May 21st, 2011


Customs For Sale!

So, I need to make some space so I'm selling some old customs stuff. There are discounts for purchases of certain things together. More details under the cut. Sales permission was granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
Sales permission was granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
-I will only hold items for 24 hours. I may allow longer holds depending on the situation.
-Paypal only please.
-I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.
-I ship regular first class mail, any upgrades will cost you more.
-Tracking will cost more as well.
-All community rules apply.
-I will not be taking any trades at this time.
-Ask questions below in the proper thread.

Things to keep in mind...

-I ship from a home with dogs and there is smoking in my house.
-I am not responsible for items lost in the mail or broken during shipping, if you want insurance, ask.
-Payment is expected within 24 hours of expressing interest, otherwise it goes back up for sale.
-Shipping is not included in the sales prices.
-International shipping WILL cost more.
-I ship from the US

My feedback post is located here.
I will leave feedback for you if you give me a link to it.
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intro & collection & wants

I've lurked here for a bit and just joined Pokémon Collectors a little while ago. I'm kind of new to LiveJournal and don't know how everything works here, but I guess I'll introduce myself.

I'm acidtowatta, and I live in California. I got hooked on Pokémon right at the beginning with Red Version; I started with Charmander, and I cloned all of my Rare Candies to raise my Pokémon to level 100. My favorite Pokémon are mostly from Generation 2: Espeon, Umbreon, Bellossom, Furret, Ledyba, Skiploom, the Mareep line, Togetic, and several others. Most of them have bad stats or typing, but I like them anyway.

I started collecting Pokémon plushes a year ago; I don't have too much income at the moment, so I've only managed to collect a handful. I'm working to scrape up enough extra money to acquire some more and am really prioritizing what to get next.

Anyway, this community seems to be really nice, and I hope to make a few friends here, if possible. So hi, everyone!

Custom Ambipom

Collection update!

It seems like I only just asked about these last week! Now they're here with me. Let's get to business.

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One of my friends is starting to get into zukans. He likes certain steel types... he really likes Metagross and Registeel. So we're looking out for those for him.
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houndoom and slowpoke

Yay for kids! :3

Hey guys! Just a quick update today, but one I've been pretty excited to do! ^^

So, I love pokemon kid figures. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them. So, I've been trying to get my in-game pokemon teams in kid form for a while now. Up until now, I only had my Pokemon Platinum team in kid form...

(These guys weren't too hard to track down. Can you guess which one is my favorite? ITS REALLY HARD TO GUESS. HMMM. I WONDER.)

Anyway, as of today, I finally have my SoulSilver team in kid form as well! :D These guys were a little bit harder to get together since most of them are from older generations, OR they just never popped up on the comm when I had money, lol.... BUT NOW I HAVE THEM. YAY.

Many thanks to kitbug for providing me with half of my missing team in one go, lol. ^^ You don't know how excited I was to see all my missing kids available in one sales post. <3 Yay yay yay!

Now to get my Pokemon Black team in kid form! .... Too bad most of them don't exist as kid figures yet. T_T Buuut.... I have been replaying Red recently, so many I'll get that team together next, lol... hmm...

Anyway, does anyone else have your in-game pokemon as collections like mine? Any kind of items will do- I'd love to see some pictures! :D

((Also- My auction for a custom crochet plush commission ends TONIGHT, at midnight, EST. Now's your last chance to put in those final bids if you're interested in a commission from me right now. Here's a direct link to the bids for those interested!)) ^_^

All right, time to say buh-bye for now! :3 See you guys later!
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Pokemon - Pikachu Pokedoll

Signed DSi Auction Extension

The Ken Sugimori-signed DSi auction did finish yesterday but the end price is a little too low for me to sell so I am extending it to Wednesday 25th at 10pm UK time. This is an extremely rare item that won't be for sale again.

And whilst I'm here, clearance sale including pokedolls


June Decal commissions!

I am here to offer commissions for decals for the month of June.  What June?  Yes.  I know it is May still but I plan on having All these done by the end of June thus they are my June commissions. =D


So without further adu please have a look!

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For a small step by step "how to" l so to say I have made something for you here to look at.
Below are examples of premade decals you can get for the above discounted price.



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Thank you for looking!  I do have some errands to run in a couple of hours, so some comments may not get resomded to right away but I WILL get back to you!
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Reminder and wants

This ends Monday @ 8:00 PM! Go here to bid away :)

Pikachu kids. I want them!

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I will trade you a kid in my sales for one of equal value or buy it from ya!
I need the lying down Arcanine kid as well but always miss it. Soon Arcanine...sooooon!

My wal mart stopped selling Pokemon in its entirety. I may find some of the new card packs but that is all...sad day.

I have these new tins/bucket for sale as well. No food inside :(
Not sure what they are worth or go for or anything. I fail

Various bucket-$20 shipped OBO (usa only/int. inquire)
Black and White tin-$20 shipped OBO (usa only/int. inquire)
D/P tin-$20 shipped OBO (usa only/int. inquire)
I am keeping Eevee <3

Walking Kura Icon

A wonderful trio of beast figures-

I  wanted to complete my trio of figures for these guys but they where expensive and rarely found. But then I was able to get the other two members  for fair prices (and free shipping) on ebay and today they arrived. They are beautiful!

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They do not have any pose-able parts but looking at them I think that would actually subtract from their beauty, these figures are in my opinion the best ever made by jakks. Entei in particular is really great. I think these three will be the sort of thing I'll always treasure in my collection. Even if you aren't a jakks or beast collector I would recommend picking at least one of these guys up. <3

2009 Diamond and Pearl Rental DVD GA claim reminder

I just wanted to remind everyone that claims for this lot end in less than 14 hours the next morning on May 22 at 6:30 AM CDT.

