May 19th, 2011

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Human Searchh :3

Hello memberz.

Awaiting 2 VERY INCREDIBLE packages in the mail at the moment, before doing a SUPA COLLECTION UPDATE OF DOOM. So until then, I've decided to tone it down, relax, and concentrate on one of my most important yet sma collections, and not to mention my favorites, my humans character collection! I collect all non-flat, official human merch of any game or anime Pokemon human character.

My favorite character of all time is Gary Oak, tied with Misty.... and Nurse Joy.... and I really can't pick. I really adore most of them, as I grew up with them. Totally had a crush on Ash. Oh baby.

Here's my first want, followed by plenty more below the cut.

Human Kids! I have Ash and Gary is on the way... help me chase down the rest! Anyone know if this is a complete set (other then the Unova batch)?
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Well, I guess I'll stop badgering you with all these pictures, but I'd like to mention I'm also wanting an Ash ThinkChip figure, anniversary sculpture, special limited figure (the one with cloth clothing), Prof Oak Zukan, Misty DX Kid, Tracy Tomy, any human metal figure, tfg, tomy, or even bootleg. PREFERABLY MINT OR NEAR MINT BUT WILL CONSIDER ANYTHING. :3

If you have ANY HUMAN NON-FLAT FOR SALE or simply have information or pictures of human merch and collections, please let me know, I really want to SEE everything (EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT SELLING) and I'll consider everything I do not own and within my budget! :3 Thank you so much collectors!
Quick Draw!

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First thing
Look what I found at a Meijers today! 8D

Not only did I found what I had gone out that way for in the first place but I found the Dusk Ball too 8D
I NEVER thought I'd find that poke ball!
I do have to say I am a little disappointed. I had thought/hoped Suicune would be pose-able in some way.
But nope. Suicune is a normal stiff figure. Only thing that can be moved are her butt ribbons :O

Ignoring my slight disappointment it's an AMAZING figure. Beautiful Coloring. Beautiful Quality.

Next thing on the list.

We need 1 more claim in the Clipping Figure GB
I would just cover it myself
bu~t I hate Ho-oh and I don't want to own anything of his. Even if it's only for a little bit - A-;
So please someone claim him so we can get this GB!
Click the picture to be transported!

And Last But not least I have a few items added to my Sales.
I also have more cards I'm listing, but I probably wont get those up tonight.
I'll be editing this later with the banner link. And the Link to the card sales will also be click able through my normal sales page :]

PMD Grovyle

The Explorers Return!

It was a long journey, but they came back with new, awesome stuff!

In other words, Time Gear Sales is back from hiatus with tons of new items!

Oh man where to begin with the new stuff. Jakks plush, including Gen 5 and Mystery Dungeon. Gen 5 Pokedexes perfect for cosplay, and tons of foil freebies with your purchase!

Click the banner to cross the sea of time check out the shop!

RAIRAI and surge searchin&#39;

I'm just a Holy Fool, oh baby he's so cruel, but I'm still in love with Raichu baby


This is MY re-introduction to this community, as a Raichu collector. The rest of the stuff I collect can come for another time...this post is for RAICHU ONLY!!!

Is it new stuff?? Yes. All of it. Not only new, but never before seen AND one of a kind in the ENTIRE world things, are in this post. And all of them are from at least 10 years ago.

I've collected Raichu since 1998. I went through a period during RSE where I was too involved in studying to pay any attention to Pokemon, I was completely out of the loop. Also, my entire old Raichu collection got thrown out, except for a very rare few things. So I had to begin again during D/P, in many cases starting over from scratch. By starting over from scratch, I mean, this is what I had to work with:

That was five years ago. Now, I have so many Raichus, I could not possibly fit them in one photo. For the most neglected of the electric rodentia, he sure has been treated well :)

After more than a decade of collecting Raichu, how could there still be anything I've missed? I don't mean little things, tiny stamps, stickers, even shirts, I mean big stuff -- like plush. Surely I knew of all the Raichu plush they'd made, right??


Okay haha, maybe you might have found one completely unknown never before seen Raichu plush, Gin, but you definitely didn't find two in the same month.




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I promised one of a kind items, did I not? I shall deliver. Is it possible? It is. I got more cels of Raichu.

As I wrote for my site, and as many collectors know, cels from anime, even Pokemon anime, can be found across the internet. It's difficult to find a Pokemon cel that isn't Pikachu, but they CAN be found. Back in the day, not only was the anime painted by hand, anime storybooks were also illustrated with hand painted cels. These are cels used in the official Episode 14 storybook, which is all original artwork painted only for that book - no screenshots, no repeats.

If anime cels are hard to find, this sort of cel is next to impossible.


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Okay. There is more stuff. No, really. Really really more stuff. It might not be quite as mind blowing, but it is ...stuff. Stuff which I love. Stuff which is Raichu, here is the stuff.

