May 20th, 2011


~ Custom Bags Reminder ~ + Wanted customs!

Just giving a heads up that my custom bags are still up for auction and end tonight at 5:00 pm PST! Neither the Reshiram bag or custom slot have been started, so get those bids in. C':


Secondly, I'm interested in some shiny Litwick or Chandelure customs! Anyone feel like flaunting their talent at me and taking my money? C;



Reminder + small sales

Leafeon's auction ends in 5 1/2 hours at 6pm EST. She's at $82 so far and will be sold, so this is your last chance to get your bids in before she goes to the highest bidder.
Bidding has ended and Leafeon has a new home, pending payment. Thank you for bidding on her.

I also have this Zekrom Jakks for sale. I picked it up for someone who backed out just after I picked it up. So now's your chance to get one. He is $9 plus shipping. I don't recommend shipping this one out of the package, as he'd probably end up with broken parts by the time he gets to you. Also, keep in mind I'm not responsible for anything once they leave my hands and end up in the hands of the post office.

Another note, my Toysrus had a few Tepig and Oshawott plush, as well as a few older plush left. And a ton of the figures and reversible plush. If you need anything, let me know. If I pick up for you, and you back out, it will result in negative feedback.

HUGE Pokemon Plush Lot GA - WE WON! & Reminder of Technicolorcage's GA

We won the auction! In order to pay the seller quickly, I need payments asap! You can find the spreadsheet here.
Please send all payments to with what you bought and your username in the subject.

Also, for anyone who remembers this GA, the package has arrived at my house, and I will be coming home from school on the evening of the 24th. I should hopefully have the shipping spreadsheet up for that by that night, but if not, it will be up by the night of the 25th.

May Custom Commissions

Hey guys I still have a few slots left for my May Custom Plushies. If you're intrested please click on the banner above. XD

Also if you want to check out my most recent plushie just click on the pic below to see more pics XD.

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A Re-Introduction/Collection Post

Key's Re-Introduction Post

:D Well! Long time no see PKMNCollectors! School has finally let out for the summer and now that I am not completely swamped with work and schoolwork I can start posting to the community again! Yippee! So I'm sure there are tons of new people that I haven't met before so this post doubles as a reintroduction post for me and for me as a Vaporeon collector! :D I've been on the comm going on three years now (wow!) I'm going into my senior year of my BFA next year and I'm super excited, and nervous! BUT As a collector I am a die-hard vaporeon fan and as such she is my main collection. I've been into pokemon since I first heard about it in elementary school, though I've never played the GB games until 2007 or so. Man I missed that as a child xD. Anyway I've had a couple items in my collection from the very beginning, including the original vaporeon tomy figure and a geodude card (lol). So the point of all that was, pokemon is very close to my heart because it holds many memories for me and it is so dang addicting and fun!
Vaporeon Collection Post
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foam pokemon customs!

Hi there. I am now taking foam art commissions for May! First of all, here is the last batch for your viewing pleasure:

What a colorful group! You can click on the image to see the full size version. =)

A quick run-through: These pokemon are all built from foam pieces. They are not doublesided - the back is cardstock for extra support and for easy taping to your walls or shelves. =) We can do any pokemon you'd like, and prices range from $10-$15, don't hesitate to ask for a quote! Complexity is determined by how many alternating colors and small details a pokemon has, not how it looks, so you may be surprised. ^_^;

As usual we will be taking between 5-7 slots. You may have up to 2 Pokemon in each slot! There is no slot limit, but if you are past #7, you may have to wait a bit longer.

If you are interested, please visit my shop, Gible Studios, by clicking on the link below! =)
( Please follow me to Gible Studios! )

And now a small want:

(I slip one of these into every post, don't I, lol). Right now I am looking for this gorgeous Swellow bottlecap figure (image from ebay). I know I've seen this around plenty of times before so someone must have it, right? =)

Thanks for reading!
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Pan sticker extravaganza!

Hello everyone! I've got a bunch of pan stickers for you. Since I am admittedly not the greatest at gauging Pokemon popularity, they're up for bids at starting prices I think are pretty fair. There are a bunch of new BW stickers as well as older ones here! Offers will end May 25th, 11:59 PM EST.

( holy pan stickers Batman!

Also, I wound up with an extra Woobat plush because an Ebay seller sent me the wrong one (I bought a keychain plush, not the round Banpresto, which I already have. ughh..), so If anyone wants one for a deal, I'm selling it for the price I paid for for it+shipping. It'd be 19.04 with shipping/fees included to the US. Anywhere else I'd have to get back to you with a quote!
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Truxor Sales Multipost

Hey everyone! just wanted to remind you all that I still have a Pokemon Monopoly in my store for auciton! :D I also added a BIN price and I found out the US shipping for it.


