May 13th, 2011

Reminder: Sales and Pokemon Marble collection holder ( GIANT pokeball)

just a reminder that my auction for the giant pokeball shaped marble holder is ending tonight, lets say 10PM EST?

the majority of items inmy sales post are still available- let me know if anything tifkles your fancy :p

I'm slightly open to trades for eevee+eevelu items ( esp, jakks flareon/jolteon/vaporeon/espeon/glaceon/leafeon )
Zoro Derp

Offers reminder! Banpresto Altaria, Salamence, Lugia, and more!

Really short post now because I'm exhausted, but I figured I would remind everyone that I am still taking offers on plenty of cool plush!  A couple of the offers are still rather low and some plush don't even have offers yet, so keep them coming!  Keep in mind that since these are up for offer rather than auction, I have some set prices in mind that I would prefer to reach and may ask the "winner" to negotiate with me. :O

I will officially stop taking offers this Sunday, May 15 at 2pm EST.  I may post another, smaller reminder if I can combine it with something more substantial, but for now, assume that this is the only reminder!

Click the pics or here to be transported!

And a shameless sales plug because I still have TONS of stuff for sale!  I even dropped some prices because I am really desperate to get things outta here now. ;_;  Please take a look!

Multipurpose Journal is Multipurpose

Hi Everyone! ^^

I have been putting off posting here because I wanted to wait until I had all my TCG cards up for people to look through for trades/sales. BUT! That is a WIP that I will address later in the journal.

Gonna put most of the journal under cuts since I feel like it's going to be rambley. Addressed in this journal will be: Charizard tin, Flea Market pickups, TOMYs, Old Plushies, Zoroark Jumbo card for offers, Old theme decks, TCG delay explained and a tiny preview of that, a complete base set, and art commissions!

Since I will be talking about selling and trading things:
-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here -

Work-in-Progress Wishlist - There are probably so many things I simply don't know about that I would be interested in. lol.

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Kids collection update, gift wants, sales

 I just realized I haven't posted for a while... But I just got a couple of Noppin boxes again, so I want to show you what's inside! :3

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Wants! So, I'd also like to buy a few things. I'm going away for the summer so I want to prepare for my friends' birthdays beforehand. Nothing too expensive, but I can always try...
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So as I said, I won't be here in summer. I'M GOING TO THE STATES! :D I'm so excited even though all the paperwork is trying to kill me. Almost two months working in Minnesota in a Finnish language village with my American exchange student friend (who the Ampharos canvas would be for, I really hope she doesn't read this community). :3 Which means I'll have to cut down on collecting and buying stuff so everything will arrive before I leave. I don't want to make my family go to the post office to get my packages... And now is also the last chance to buy stuff from my sales post so I can get everything shipped by the end of the month. :3

Last but not least, a little question:
My friend had found a zukan piece lot and there was a blue Smeargle. I've only seen green and red ones so far, so just out of curiosity, is there a difference in rarity between them? The green one is probably the most common one, but how rare are the other two?
And a one more reason to be excited: there's a GA of my stuff coming up soon. Stay tuned! :3


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WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with discounts :D it's super late in the UK so expect a payment post in the morning!

Hey guys just a reminder bidding ends in under 16 hours so get your bids in whilst you can! Manaphy and croagunk still don't have any bids yet and some plush are still quite low!

******EDIT *******
If won please be ready to pay as soon as I make the payment post!
Espeon Happeh

Pokemon moving sale AUCTION REMINDER!!

Hey everyone!! Just a quick reminder that my Eeveelution canvis plush auctions are ending TONIGHT AT 9PM EST!!!!

There are tons of awesome and rare items for sale!!

Link is here

And here are pics of some of the items for auction!

Some of these have few to no bids on them! So make sure you grab them while you can!! :)
I will be at work at 9pm when the auction ends, but I will arrive home shortly after that. Thanks again guys!

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Grails, Sales, and Crochet Plush Auction!

Hey there, guys! :D Its finally summer break for me (WHOOO), and I actually have the summer off for a change- no summer classes! Yay! xD So, I've been able to sleep in every morning.... except for today- but I'm perfectly okay with that. Know why? HUH?

Well, I was sleeping soundly when, suddenly, the doorbell rang. It was the mailman with a lovely little package for me from Japan. I started to sweat. My mouth turned dry. I took the package from him delicately, hands slightly shaking. I kindly thanked him, then calmly closed the door.... and then ran like a cheetah to the kitchen to grab the letter opener to tear through the tape. NOPPIN BOX TIME, BABY.

