May 24th, 2011

Galvantula and Joltik

Jedi's GA!

 So, me and elisha1288 are bringing you another great GA! :D

We have decided to GA the leftover items that tortoises has in her sales account! :)

These are the things available for you!

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I made page summaries, so you can find the items you want easier!!! :D
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BW Kids Sale Slots

I bought a box of these and they are shipping to me now, so I'm taking orders for the extras. You won't have to pay until they get here. There will be two payments, one to me that covers the kid and shipping to dukeburger, and then shipping from dukeburger to you. Each kid will be $7.50, which includes shipping to dukeburger and fees! PLEASE be ready to pay in a week or two's time, you're comitting to pay if you're putting yourself down for a kid!

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GA Update+Collection+Sales

To all my GA participants and sales peeps, I shipped out all US packages on Saturday and all International packages on Monday, they should get to you soon! :)

So a mini collection update :)
This is my shiny kid collection so far, the only ones I want still are lotad, swampert and kyogre. Does anyone have the shiny kyogre who could take a picture of it? I haven't seen what it looks like yet :) I love how my favorite shinys are purple and pink! :D Thank you to all of you who helped me get these!

I've done some collection weeding!
I'm moving in a few weeks and all this stuff will be packed away for the summer. Take it away! :D

collection update + display + wtb!

Hi everyone!! 
Today I bring some updates and also a shelf I put up over the long weekend! It was my first time putting up a shelf so it was pretty challenging interesting....=X 

This is how it looked like at first.....
My plan was for it to display pokedolls only!

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Eevee Dangle

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 I said I'd never collect zukans or kids figures. Why? Because I'd want too many and spend too much money xwx; Well... this brings me to my next collection update!
I warn you right now, that this is very, very image heavy ^_^; If it breaks some kind of rule or something, tell me and I'll cut some out of here.

As you can see, a bit bigger than last time!
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AND FOR WANTS. I am really wanting Plusle and Minun kids. I don't want to spend much on them (I keep seeing them all over this place for a $1-2 each). However, I want them to be non-clear, non-glowing and in fair condition (no black marks on the heads especially). I'd really like to buy both from the same seller to save on shipping, as I need them shipped to me in Australia =) Would like to spend around $5-$7 including shipping? Although contact me regardless, if shipping is going to be more =)
I'd also like both the legit Jakks figures of Plusle and Minun, as mine are bootleg. But only if they are pretty cheap, I'm kind of low on funds now and the kids are priority =)

EDIT: I found Minun kid and Jakks figure! =D Now only looking for Plusle kid and Jakk's figure! Kid is still priority, and I would like to spend no more than around $3-$5 on it including shipping ^__^ Let me know if you have one for sale/trade! As for the Jakks, I am still looking but not sure of a price to offer =)
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Dewott Kids Set Claims NOW OPEN!/

So, first off, BW Kimewaza kids! I still have slots open for these below. THIS IS A COMMITMENT AND BE READY TO PAY $9 (that is it, flat rate! includes shipping anywhere!) WHEN THE KIDS COME AT THE END OF THE MONTH. If you've already reserved kids, be ready to pay also!

Each kid is $9 SHIPPED (!!) anywhere in the world! Please comment to say which kid you want! The following are still available (Please note that unless you are 1 or 2 in line, you are not guaranteed a kid, but you have a good chance of getting one! :D)!

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Next up is the Dewott Set of Pokemon Kids. I am opening reservations for those TODAY!

So, for these, they will cost $9 shipped anywhere on planet Earth! I am taking 4 slots for each kid, 1-2 guaranteed, 3-4 have a 40% or so chance of getting one! This is a commitment, so be ready to pay at the end of June for these kids! I will leave negatives for deserters!

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Please claim these in the comments! :D

Thanks for your time! :D

Chillarmy Doll

Collection like stuffs. Call it what you want. There's Juniper in here. Freaking Juniper.

Heya!~ :D I haven't done a collection update in a while. So I figured I could do one. But I want to start this post off with my usual wants.

Professor Juniper wants:

Settei. Really. I can't find crap ANYWHERE I look. I can only find Ash, Dento, Iris, Lenora, and other random settei for Best Wishes. I'm starting to get discouraged. Dx
Japanese Black/White set Rev. Holo and Non. Rev. card.
ANYTHING I appeared to have missed! (I do have some stuff on the way as well...)
A custom plush maker! Someone who can make her!~ :D

Fennel wants:

Settei. I have started to love Fennel as well Juniper. .__. They're just too cute together! xD
Anything really. All I have for Fennel is the sticker sheet that also features Juniper.

Other wants:

Giant Munna beanbag plush
1:1 Chillarmy
Chillarmy bag!

Anyways. Collection update time.

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A mini update - literally!

Okay, so, I wanted to show what I got this last week or so, and figured that I'd do it. Yeah.

Woo! Onto more awesome bad phone pictures. Someday I'll stop buying pokemon and get a camera, Maybe...

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Also, a quick request from the boyfriend, tell me if it's not allowed and I'll delete this part.
He is a collector of Pinky St. figures, and he wants parts! Heads, hair, legs, he's looking to buy, Not complete pinky's, just bits and pieces for good prices. His communities and forums are all but dead, and since this place is so lively, and we all have interests outside of Pokemanz, I thought we could give it a shot :3 Please, shoot me a PM if anyone has anything like that, or knows of a lively Pinky community he can play with.

And that's all from me again, except, has anyone heard from My_Chapstick recently? I knew she had some problems, and I'm ever a wait-er, but...she has quite a few things of mine from GA's and what not, and I would like to know....if I should give them up and start rebuying the lost items, or just keep...waiting? Thanks all! G'night.