My sales are here: 
there's still some kids and some plush for sale too! and i'll be adding more things next week when i have time

Also, I did some shipping today; punkspacewafers , So i found out shipping on it is a dollar more than expected... Only because of the fact that I'm shipping it completely flat. I can fold it and put it in an envelope for a lot cheaper if you'd like or i can ship it in a tube which is $2 more. let me know kay?

safir_hime and spiralgenerator your packages have been shipped and should be in by monday (according to USPS) let me know when you get them :D

(no subject)

Hey guys :D I lowered prices and added a few new things to my sales post, including a gigantic Pikachu's Vacation storybook. If you don't like a price, haggling is absolutely welcome! I've unfortunately not been able to ship most things paid for yet, including international pan GA stuff, and I apologize for the delay on those D: Everything will definitely be going out tomorrow, along with any sales stuff paid for by tonight!

Also, I still need pan sticker GA payments from okapifeathers, thunderwolfcat, my_chapstick, and zoroarcade. Let me know what's going on so I can get your stickers out! C:
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Hello! Introduction, Collection and Wants!

Hello, My name is Mike and i wanted to introduce myself to the community. I've liked Pokemon since i was a kid watching the first series on TV. I used to collect the Trading Cards and the Tomy figures, but then eventually i focused on the Tomy figures. After getting most of the first series Tomy figures i wanted to start collect something else. When looking around i discovered the Zukan figures. Its been around a month since i got my first Zukan.. Sorry if there is a mistake in format of the post, let me know and I will fix it :)

Well here is my collection so far!
These are the Zukan i have from the G/S/C series, I have Mewtwo but forgot to put him in the picture lol:)
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I have been crazy looking for the middle piece of the Pokemon Center!
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These are the Zukan i have from the R/S/E series

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I also Have the Clampearl Line, Barboach Line, Numel Line, and Shuppet Line coming in the mail
(Thanks pokepalace)

These are the Zukan i have from R/S/E series SP

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These are the Pokemon I have from the DP Zukans!

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Okay now im looking to buy Zukan i don't have!
Thanks for Looking,

Long-time No Post-Collection Update

Hello folks, long-time, no post, eh? Reason being I haven't really been able to go out and purchase Pokemon stuff for a bit, and I just really need to make time to actually post photos of my collection n general-ANYWAY, the package pictured above is relevant-why, I wonder what could be inside? It was sent from a friend of mine in New York-I wonder what she sent me?

Goodness, a bag from the Pokemon Center/Nintendo Center in New York-let's see what's inside-! :D

OH MY GOSH, IT'S A PUPP-an itty bitty Groudon :3

Thank you so much, Judith, I absolutely adore her-her name's automatically Inez-she couldn't be grumpier-looking, now all I need to do's try and find a Banette somewhere and we're good to go with Team Magma-!
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Very odd request...

Well.. kinda odd.
To you lucky few with 1:1 emoglas, could you show a comparison of it to say, a TV or pet of some sort?
My brain is weird and I have a very hard time figuring out inches and centimeters unless I can gage it with something I'm familiar with. I realize the PC plush are about the size of DVDs, Jakks plush and I've seen them compared with 1:1s but its not very striking. Specially since I thought PC plush were a bit larger (in over all proportions).
With that said I'm on the look out for one! >:3
(more so with people here, since I could possibly work out payment plans).

Also- as anyone ever traded for an emogla? I got one called Minipete from someone named Manny. I was on DW yesterday and I saw someone else with a Minipete from Manny too! Is that guy breeding Minipetes or something? Either way, huge joke with the spouse.

and---- HUGE collection update hopefully next month. jcbvdjsvbs you guyyyys what have you done to me?!
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Sales: Whole Collection

Hey guys ^.^ ~ Life has got me down lately, and I won't go into detail, but I'm selling my whole collection. You'll find many Umbreons in here ! If you've been looking for a Working Oshawott Talky, Umbreon V-Trainer, or other rare items, you may want to look in my post !
Be aware I am not leaving, I could never do that. I made many good friends ! I will continue to buy Pokemon, but just here and there (:.

So without further ado, please click here to go to my sales post !

*I do have items from GAs in my sales post, however, they are all selling for a lower price than what I paid for them !*

Chillarmy Doll

2 Small GA's! :D


Ok. First up is the Sticker GA! :D :D :D 

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Now for the second GA! :D Each card will be $4, and if all end up getting claimed they will be less! :D

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As a side note for anyone who has participated in any of the GA's under the cut...

