May 22nd, 2011

Cards and Loads

Hi everyone. As of right now, i'm looking for cards and top loaders. does anybody sell top loaders? iw ould be very intrested. and as for cards,just give me some offers. a few posts earlier has some of my faves tho. thanks comm! here is the post   Also,here is my pokemon team:Arcanine,Shaymin[land forme],Zoroark,Zorua,Mightyena,Manectric,Ninetales,Mew.I'm still looking for my pokemon team stuff. I want cards,the whole deal. I love arcanine merch and arca flats.Thanks!
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Question about Nintendo World stock ...

Hey there!  I've got a quick question concerning the current stock in the Nintendo World store in NYC.  My mother's going on a trip there for the holiday this coming weekend and said she'd stop by the store for me if I had an idea of what I wanted.

Does anyone know what pokedolls/plush are currently being sold there?  I saw a post on here about a month ago and it had pictures of most of them, though I wasn't sure if the store would have updated by now.  I'm mainly interested in finding out whether or not Zorua's still there, but I think a complete list of all of the Pokemon Center plush would give me a better idea of what I'd want to get.

Replies coming in asap would be really appreciated since I only have until Friday to decide.
Thanks in advance!

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Regular sales closed; lot sales! Still looking for misterdeluxe D:

My sales are now closed to individual item sales until I return from the US, and I've shipped everything paid for before this weekend. I am now offering my sales items in two heavily discounted lots as a last-ditch effort to get some cash before I leave in a week and a half, and I'll also consider offers! The lots must be paid for by May 29 if you want them to be shipped before I leave.

For everything left in my non-TCG sales, excluding the Drifloon balloon, I'm asking $500 OBO (which is about 40% off listed prices!). This includes a super-rare Arceus Jewel of Life movie theatre pendant, awesomely pretty clearfiles, a whole heap of playing cards, about 60 blind-pull retsuden stamps and 100 Ensky magnets plus tons of Pokeball magnets, settei, and more! I'm not quite sure on how much shipping would cost for this, so please let me know if you're interested (and your location) and I'll try and figure it out. I should be able to take this stuff to America to ship, as long as it'll fit in my suitcase :'D but I cannot make guarantees until I'm done packing!

I'm offering everything that's left in my card sales post with a few exclusions (detailed in the post) for $470 OBO. Shipping would be approx $80 to the US from here and $20 in Australia, and includes express or registered post with tracking, but if you buy the lot I would be willing to take it to America with me and ship it from Minnesota in a priority flat rate box, which would be around $15 in the US. That's 8 Ultra Rares (Primes, Lv. Xs and exs) plus another 350 cards that are rare or holo of some kind, as well as about 1300 commons and uncommons.

Pictures are available in the posts :)

Also: has anyone heard from misterdeluxe lately? After a couple of PMs, he seems to have disappeared with my zukan again :(

MASSIVE Collection update! (Grail Gets!)

Hi there everyone! Man it feels like it's been forever since I posted on here! XD

So I was waiting and waiting for a bunch of things to come (with quite a few grails in them!) and now that I have most all of them I bring you... EIDOLON'S MASSIVE COLLECTION UPDATE! Woop-woop!

(excuse all the other things that got caught up in this picture ^ ^; )
I know it does not look like much but trust me, compared to what it used to be like it's A LOT more!
The above picture is only a portion of my collection!
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Small Sales

Just a heads up that I've cleaned out my sales journal and re-added some collection weeding goodies to the Pokemon section - a few Ho-oh and Dragonite things. I've been having a hard think on which collections I'll be continuing with and cutting down a couple. The stuff from my unsold first lot has been added as individual sales too (aside from the cards). Please feel free to haggle or ask about trades. :) You can find the Pokemon I'm collecting in the 'Personal Wants' post!

One day I'll make a new banner. Until then click this one~

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Jakks Down Under!

Good new Australians!
Grumpy Tepig is here to tell you JAKKS BLACK AND WHITE IS NOW DOWN UNDER. 

Some peeps were unaware this was the case, so thought I'd let you all know! Isn't that awesome? I've been a part of this comm. for two years, and this is the first plush I've been able to buy in person! WEWT. I actually got this guy two weeks ago at BigW, but they weren't there last week - although my BigW is pretty backwards when it comes to stocking things (there one week, gone the next, then back again). They have figures as plush ATM, and Kmart has the figures as well. So go check it out and nab yourself some tasty, tasty Jakks!

NY Store Information? Maybe for MA too...

Hey guys, just a couple quick questions to see if I can get some help on jumpstarting my collection :)

I'm planning a trip to NY within the next month, and I was just wondering what plushies can be found there right now, and how the pricing works?

Also, if ANYONE knows of a store in Massachusetts that sells pokemon plushies... or anything actually lol, I'd LOVE TO KNOW PLEASE. Other than Target, Walmart, etc., those all suck for choices. :P

Thanks guys, and happy hunting to everyone!
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First Sales, Yay! :D

Yay for getting sales permission today :3 I have some small sales, if you're interested please click the banner below :D There is a Zekrom figure, Togekiss plush, and other fun stuff! :D

I was granted sales permission by dakajojo on 5/22/11 :)

I'll also be having a collection update soon, as I should be getting fun stuff in the mail in the next few days :3

Thanks for looking! :3
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Update and Wants

Now that my internet is right again i can post. My badges arrived last week courtesy of 0mastar

finally giving me my first foothold in getting my Grail. As for wants im still After any Gym Badges i can get my hands on and i guess more like the ones i have would also be cool.

Intro post and collection! ^___^

Hi everyone! I've actually been lurking or stalking? lol this place for a very long time! I don't know why I didn't just joined the community already. My name is Joann and I've been a long time Pokemon fan ever since it debuted in the US! My most favorite Pokemon is Pikachu and Pichu! I also have other favorites such as Pachirisu, Torchic, Charmander, Squirtle, Celebi, Piplup, Chikorita, Togepi, Cyndaquil, and the newest addition to this list is Mijumaru! <333333333 I collected a lot of stationary, postcards and stickers. I used to have a lot more plushies, but they were all sold. I only have a few left now. :/ My biggest regret was selling my Pachirisu plushie. ;__; You had no idea how much I am beating myself over this!! Anyway, I hope to meet and make a lot of new friends or Pokepals! XD I also hope that I'll be able to get started in collecting again! I've definitely been setting my eyes on some things I've seen here~ >:D I'm still new to LJ, and I'm still trying to figure out how everything works here. Nice to meet everyone and I hope we'll all have fun! Spreading the Pokemon love! You can click on the bottom image to get redirected to my collection! ^___________________^




basically a recap of myself for the influx of new collectors who still think i am a guy (proof inside), a full collection post and update, and a question about a semi-mysterious limited edition plushie that seems to be the only one in the community. and no, it isn't a pokecenter giant. and it isn't another prototype plush. don't freak out, dudes.

i made my first post to this community on july 22, 2009 after a couple years of lurking. feels good man.

lets do this


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if this messes up when i post, strike me now