May 9th, 2011

Applejack and Rainbow Dash Love

In search of..

Your puppies!
Seriously, I am.. I am looking for the following :

~ Banpresto Arcanine plush ( hang tag not necessary; butt tag preferred )
~ PC Canvas Growlithe ( Hang & butt tag preferred; Just wanting to buy this plush straight sale - No auction links please ) Found! :D
~ Growlithe Kids ( Offer 'em up, please! I may not take them all but I am looking for a few good pups )
~ Ponyta Kids ( Offer 'em up, too, please! I love the horses just as much as the puppies. Again, I may not take them all, but show me what you have available )

Also, for future knowledge as I know that they would like be financially out of my reach at present, how much do the Growlithe and Ponyta zukans generally cost?

Thanks very much in advance!

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1st & 2nd gen hiragana card sales! A new custom plush, and a very special new (and tiny) get

Today I have a big pile of cards up for sale!
They're not just your typical cards, but rare Japanese Hiragana cards. All of these cards are about 3" x 2.5" in size, 1mm thick, and really good quality. They are from a boxed card game from Japan from about 10 years ago I believe.

For all those who haven't been completely consumed by the gen 5 madness, come have a look. :)

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Also, a new couple new gets! Too much to put outside the cut because I love to ramble, so clicky click!

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Help plz?

Hey guyysss ;)))

I've been trying to find this JAKKS Zekrom at my local Toys R Us forever... But with no luck.

Does anyone have one for a decent/cheap price shipped?

Thanks guys, you're always so helpful :)

EDIT 05/11/2011: I forgot I'm trying to save money now, so I won't be able to purchase this Zekrom right now. Unless someone already picked it up for me :)

A Few Questions

Hello collectors, I'm sorry if I'm not allowed to ask questions like this but I didn't see anything in the rules against it.

I'm looking for one or two of the 1:1 scale Snivy/Tsutarja plushies but I don't trust ebay and have no idea where to find them. On that note I have no idea what they're actually going for, I looked on ebay but they seem to be going for around $200 - $500 dollars. Is this correct or is someone just jacking up the price higher than it needs to be?

So my questions are:
1) Where can I find the 1:1 Snivy plush besides ebay?
2) How much do they go for?
Thank you for your time and help collectors!

TFG lot!

I have a large amount of TFG (29 figures) that aren't slated to be a part of my collection. I've got a price in mind and would really prefer to have them all sold at the same time to save space and time for myself. If someone wants to GA/GB this I'd be more than happy to assist and give you an exact run down of what there is. There's quite a few doubles here as well. If you would like to make an offer please send as a PM, I'll let you know immediately if you've then been out-offered. If by some chance someone wants to offer when/if a GA takes place I'll look at both offers. Comment if you're interested or have any questions at all! Thank You! :3


Custom Gets! (And A Reminder!)

So, I just got a few customs in the mail that I just wanted to share because they are amazing c:
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One last thing! Just a quick reminder of my offers post with lots of rare items like TOMY recall plushes like Groudon, Charizard and more! There are also a bunch of rare locks up for offers. The TOMY recall Venusaur plush has no offers right now so don't miss out on that! Offers end on Thursday!

Click the image to be transported there!

Black and White Magnets, Metal Keychains and Glowing Sculptures for sale

I recently purchased a box of Ensky BW magnets and have a few extra available for purchase. 

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These are glowing Litwick sculptures made by my husband and myself. They actually flicker and light up like a real candle complete with on/off switch. Made from sculpy clay and hand painted with acrylics. Shown with Poliwhirl Pokedoll for size reference. Available in either shiny (blue) or regular (purple) and are $15 each or both for $25. Other colors available upon request and can be special ordered so if you are looking for something specific, let me know :3

Other colors available for candles can be seen here 

un tsk un tsk

Looking for MWT Jakks plushs

Hi guys,

This is going to be a quick and painless post. I'm looking for !MWT! Jakk's Pacific Mini Plush. I am mainly looking for ***Buizel***, Landmin, Pachirisu, Buneary, Pichu, Giratina, Wooper, Zubat... but I am willing to look at any and all PERFECTLY MINT AND HAVE BOTH TAGS Jakk's plush. Also, I'm on a tight budget, so I'm not going to buy 50 000 of them or pay 40$ for one. From what I know, these should be rather inexpensive! Correct me if I'm wrong!

Thank you loves! :3
Pokemon- Sewing

(no subject)

I've finally finished all of my work list and I'm looking to raise some funds for a couple things coming up this month and next so I'm taking on two normal plush commission slots and I'm willing to take a few Pokepillow slots~
EDIT: Wasn't expecting so many people 8'D Slots are full from this point on. If you commented before this edit then you're fine.

All my plush are made of 100% fleece and lines are hand embroidered

My chibi/"Pokedoll" plush have a base cost of around $50. However, if the Pokemon has a much more simple design the price will be lower than $50.

If you're interested in something smaller, I also offer "Pokepillows" which are simple, flatter and cost around $20-25

If you're interested in a commission, please list a few Pokemon you might want, as some might be too complex in design for me to plush.

I can make larger plush such as Yamask, however I do not have as much experience with it, comment or message me if you'd like to discuss something like this.

I will not remake any commission/trade that I have done previously. If it wasn't a commission/trade (ex. Swadloon, Yamask) feel free to inquire~

I accept Paypal only, and I'm located in USA but ship internationally.

I might be willing to accept a trade although I am mostly trying to raise money at the moment.

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Galvantula and Joltik

WE WON!!! + manta rays quick collection

Hey there guys!! Just wanted to tell you that we have won the Retsuden Stamp GA with some AMAZING DISCOUNTS!!!! :D:D:D *HAPPY*

Before you pay for the first payments, please read what to do!

