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14 May 2011 @ 12:33 am
Due to financial reasons, I put more items up in my sales post including some of my Eevee and Charmander collections. Other new items include the talking figures.
Psychic MoonShadow
14 May 2011 @ 02:05 am
Hey all! So my birthday is coming up on Monday, meaning people want to buy me things/I may get money to buy things! I'm pretty picky when it comes to what I'll spend money on, and I'm not looking for anything expensive now, but with birthdays, who knows?

Anyhow, my main interest is in figures/plush, especially of these guys
as well as Electrike, Skarmory, and the Snivy and Purrloin lines. Also Champion LANCE.

I don't like super small things or flats, but I do love zukan. I do not collect full lines, just individual Pokemon. Some specific wants:Collapse )

Also, to make this slightly less boring, I just wanted to quickly show off my newest zukan...

Ahhhh I love zukan!Collapse )

Thanks for looking! and happy end-of-Friday-the-13th!

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14 May 2011 @ 02:21 am

xxxandra and I come together to bring you this fabulously large plush GA!

WE WON! Spreadsheet thread will be up in the morning.
Bids end May 19, at 7:30 PST/10:30 EST, so get your bids in under here!Collapse )
Threads are up! Bid your buns off.
14 May 2011 @ 05:22 am
Does everyone remember this Chandelure Pokedoll I made a while back?

Well, seems it attracted the attentions of quite a few people, and so I've decided to make and sell a batch!

Pictured above is my original commission, including custom tag (not being re-produced), and requested smile.

After much pestering, I decided to finally take a commission for the re-make, and hence with the pattern on hand, I shall make copies!

Note to those it may concern; These plush will not be completed right away!. This is the last thing on my commission list, and will not be started until I reach it. Please be aware you may not receive your plush for over 1-2 months.

Rules, Info, etcCollapse )
14 May 2011 @ 08:27 am
i have restocked a few things and there is also brand new stock, oh-ho!!

before you ask... YES I'LL GET THE "POKEMON DOT".GIF PROMOTIONAL GOODS! :D. But there's only very tiny/bad images out right now, so I will be doing those pickups next week. Keep in mind it will mostly be clearfiles and keychains, since the tins are blind packaged, and shirts make me uncomfortable since they are so overpriced XD But we'll see. So just hold tight on those things.

New stock.

Break it down!! Here we have... new stuff!

TAKARA TOMY! Finally stocking all these plush...

And some re-stocks, whooo!

Thanks guys!
14 May 2011 @ 10:45 am
I just joined this community after a looooong hiatus on LJ, but finding this community made me want to come back, fwee!
I've been a fan of Pokemon since the release of Red/Blue in the US (and I now carry my DS with black & white) EVERYWHERE), and recently started collecting... however, I do have other collections from way far back.
Once I get really settled in, I'd love to sell to you guys, since I know they'd be well taken care of!

Until then, I have two main collections that I'd like to start:

1. Full collection of bootleg Eeveelution pokedolls (bootlegs need love too! D: )
2. Poochyena! (although I must admit, the first poochyena thing I bought is... well, ruined... that's what you get for living on my car keys for 4 years ^ ^; )

So, hello everyone, I can't wait to really know this community! <3
Hand over my heart, gun to my head.
EDIT: So I'm coming down from a really bad sickness (again for the 3rd time in a month) and I went out for the first time in a week today. I went to go do some work that I had to do (I work promoting bands for a record label). Anyway, while I was out doing my job, in the most unlikely place I found Jakks plush. I didn't notice them at first and then out of the corner of my eye I see yellow, blue and pink. I flipped around and nearly screamed with joy.

This is their inventory after I picked up the 3 I'm about to show you, aka my grails. I have sales permission, so if you'd like any of them just let me know, they're $7.99 each before tax. It's Riolu, Munchlax, Zubat, Pink Shellos, Happini, Budew, Blue Shellos, Sneasel and Mesprite.

Okay anyway, so here is what I got.

under here.Collapse )

I updated my sales and updated shipping costs and things. I now offer shipping for flats in a standard envelope which works out cheaper than the bubble mailer does, so please be sure to review my sales policies before you agree to purchase anything. :)

Also, ALL cards except the holo Oshawott are now .50 cents. First come, first served on the cards.

sales this way

I also have offers going on this Leafeon canvas plush. I love it, but sadly not enough to want to keep it in my collection. After a year with it, I have decided it would be happier at a new home.

