May 18th, 2011



I just recently re-vamped my sales! I have growlithe/arcanine, vulpix, and eeveelution collection weeding, cheap TCG, and many things for $5 or less! I really need this stuff out of my house! (and money for medicine and debts x_X) So, please go take a looksie!

Im still missing payments from: hebilea, kattotang, lambo_chu, leafeon_420, marshallgregson, em_lemon, pantherotter, pokabubu, sesshyshop, technicolorcage, vaporleon, and zoroarcade.
This is the shipping payment from me to you! Spreadsheet is here. Please send to!
Payment reminders will be PMed tomorrow.

And lastly, I'm trying to get a hold of a few users since things like PMs seem to either be being ignored or not going through. 0mastar, bladespark, and echizenakira. If you see this post PLEASE reply! <3 And for those of you who have recently PMed or replied to me, I will be going through my inbox tomorrow. If I don't reply to you by then, please let me know here.

Woah, do I get an award for tagging so many people? Haha. OH! ALL YOU TEXAS PEOPLE. The other day I went to the Dickey's BBQ by my house, and there was a bubblemailer with art from a pkmncollectors member in the trash! I'm pretty sure it had squirtle on it, but I didn't stick around to observe the trashcan. Anybody else have some pretty odd stories like this? I thought it was pretty funny!

Thanks for reading!

Multipurpose post of wants and things

Everything that was paid for up until this point, except for anything paid yesterday, has been shipped. :)

So I ordered a bunch of Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit things from someone here. It arrived just fine, but unfortunately my dogs got to it before my mother-in-law did. My middle dog has it out for Pokemon things, I'm not sure why. I could be anywhere in the house with something Pokemon in my hand, and she'll come running and try to grab it. Having said that, nothing in the package survived the attack from my dogs. With permission from the person I ordered it from, I am posting her picture in a desperate attempt to get at least some of it cheaply.

I'm basically looking for any of the trios kids, chou gets, other random figures. I don't really need the stickers, but I'll take a look at them too. And any cheap plush except the Jakks trio. And I already have the zukan, but may consider getting a second one, since mine suffered a minor attack from the dog.

The only thing that made that day okay was finding the Jakks trio in an unexpected location.

I'm also looking for the kid figure of:

Sparky, Ritchie's Pikachu

I may consider getting multiples of the kids if the price is right. Please help me out <3

Also, my auction for the canvas Leafeon plush ends on Friday. You can find the link here.

I'm making a trip to Toysrus tomorrow. When last I went, they had one of each starter Black and White plush, a ton of figures and some other random things. If there's anything anyone needs, just let me know and I'll have a look.

And lastly, I am planning a trip to New York. During this trip, I plan on making a run to Nintendo World. I don't have a set day yet, but once I figure things out, I will make a post about it. If things go well with my first Nintendo World run, I wouldn't mind taking a trip up there once or twice a month for the community. The more people that order, the cheaper the items will be, but more on that when I get things situated. :)
Galvantula and Joltik

and the winner is.. + help me with a problem?

Well, I safely have arrived to Slovakia...and I have decided to bring these guys with me:Collapse )

Anyways, my main post though was for a different reason. If this is not allowed, please let me know and I will remove this post. I have bought an extra adapter/charger for my friend's GBASP, because it got lost. I really had this big urge to play Pokemon Silver or Crystal with my favorite trainer Gold/Hibiki/Ethan on it. Well, now it is having the SAME problems as bootleg games do. It saves the game, but when I turn on the game again, my saving progress is gone. I have tried it several times and it happened sometimes that the game got saved. When I continued with the saved game and saved it again, it disappeared again. The Silver and Crystal games I have ARE ORIGINALS sealed by Nintendo, not like the bootleg games where you can't save the game. They are my friend's who doesn't play Pokemon anymore and has even the boxes still somewhere. And here's another thing. My Pokemon Yellow game that I got back in Germany (yes, it's in German :D) years ago doesn't have this what\s wrong with the games? Does anybody else have this problem? Please let me know!
houndoom and slowpoke

Auction Reminder- Crochet Plushies!

Hey there, guys! Just a quick post today. ^^

I'm still auctioning off a custom crochet plush commission. The auction ends Saturday night at midnight (EST), and its still at starting bid if anyone else wants to get in on this. I'm not sure when I'll be opening commissions again this summer, so here's your chance to get one now! ^_^

(Click the banner to go straight to the bids!)

Again, feel free to ask me any questions before bidding, and have a few pokemon in mind for the commission. ^^

Also, might as well tag this on- I still have plenty of little things for sale, including some lovely Welch's jelly jars among other things. I am also accepting offers on a few rarer Jakks figures (eevee-line, shinx-line, raichu) and a handful of cards if you're a TCG kind of person. :)

(Click to go straight to my sales post! Please read all rules before hand, thank you!)