Click to go to DVD group auction

There are 6 videos that have yet to be claimed. :o They are videos 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, and 14. Please come on over to see what is left and make your claim(s)! More info can be found at the auction page! :D

EDIT: lol! Sorry about that. It was 14, not 8, hours left. :3

I'm sorry to those who participated. We lost. ;.; We were outbid and we just did not have enough claims to cover the costs...

Collection Update & GA Reminder!

Hey! guys just thought i'd do an intro post, since i didn't do one when i first joined! A few people on here already know me and i've made a few friends, i've been very active for about 5 months now and my collection has grown from a few plush into a promising investment XD

I haven't taken photos of my whole collections for this post, i've mainly focused on my main Collection line - Cyndaquil, Quilava & Typhlosion, and also my Pokedoll collection/a few others

My main collections are Cyndaquil Line, Hitmonlee/Chan, Snivy Line, Kyogre, Eevee & The 'Lutions & Pokedolls... i have a few side collections but i think thats only natural.

So to start my name user name on most sites is spideyroxas, which is a combination of "Spidey" Spider-man's nickname from Mary Jane & Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, odd combination i know, but it brings together two passions, Comic books & Video games.. My real name is common as all hell and about 1/2 the world are called it... Jack... Yes i'm a dude, i have a penis. A lot of people seem to assume i'm a girl, tis hilarious. I'm 21 and I work for the UK Government, which can be very dull since it's full time and seems to be one of the only things i do...

So without further balls, i will get on the the collection!

Here's all my current Cyndaquil Plush in my possession (I forgot to include my Canvas plush) I also have the 1:1 Cyndaquil coming to me, i make the final payment in a few days and also the "Super Pose" Banpresto coming from Y!J. Cyndaquil has always been my favourite since i first set eyes on it, in Silver.. I don't know what my favourite one is really.. but i adore My Takara Tomy Talking one!

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This GA ends tomorrow! Some of the items have no bids! So please take a look and see if you want anything!


Thanks for looking guys <3

Commission post.

Hi everyone. This is my commission post for May. I realize may is almost over, but I'm almost done with the plushie that was commissioned from me, so I figured I'd post a commission post now.

First things first, sales permission was granted by dakajojo 
I ship from the USA, but I have no problem shipping worldwide. I like to use bubble mailers.
I take no responsibility for what happens to things after they leave my hands. I can't control the post office and what they do with packages. I will gladly show you a receipt of having shipped your item(s). Please let me know if you would like insurance or delivery confirmation.
I have a right to refuse a sale to you if I see fit.

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tcg sales + question

I finally got around to sort and take pictures of the tcg lot I have. Please bare with me since I don't collect it and it's been years since I had any tcg in my hands so excuse my ignorance about it >o<
Please let me know if the pricing isn't right, I tried finding some online guidance but it may be outdated or something...
Here's a little preview, you'll find way more after the cut:
I have mostly cards in spanish, quite a few first editions, some english cards and some japanese cards, all from base and jungle set (I think)

In other news, I recently found this figure and wanna know if it's rare, wanted or worth anything. It's a 2008 Jakks Eevee:

It's quite poseable and has holes in the front paws as in it had a base or something, any info on this item will be highly apreciated :)

Collapse )Also you can find plush sales in my sales post here:
Thanks in advance! :3
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quick questions

where can i get/find the new 3 legendary dogs jakks? iv'e been to toy r us but i guess they don't have them yet since i didn't see them...

also the toy r us website doesn't have them, and they ones on ebay are like $45 and i'm sure that's the normal price

any help is appreciated =]

The SEGAMew Enters! Need Pokemon Appraisals!

Hey everyone! I've been looking at this group every now and then, but I finally decided to join, wheee~ I do plan on doing quite a lot of selling, mostly to generate money to pay for important things like house repairs, Mom's surgery, Sonic collectibles, etc.
But anyway to introduce myself. I am SEGAMew, and if you're of the Sonic the Hedgehog community, you may have heard of me. I draw lots of Sonic and love collecting Sonic memorabilia. I also have this love for Farfetch'D. I think perhaps I should start up a Farfetch'D oriented collection. So everyone, UNLOAD YOUR LEEK WIELDING DUCKS ON ME.

But anyway expect to see me do A LOT of selling and buying and selling again. With a passion for Sonic and Pokemon, things can get quite expensive haha. Before I go off requesting a sales permission and stuff, I would like to know the value of my Pokemon items. I have the tendency to hand out money without knowing the values of something beforehand (when it comes to Pokemon). Please be honest with me, don't appraised something extremely low so that you may get it for cheap whenever I open my shop here ;)

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Galvantula and Joltik

World's largest pokemon collection?

 Or more like World's Largest Pikachu collection?

I have randomly found this while googling for this community (I am on a different computer where I still need to be used to how it works*sigh*) and I found it quite interesting that something like this would be in the Guiness Book of World Records...though I don't know, I have to say that that collection is IMPRESSIVE, but can it be called the largest Pokemon collection? I would rather call it "Largest Pikachu collection," though I have seen Minun and Plusle in that as well.

I don't know, since the day I have come to this great community, I feel like I have seen much larger collections than this one (I have seen a collection of Dialga that looked much larger than this one, was it yours happyjolteon?). Now my point is NOT about this person not deserving such a price that her collection might be too small or whatever, I am just wondering, does the "Largest Pokemon collection in the World" really count on its size? The quantity? Or is it just because of Pikachu itself that people think of immediately when hearing the word "Pokemon?" What is it?

I thought I would share this with everybody and would love to know about your opinions! C:

If this is not allowed, just tell me please and I will delete this post (and make then a post with some of my grails when they arrive to my home <3333)! <3