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Ok, so now its business time. D:<
I've somewhat updated my sales, and I'm also putting a few things up for auction. I need to start working on my cosplay outfits for Anime Weekend Atlanta in the fall, but I'm currently money-less. So, help a sister out! :) Its for a good cause- my friend and I are planning on cosplaying Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny! ^^ (I'm actually going to be Jenny, even though I collect chanseys, not growlithes. But I look better in blue than pink, so YEAH. xD)

Click the banner to see my sales and auctions! ^_^
Auctions include Jakks figures (Eeveelutions, Raichu, Shinx), and a few rare-ish cards!

AND FINALLY: Crochet Plush Commissions! <3
However, I'm doing things a bit different this time around. I feel like I somewhat undersold myself for all the work I did in my first round of commissions, but I'm not entirely sure how much to charge. So, I'm auctioning off a plush commission slot!

Look under the cut for more information on this auction! :D

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All right guys, happy bidding! (and happy friday the 13th! OOH, SPOOKY.) I'll be seeing you around, comm. <3

Sales and Offers~Reminder!!

I'm currently waiting on mailers so the last offers and sales that I made will be going out just as soon as they come in (as they are currently all set aside with labels ready for mailing OTL). I'm expecting to send everything out this next Saturday assuming my mailers come in shortly (as they were due to be here today -.-;)

However these offers are going to be ending tomorrow night. :D  
I also have some direct sales. 

***UPDATE*** I am also now taking offers on my extra Recall Kyogre Plush and Paki Paki Charizard Plush 

Taking offers until Saturday May 14th at 11:59pm MST.

first sales + epic custom auction

Heeeello guys~
In the meantime of waiting for my last purchases to arrive (to make a proper collection update), I got sales permission (yay!) so I wanted to let you guys that I officially open Pancakelicious Sales, wich doesn't have much, but hopefully will have interesting stuff sooner or later :) (I still have to figure out TCG in the sales)

(click the banner to see what's in there~)
And in the other hand, some of you may know im a plushie maker (most people recognize me cause of Meowllz's Arcanine xD) and tho im closed for commissions right now, I'd like to auction some of the plush work I did over the past month.

Auction starts: Friday 13th
Auction ends: Friday 20th

The auction is for the GIANT MAGIKARP I did during April as a self challenge, an Eevee bell plush, legendary bird trio set (also bell plushies!) and Shiny Litwick plush.

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Threads up, you can bid :D
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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

[Auctions] Vulpix & Ninetales Johto Charms, Custom Rattata

Moving really~really soon and condensing my collection~! I decided to part ways with half of my 'pixies and Pokedolls~ I'd rather have them go to collectors than to sit in my storage until I have a place big enough for a toy room. ;_; (It's my idol collection that's taking up my space.. xD;;) I'll be making another larger post in a few days with everything but today I'll be posting a few auctions!

I am auctioning off my Vulpix and Ninetails Charms!
- Never used~!
- Bids start at $100.00 for the SET
- Auction ends Sunday May 15th at 10 pm NYC (Eastern Standard time)
- Snipping rules apply! 5 mins extra added onto the end time for each bid placed in the last 10 mins of the auction and will continue to extended the end time until all bids are in~
- Payment plans accepted. :D You may have up to 30 days to pay it off. ^^ (Down payment of 50% is required up front)

I am also auctioning off a Mock!Pokedoll Custom
....and he's in the top percentage of Rattatas......

A Rattata Mock!Pokedoll Custom~~ ♥
His auction rules are the same as above! His auction is being held over here instead.
You will also find that there are  2 Rush!Plush Spots OPEN - Details can be found here!

Thanks so much for looking~! ♥//v//♥
Yes Darling!

Auction Reminder! + Multipurpose Post

Hey everybody! Just a reminder i have this auction running til Sunday, Some Rare MWT canvas plush, Like Cherrim, Buneary, Pachirisu & The Sinnoh Sprites... and also the 3 Legendary Dog Banpresto + Others! So please check em out if there's something you want!


Click the link to go to auctions:

Now for the Multi-Purpose Shiiiz...

I'm going to be opening for quick commissions. What i do is a draw the Pokemon(s) of your choice, and do what i call "Soft coloring" on them, which is just basically a light flat pencil color on them.. I'm trying to save for a graphics tablet so i can do these on the computer but for now i'm going to do them this way, all pictures will be laminated so they'll be able to stay neat and fresh ^__^
Examples i've done under the Cut..

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Also MCM London Expo is coming up, are we going to have a Comm meet? I'll be there with myvampirelust19 so let me know if your going!