Okay, that's all for now. ^^ See you guys around! *waves*
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Massive Rainyan GA!

Look at all that stuff! So much of it!!

Hebitheivan and Safir_hime will be running this GA

If you want to be part of this GA then Go HERE-

- There will be two payments: Payments for claims + shipping from safir_hime and second payments will be from safir_hime to you!
- Bid increments of at least 1$!
- Safir_hime is claiming Pikachu/Pichu Plush, the Wailord Kid, and the Eevee Kid for 21$ and willing to go higher.
- hebitheivan is claiming Clear Charmander Kid, and the Wynaut Candy Figure for 5$ and willing to go higher.
- This GA will end Tuesday the 25th at 6:00 pm PST

Kids all Start at 2$! (Varying in Condition)

Please Wait until all threads are up! (This may take awhile...) Threads are up! Bid!! (Threads found in link, not here!)

Thanks for Looking!!

2009 Diamond and Pearl Rental DVD Group Auction claim

Hello community! Anybody out there interested in rare Japanese DVD rentals? :D

What you will be claiming are Diamond and Pearl DVD rentals that are not sold in stores. They contain episodes that were first shown in 2009 and are only available to rent at video stores. Each box contains 2 or 3 episodes each. These are very hard to come by and are usually sold in very expensive lots such as this one. Here is your chance to grab them! :D

Collapse )
-All claims start at $30 $25 (doing the math, this also includes split deputy fees); this is how much these videos usually go for and these auctions tend to be pretty popular.

Claims will end on Sunday May 22 at 6:30 AM CDT. For what your time will be, check out this time zone converter. For CDT, click on America/Chicago.

I really hope this GB will be a successful one! Please do not start claiming until Aleyina puts up all the threads. XD Begin claims! Thank you!

DVD 1. ibbsc
DVD 2. ibbsc
DVD 3. ibbsc
DVD 4. al ecko
DVD 5. moguryuu
DVD6. captainangel
DVD 7.
DVD 8.
DVD 9. pantherotter
DVD 10.
DVD 11. pantherotter
DVD 12.
DVD 13.
DVD 14.
DVD 15. viper fox

Sorry everybody. This is the second time I had a GA for this lot and we lost again. ;.; We were outbid and we did not have enough claims for me to raise the initial bid that I placed. I will keep a sharp eye out for another lot to GA and hopefully then we will win. :3 Again, I apologize.
jin orange ♥

Humble Beginnings

This'll be the first time posting in this community. :D I've actually been a member for months and have had the urge to start collecting Pokémon merchandise again after being so envious of all your guys' collections, haha!

Well, let me introduce myself! My name's Joice and have been an avid Pokémon fan since Red & Blue came out. I used to have a lot more Pokémon collectables, but have lost them throughout the years of moving and growing up. :c My favorite Pokémon are Salamence, Joltik, and Drifloon!

So to start, I just received a package in the mail today of my first ever piece to restart my collection: a Banpresto Salamence UFO catcher plush!

Collapse )

It's not much, but I definitely do plan to get more Salamence stuff soon. But for now, I am happy! ;A; I'm currently awaiting some fabric I ordered to make myself a Drifloon plush. c:

As for my wants list, I'm currently on the hunt for a Drifloon Canvas plush. I've looked everywhere, but most sites either don't have it, sold out, or on eBay that goes past my budget. :c

Well that's all for now, great to finally meet you guys! <3


Does anyone know where I can get this? I really need it for my collection *snicker*

but in all seriousness, anyone have these or know where to obtain them? I want the mudkip and both pikachus!

They are called dream figures I think

Thanks everyone in advance!

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multipurpose post of epic marillness

so I wanted to give you all your weekly dose of crazy marill fanatic-ness :'D like I don't drive you all crazy enough!
anyway today I am posting for various reasons!

FIRSTLY I am wondering if anyone would want some stickers? :D They were a mere 70 yen on SMJ! So I grabbed 'em but I only want Marill and Azumarill of course. I would love to have others take the rest of the stickers!