Sneak peeks:

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In a closing note, that photo of my Raichus 5 years ago is from my Pokemon "site" from the same time period. Fairly amusing how things change.

Prepare for electrics update next week B)
Oshawott - Dream World (shiny)

Shiny Snivy Pokedoll auction

Hello everyone! It's certainly been a while x)
I've made the donation to Red Cross and everyone's charms are sent out, but now I have a new surprise for you!

I recently bought all three Unova starter Pokedolls with the intention of modding them to look shiny... unfortunately, I won't be able to acquire the embroidery tools necessary to complete the Tepig doll until I return from Japan this July, but I might as well show off the other two! Starting with the shiny Snivy Pokedoll I'm going to auction off right here and now!

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Shiny Snivy Pokedoll Auction Information
Starting Bid: $50
Minimum Increments: $1
Shipping: $5 to the US/CAN, $7 to UK/EU, and $10 anywhere else!
End date: Tuesday, May 24 at 8:00 PM EST

Regular auction rules/courtesies apply, yadda yadda yadda

For the second order of business.. I mentioned I could not yet complete the Tepig Pokedoll, but I said nothing about Oshawott... >w>

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This one is not for sale. It is mine. Her/His name is Bubblecat (after the shiny Oshawott I have been SRing for over the past two months) and s/he will be coming with me to Japan, and hopefully meeting up with some of you guys if you'd like to hang out in Tokyo while I'm there :D
However, I know a lot of people here love Oshawott, so I will most likely make some more and auction them in late July, because they're really fun to make/mod.
(also, I saved the Scalchop from the original Oshawott doll so that I could make it into a hairpin and wear it :3c I can definitely make more of them if/when I mod more dolls, so just ask~)

The Tepig I mentioned will also not be for sale, as it is a present for my best friend castform no matter how much she tries to pay for it |D I might make more shiny Tepigs though, depending on if the embroidery is easy or hard... they are cute :3

Soooo anyway, wish me luck with Bubblecat, s/he's being really shy!
Have a good summer!
Chillarmy Doll

Can I have some help from you guys please?!

Heya!~ :D So... I was shopping on the Floaroma pokemart 2 days ago. And I saw something. THIS.

It's a sticker sheet from Pokemon Center... There's 2 different ones in the store, and I guess there are 8 in the set?

Hm. I was wondering if ANY of you knew if there was one made with Professor Juniper on it (since there is one with Fennel on it)?! 
Ok! I found it! :D :D :D :D Thank you guys SO much.<3 <3
Now... For a small GB! :D

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Lookie what I got!

So I won a bid on ebay a few days ago, without knowing exactly what I would get from it. All I knew was there was a big stack of cards, and a nice TCG playing mat featureing a fatchu. A bought the lot mainly for the playing mat, but I found some neat stuff in the lot!

Apart from just showing off everything in this post, I would appreciate if anyone could let me know if theres anything particularly rare or of value in it, since I don't know much about cards at all. :)

Okie dokie! Pictures under the cut!

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Need help finding these two.

First off this is my first time posting on here, I look all the time but have never seen these two Darkrai's any post.  I have started to collect Darkrai merch and these two guys are the things I am most after. You guys have helped my girlfriend find her Entei TFG and I was hoping you could help me too.

First thing I am really desperate to find is the Darkrai TFG. I realize that this guy was a promo release and if anyone knows where to get one and could direct me there I would love you forever. The most I would be willing to pay for it would be $20.

I have seen this guy online for around $50 or so in the box but I would take one in or out if it was cheaper. If anyone knows of one cheaper or would be willing sell it to me for cheaper than 50 I would also be eternally grateful.

Pokemon TFG Japan only exclusive auction!

I have never seen these before, so I am not 100% sure what they are. I am assuming they are the TFG game like we have here in America.
These are the only set I have and are very rare. So grab them while you can!

These are up for auction, which will end Monday at 8:00 PM Central time in the USA

All community rules apply! Sniping will extend the time 10 minutes. Yes 10, cause that is a good number.

-I am claiming Pikachu and Mudkip. All the others are up for grabs :)
-Please do not use change in bidding. Round numbers only. I am bad at math.
-Shipping to the USA will be $4. Just add $1 per piece if more than one.
-International inquire please. I need to weigh them for better accuracy.

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All are NEW! Just took them out of the package for picture purposes!

size comparison!

Not sure what to do with the other pieces. Guess they can go to the winning bidders for an additional $1 or so.
I am thinking of making the cards be available to the winning bidders. Each one they want is $0.25 a piece.
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Please wait for the threads to be put up before inquiring <3 GOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Want to combine with some of my other sales?


 I was wondering is there is a website that shows all kids that exist? Or at least something close to that?
Iiif no, can anyone tell/show me the kids of these Pokémons:

and Zekrom

All kids have shiny versions and clear? (including attack ones and any other extras ones that might exist?)
And, the boxes of shiny/clear ones are different from the regular boxes? Or it's more a surprise kind of thing?