Offers end on the 21st, which is next week.

Follow me to the offers post
14 May 2011 @ 11:15 am

last call to claim super cheap awesome plush!!! I need to finalize this for captainangel and will be sometime this afternoon, so please get in and claim some if you're interested!

and now for some boring wants!

click bouncy marills to go to my wants page

There are some of my main wants over on my wants page, but I really want an Azurill attack kid

It's the last kid I need to have all the Marill line kids. And I haven't seen one for sale for a while. Does anyone have one they are willing to part with? shipping would be to Canada :D
Fineapple Princess
14 May 2011 @ 01:53 pm
Hiya!~ :D So, this week I got a trade offer for my Eevee canvas. :3 I like the offer (Reshiram pokedoll!) but I'm gonna post this here to see if there's anyone who would offer for something I want more. :D It's in great condition and really soft, but no hang tag! Just tush tag. :3 Click the cut for more pictures and my wants. ;D (ignore the Vaporeon, lol.)

This is the stuff that drives me crazy!Collapse )
Just ask if you have something you think I may want! :D

Thanks for looking guys!~ :D Hope this turns out awesome. :D

EDIT: Is there anyone on here that could do pickups for Pokemon Center cups, keychains, bags, pencils, notebooks and all that jazz for me?! D: IF YOU COULD I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER.
Lati Queen
14 May 2011 @ 02:46 pm
Hi everyone, Seouldew here, some of you may have known me as Shemii way back when! Anyhow. I had to stop collecting due to college and all sorts of expenses. But it's summer AND I have a job (MUAHAHA :D )

plus I'm starting to get back into pokemon thanks to B/W. I can't wait for the VGCs <3

Anyway, for those of you who do not know me my name is Bianca (no really it is, some people don't seem to believe me haha OTL) I'm 19. And I collect Latios and Latias!


so if you have lati items for sale feel free to tell me please! ^^ nice to meet/re-meet you all.
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14 May 2011 @ 04:41 pm

Click on the banner!
(Please note that I'll just ship by the 26th)

14 May 2011 @ 05:14 pm

 I need your help guys!

I went to the one place i found(googled) on maui that claimed to carry pokemon, and nothing D: 

I am so upset! they didnt even have a single pack of cards, or a typical pikachu item!

Does anyone know any place at all on maui that has anything pokemon?

I'd appreciate anything!

^_^ thankyou 

14 May 2011 @ 05:42 pm
Hello there, I'm Oshawott Meyers, and here are tonight's top stories.

Cuts for Collection Update~Collapse )

Thank you for looking :D
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14 May 2011 @ 06:11 pm
Pokemon Center gives another thumbs up to Adult-Type Collectors!!

Check this promotion out, starting June 4th. Thanks to @nanamaru on twitter and asami's blog for this scoop!

wow wow wow wow!!Collapse )

I don't know where they pulled this one from but they've got me hook line and sinker. I want all the N and Zekrom stuff, if I can manage... just, WOW!!!

I know folks will ask about pickups. I can pick up some of this, but the really costly/fragile/framed stuff I'd feel really nervous about... :(
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My new Joanns store is opening this Friday, meaning I'll be able to have stuffing and all new colors and supplies for my pillows! So I have decided to open the commissions for these once more~ The new store has gotten me excited and back into my sewing mood. C':




Pokedoll Pillows and Egg Pillows InfoCollapse )



Next up we have a Reshiram Bag up for auction.



Reshiram Bag Auction InfoCollapse )



A custom slot for a bag is up for auction as well. C':


Custom Bag Auction InfoCollapse )


Pii pika pikachuu?
14 May 2011 @ 06:52 pm
A heads-up, offers for a number of items end tomorrow at 6 PM! That leaves you around 23 hours to get your offers in! Included are real Pokémon animation sequences, a large, rare Eeveelution handkerchief, Sabrina badge set, large Eevee and Mew bobbleheads, a Flareon metal pin, and more! Many have not been bid on or are at starting bid.