Collapse )

I want to break them up like this- please post if you're interestesed in any:

Title sticker with Snorlax/Pichu/Totodile/Igglybuff/Jigglypuff
Title sticker with legendary dogs - blackdog333
Title sticker with Jhoto starters and Pichu
Line of Pokemon (Espeon/Aipom/Umbreon/Pikachu/Teddiursa/Smeargle) ***
Red Pokeball Title sticker & Blueish Pokeball Title sticker
Gyrados Corner sticker
Magikarp Corner sticker
Pikachu Corner sticker
Pichu Corner sticker
Slowpoke Corner sticker - caffwin
Murkrow Corner sticker
Espeon Corner sticker
Umbreon corner sticker

*** I was thinking of separating the Pokemon on this line, but they are pretty close together... what do you guys think?

If you'd be interested in claiming one, let me know!


marill/slowking - karoia
zapdos - chaos_21
articuno - chaos_21
moltres - chaos_21
lugia - blackjackrocket

(click pic for another angle)

Collapse )


update on my Marill army collection. and I'm expecting more in the mail :'D
Pokemon- Sewing

(no subject)

I finished all my commissions from my last post in record time thanks to some cancelled classes and 2.5 hours a day to work at school with no distractions like a computer. 8'D

My Pokepillows seemed really popular so I'm going to take on some slots for those. I can usually finish them pretty quickly since they're so simple so they should have a fast turnaround. :)

But first a small collection update:

Collapse )

All my plush are made of 100% fleece and lines are hand embroidered.

Pokepillows are $20-25 before shipping depending on complexity.

If you're interested in a commission, please list a few Pokemon you might want, as some might be too complex in design for me to plush or I might not have/be able to get the colors necessary.

I will not remake any commission/trade that I have done previously. If it wasn't a commission/trade (ex. Swadloon, Yamask) feel free to inquire~

I accept Paypal only, and I'm located in USA but ship internationally.

I also accept custom trades, a list of Pokemon I'd love to get customs of is located on my DA journal. c:

You can see all of my recently finished plush, including examples of my Pokepillows, here :)

Collapse )
Lugia Default

GB Update! Leftover sales! Machamp Prime!

Hey everyone!

So sorry about the delay in getting this all online and sorted out, uni work has been pretty crazy lately... x_x

But anyway, the DX Kids and Stickers GB is in, and totals are under the cut!

Collapse )

This GB also had a few leftovers, which you can see behind the cut. I will offer them to GA participants first at their original price for 24 hours, after which they will be free game. Again, under the cut!

Collapse )

And finally, I have a Machamp Prime card for sale! I'm looking for $10 for it, so let me know if you're interested!

Glasses Shift

Offers Reminder

 Everyone who's paid for things so far, your parcels have been mailed out.
I've lowered prices a bit in the sales so everyone come down and have a look!


Also, got a few rare items up for offers. Slowpoke Pokemon Time ceramic, Slowpoke applause plush, fuzzy Slowpoke Tomy plush, and a Tomy Kecleon plush.
If I don't receive any more offers on them soon I'll be ending all offers.


As usual, on the lookout for Slowking/Conway items, as well as Golduck/Lotad/Lombre/Ludicolo. If you have anything you think I may like feel free to post it. c:

Sales updated - collection weeding

I have decided to sell parts of my collection. You'll find plenty of Entei and Suicune items, BW Tour merch, a Shiny Gyarados/Magikarp charm set, and other things. I am including free holographic TCG cards with every order. Check it out by clicking the banner below! 

Edit: I've gone out for a bit, will be back shortly to reply!


Kids Pokedex up for auction, and sales update!

Hi everyone! I've got an auction and sales update for you today!

First up is the auction (on eBay) for my Kids Pokedex, which you may have seen around here (or on icanhascheezburger). It's a complete set of all Pokemon that got Kids (including things like alternate formes of Rotom and Deoxys) and also has a few Isshu/Unova Pokemon. There are also two shinies (Bulbasaur and Blastoise) and several clears!

Pokemon Kids Pokedex through Sinnoh

Click the picture to go to the auction!

Next is a sales update! I've got some sticker holders, a whole bunch of zukan, some other figure sets and various other items!

Click Groudon or the link below to see the sales!

Thanks all!

Wanted post: Moltres, old school merch and cards. Let me throw money at you!

Hello Pokemon collectors! I haven't posted to the community in a while but I've still been very much active in grabbing any Moltres items I see in sales posts!! I recently got a new job and I've saved up a nice amount of spendning money, so I thought I should update with a big wants post =3

I still have a rather large list of things I need for my Moltres collection. Here's the link to my Moltres wants:
Any information on where I can find these things will be greatly appreciated! ^v^

I also collect old school Pokemon merchandise, preferably in its original packaging. Because there's a lot of different merchandise from the early years of Pokemon, and since it tends to be a little more valuable, I am more particular on how much money I spend on this stuff. I especially like merch that can be used, like stationary, keychains, cosmetics and apparel.

These are some of my specific non-Moltres Pokemon wants:

I'm an avid card collector, and hope to complete all English sets up until the end of Power Keepers, including promos, reverse holos and first editions. Just point me in the direction of your card sales and I will pick out what I need, though I am picky with pricing and will generally only make an order if there's a decent amount of stuff I need in one post.

Thanks for reading (if you even bothered to read that insanely detailed want post!! XD).