May 15th, 2011

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Going-to-America Sales: TCG Edition!

Hi everyone! I have confirmed dates for being-everywhere (for those interested, I'm hitting MN, NY, D.C., MD, TX and CA) in my America trip now, and am super excited; to help fund the trip, I've updated my sales again! After ages I've finally updated my TCG sales, and I have a lot of cards up including Leafeon X and Glaceon X! I used to play seriously and amassed a bunch of nice cards, but don't have the time anymore, so most of those are up for sale :D I also reduced some prices and added new items in regular sales.

Just a couple of notes for this sales post: All sales close May 22, which is in a week; I leave June 2, so I don't want to have to worry about getting sales done after that. Any transactions pending at that time will be cancelled (ie. you must pay by then). There is a minimum $3 buy (before shipping) at the moment. If you order less than $3 of things, then I'll add random TCG cards to your order to make up the cost and charge you for them accordingly. Finally, failure to read my sales policies and backing out due to this will result in negative feedback being left. I feel I need to emphasise this as people constantly do not read my policies then back out when they are given shipping costs, which are stated clearly in my posts.

Click here for the TCG sales! Most cards are buy 3, pay for 2 (cheapest free), and orders over $20 get another 10% off!

All other sales are now over here, tons of B/W magnets still up for offer, and I lowered prices on almost everything, even the cheap lots!

I have now posted (uh, or handed over in person ;D) everything that's been paid for from my previous sales, either this morning or earlier in the week :)

Also, so this isn't entirely about sales: who's going to Anime Expo? I'm probably going to go just for the Saturday and Sunday (not quite sure yet, but Friday is Warped Tour :D), and it'll be my first con in three years so I'm looking forward to it! Hopefully I'll be able to meet a bunch of people :D

Wtb: Munna Kid


I'm newish and hoping to post a Munna collection pic as soon as I get everything together! Anyway, I bought a Munna kid off eBay three weeks ago but there's been no update since and he hasn't answered any of my messages even tho his feedback is really great :( I was wondering if anyone had a Munna kid for sale here? I don't mind if you don't have the box anymore. I'm at 98052 and can pay via PP ASAP. Thanks, guys.

Quick Favour, pleeeease?

Hey there, so, last week I ent up into my attic and found an old Mew toy I use to own. 
This one.

Basically, I have a 1:1 Mew plush on the way but it doesnt have the voice box. I was going to make my own recording using a 'voice box' you can get for them customs bears at a bear factory.
I was hoping to be able to use the sounds from this figure to make the new voice box, but, ITS STOPPED WORKING! Ive tried changing the battery and stuff but i guess its just died of old age xD

So I was wondering if someone from the comm could basically do a recording of the noises from this figure? Preferably the cry which is all 'Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeew~' (the one which sounds all cute and loving xD )
If you could Id be FOREVER grateful :')

Also, to those who are part of my Retsudan GA, it should be getting shipped out Monday! :D I didnt add the shipping from japan to me on the invoice so there may be an extra 50cents per person on the next invoice :)
Thanks again everyone for helping me get my luxray stamper!


Auction for pre-orders of this custom 'Pokedoll' ending in 9 hours!

(Click above to be transported)

Both slots are going for their starting bids of $90, please make sure to read the info!

Done! Thanks!

the heart, the deckchair, the cowboy hat and the baseball cap

have you always thought that Hoot-hoot would make a great sheriff?
how does a hat smell after a Vileplume puts it on?
does Spheal look better 'sporty' or 'street'?
and do Marills keep their tails moist to avoid over-drying when they suntan?

read on.

ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this plush collection post, made special by the fact that various Pokemon are competing to be the Pokemon World's next top model in various categories, in this exclusive photoshoot. here's your host - larvitar!

the gimmick is that competitors have the choice of either a cowboy hat, a baseball cap or a heart prop, as well as the option of a deck chair as a backdrop for that 'Ibiza' vibe.

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plus! a special Marill side story after the competition - what happens to Marills when they go to Ibiza?

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thanks for reading!

Wanted: Dratini and Dragonair

Things I want! *makes grabby hands*

Thought I'd make a want post since I don't find much of my favorite pokemon these days just browsing. :) Also, I just realized I've been on this com for about a year. :D Wheee....

I want Dratini and Dragonair stuff. If you want something, please name a price - I suck at offers.

Pretty much the only thing I don't want is the Zukan atm.
Already have Dragonair tomy, and....
(I thought i had the BK plush, but it might be the KFC, and I just remembered that was lost/stolen a while back :( )

- I know I want dratini tomy, kids of both, any other figures and pretty much any merch there is with those two.

- I'd LOVE more plushes
The only plush I have of Dratini is the BK one, and there are a few more super cute ones - want them all lol
There seem to be only two Dragonair plush…. a bell plush from Japan (sounds rare), and the UK Burger King plush

- Also I LOVE CUSTOM STUFF. I'll consider all custom things~

- Also would consider bootlegs or marked up figures - I like painting things stupid colors

Also, I want cards:
- Any Japanese cards of both
- Any English cards of both that aren't Basic/Base 2 or Team Rocket
- Gym Heroes: ONLY looking for Erika's Dragonair - I have the rest

Massive Card Sales

After going through many boxes, sorting out hundreds of cards, I finally got my card sales post done *victory dance*.  I have a lot to offer up today, and everything is cheap cheap cheap.

I have a wide variety of everything, from primes, to gym leader cards, from holos to rares. Click on the sales banner to go to the sales! Warning, image heavy.

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SOLD: Dark Typhlosion, Rockets Mewtwo, Brocks Rhydon
indiffernt quagsire
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Reminder and Want!

This sale and auction (custom Eelektrick) ends tomorrow.

PLEASE feel free to make an Offer or haggle! I'd like to get rid of this stuff.


ALSO: I am looking for this kid: 

And I was wondering about shiny kids...
is there one for every poke or is it kinda just a random spattering?

I'm also still looking for muh personal little grail ~
Quagsire Johto Dex Charm
I'm willing to pay a decent amount for this!

Thank you for looking!!
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Sales Update and other things!

Sooo I just updated my Jakks sales with pages and pages of cards! Lots of variety, and everything is listed out in text, so browsing is as easy as Ctrl+F! The next update will have tons of assorted figures, but that's a big undertaking to do when my SMJ package gets here.


I also wanted to ask a question- who all still collects Growlithe and Arcanine here? As many of you know, they are my main collection and I hardcore collect them, and some fellow collectors have come and gone over time. Just wondering if I'm the only hardcore collector left. xD
I've gotten some new spiffy stuff of them lately (mostly flats) but I've been too lazy to show them off. In good time!

And finally, I wanted to shoot a video of one of my favorite plushies in my collection, my talking Zorua! The video's really dark and the volume is quiet... but you get the idea :D I really recommend this plush for anyone who likes Zorua, even a little. Even though it's a talking plush, it's not all hard inside like other plushies I've come across. It's really well made and totally endearing. D'aw. I have a talking Tepig on it's way to be at last, too! I can't waaaaait.
Video link: