May 23rd, 2011

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Off to another land~

 Hello everyone! I will be going to Israel Wednesday, but I'm probably leaving for New York Tuesday. So as of Tuesday, I will not be able to pay anything, and after that I'll be away from the internet until the 5th or 6th. I think I have only one or two things I am working to pay, but please let me know if you need anything now.

Does anyone know if Israel has any places that carry Pokemon stuff? Or what channel Pokemon is on there? :);; I would kill to get some Hebrew Pokemon stuff...

EDIT: Also has anyone gotten packages from Kylie_fanatic yet? I'm getting worried...

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Hey there people this is jst a major quick wants post. I recently bought a new folder to put my trading cards in and I want some Pan Stickers to decorate it with! :>

Im very fussy with what I collect, so, the Pokemon Pans im looking for are, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos, Mew, Shinx, Luxio and Luxray.

Id prefer Luxray over the others (specially the one pictured above) , him being my favourite Pokemon, also, Im happy to have doubles cause I can keep some for my 'flats' collection OR decorate my DSi with them (if im brave enough too...) So please get in touch if you have any! Theres plenty on Noppin but I dont really fancy paying just under 1000Yen per sticker ^^;

Though, im now off to bed so, most replies will probably come back to you tomorrow at some point!

(PS my LJ isnt letting me post in Rich text format, can someone help me with this? :S I havent touched or messed around with the settings, or is this like default now for LJ? )
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u mad? maggyo

RE: malware

I know a lot of you are getting Malware warnings from this comm through my site! My host got attacked by Russia but my hero is in the process of cleaning everything up right now. You're probably already safe, HAS fixed the problem, and we just need Google to review the site and check it's totally clean so they can remove the warning :)

I blame Pokedolls.

Some quick jakks sales!

I bought 2 of the 4 pack jakks tubes so i could get eevee and umbreon, and don't want the others, so i am offering them at $4.50 each! : ) they are currently in the tube still, and will be taken out and shipped in a bubble mailer. i have all for sale except for eevee in this picture:

and all except for umbreon in this picture :

Discounts for purchases of 3+ :)

hope everyone has an awesome day!

Edit: Arceus, Cyndaquil, and Totodile on hold : 3

introduction of my self and my collection :)

Hi everyone

it has been a long time that i am watching this community and post and now i am ready to present my self and show  you my collection.
i am 22 years old , french boy ( jean - marie ) .

i try to collect all pokémon consoles around the world and nintendo consoles (handheld systems).

i have discovered this great website with many chances ... ^^

i will try to know more about the website and post my entire collection of pokemon consoles, pokemon center items etc..

two pictures for showing you what i can have in my collection.. ;)

pokemon world championship DSi 2009

ds lite pikachu pokemon center edition ;)
that's all for the moment ^^
Quick Draw!

Offers, Sales and GB Update

To those who did the GB with me for the Clipping Figures, just an update that they have been bought and are on their way here to me.
I hope to have them soon and once they arrive I'll give you the quote for them shipped.

Also  As I get quotes from the address your first paypal payment had on it, so if it is a different address you want it shipped to let me know.
Oh and also, let me know if you would like me to ship them in their box our out of the box and the box flattened as the shipping will be cheaper that way :]

If I do not hear from you about this I'll contact via comment or PM if need be :]

Oh and there is one Ho-oh clipping figure still unclaimed.
He would just be $4.50.
If you are interested please comment :]

And now I have some Items up for offers as well updated sales.

If any of these items are something I bought from someone on the community I apologize.
There are reasons why I must let these things go. Trust me when I say I hate doing this :(

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I'll be posting threads for the offer items in a few

Straight Sales:

New Items have been added!

I may also have another GB I'm going to want to do.
Just have to wait a bit longer till I can post it, as I'm not sure when I'll be able to buy it
(the seller is away thus I have to wait to hear from them before we could buy)

Thanks for your time.

Mystery Egg TCG promos already gone?

Ok, maybe I'm jumping on this too quickly, but has TRU stopped selling those blister promo packs that went along with the egg promo, where you could get the Axew, Pidove, or Pansage? I was in a TRU today and the whole rack where they would have been, was empty! It was in an area where I wouldn't THINK it would have sold out so fast, but I haven't seen them for a while either...

Does anyone else have a local TRU that stopped carrying them? Also, anyone know what the going rate for just the promos are (since they are mystery items, and I can't seem to find them on ebay either!), or anyone even have them for sale? Unless I've skipped reading something, I haven't actually seen much interest for these promo cards on here (which I find surprising, since I assumed people would be wanting to trade for them!)

Quick Pre Expo Sales & DERPHEDERP! GET!

Hey everybody people on Pokemoncollectors are calling me a homo....