Please come and check them out! There are also still a number of items available in my sales, especially TCG and stickers!
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14 May 2011 @ 06:58 pm
G'day guys!
I'm looking for anything but cards for the following pokemon
Ambipom line
Squirlte line
14 May 2011 @ 07:16 pm
Hey guys, this is my first and last auction reminder. My auctions end SUNDAY May 15th at 10 PM CT (11 PM EST/New York Time)

I have lots of rare items, and some custom plush as well! A lot are still at low prices/no bids D: So take a peek and see if you can find yourself that item you've been looking for! :D




Thanks, and happy collecting!
14 May 2011 @ 07:59 pm
 Finally home from Uni (can relax ^^) and as I was sorting out my bedroom I spent a while taking down all of my Slowpokes and put up my very heavily neglected kappa collection. I've decided I prefer it that way. Ever since collecting a lot of Pokemon I've really been neglecting my kappa collection (especially because I prefer Slowpoke over the kappa Pokemon [Lotad/Lombre/Ludicolo/Golduck]) so I've decided to cut them out from my collection. D: I've been considering it for a while but yesterday convinced me 100%.

I'll still be collecting Slowking though (could never sell anything of his haha). c:
And all the kappa Pokemon, and buying anything else I really like.

My post has been taking about a month to arrive, both from other countries and from the UK (I'm not sure why...). And I think post I've been sending has been very delayed as well. Waiting on a lot of things at the moment but I need to show off this that arrived a few days back~
Click to find out...Collapse )
Click here for the big sales!Collapse )
Also as well as sales, I'm putting a few things up for offer.
Click here for more infoCollapse )
14 May 2011 @ 08:53 pm
Even though I've really wanted to get that really big Snivy plush, and it would be really difficult to get him, recently I was at Toys R Us seeing what they had, and I found this.

When I saw the picture of it online, I wasn't really sure. But when I saw it at the store and looked at him, I was just.. aww. It was really cute, a good size, and I eventually got him. He's supposedly reversable but I'm not going to do that. Still, I have a Snivy now! I wanted one when Black and White came out, but I wasn't really able to get one. When I saw this one, I thought it was adorable, and I got him.

I also got this!

Azelf! :D
There's a store near here that has a bunch of the plushes like that, I might be able to buy some for people if they want.

Also, I know the Toysnjoys website isn't particularly the best, but I know they have an actual store too. There's something I wanted to buy from their site, but I don't want to risk the possible frustration using the site. I know people here have done runs for the store before, is it possible to ask someone to see if something is there and save the trouble with the site?
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14 May 2011 @ 09:11 pm

Hello again fellow collectors! I've updated my Turtwig collection site for all to behold! The collection got so big that I couldn't keep track anymore, so rather than a lot of individual photos on multiple pages, I've changed it to various group photos on a single page.

You can view it at the Home of the Tiny Leaf.

As you can see, I also collect Japanese Pokémon materials to use in my studies of the language. So I was wondering, who else here in the community is also learning Japanese? Let's be friends!
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Click to See!Collapse )

Still looking to trade ultra rare zekrom card for the reshiram equivalant  (B/W card 114 for 113) and I have added more cards I am offering up for trade, I like cards by certain artists and certain pokemon the most but I may be interested in anything if I don't have it.

http://www.livejournal.com/editjournal.bml?journal=pkmncollectors&itemid=9131988 (English cards please unless it has no english equivalent)
14 May 2011 @ 10:11 pm
First- I got a shiny Zorua Banpresto plushie in a lot- how can i tell from the tush tag if she's (yes she) auth?

Second- Umbreon Halloween Plushie- How much is he worth? I ordered the Glameow one and got this one by mistake. Kind of doesn't pay to send it back @_@ It's this one...

Third- What Zebstrika/Zebraika merchandise is there available besides cards?
Lucinda Connelly
14 May 2011 @ 10:29 pm

This GA?

Well if you didn't know, WE WON! :D Payment details and spreadsheets are under the cut!

Cut cut cut cut cut cutCollapse )
14 May 2011 @ 10:31 pm
Sorry for the long absence, but I have managed to shipped out everything but the following three packages! ^_^ 

darkangellilith GenV Tote Bag
echizenakira unmelted Zekrom Bath Salt
rirutu Cyndaquill and Chikorita Canvas

I will take care of your packages next week! =)
(althought the Zekrom bath salt might not arrive yet >_<)

