May 25th, 2011


Quick wanted post

Meiji Plate GA: Still haven't received them yet, which means we are likely to get charged (I will never know how my country can justify the prices, never).

Is there anyone here who has both of these items for sale?

Jakks Sandile figure & plush. I'd like to get them both at the same time to save on shipping if possible.

Also, this card:

And of course any Absol/Squirtle line stuff you have lying around also feel free to show me

If you're waiting on a response from me, let me know. With the exception of captainangel, I'm up to date on everything. Next post will be rare plushies. Aw yeah.
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I'm Still Here

Hey I've been lurking constantly still, but haven't posted anything in a while. so I figured I'd post a collection update. My setup is entierly different though as I have moved. here the over view

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I've got some extra money now and am desperately seeking the things i am seeking, if you can help. please take a look at my

Wants Page

Also: My new full time job is selling things on eBay, which means i am making multiple trips to the post office each week so if you wanted to buy something from

My Shop

I'll be able to get it to you even faster. I've also added the extra Thinkchip+'s i have.

a really cool rare pokedoll auction

after my last post, i decided i need to auction something cool. namely, my SUPAH RARE SHADOW LUGIA PRE-ORDER DOLL of the japanese variety (not from america if you catch my drift). These were only available with a pre-order for pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

I tried looking up a price on ebay, but the dolls on there right now are bootlegs. i'm guessing regular shadow lugia dolls are about $20, and another person with the same doll said they got theirs for $80-$90 or something like that.


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Clear Kids GA!

That's a GA that breethezebra  is bringing to you guys! I am just helping. Yay.
Pretty pretty clear kids!

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Please wait until all threads are up before biding! (I'll edit this)

All threads are up! Enjoy! I also forgot to put a question/comments thread in the beginning, so it's at the end orz Sorry.
Also if something's wrong, let me know too.
Jasmine & Steelix

Move over, Burger King!

Seeing how this is about an upcoming Pokemon promotion, which means new collectibles, I figured it was relevant. :D

"Pokemon™ Black & White-themed Happy Meals arrive in participating McDonald’s® stores across North America beginning June 17, 2011, as one of the world’s most popular entertainment properties launches its Happy Meal promotion with the leading foodservice provider. Pokémon fans visiting North American McDonald’s locations June 17–July 7 can purchase a Happy Meal featuring one of eight McDonald’s exclusive Pokémon figures, including Pikachu and brand-new Pokémon Reshiram, Zekrom, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Zorua, and Zoroark, as well as one of twelve Pokémon Trading Card Game cards, to celebrate what has already been a blockbuster year for the franchise. The Pokémon Company International continues its McDonald’s Black & White Happy Meal promotion in major markets around the world later in 2011 and 2012.
The Pokémon Black & White Happy Meal promotion will be supported by McDonald’s through a fully integrated marketing campaign that includes television advertising, in-store POP, and online activities at and"

Full article: The Pokémon Company International and McDonald's are now partners

Hopefully there's someone out there who enjoys their food and will be willing to do pickups...? xD;

Reminder :|
Heey there! this is a reminder for my custom auctions ending the 29th in 4 days approx. 
Need sum moneys, get those bids in!! If u really think its too much for a starting price on the thing u want, feel free to make a lower offer ;__;

Also, i have the right to refuse em if theyre TOO low, but i wont refuse if some1 pays the starting price, cuz thats the money id like ^^(but as said, feel free to offer lower, thanx :)

Also, sorry for the bit crappy pics, really look good irl :P

Trades Anyone??

Hello everyone!
All this stuff is up for trade. Give me time to consider and don't be mad if I say no!
So I have been struggling to get sales permission. So I am going to allow everyone to offer trades for the plush I was going to sell. My full wants list is located in the post I am linking this too with all the pictures. I mainly want; Butterfree Pokedoll, Tomy Vulpix, Blaziken Pokedoll, Dragonite Pillow Plush, anything rare or valuable, and big lots of Pokedolls or UFOs. Remember, I pretty much only collect Kanto, or like getting big boxes of stuff!
There is way more than just the ones I pictured here including Canvas, DX, minky Pokedolls, retired pokedolls, Rare UFOs, and some giant plush. If you would like something please reply to the trades post. If you want to offer something and dont want the community to see, PM me. 

Please do not be offended if I do not accept your offer for a trade (even if it is really fair)! You will ship to me first unless you have a high ammount of feedback.
Spin! Spin!

We proudly present... pheonixxfoxx GA!

Yes guys :3 we're making a group auction for the gorgeous Suicune lot that our dear pheonixxfoxx was offering. darkfaeprincess will do the shipping and all that jazz, i will handle the posts and threads ;D Yes, she has sales permish from dakajojo.

There are more pictures of more stuff under the cut!

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There will be two payments, the first will be for the items + the shipping frompheonixxfoxx to our host, and the second one will be for the shipping from them to you! PAYMENTS WILL BE NEEDED ASAP, otherwise we will have to leave negative feedback.
PLEASE DON'T SNIPE OR DELETE BIDS. IT'S RUDE. The auction will end at 8pm on June 1st and we need to raise $500, so BID LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW!!!1!
Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

Hunting for the Leek Duck

Alrighty, I compiled a basic list of Leek Duck items I'm looking for. Obviously there is much more items than what is shown. Google is only so helpful @__@;

Click the sign to warp to my giant poster of Leek Duck needs! Right now I'm looking to buying. I'm not sure if I can trade here just yet XP
Quick Draw!

Offers Reminder and a new GB

There is about 14 hours left in my offers

Don't miss out on them!

Next I bring you a new GB I would like to do.

Each figure is $7.20 for the first payment to
The second payment would be the shipping from me to you.

Suicune: mandysaurus_rex 
Zoroark: elisha1288 

If you would like to claim one or both please comment below.
Once both are claimed I'll be needing the payment asap.

Also let me know if you'd prefer them shipped with MIB or out of box.
As it'll be cheaper out of box
sara; glasses

A Very Doof Photo Story + San Francisco China Town?

I haven't really obtained anything especially new to my collection to warrant a new collection post, but I got bored, and I decided to break out my 'doofs for a photo story! :D Because I have to keep everything stored away (my room is too small for display ;____;), sometimes I forget how many 'doofs I actually have XD

So, I now bring you The Missing Doof for your enjoyment!
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On an unrelated note, I will be going to China Town in San Francisco on Saturday! I've been to San Francisco lots of times, but never to China Town. Does anyone know of any places to buy Pokemon merch (even bootlegs, I enjoy looking at their derpiness XD). And one last thing, is anyone going to Ani-Jam from the community (Fresno, CA, August 20-21, 2011)? I'm planning on going this year (my first con! XD) and it'd be great to meet other members from the community there :3 Thanks!!