May 8th, 2011

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Going-to-America Sales!

Hi guys! Today I did something I've been planning to do for around 5 years now: I bought plane tickets to America! In three and a half weeks (I'm a last-minute kind of person) I will be winding my way around the States visiting a bunch of friends, including many from this comm. However, this means I need money, so I have a bunch of stuff up for sale! Some of it is new, some of it is old with lots of reduced prices.

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I've also reduced prices on the stuff in my regular sales, and of course shipping can be combined - click the banner below to see them!

It is 4am right now so I'm going to bed and will reply to any comments in the morning. :)
Bulbasaur (*_*)

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I finally got sales permission! I'm so excited here is my first sales post for this community and it has...

Pokemon food!

CLICK the picture for Pokemon Ramen, Pokemon Candy and Pokemon Magnets.

*All rules are in the sales post

Jakks Sandile, Snivy TCG figure

Hi everyone. I give up on my Toys R Us and my Walmarts and Targets never have Pokemon merchandise nevermind the Black and White series. I've checked multiple times at TRU for the Jakks Sandile and they always have everything but him.

He's my favourite of the Jakks collection. I need him in my life...

Found one! Thank you! ^.^

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************PLEASE READ************

I have decided to cancel this GA unless the seller provides better photos in which we can tell if they're real pokedolls, myself and many other members of the community have there doubts whether these plush are legit and it is not worth the risk of disapointment! If it turns out they're okay (with the exception of umbreon that is almost definitely a booty), another post will be made if the GA starts up again and this thread will be deleted.


Hey guys got some eevelutions here for your interest!

Collapse )Please wait for me to make the threads before posting! they're up! go go go!
This is my first GA so if I have missed anything please feel free to tell me!
Buneary and lopunny

Sales Post

Hey guys!

I come here today with a sales post its had a major overhaul and everything has to go! Come on in and take a look!

Edit: Yes I do have sales permission by the way ><. Ive been on this com for years. I think it was Badger_ftw that gave me the permission.


Ive had some stuff turn up recently and I have more on the way so there will be a collection update from me soon.
I'm hoping to become more active on the community.
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Auctions extended, Pokemon Tin Figures GB?

Would anyone be interested in this Snivy figure and card?

There's a couple sets of them for sale on ebay, and I only want the Oshawott and Tepig. If anyone would like to buy the set with me, it would be $5.50 for the Snivy figure and card BEFORE shipping to you. Much cheaper than buying the $16 tin. -_-;

Also, I've been pretty sick and haven't been on my computer as much, so I never got to post a reminder for my auctions. I'm going to go ahead and extend them til May 12. The Charizard case has no bids, and the BW display is at $12. Please go take a look! :3

Quick TCG question!

Since I'm back into collecting TCG now, I'll probably be asking some questions every now and then about it, since I'm very behind on alot of things^^ Just a quick question this time, so experts lend me your knowledge!!

This time is about the collector tins, which I also collect (and it's one easy way of getting promos!). I was using as a reference, but I was curious on a couple things: Is there any tins that came out that aren't listed? I'm not too interested in those collectible tins that don't have the little windows in them, unless they came with exclusive promos to that tin. Er, do they? Also, I noticed a few of these are listed twice: Darkrai, Reggigigas, and Giratina. Were they just reprinted for a different year with both the tins and promo cards the exact same, OR are the stock photos wrong and they actually did come with slight tin variations and different cards?
(Pokemon) Pachi costume
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Watercolor art auctions reminder + Mew TFG offers + Cubchoo wants!

Hello again, community! Multipurpose post time! :D

First, a reminder for my watercolor auctions which ends in 11PM GMT+8 TONIGHT--that's about 4 1/2 hours from now! Thank you for all the bids so far! :) Click the banner below to go to the page:

Second, a Mew TFG figure is up for offers again! I sold my only one last time, but I was able to replace it quite some time ago. My brother found ANOTHER one recently, but it's broken. XD I don't collect Mew, so the broken one is fine for me haha. Here's a picture of the one in perfect condition which is currently up for offers!