Alright everyone, I have to pay for a super awesome grail sales ahead!

Also, this little pic is for the Pikachu tomy collectors out there. Look at my lil collection going <3 (a_spoonerism )

Feedback here please!

Shipping: I ship daily! All items are priced without shipping. You will be charged for shipping, paypal fees and packaging. I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please buy insurance if you are concerned. I have never had a problem but you never know!  I also ship from the USA.

Payments: I prefer Paypal but I'll also accept concealed cash (at your OWN risk).
I will take money orders but ONLY from the post office or Wal Mart. NO BANKS!

Any questions please ask. I can combine shipping, get more pics, tell you the condition of an item, etc.
All sales are final. Items are used unless otherwise stated. Sales permission from Lineaalba.

NO MORE HOLDS! That privilege has been horribly abused. Unless I have worked with you before, NO HOLDS!
No trades at this time, please!

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flint&#39;s huggin&#39; rairai

August Kids, "Samurott Set"

Welcome to the setlist for the next full kids set in August. It might seem far away, but there is a set coming out in June, and in July we will probably have yet-to-be-announced movie kid sets. You get one guess as to who all will be in those (easy if you follow upcoming movie merch) :)

So, August set.

#503 Samurott
#506 Lillipup
#536 Palpitoad
#626 Bouffalant
#522 Blitzle
#523 Zebstrika
#621 Druddigon
#574 Gothita
#622 Golett
#623 Golurk
#630 Mandibuzz
#566 Archen
#567 Archeops
#618 Stunfisk

They are being too nice to an Electric Type Master... :)
lamento - rai + konoe

Shipping payment time + AZ?

To participants of the keychain GA and the small plush GB that karoia and I ran, I've sent a shipping request to SMJ, so it's time for shipping payments for both. The spreadsheet for the keychain GA can be found here. Please send your payment to: ~ Be sure to include your username and 'keychain GA' somewhere in the subject/memo! n_n

Igglybuff and Blissey have not been claimed! If you would like to claim them/add them to your claim, it would be $7.75 in the US or $7.84 non-US (includes plush price + shipping from SMJ to me).

Otherwise, I need $1.16 from US participants or $1.18 from non-US participants. Please send payment to:
All paid, cheers guys!

Also, I realize this is a little last minute, but is anyone going to Animazement this weekend? It's probably a little too late to organize a meet-up, but it'd still be nice to see some friendly faces. ;D I'll be going for all three days; if you see a chick dressed up as Konoe or as a Hunter with snakebites/stupidly large stretched ears, it's probably me. Come say hi! ;3

collection update

hi everybody!
sorry for not posting lately, had some other stuff to do.
but i'm back (:
 with new pokemon things (:
i like to see it as an investment, because i want to trade or sell so i can have the 55 kids that i want initially.
but damn, what a big investment$

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Male Kenhorou

Fanime, anyone? And shipping notice!

I'll be at Fanime, and I'd be surprised if we don't have several other pkmncollectors members there as well! I was wondering if we ought to host a gathering? The Pokémon cosplay gathering is at 11 AM on Saturday, so perhaps we could coordinate around that. I was thinking we could either meet up at 10:30 AM, before the gathering, but that wouldn't leave us a lot of time to hang out. Or, we could meet up after the gathering--maybe at 12:30 or 1? I think that would be a lot of fun. I know I can bring some merch along to give out as freebies. Anyway, I'd love to hear if you're going, and hopefully we can figure out an official date and time to meet up and talk about merchandise and make friends!

On another note, it appears I won't be able to ship until after Fanime! I will be doing my best to ship the first week of June, though! Regardless of what happens, I will keep everyone updated. :) If you need your items sooner for whatever reason, let me know and I will specially ship in the next couple of days!
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Surprise Offer: BIG (not keychain) Talking Miju and Pokabu Plush

Surprise!  I have access to a few Mijumaru and Pokabu BIG talking plush.

They are $72 each shipped to any US address with the box, or I can ship them without the box for $67 each.  For international shipping, it's $81 with the box, or $74 without.



Next up!

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To avoid shipment delay, there are 12 spots for the first round.

1.checkyoufeet - Talking Oshawott w/o box PAID
2.safir_hime - Samurott 5"-ish chibi plush PAID
3.roxiexcore - Talking Oshawott w/o box and small Talking Snivy (box optional) PAID
4.pacificpikachu - 1/1 Victini TOMY Emolga, Minccino Tomy plush, Cinccino PD, Blitzle PD, Banpresto Minccino 5" plush, Pikachu World Clearfile PAID
5.chatsy - 5" chibi Samurott Plush and Purrloin Ball-chain 3'' plush keychain PAID

Don't worry if you don't get a spot, I will still take your requests and hold the item for you until I am opening the next round.  Please don't pay until I am ready to ship your items. =)

Also, I can add items to any previous orders that has not been shipped yet.

Paypal info and shipping rules can be found at

Please check out other offers at ^_^


P.S.  I have one set of Pikachu World clear files.

Picture stolen from Asami's Diary.  You can see more details here.  It's $27 shipped to US. ^_^

Shipping Information and Clearance Sales

I will be shipping the other orders before the end of the week. Things came up and now I owe a crapload of money out of nowhere, so I'm selling everything I own that's Pokemon related. My shirts, my plushes,my DS cases (even the one that was on a ds..just anything I could grab that was Pokemon related.
I WILL consider any reasonable offer, please be nice I did spend a lot of this stuff..

Everything must go!

I ship from the UK


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