LOL couldn't resist quoting angry homo kid <3

Right so everyone knows it's the MCM expo in london this weekend and i just want to raise a small bit of extra cash to take with me, everything bought will be shipped tomorrow, as well as some others that were from my previous sales that hid themselves from my last shipment lot...

So without further Adieux check under the cut for my small plush sales ^__^

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Also i took a trip to my local Post office Depot to pick up a missed parcel and it turned out to be the most Derptastic thing that's now in my collection... seriously i don't want to ruin the surprise... so check under the cut

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Im so excited for the Comm meets at Expo.. but i'm finding it hard to decide what plush to bring any ideas anyone?

First round of shipping done, round 2 starting ^_^

First round of shipping is complete, and I am ready to accept payment for the second round of holds. =)

Participants of the following list please send in the amount that was agreed upon in our previous discussions. ^_^

List of second round of participants.
raikou_chan - Whimsicott PD
tealbulbasaur - Whimsicott PD
doomycaffei - Whimsicott PD + Tabune PD
lovelychu - Whimsicott PD
lampent - Tomy Deerling plush + Tabune PD
rock_dy - Summer Deerling PC plush
itsmemaa - Oshawott Dream World Plush + Whimsicott PD (back order)

If anyone is interested, I can accept about 10 more requests this round.

Please use this link to review all of my previous offerings in Pkmncollectors ^_^

I have a lot of PokeCen stuff not listed here (especially clear files >_<), so please do ask. =D

Here are some random stuff I have to offer (that I came across while digging for stuff requested by comm members.) ^_^;;

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Thanks for looking, and tortoises I am going to calculate your total now. XD


Super DX Victini ver. 1: Hey Pikachu, thanks for keeping me company while we made it across the Pacific Ocean in a stuffy card board box!

Super DX Pikachu ver. 28: Pika~ Pika!

Bye, Pikachu ver. 28, your brethren await!
(throws Pika ver. 28 into the pile of set filler Pikachu plush)

Super DX Zorua #1: What are you suppose to be?  A Combusken reject?  I can't believe you are replacing my place in the theatrical spot light!

S. DX Victini #1: T__T


Moguryuu GA Shipping Payment + An Ebay lot + Rush Flat GA

OH YES! Finally Moguryuu's GA is in to me!
I have everything wrapped and good to go!

The spreadsheet is HERE
Please send all payments to and include your LJ NAME and ''Moguryuus GA'' in the memo''

Everything from the Vaporeon07 GA has finally ALL been shipped! Next to ship is the Shiny Kids batch, and then this batch!

Also just incase anyone was interested, i just stuffed leftovers from the kids and Moggs GA's in a lot on Ebay here;

Expect a payment post in a day or two!

And finally I stumbled upon this on Y!J. I personally really wanted a few bits in it containing Woobats and it had some pretty rare looking postcards in it. JUST ABOUT 2 HOURS TO GO! C'MON!


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Guh by Ghostmeast
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(no subject)

Has anyone heard anything from iza_7 recently? I've still not gotten so much as a sketch from the $90 of art I bought on Feb 7 here:
It's sadly too late to open up a Paypal dispute. I've sent them an email just now, but I'm none too hopeful- left them an LJ comment two weeks ago that is still unanswered.

Did anybody else get their art?

EDIT: Wow that was fast! Just got a reply, they are still around and are only now settling down. They promised I'd see something within 2 weeks.
Pokemon Time Farfetch&#39;D

Need Advice on Using Fabric Paint/Marker on Plushies

Hey Pokemon friends, SEGAMew here again to hopefully get the answers I seek. Does anyone have any experience using fabric paint/fabric markers on plushies? Mostly the actual cloth bits, but can also apply to the "painted/plastic/sticker-like" bits as well. I'm thinking about turning this tagged, but pretty loved Banpresto chibi Dialga and turn him into a chibi Primal Dialga. I will have to purchase some fabric glue to mend his spike face/butt pieces back together. Once I finish this project, I might turn random other plushies into shiny/alternate color variations =) I tried my hand at plushie making before, and it's a lot more tedious than I thought (gosh I feel like I wasted hundreds on fabric and materials alone >__>).

So anyways, lay down your thoughts, advice, tips, suggested manufacterers, etc!

Also, I'm looking for anything with Farfetch'D in it. Also I love some Bill/Masaki =D

jin orange ♥


Hey all, I've been on the hunt for this adorable Drifloon plush:

So far, no luck - sites don't have them in stock or eBay has them for insane prices. I've ordered some fabric a few days ago and tried to make my own Drifloon today, but failed miserably. :c

I was wondering if any of you guys know where to purchase one or know anyone that does awesome custom plush at a reasonable price? Thanks so much for your help ;A;
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