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Thank you all so much guys!~<3

Here's all the *official* Juniper/Araragi merch I own. (I have a good number of customs of her on the way. ;D)
I think that image of her is a tad overused. ;D

Plush Group Buy

GB#1 by couchpotatonet


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Each Item is $5.50


Large Talking Pikachu - darkfaeprincess 

Plusel - couchpotatonet 

Minun - couchpotatonet 

Tentacool - paperoid 

Spoink - noksum 

Bulbasaur - couchpotatonet 

Spinda - darkfaeprincess 

Nidorina - noksum 

Butterfree - couchpotatonet 

Set of 210 Poke cards - darkfaeprincess 

Update 5/21/11 - I made an offer with the amount we raised & it was accepted.  Everyone was sent messages for payment #1.


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GA + mini collection update

Rainbow Plush GA

As you may have heard I am going to be taking over as the host for the above GA! So here's your reminder for it!

There's quite a few plush that don't even have bids!, so please click the picture above to be taken to the GA!

And I just wanted to slightly "revamp" the rules for this GA :3 all I did was include end time in UTC time zone as well, put in a timer, and explain that my co-host roxiexcore will be doing shipping from the US. But please quickly review them if you're participating or thinking of it!

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thanks so much for reading and checking out the GA! and to make this post way less boring, I'm going to show you a few things I got in the mail since yesterday!

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thanks so much for looking!

TCG Wants!

Hi everyone!

Of the following, I am aiming to collect each card of these pokemon[including primes,promos,holos,reverse holos,foils,the whole deal]:

Houndoom ,Suicune, Sneasel, Arcanine ,Shaymin[both formes], Zoroark, Zorua, Mightyena, Manectric ,Snorlax ,Zangoose, Sawsbuck,Purrloin,Liepard, Mew,Houndoom,Espeon,Electrike,Eevee,Skuntank,Luxray, Lucario,Bellossom , Riolu,

And I hope to god that is it. I'm gonna end up without a penny to m^^

Shipping + Feedback and about to move liquidation sale

Hey guys I was a day late to ship this time, I have a huge burn on my leg and it got infected so I spent most of my free time at the Doctors X_X Well anywho I move after this next week so I need to get rid of everything else. So here's even some items I wanted to keep (shirts)

I will consider any reasonable offers.
Please be considerate, I cannot hold things for long periods of time due to my moving after this week.

All items will be shipped by next Thursday.
I ship from the UK and cannot be held responsible for the postal system failing X_X

If you've bought items from me please give me feedback here:


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Grumpy pink dogs?

So I made a post a while back about how I was looking for Snubbull merch because I had this sudden urge to start a collection of him. Unfortunately, it never happened :(

But guess what? I'M REALLY GOING TO DO IT THIS TIME! XD So if you have merch of this grumpy pink dog, send me your way!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I've looked on eBay, but the prices there for some things seem a little steep, and I'd much rather give my monies to someone here in the community. I'm looking mostly for small plushes/figures and some flats :D

Also, I'm still looking for the Starly/Bidoof bento eraser. It STILL eludes me!! D: I need this so badly for my Doof collection. If you have this, PLEASE let me know!!

Thanks!! <33
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Pokemon Kiosks

I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any plans for a Vaporeon pokedoll to be released in the US? Since they released Eevee, Jolteon and Flareon... that'd be nice O_O

Is there anywhere we can get information on the upcoming pokedolls?

Thanks! ♥

Questions about this charger...

So I have some questions about this Pikachu DSi charger, more directed towards someone who actually owns it.
I wasn't planning on buying one, mostly because, even though it's cute, I don't own a DSi, and since it's not backwards compatible, never will. However, I heard that the 3DS used the same charger as a DSi. I am planning on buying a 3DS, so my question is
Will a 3DS fit onto the charging stand? I don't know how much smaller or bigger or wider the 3DS is to the DSi, or if it's charging socket's in an entirely different place, so I wanna know if I actually COULD charge a 3DS on it before I bought it.

thanks if you can help.
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Quick Question about Paki Paki Entei!

Hey guys! ;D This will be deleted as soon as its answered. Does anybody here know how much Paki Paki Entei weighs? I'm debating bidding on one, but I don't want shipping to be like, a million billion dollars because he's heavy. /qq I'd also like to know how big he is! I saw some pictures and he looks approximately the size of a DX Pokedoll, but I"m not too sure. Anybody have pictures? I NEED this thing in my life. Enteienteientei, what have you done to me? Thanks for the help guys! <3

Edit: ALSO, does anybody know what kind of fabric they use for the Dialga DX? ;D  Answered, thank you! Still looking for answers about Paki Paki though~~