stuff asap. I want to start off my collection of them. So, please anyone with ANYTHING that has my faves on it let me know. Put a comment or a link to your shop with my faves stuff. PLEASE! Thanks!My faves are Arcanine, Mightyena, Shaymin[land forme mostly],Zoroark,Zorua,Mew,Snorlax,Glameow,Meowth and its evolves,vulpix and its evolves, and thats it. thanks!
Kura pokedoll

Shadoweon's TCG Trading Post

I have sales permission from lineeabla (sp?, I can't find her profile to remember the spelling. D:)
I ship from the United States, and can only ship to other people in the US unless you are willing to pay for international shipping. (US Shipping is Free.)
I send cards in a regular envelope, if you want I can reinforce it with tape.
I will usually ship on the next available mail day.

What I want:

-Any mightyena and poocyhena cards I don't have (See Above).
-Any cards I don't have by the artists :Atsuko Nishida, Sachico Adachi & Yuka morii.
-Other Preferred Artists: Kagemaru Himeno,5ban Graphics & Kouki Saitou,Sui & Naoya Kimura.
-Cards of pokemon I like.
-Any cards I don't have from the B/W set (looking to have entire set).
-In general, cards I don't have, I prefer some sets over others and like Ruby& Sapphire sets onward the most ,but I'll accept sets from before too.
-I will accept trainer cards and energy cards I do not have as well but I  likely will only trade commons for these.

What I Have-

NOTE: Ponyta and Horsea have visible flaws/damage.

Black and White:

Emerging Powers:

Noble Victories:

Note: Blitzle has a small amount of damage on one side.

Next Destinies:

Note: Raichu has light crease in left corner.

Dark Explorers:

Plasma Storm:

Plasma Blast:
GONE: Snowrunt & Glalie
If anyone trades anything at all,thank you  very much! Please don't be afraid to offer even if the card is very common,that's fine if I don't have it . c:

Worth/Rarity of my stuff.

Hello community! This is my second post here now. Basicly just wondering about the rarity/ worth of some of the pokemon things I have. I won't be selling them, but im just curious, some I have no memory of where they came from.

Pictures will be under the cut if I do it right!

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Cute Pokemon story

My daughter ran up to me "Mommy, I have a surprise for you!"

She hands me a cup of Koffing with a little Squirtle.

My husband and I cracked up.

To make this posting a little larger, I am still awaiting payment from the following people.


chronidu Paid, thanks

I have already attempted to contacted these people multiple times via PM & commenting on their bids.  Please get these payment in ASAP.

Update:  Well it looks like Jenbunny27 deleted her account after I posted this notice.

Huge plush collection update with a few inquiries :D

 Good evening my friends. I haven't posted my plush collection in quite a while, despite many promises in small posts that I would. I finally fixed my camera and thought it was a nice enough day to do some cheesy Pokemon plush shoots. Work it baby! Nothing like that, I just photographed them on the background of my comforter. And along with this extensive post, I will have some questions and explanations in the end that I hope you will read and respect. Thank you.

Now I'm done with using fancy language and will now proceed to skaefbga,jebfgea,js out. 

Here we go! My plush collection! <3 Just a sec, I need to make sure the cut work :I It does <3

Here we go then :D A l clumped together piece of the bunch. Some babies couldn't get in my shot, but I'm going to go through each plush. So don't worry if you! Let's start with the long process of giving each their little spot light. Kind of. 
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Quick Draw!


Hello Community~

I am here to bring you some sales!
Card Sales and Normal Sales~

I do not have all the cards posted. It would be way too many pictures and take to much time as there is so much to go through.

so if there is anything specific you are looking for let me know and I'll do a search through my tins to see if I have it for you :3

I forgot to mention that  the post office scale I had here is broken.  So you would have to wait for me to make a run to my post office to give you a quote :(

I am sorry for this inconvenience. If you do not wish to wait till for me to give you a quote I'd understand ^^

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And here is my regular sales.

And a note to any I bought anything from. All payments have been sent, but I've been getting messages that they haven't gone through D;
so if a payment from me hasn't shown up let me know and I'll check into that asap.
Spin! Spin!

Mini Collection update! Contest Reminder! God's Kitchen Episode 3!

I wanted you guys to have a look at this :D

This thing is the small display we've set up at my boyfriend's (he lives in a studio, hence the soundproof walls xDDDD)
My plush collection is seriously more than double the plush i had when i joined o_o Entits, God and KFC Dratini are missing from the picture because i have them at home for various reasons (Dratini has to star in a washing tutorial i have to make since December xD the other guys are my photostory friends)


And lastly,

WE HAVE A THIRD GOD'S KITCHEN EPISODE! you can see how the Empanadas are finished now :D
Chillarmy Doll

Collection update... And a grail that took 6 years to find.

Alrighty~ :D Are you all tired of me yet? ;D Well, this time it's a collection update, along with some small sales. :D (Including a grail that took me 6 years to get... Oh how I love it.)

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Now, for some sales! :D Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 4/24/11

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And as always, some wants.

-Professor Juniper cards! (English rev. Holo, Japanese Non-holo, Japanese rev. holo, Japanese Rev. Holo promo)
-Professor Juniper Settei! (Not getting my hopes up for this one..)
-Pokedolls! I want pokedolls! 
-Reshiram/Zekrom/Serperior/Samurott/Emboar pokedoll (at a good price.. If I don't get an offer soon I will just get it off Sunyshore)
-Pokemon center merch. Especially the weird stuff! :D

Also! I need GA payments as soon as possible! It's for this GA: 

Spreadsheet is here:

I need payments from: my_chapstick, spiritwolven, chamo_chan, elisha1288, and pokabubu. :D Please send these as soon as you can to Let me know if you can't view the spreadsheet! D: I have been having problems with people not being able to view it.. Thankies!~

spoiler and some questions!

hey guys,

sorry for my absence! my computer got the worst virus ever created by man and then i had to completely reboot my computer so all my files had to be moved or deleted bla bla bla whatever

so some of of you might remember me mentioning a project i was working on, well it's officially done but i have to take a few more pictures and such so i can't post it as of now (probably sometime wednesday).

but i will leave you guys with a bit of a teaser.....

(drawn in a few minutes then photographed with my crappy phone cam you for you guys!)

i will not reveal much right now but i will let you now that

1. it is an arcanine (duh what else)
2. it's based on the japanese shisa

now for some questions,

what was the official name for the pokemon battle dice figures?
somebody here gave me a great name to put on yahoo japan to show a lot of results. and since all my links got deleted i really need to get some of those back.

thanks in advance!

Small Update And Tiny Want List ~

Hey guys c: Long time no post. I've gotten most of my recent gets in the mail, except for a couple of cards, so I thought I'd make a little update for you :D

Remember this picture:

Sorry for the quality, I took it from my Ipod and I couldn't turn a good light on because most of the ones in my room are blue c:
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An amazing Ho-oh energy card :D
Does anyone have a Lugia one they don't want and wouldn't mind selling it for a reasonable price?

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