May 12th, 2011

the weekly rock skin pokemon sales post

hi community!

this week's sales at my shop include an assortment of new kids, chous, amadas (both attack and normal), rare Korean DP pop-up stickers, large glow-in-the-dark stickers, game discs, charms, candy toy stickers/cards and many more! click the banner to be transported. [i apologise for the image heaviness and if some images are strangely the wrong way up, photobucket's rotation is pretty wonky tonight =X]

(follow the balloon up to mount silver here!)

thanks for reading!
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sales, etc

Hi! First of all, if you have bought or commissioned me anytime since the 25th of April, all your items and customs have been shipped out! <3 Next, I'm plowing right on with my spring cleaning, and have a few small things up for sale.
<< Please follow Gible for some tiny sales!

Finally, wants:

I'm looking for a wash rotom chou (edit: finally got that straight, lol) to complete one of my teams, please let me know if you have one for sale or have seen him anywhere! He looks like this (photo thanks to larvitarscar ):

A wash rotom zukan piece (or even the whole zukan set with him in it) will also do.

I am also looking for a Drifblim or Drifloon tomy figure (okay, I guess there is no Drifloon tomy either! wow, I am learning a lot today).

edit #2: Also, if anyone has a Swellow bottlecap figure or tomy for sale do let me know as well. ^_^

Thanks for reading!


sup guys.

Just a FINAL reminder that my offers post ends in 9 hours at 11:59:59 PM PST!

(Click the image to go to the post)

There are a ton of rare plushes and rare locks that are up for offers! Many things are still at their starting prices or at REALLY low prices! Poor Recall Venusaur has no offers ;o; GIVE HIM A HOME!

Don't miss your chance on nabbing some awesome things! :3

Jakks series 18 skipped?

So now that the black/white line is out, will most stores not stock series 18, even completely skipping them?  I have been checking my local stores (central Florida) for the past 3 months, and they have the same old series 17 (silver starters) Jakks 3-pack figures.  I know toywiz has them, but I think they are overpriced.  Link to a pic  This gets me worried about the singles line.  I really want to get the 3 dogs once they come out, but if the black/white line is in stores, will they skip the series 18 singles line as well?  I'd like to be able to get these figures, but at a reasonable price (looking at you toywiz).

I was also wondering if someone in the community had access to the dialga/palkia/giratina set, and what they would charge should they be able to obtain it for someone who can't.  Also, how does Jakks do their distribution (i.e. which states get the blunt end)?
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The Great Eevee Donation

It's like 1000 paper cranes, but with pokemon cards and less folding.

Yesterday my good friend ravestars85  and I were informed by our good friend, local PTO, and owner of, A.J., that one of our West Virginia members was diagnosed with Leukemia recently.  As she goes through her treatment and recovery A.J. and all of us will be sending a care package down to her filled with cards and trinkets of her favorite pokemon, Eevee.  All of us TCG players are currently sorting through our massive boxes of cards for all of our spare Eevee cards no matter how old they are.  We're trying to get as many as we can to show our support in her time of need.

Permission for this was granted by denkimouse  last night
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Also, ravestars85 posted on the comm yesterday asking for eevee things for this exact purpose.  She has a budget of about $20 to spend on Eevee things so please contact her here in this post with your Eevee things to sell.

Like pkmncollectors the TCG community is a very tight knit community and when something like this happens we are very devastated and like to do whatever we can do to help.  While one would think sending just a few TCG commons wouldn't be much it will bring a smile to her face when she sees a package of all of those Eevee cards.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your help.

If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or if you'd like to help with the collection you can PM me on here, email me at the address above, or IM me at wtfitslph.   You can also email ravestars85 at her email listed above.
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Massive Sales!

Hello pkmncollectors! I haven't been doing as much on here as I like to lately. Unfortunately my poor month-old laptop ended up broken for two months, and I only just recently got it back all fixed and beautiful again. Now I'm back in full force with tons of brand new items, including a ton of rare TCG, hand-drawn animation sequences from the anime, Eeveelution items, and more!

There is stuff EVERYWHERE in my room, everyone, can you please help me clear it out?

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*Wipes brow* Phew, that was quite a post! Hours in the making. Please let me know if you have any questions and I hope you find something you like! As I said on the cards, many of them I had trouble pricing so don't be shy to correct prices or make offers.

Please post offers on all offers items in the Offers thread, first comment on this post!
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Updates, updates, updates!

Time for a multipurpose post again - collection and sales updates! I can't believe I have NO Vulpix items for this collection update, though. ._____. *sob* I have so much stuff of her, it's hard to find anything new! Boring! But, all my new gets are awesome nonetheless~

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I updated my sales post today, too. I have some collection weeding to do because of dumb IRL things. Help a silly student collector out and adopt something, will you? <3

There are a couple of plushies, lots of figures (including European exclusive candy figures) and some flat items! Click here to visit!