In order to avoid unacceptable delays in the future, future request are limited to 10 12 spots at a time. =/
1.  irethsune - Talking Oshawott Keychain plush - PAID
2.  blackjackrocket 
3.  bellyofthewolf - Blitzle PD + BW2 (male) set - PAID
4.  little_ledyba - Talking Tepig Keychain plush - PAID
5.  jaimonster - Whimsicott
6.  kneesocks - Cinccino PD + Emolga - PAID
7.  larvitarscar - Tepig Talking Keychain Plush + Tepig Dreamworld Plush - PAID
8.  sei15 - Talking Tepig keychain plush + Oshawott Talking keychain plush + Set of 3 Dream World Plush - PAID
9.  myntii - Shinx Canvas (x2) + Whimsicott PD - PAID
10.  featheryfriend - Emolga Tomy Plush - PAID
11.  entirelycliched  - Whimsicott PD - PAID
12.  zora_star - Whimsicott PD + Purrlion

Also if you have previously requested items, I will honor your hold request regardless if you have a spot or not! =D

jekylljuice85 - Victini Tomy Plush 8" + Victini Bottle Cap - PAID
chatsy - Purrlion plush - PAID
butt_ribbons - Tabune PD - PAID
raichub - No crotch lump or weird horn Whimsicott XD - PAID
megami36 - Victini Pokemon Cent er Plush
renshao - Zukan BW2 + 1 - PAID
ruenis - Tea Cup Theme Park Clear File - PAID
forest_snivy - Dream World Oshawott Plush
tyltalis - Snivy Talking Plush Key Chain + Serperior DX - PAID
kai_renge - Tepig Talking Plush Key Chain + Tepig Dream World Plush + Pikachu Walker Cover
usagimakeup - Cyndaquil canvas, Shinx Canvas and Lillipup Pokecen plush - PAID

Items Held for next lot:
raikou_chan - Whimsicott PD
tealbulbasaur - Whimsicott PD
doomycaffei - Whimsicott PD + Tabune PD
lovelychu - Whimsicott PD
lampent - Tomy Deerling plush + Tabune PD
rock_dy - Summer Deerling PC plush
itsmemaa - Oshawott Dream World Plush + Whimsicott PD (back order)

For previous offerings, please use this link to review older items: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/?poster=nanoplasm

Here is a preview of the new offers this week, click on the cut below to see more info. ^__^

Read more...Collapse )

Besides these items, there are also clear files, Victini mecha pencil and ball-point pen, complete set of Zuruggu charms, GenV Moncolle Plus (TOMY MC+ figure), 1/1 Chillarmy/Victini plush, and DS game 24-cart cases (Victini, Zek/Reshi, starters).  I will post them next time, but feel free to request them if you know what they are. ^_^;;

Paypal info and shipping rules can be found here:

I will try to answer any question ASAP.

Thanks for looking!  =)
That Pikachu Girl
14 May 2011 @ 10:41 pm
So this update's really early, but for good reason. It's not so much stuff I bought recently, but what I already had. I went home to my mom's for a week, and brought back all the pokemon that got left behind before the move for college. So there was quite a bit and I didn't think I'd be able to let them sit around until next month's update (though there is one GA's gets mixed in with them all)


So you caaaaan

click here and see the update, letting the suspense pile up until you reach the grail (IMAGE HEAVY!)Collapse )
or you can just
click here and jump right to the grail!Collapse )

edit: so apparently my bandwidth is exceeded? @m@ I don't understand, what is this Photobucket. Well, maybe in the morning I'll see if I can fix this. till then, let me know if you can see these images.
Well, I thought I will post the rest of my collection here! If you like the Snivy line, derpnugget, Meganium, Reshiram, Riolu and so on then this is for you! XD

If you haven't seen my baby lizard collection yet, here is the post I made a week ago:
If you haven't seen my manta ray collection, I made a post six days ago:

Now to the actual rest of my collection I have so far! <3
Careful! Image heavy!Collapse )

On Monday, I am leaving the USA to my homecountry Slovakia for about 3 Months and I will be going to Sweden in between as well! So my question is, which of these plushies would you choose to take with you? 

Take a look! >W<Collapse )
14 May 2011 @ 11:44 pm
Up for auction today, a white DSi signed by Ken Sugimori, the character designer for Pokemon

Can Pokabu Use HM01?Collapse )
14 May 2011 @ 11:57 pm
First off I'd like to remind everyone about my poster offers/sales.

Link to the original post.

There are still some posters without offers and less than 24 hours remaining until offers end.

And then there is this Giratina figure. I want to show this (presumably) Europe only Battle Giratina figure. I haven't seen anyone else show this here yet. I had never seen this myself before and was really surprised to find something new in my local toy store. It was so cheap I had to buy it.

Please follow the cut to see Giratina blast off :p
Go Giratina! Use whirly blast!Collapse )