Sorry for the spam!

I also have some sales and I would love to have everything gone by the 26th! I mean, really, if you want something but think it's overpriced, let me know, I'm sure we can work something out! <3

Click on the banner!
(Please note that I'll just ship by the 26th)

I'm always really scared to post here, jdfhvjfgb ;_;"

Massive Flats/Stickers Sales

Well I kind of went CRAZY in juumou's Floaroma Pokemart, and managed to spend an insane amount on flat stuff LOL.

Only thing is that a lot of stuff I got came in sets ;_;
So i'm gonna sell/offer up everything now! So that when it gets to me I can package it all up right away and send it out

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Any claims can also be combined with items from my flat sales;

I'm keeping a word document of everyones orders/claims, so that i can ship them all together :'D
Thanks guys! <3

Also shipping update!
By this weekend, i will have everything out :) So if you're expecting something, its either on its way, or will be this weekend! <3

Lookin to start some BW collections!

I really wanna start collecting the following Pokemon:

Tympole Line
Krokorok and Krookodile (already have most Sandile stuff thats out)
Dewott and Samurott (already have tons of Oshawott stuff)
Dwebble Line
Karrablast Line
Ferroseed Line
Tynamo Line

If anyone has stuff for these guys for sale or could put me in the right direction as to where to get them, it would be much appreciated :D
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


To complement denkimouse 's post below, I thought I'd post my GA for the third MPC set! :D

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Please wait until threads are made in order to bid.

Oh, also a note. All orders from my last sales post, as well, as well as MPC set 1 people, I will ship your stuff Saturday. I am so so sorry for the delay, MPC 1 people. ._. It won't happen again.

MPC Set 2 People: I should be getting your plush soon, so be ready for shipping from me to you payment!

Kimewaza BW1 Kids People: The kids will be here at the end of May! Be ready to pay!

And, of course, I still have some stuff at my sales post, like BW2 Clipping Figures and BW Kids and Old Japanese Theme Decks! Please check that out here! :D

Wanting to know the value of certain Chou Get figures

I came across a set of Chou Get figures and bought them purely for 2 figures, now I have a tonne of Chouget figures I dont need but im wanting to just simply know the value. Ill put these up for sale or possibly even just do a GA as I have alot fo other stuff I need to get rid of but being alot of it is small shipping outside of the uk can be...well...lame...

So, names of the chous under the cut to save from blogging up the main page!

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Espeon Look up

Zukan Cleaning

Hello again all! I've got some zukan that could use a nice new home! Some have been on display, others are still sealed in the package. I also have a shinx canvis plush who needs a new home.

I have sales permission and it was given to me along time ago from a mod who I'm not sure if they are still part of the community.

Got some small previews down below (There are more then this for sale tho!!):

NIP Zukan preview

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Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Cherrygrove City Sales + Reminder

I'm such an idiot that I didn't put down the end date!
White DSi signed by Ken Sugimori auction is ending Friday 20th at 10pm UK time

I'm starting to have a real crackdown on my collection to raise some funds towards London Expo and Study Abroad (just got my acceptance packet from Oklahoma State!) so I've put up some pokedolls as well as a couple of Pokabu plushies

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S Greninja Pokedoll

Quick question about repairs

Hey community :) I just wanted to ask for some advice about something. I recently received a Paki Paki Lugia and he's in full working order apart from one broken wing (and being rather dirty but I'll clean him up later~). Now, I cut open the seam to take a look at the wing, because it just felt like one of the posing ball joints had popped out. However, every time I popped it back in and moved the wing around it kept coming out again. D:

Upon closer inspection I noticed that there was a crack in the last joint. For those who might not know, the poseable part of the wing is made up of a string of joints with a 'cup' on one end and a 'ball' on the other. These are fitted together to form a spine of sorts and have a wide range of movement.

I was going to try and look for some more of these joints to buy, but I don't even know what they're called, where to look or if there are even joints like them out there that you *can* buy |D But failing that, do you think it would be worth trying some kind of plastic cement/repair stuff? I keep seeing it pop up but I don't really know anything about it...

Thanks for your help! I'll have more to show next time I post <3

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Of course, as a last resort my mum just suggested finding a way of pulling the last joint out and making it a little shorter. Which could work! They are really tight though ;;

Feeling blue (da ba dee da ba diii...)

I'm a sucker for well-made Lucario items... So I bought this little set off eBay lately because it was interesting... It arrived today!

 Sadly the packaging was a plastic bag with a bit of tape wrapped around it, so the card is bent, but the charms are lovely!
Sooo... Does anyone know much about them? All I know is they are from Japan's pokemon centre.

Also kids and charms!

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Aaanyhow, tiny wants:

Kids: Mew (any), Arcanine (any), Growlithe (any), Pikachu (any not show above), Zangoose (need moar), Lucario (any), Riolu.
Charms: If anyone has more Pokemon Mystery Dungeon gashapon charms, please speak up!