May 11th, 2011

GA updates and shipping

 hey guys! Its me here, and got some GA updates for ya <33

Firstly I want to apologise for my less than stellar communication these past few weeks...I just got a new job and I've been having VERY long days (around 10 hour days roughly) and just havent been having very much free time :C So I'm so sorry for taking so long to post this!

Firstly, pokedoll GA!

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second, TINS GA!

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and the plush GA and DVD ga...they have arrived in england, however they have a $60 customs charge :C sigh. As soon as I have that paid off they will be delivered and I will have that all done for you guys :)

And I am currently working through my sorry for all these delays! If you have any concerns dont hesitate to comment and I will attempt to get back to you asap. Thanks for your patience!

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 Hello guys, just passing by to say hi and introduce myself to the community. A friend introduced me to this site and I love the interaction and all the intensity going around, plus lots of people getting rare stuff. I am interested in showing off some of my personal collection and stuff for sale, but for now I'll be taking a look around trying to get to know a little more the community and the system (I don't want to break any rules, which believe me, are a lot). Hopefully I'll be at least a little less stranger with posts and comments around the site. Short brief info on me.
Regular guy who likes to hang out with friend on weekend. I like music (piano and guitar), I like to play tennis and soccer (keeps me fit, to balance all the junk I eat haha). I love to play ps3 (Cod, Moh,) and yes of course I have Pokemon Stadium for N64 and Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Crystal Versions for Gameboy (although I havent played them all, just half of them).
I started getting into Anime about a couple of years ago, short time afterwards started collecting random stuff. I collect mostly PVC figures, Art books and trading cards (Yugioh and Pokemon, I dont play them much but love to have the classics and keep them mint).
Always looking to share a good story and get a good laugh.
Hopefully I'll be selling some stuff in the near future on this site, but I'll catch you up with that later on.
Later guys, have a good one.


Trades post

Hi, just a quick trades. I have these things for trade for ANY Oshawott/Reshiram/5thgen items. I really will take anything as I really can't find any of it and I don'thave $50s to dish out ;w;
Jakks 5thgen plush(all except starters)
Jakks Snivy large  plush
Jakks Snivy figure
Jakks pokeball Snivy figure
Tons of kids, tomy figures, model kits, tell me wich ones your looking for and I'll see if I have them
Treeko plush
I also am accepting trades on some things here: Tell me wich thing you'd like, and if you have anything to trade, and make an offer
I won't trade if it's a Pokemon I listed I said I collect, or 5thgens, but most of the stuff thare I just want to get rid of
Sorry for a short post again, I'm just looking to get 5th gen stuff I missed (due to $50 each...) and get rid of this stuff I don't want owo So, to make this post more useful, show me your original and 5thgen Pokemon collections, I'd like to know what merch is out thare for them :'D


Okay! So i've checked my bank accounts and im like super poor... so i've had to decide to sell some of my collection. I've been on the fence about still collecting canvas plush recently, and i've decided to sell most of them and only keep my favourites.

Some of the canvas plush are fairly rare now like Cherrim

Heres whats up for auction

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So have a look and see if there's any you like ^__^ Thanks guys!
Closeup Sandshrew

Looking for sandshrew keychain?

Okay guys. :3 I am fairly new here so I'm sorry if I'm not very good at describing what I'm looking for. :< Anyway, I have this decently sized sandshrew keychain that I keep on my bag (along with a sandslash keychain). Both of them used to belong to my boyfriend and they are fairly damaged (nail polish attack from his childhood) -- but I love sandshrew so I keep them on there anyway, haha.

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get the same or similar keychains in good condition? Pretty much any sandshrew item I'm interested in, but I like the keychains because they're easier to carry around with me. :3

(I also have zero sandshrew plushies and really not very many sandshrew things at all, due to being new, so if there is anything anyone is looking to sell... or alternatively I quite like shieldon as well! Mostly looking to really get my collection going right now. :3)

Looking for eevee stuff.

Around here, our pokemon card community is very tight. Our tournament organizer brought to our attention that one of the players in our area has been diagnosed with leukemia. She's a big fan of eevee, so we're gathering cards together for her. However, I'd like to do a little something more. My budget isn't large at all, but I'd like to see if I can get a plush, figure, or something else eevee related for her. You guys have come through for folks before, so I'm not worried. Shipping on this stuff would be to 44646 Ohio. Thanks guys!

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slowking&#39;s breakfast

A Very Victini Update

It's time for my first genuine collection update since...well, ever.  I've been a member of this community for more than 18 months, but I by and large prefer to lurk in the shadows, making the odd, hopelessly unenlightening comment here and there and spending enough to take a seriously nasty chunk out of my wallet and yet never amassing the kind of collection that feels like much of a patch on anyone else's.