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And now to the next part of my collection! MANTA RAYS!!!! <333333

You just gotta love this face! >8D
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Thank you for looking guys! :D
Jasmine &amp; Steelix

Vintage model kits GA! ;-;

Twenty of these puppies, all MIP, and ours for the taking!

Teaser picture:

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Just give me a few minutes to throw some threads up and we can get started. n_n
Giddy-up, auction horse! Let the bidding begin! n_n

Unrelated: Here, have a sales plug!
I also have a bunch of old GBA boxes that I'm tempted to offer as freebies, as long as the 'buyer' gives me like $3 to cover shipping/envelopes, as they require bigger bubble mailers. Anyway, reason why I'm including this is because I have FireRed, LeafGreen and Emerald boxes, and they'll just get thrown away otherwise when I do my spring cleaning. For non-Pokemon boxes, I have a couple other popular ones like Zelda, Mario, Kirby, and Fire Emblem. (:
Send me a PM if interested, I guess. xD


I'm pretty sure people remember this GA?


WE WON! I had a bidding war while i was at work, thank Arceus for iPhones seriously...

We raised $407... and won the lot for $170, which includes the shipping to me! so discounts all round hooray!

I used the calculator on the GA rules page to work out totals!

Payment 1 needs to be sent to dougthehedgehog[@] hotmail dot, please mark in the Paypal comments box your name & "Captainangel Tomy GA payment 1" so i know who you are!

Please pay ASAP since i don't really have the money to cover ANYONE especially those of you with high claims. Thanks for taking part guys, and i'm glad you all got some pretty awesome Tomys!

i'm going to be opening my permanent sales/trades post very soon, hopefully by my next post!

I'm also wondering if anyone has any Hitmonlee/Chan stuff for sale? I wanna take a looook

Okidokey Artichokey

I feel this is Redundant/Necessary all at the same time, BUT...I am going to do an intro/collection/...Derp Post. Here I go!
I am JeryBunny! Or Jery for short, and I am a 22 year old Female person type thing, I just recently moved into my First Apartment after just kind of crashing with my boyfriend for a while, working and saving monies and Buying Pokemon obviously. I do not have all of my collection with me currently, as it is still all packed away with most of my random junk (and Manga+Books ;_;) With my mother in some storage facility or another, so all I will be showing here is What I have acquired since moving away from home, a few things I brought with me, and such like that.

I love Pokemon, and I got my first Copy of Pokemon Red and Gameboy Pocket all at the same time, which was roughly three months after Red's original release date, so however long that's been. All I really collected growing up was All the games, TOMY Figures, and Cards. Now, I no longer collect the cards actively, as when I was oh...14? 15? My little brother went into my room when I was at my Dad's, left a popcicle on top of the dresser drawer in which I kept my Crads/Card Binders and Destroyed Almost my entire Collection (Roughly 800) So I don't like to think about that much, nor do I wish to try again, that left a bit of a scar. One moves on when one can! Now, I still have/collect all the games (excluding Gen. 4 <_<) and I Love TOMY's to bits and pieces still! I haven't changed much I suppose.

Okay, that's enough babbling, I'll move on to some AWFUL cell phone pictures of my collection, it's all I've got for now, but I've been putting off any kind of collection post for so long it's sad.
Fair warning, The display case that some of the pokemon rest on share some space with my boyfriends's various figure collections and scantily clad ladies, and while I don't think any nekkid ones are visible, I am a bit used to them and may have over looked. If any of them are offensive I will of course try to remove them from the image as best I can.

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I am so incredibly sorry fpor this mASSive post of bad quality photo's.
Thank you for reading.
I need a nap. *dies*

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Collection Update And Auctions!

Hey guys! Remember me? It's Fernchu on my new account :D Hope all you collectors have been well! I just moved, and sadly I realized I just don't have the space I thought I would have. So I'm have a bit of a cleaning house auctions. But fear not I have some new goodies to show off, and some old friends as well.


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Next up are my auctions. I have so very little space in my new place. I really need to rehome these guys sadly. Auction includes shiny gyarados plush, custom umbreon plushies, leafeon/glaceon pokedolls, luxray banpresto UFO and much more. Come take a peek!



I Want Your Haxorus'!!!!

I. Want. Him. And his evoloutionary line but mainly him right now. I got the Chou Get figures of him today and I am hooked on the axe faced little dinoasaur dragon thing. Why ya got? I can only trade some stuff though.

I'm mainly looking for the DX Kid, Clipping Figure, and PokePlamo set with his line (is that even out yet?) and any retsuden stamps of them yet? I'd prefer these things together as my sculptures usually sell for $15 and the needle felts for $22 and the diorama sculptures like charizard vs. Arbok in my gallery are $35. so unless you can add some stuff (zuuuukan of anything I don't have!) I'd rather not trade with you unless you'd do a partial payment, partial trade. Sorry :/

My tradeable items. I have:

a custom seviper sculpture
a custom of your choice (so a commission)

the seviper sculpture and examples of my stuff can be found here:

ALSO I WILL almost definitely have all commissions so far finished by the end of the week.

cacnea needle felt (finished)
skymin needle felt (almost finished)
scenery sculpture with munchlax, minun, and plusle (almost finished)

NOTE TO MODS! The Haxorus tag is broken.

weird find

so i just nabbed this sucker on ebay because it looks promising...

but i have yet to see anything like it, it has a shiny metallic special edition charizard and a bunch of other tomy figures

so i'm wondering if you guys have any info about it?
is it legit?
or is it rare?

thanks in advance =]