May 17th, 2011

Quick Draw!

Pokemon Clipping GB

Hello Community!
Today I bring you a GB for clipping figures of this Series Set:

Each Figure will be $4.50 for the first payment.

The Second payment will be the shipping from me to you.

Lugia 1 - agkelikos - Paid
Lugia 2 - meijiatron - Paid
Ho-oh 1 - elementparadise - Paid
Ho-oh 2 -
Alakazam -tufails - Paid
Starmie - mariahpixie - paid
Dragonite - shiningmew
Scizor - elementparadise - Paid
Skarmory - origamigryphon - Paid
Combusken - nagaineko - Paid
Manectric - mandysaurus_rex - Paid
Spiritomb - neeko48 - Paid

Please post below with which one(s) you wish to claim.
We can not buy this GB unless all figures get claimed. So lets start claiming :D

And once we win I'll let you know by a comment reply with my paypal address.


Hi ppls! I'm kinda new- I just joined May 6th. If you have anything from my faves, let me know! I love collecting pokemon, love percy jackson books,and love to play aqw in my free time! Some of my favorite pokemon are:Arcanine,Persian,mightyena,raichu,rapidash,mew,meowth,pachirisu,liepard,ninetales,manectric,furret,glameow,vulpix,houndoom,skitty,delcatty,shaymin,skymin,lucario,riolu,and tons of others

GA Updates

I seem to be having some good/bad luck with GAs.  Each lot has had something missing/damaged/broken (with one exception) they have all been items I claimed.  =/

Okay, on to the good news, we have updates for GA#4 & GA#5.  The boxes arrived yesterday and shipping costs will be requested today & tomorrow.


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Mini Collection Update + Sales Preview + Card Question

Hey everyone! Sorry again for posting so soon, though that html thingy wasn't really a collection post.. was it?

Anyway! First, I'd like to thank everyone for their suggestions on the tutorial, it'll be updated shortly with everyone's feedback. I also plan on doing more in the series, including ones featuring tables, css, div layers and anything else you guys would like to see.

Now, onto the new things that have come in the mail since my last huge update.

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London MCM Expo - Meet up! (UK)

Ive seen a lot of meet up posts, reminding me I need to do one! D:
Posting it early to give people who were interested in coming more of a heads up!

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Anything I missed out? Lemme know! :D 
Also if you're attending, might be best to bookmark this for info, and let me know if you're attending (yes or maybes)!
Pokemon - trans am
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small collection update!

I got my SMJ box in the mail which had some Pokemon goodies! And not only did it include the My Pokemon Collection Set 1 GA, but it contained the one figure I needed to complete my collection of all of Skarmory's known figures. While there wasn't much in content, the sheer value of these items to me is well worth the excitement and I just want to share it here~

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Of course, if I can ever find the time, I want to post my entire collection one day; I haven't done it since January of last year and things have definitely changed since then. But for now, I hope this update wasn't too boring!
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Mystery figures!!? Help me identify them! + looking for...

Hey everyone!! Long time no see! Like everyone else, I'm thoroughly enjoying Black/White (though I'm late to the party ;____;)! Recently, I won a lot of miscellaneous anime figures on eBay, and there were some awesome Pokemon goodies in it! Unfortunately, I'm completely at a loss as to what these figures are, what their value is, etc. So I thought what better place to ask for assistance than here! :D

I know what one or two of them are, but I'm unsure about the others. I'd also like to know what their estimated value is, if anyone can tell me. I took some pictures that can be found below the cut!

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ALSO, as most of you probably know, I'm always looking for Bidoof/Bibarel stuffs! Currently, I'm still looking for the clear Bidoof/Bibarel kids, the clear/regular Bidoof chou get, and the Bibarel Jakks figure. I just about DIED when I saw they made him O___O ANNNND I WANT THE BENTO ERASER WITH BIDOOF! I MUST get this!!! I've been looking FOREVER FOR IT!!!

Thanks guys! :D
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Need feedback + Collection

Hey everyone =)
So I have been on for a little over a month now, so I need selling permission
I have ordered over 5 things. (I lost track...)
Anyways if anyone can help me with it, Im not too good when it comes to coding >///<

Here is the link =D

Also here are the list of Pokemon that I am collecting things of







So anyone have any cute things of those let me know!

I am looking for Cottonee, Whimsicott, Sewaddle, and Oshawott Cards as well >.<

So far have ordered a Cottonee Pokedoll
Sewaddle plush
and on hold for a Whimsicott Pokedoll (My Ultimate want)

+ One thing I am really looking for is a Light Vaporeon Card

Please help me out guys! I love you all =D <333
Hoppip friends
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Floaroma Pokemart ~ new goods from Japan added!

Hi all! :D I just got back from Tokyo, and of course, bring goodies from the Pokemon Center :3

To view the newest items, simply search for "PC" in the search bar.

☆ Clearfiles
☆ Pokedolls
☆ Pokemon Center Plush
☆ Stamps
☆ Stickers
☆ Ensky magnets
~ and more! :D

Tons of rare goodies, most have only 1 in stock. Enjoy! X3