Victini has been my favourite Generation V pokemon since that fateful day I first laid eyes on him, and I knew right away that I was going to collect him.  It took a while before the merchandise started appearing, but when it did...girl, have I been innundated.  I've mainly been focussing on the plushes (which consume more than enough pennies in themselves, but hey, they're only going to get more expensive if I don't act now), so my collection isn't yet great quantity-wise, but hopefully a few other members of the comm will like it.  Everyone else...try not to sneer too hard at him, mmmkay? ;)


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Tokyo Poke Center Stock?

Hey guys, just a short one. My family will be going to tokyo this weenkend through to next week and hopefully they can pick up some items from the PC for me. I'm not sure if I missed it but were there any posts on the PC stock update of sort. If anyone has one or knows the stock could you kindly comment here I'll greatly appreciate it :)
And most importantly, does anyone know if any new merchandise comes out anytime next week? And lastly, does anyone know if the MPC Plush are found in the ufo machines and perhaps where in tokyo can i "win" it.

Well thats all folks, thanks for reading!

Show me your Pikachus!

After rearranging my Pikachu collection a couple days ago, I'm itching to add a few things to my adorable electric mice<3

So, I'm looking for Pikachu merch! Mostly looking for smaller things right now, ESPECIALLY KIDS FIGURES. Seriously guys, I have one Kids figure. That needs to change. But show me anything Pikachu, you never know!

Also still savagely looking for the Pink & regular colored BUTTERFREE KIDS. For my mommy, who is adorable and loves Butterfree. It seems I miss these guys by seconds every single time they pop up. TT_TT

So comment with those sales! I want to see Pikachus, Butterfrees, and some misc. kids figures! I know this might be a long shot, but I also want your Gen 5 Pan stickers.

Shameless commission plug here.
Sales plug
(I love trades!)

(no subject)

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. It's a bit slow so I don't have new things, but I will soon! I am offering off my Eevee canvas mint with tags as I need the money. Eevee has never been played with. Once received, I stored him in a glass case haha <3

EEVEE CANVAS CLOSED. Thank you guys for bidding <3

Click for more info and pics! =D

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Wants list: (looking for custom figure of Tangela)

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If anyone has these for sale or want to inquire about what figures/plush these are to see if you might have them for sale GO AHEAD PLEASE. And thank you!
Glasses Shift

Searching for Slowking/Conway + Customs!

I lost one ebay auction and forgot about another until it'd ended, the other day. x-x So with my extra cash I'm looking for Slowking stuff~
Anything non-flat really, though plush I prefer with their hang tags still attached.

Also if anyone has any custom slots open of anything I'd be happy to commission something of Slowking or Conway (the handsome chap in my icon). Just post examples, etc.

Question- Anyone know where I can purchase Japanese Diamond and Pearl DVDs? D: There's one with Conway on the cover but I can't find it on any Japanese DVD sites or on Y!J.

More Offers and Sales~! **UPDATED**

OTL -- So while I'm waiting on mailers to arrive-- my car decided to putz out today. For that reason I'm slicing my collection down even more where I hadn't planned to previously T.T 
I also have some direct sales. 

***UPDATE*** I am also now taking offers on my extra Recall Kyogre Plush and Paki Paki Charizard Plush 

Taking offers until Saturday May 14th at 11:59pm MST.

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group auction leftovers and such!

so various things to post about today~

first off, this skitty pin is the only remaining leftover from my 2 in 1 GA. $4.50 shipped to US, $4.55 shipped to Canada. Anywhere else can ask. Please give this pin a home!

Also if you're looking for Eeveelution art cards, I still have some from a couple days ago ^^ click the pic to go see them!

and if you like tons of TCG cards...

click for a bigger pic.
there are tons of cards here. I don't want to sort through them and take pics... there are tons of holographics, reverse holo graphics, commons and stars and all that jazz. They are from various decks. All newer ones though, no old school ones. I will give you all these for cheap! Just make me an offer. If there's no interest I'll just throw them on ebay :> I went to the post office to get some crazy shipping quotes for the smallest box that the cards would fit in- it'll be $14 surface/$18 air mail to the US.

and an update for the captainangel's awesome plush lot GA...

We raised over the $230 captainangel was looking for- $243 actually! but shipping is $75! So what I wanted to do, to help cover the shipping cost a bit more, was offer up the remaining items that had no bids in the GA for s bit cheaper- first come first serve. Just to try and raise a bit more to help with shipping and make the higher payments not so bad. I talked to captainangel about this and she was fine with it! :D

So if you're looking for some awesome plush with all the tags attached and some cute slings there are some for cheap claims under the cut!

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thanks for reading! :3

Also, for the squishy GA I put on I've put in a shipping request and the items are being sent to bluehyaku. I'll request second payments after the shipment has arrived. Thanks for your patience!