Also, omgitslph, if you see this, please check
this out and pay asap so I can pay my middleman. Thanks. <3
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Multipurpose post go!

Hey guuuys! I have a bit of a multipurpose post here for you today :3 Let's go~

First, for participants of the plush GB darkfaeprincess and I ran a while ago, all packages have been mailed out and should be arriving shortly/should have already arrived. Thanks for participatin'! ;D

Second, for participants of the baller keychain GA that karoia and I ran, the keychains have been stored in the US and are just about ready to be shipped. I still need initial payments from iceminx and vaporeon_07. I already covered you two and paid the invoice, but PLEASE get your payments into me asap if you see this so I can get the lot mailed to me! I will have to track you down soon if you don't. :P Spreadsheet can be found here. Please send payment to: samheartsuyw(a)

Third, I need some halp with a Lucario Collapse )

Fourth, it's time for another plush GB, brought to you by karoia and I. ;3 She is claiming the Marill plush. I am not claiming anything. They're on their way to the US now and just need homes!

Each plush is $6.59 in the US and $6.66 outside of the US, + shipping from me to you once they arrive.

Suicune - fizzycat
Mareep - skyfort
Togetic - porcupine_paws

Comment if you'd like to claim and please be prepared to pay immediately, since they've been invoiced for a few days now and I need to pay it off. XD;; /derp

Aaaand finally, my first ever wants! Nothing major, but right now, I want your SCOLIPEDES. The only official merch I have of him is one card and one kid. ;_; Has any more been released yet? Have I missed anything? Does anyone know of any merch of him coming out? Or, if you would do any sort of custom of him for me, I will very gladly throw money at you! <33

That's all for now~ n_n
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Collections update!

So I've come away from simply lurking and I have my first few purchases from the community, plus I managed to buy one of my 'grails' :0
I am sooo happy!

 So if you wanna have a look~

I'm hoping to get Sales permission soon, I really would like to show you guys the stuff I make too c:

I'm moving home soon, so I'll have to put a hold on ordering ;n; not fun at all.
Uni's almost finished! Woohoo! All this Pokémon stuff has kept me really happy c:
Thanks to all the people I bought from!

I'm still such a LJ and Community noob, so thanks to those who are tolerant of me!

But yes, here's all the images!

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Oshawott - Glacidea

May 12, 2010

Hello again! I'm posting something special today in honor of my baby otter (and all of you pig and snake fans out there). <3

Today, May 12, 2011 (pretend it's still May 12th ^^;;) is the one year anniversary of Oshawott, Tepig, and Snivy's reveal. Little did I know it, but it was the day that changed both my collecting life and everyday life. I had found my favorite pokemon, I knew it on the spot! My baby otter! I have loved every minute of collecting goodness related to my otters, both good and ...frustrating (gachapon, I stare at you).

And so today I would like to celebrate the starter trio of Black and White! Post your collections of them, post things you've made, post post POST! I want to see lots of the starters!

I'll go first! You can find a little over half of my collection at my website, The Littlest Samurai! It still needs lots of editing, but for now I have lots of pictures uploaded, so go check out some of my otters!

And next, Bubble and Charlie, my Mijumaru and Daikenki dolls, helped me bake some very special treats!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIJUMARU!!! I love you otter!!
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Small Sales ~

I have a little sale for you guys and a new custom up for auction. I am getting ready to receive another lot of stuff from Y!J ~

that and I have a few plush projects in the works and need some money for different fabric :P 

So most of these things are priced to move so take a look if you would :)

(sorry I forgot that at first) 
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hey guys so its been a while since i posted.i figured that with summer coming/being here i should celebrate with trying to lower my want list a little if i could so here it is
Kid figures:Oshawott(original), pansear, panpour, foongus, dwebble, scraggy, trubbish, emolga, Litwick and yamask.

im also looking for newer pokemon cards(heartgold soulsilver on) mainly primes,legends and staples.

I'd be grateful for any help on these. :)

Shipping + Feedback and Liquidation Sales

Hey guys I just shipped out last weeks items! I got in this stuff and sadly I still need money. I will consider any reasonable offers.
Please be considerate, I cannot hold things for long periods of time due to circumstances.
If you've bought things from me and received your item please leave feedback here:
I'll leave feedback for you if you'd like!

I have a Reshiram shirt and Snivy shirt from the Black and White tour. The Reshiram is childs XL but it's way too large for me. Even the Snivy Child's Medium is quite big. I think the sizes are one up than normal or something.

I ship from the UK. International shipping usually costs about $3.50 for small packages. But I'll still consider reasonable offers.


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