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And finally, a wants list! I'm still waiting for a lot of snotbears to come before I do a proper collection update (Pokedooolls where are you ;A;), but there are a few things I purposely missed before that I am regretting now. XD These are the Cubchoo things I know I am missing atm, but I am willing to throw munnies at people who can sell me other neat snottybear stuff I currently don't have! Customs are welcome, but I can only do trades for now. :)

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Thank you again, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. :)

Galvantula and Joltik

Reminder again + baby lizard collection

Reminder to these people, who still haven't paid for their shipping fees from me to them for the GAs their participated in:

bladespark (Espeon Canvas plush) - 4$ (sending in box)
chronidu (Vaporeon charm) - still hasn't paid even for their claim
pacificpikachu (Eevee walky coaster) - 2.37$
uberangus (Flareon TOMY) - 2.50$
allyugioh (Charizard kid, Plusle+Minun bobbleheads) - 2.50$
djsiren (Bellsprout figure) - don't know location
system69 (lickylicky figure) - 5$ 
omgitslph (binder and two cards) - 3.02$

That should be all I believe. Please send these payments to shiroihebi.lea(@) If I won't get the payments, I will have to write PMs.....and there are some which I feel like giving neggies, I don't know......

Anyways, I have taken quite a lot of pictures, but I thought I would post my entire Charmander collection first, then my manta rays, Snivy lines and others :)

I accidentally got myself two same Charmander plushies.....but they make nice twin brothers (or BFFs) in my opinion!!! ;WWWW;

Now onto my entire Charmander collection so far!!!

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I still have to have luck to get a Charmander pokedoll :(

That's it for now! Thank you for taking a look! <3333

I want your Chikoritas!!!

So right now I have decided to start a Chikorita Collection, since I have the ultimate =)

I want anything you got, I found some things one ebay but shipping is a lot etc
So I want to see what kind of deals I can get here!

I want everything you can find from plush to washcloth

Here are some pics below of things im looking for

I really want the Pokedoll o.O

Here are some images of things I am looking for
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Espeon Happeh

Pokemon moving sale

\Howdy all! Its been a very long time since I've been around! Hello to all the old skool members who may remember me, and nice to meet you to all the new members. I'm getting ready to move and found some pretty fantastic Eeveelution items that I thought could possibly use a new home!!

Preview image:

These are just a few of the goodies I have for sale under the cut. (Minus the hand of my goober boyfriend who wanted to give espeon bunny ears.)

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Pokedoll Collection Update, and Wanted!~ (Can you help?)

Hey all!~

Spring means cute Pokedolls, and this year's dolls are a fabulous example! I was really pleased when these three cuties arrived at my door yesterday - Audino, Foongus, and Chinccino - thank you so much denkimouse ! <3 Audino is my favourite of these three - I love her little ear-curls! (She is currently living on my bedside table for easy access to cuddles!)

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With the 3 new arrivals, I've done an update to my collection site, Amity Square! Click the link banner if you'd like to visit! I'm currently looking for someone to make some new banner art for me - i'm hopeless with image editing programs XD <3 I'm also still looking to add more collection sites to my links page - let me know if you'd like your added! ^_^ It makes it easier for me to visit them!

Lastly, a couple of major wants! I'm currently trying to hunt these two down for my collection ^_^ If you have either and you're willing to sell, please let me know - any condition is fine! I'm willing to pay a lot for Clefairy especially <3

The Clefairy Pokedoll (made of fuzzy verboa and with a US hang tag) - willing to pay a lot for her since she's my main want and I'm in love with her cuteness!
and a Spinda Pokedoll with this pattern! (she has a cute spot on her forehead!)

If you have/see either for sale - please let me know! I'm also looking for any Pokedoll art merchandise <3

Happy collecting, everyone!~

I need space!

So I'm selling some stuff! I'd much rather see this go to people who can still get some enjoyment out of it.

Basic Guidelines:
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping.
-Comment with your location when asking for shipping quotes! I ship items from the US with USPS. If you want insurance or delivery confirmation, please ask.
-I will hold for 24 hours
-Paypal only, please
-I accept haggling but reserve the right to decline offers
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I will gladly combine with stuff from my permanent sales post, too.