May 26th, 2011


leeedle update

So this is just a uber quick post! Im away this weekend so if I win any items in a GA you are running please dont fret! I will pay for them on sunday/monday!
If I owe you anything drop me a quick message, the last kid GA totally KILLED my inbox and I think ive survived the worst of that xD

I also want a bit of advice from you guys. I recently purchased a Official Arcanine Banpresto plush from eBay but its been 10 days since it was posted and it hasnt arrived yet. Ive tried contacting the seller but they havent gotten back to me =/ Do you think I should put in a dispute or wait until I get back sunday? I wouldnt normally panic so much but this thing cost me quite a bit and I worry so hard when it comes to parcels!

Quick update on the GA front!

The hebilea GA - Your items have arrived safely but I havent had chance to sort out shipping etc so I'll be doing that when I get back from london.

The Retsuden Stamper GA - Im still waiting on this one to arrive :) Again I will sort out the spreadsheet when the time comes!

When I get back as well I'll be setting up a TCG post :) So keep your eyes peeled!

No images today of updates but please feel free to take a look at my collection site!

sorry for the boring post but it had to be done ;)
Take care
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Please realize that I cannot write up a spreadsheet or give you an invoice until after Noppin gives me an invoice. Please be patient. It will be posted up as soon as I can.

Rules and GA guidelines:

-Sales permission granted by
[info]dakajojo on 5/22/11!
-Each plush starts at $20. Please bid in increments of $1 or more!
-There will be three payments: 1 for the initial claim and deputy fees, one for shipping from Japan to me, and one for shipping from me to you.
-According to the seller, these were only used for display and come from a smoke-free house.
-I am claiming Flareon for $40 and willing to go higher. I might bid on some others, but I won't claim any more. ;3
-This auction will end on June 1st, 6:45AM PST. All bids placed within 10 minutes of the ending time will extend the item for 5 minutes.
-Once this auction is over, I require immediate payment within 24 hours. Spreadsheets will be posted as soon as possible!

They're up! Have at 'em. 8D Please ignore the fact I used # instead of $ for half of them. xD;;NOPPIN

Zukan Collecting Question

Well i don't think i can hold myself back much longer, and i think I've decided to start collecting Zukans, as they come out anyways. but before i do i wanted to know:

Where is the best place to buy the latest Zukan sets?

by best i really mean cheapest. i see that the second black and white set is on ebay now for about $35 shipped to me (in USA) is that a good price? is there a time when they are cheapest? I'm assuming not right as they are new but before they become out of print - like now with the BW second (or even first) set.
Anything else you incredibly knowledgeable people can tell me about getting zukans I'd greatly appreciate!
bachuru dance party

more random fun sales

i have some more little sale items here for you all today. mostly things from my own collection... i am saving up for a quick trip so they are looking for new homes.

i've got an incredibly amazing skarmory pokedoll, adorable pokedoll tins, and the tiniest pokedolls ever! up for auction, along with raichu canvases, other pokedolls, colored mini models and more.

come take a look :)

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if you have any more questions just let me know :) thanks guys.

Collection Update

My small but surprisingly expensive collection consists of:
Ichiban Kuji Reshiram, Ichiban Kuji Zekrom, Pokemon Center Reshiram, Pokemon Center Red Gyarados, Latios Pokedoll, Pokemon Center Dialga, Banpresto Raikou, Banpresto Suicune, Jakks Glaceon.

Next on my list of things to get is a Haxorus and Hydreigon plush if they ever make one, might have to settle for the MPC ones even though I like bigger plush. 
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I had modified my post the other day to be a GA post but it was nearly at the bottom of the front page by the time I did it. So I'm going to post my reminder now even though it doesn't end for a few days yet just so people can see it :3

Click the text or picture to be transported! SPARKLE SPARKLE

I understand that they are sealed stickers. They are very sparkly and cute! You know you want some!

and random, but I'm finally starting to sort my Marill collection after putting in a corner shelf... I'll post updates when I'm done ^^

ALSO ALSO my friend is looking for a Cherubi plushie and I told her I'd look here to see if I could find her one before she looks on eBay ^^

I know there's a Jakks plush and a Banpresto one. She prefers the Jakks but is looking for both if they are good prices. It'd be shipped to Canada. Please let me know if you have any for sale!!!!

Collection update + Grail Get <3

Hey everyone so I have a post of the Plushies I have gotten so far since joining Pkmcollectors and really I couldnt have gotten some of these cuties without you =D

I have at least 10 more plushies on the way but I couldnt wait any longer to post, plus some of my collections so far of Chikorita Oshawott and Sewaddle <333

We have my Dewott, Servine, Oshawott, Minccino, Emolga, and Axew from the Pokemon Center in Japan.
My dear little Bulbasaur Pokedoll, Flareon and Vaporeon Pokedolls my friend got for me =D, And yes the tag says from the Pokemon Center, Pikachu and the Pichu Brothers, also from the Pokemon center 7 years ago, Zorua, Axew, Pansage, Larivatar, Chikorita, Ho-oh all from Ebay, great deals on them all =), Chikorita from San Francisco 2 years ago >.< She was at my moms so I brought her over, My Oshawott, Tepig, and Snivy from ToysRus, Also the Oshawott that turns into a Pokeball xD, and my Chikorita Walky <333 I love her >.< + My Drifloon Canvas and Chikorita Canvas I got in the mail, + My cute widdle Sewaddle <333

Now here is my Chiki collection so far! There are 3 more plushies to be added soon once they come in the mail xD >.<

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Hmm... *thinking*

Looking for Region 1 movie 13 dvd and Zorua items

Hey! I'm not sure if this is allowed, since I'm basically I think looking for a bootleg item, but let me know and I'll edit it! I just LOVE movie 13, as it made me fall in love with Zorua. I have a copy on my computer, but I'm a big person for liking a disk copy, with a case and all that jazz. I was hoping I'd be satisfied once the dub version came out on dvd... but I found it online and the voices are AWFUL (And my rage when I heard CN cut the first like 15 mins out, what the heck?!). So back in the day (ie: 2001...) I used to remember you could get copies of sub only anime fairly cheap, usually before it had been dubbed over here, and they were usually marketed as Hong Kong bootlegs. Almost all my local anime shops have either closed, or don't carry the HK boots anymore. I checked ebay with no luck, anyone got an anime shop that has a Region 1 copy of the movie on dvd? Let me know!
tl;dr Looking for a Japanese language with english subtitles copy of Zoroark Master of Illusion that will play on an American dvd player X3

Also, I have two small Zorua wants!
I'm looking for the jumbo promo card of Zoura with Celebi (English or Japanese)
And is there a Zorua kid? How many?

Thanks for any help!

Bootleg games

 Hi there!

I am having an overhaul of my room, getting a new bed and a PC that won't struggle with minecraft. However, I have to make some room to fit in my desk :( That means weeding my pile of plushies and digging down to the bottom of my shelv-


Collapse )I have no use for them, and was wondering if anyone knew of a collector or forum where somebody would like to buy these from me?

Thanks for reading! (also, I will be posting quite a large sales soon)</div>

EDIT: Filmed both games, uploading to youtube now
EDIT #2: Blue is here!
EDIT #3: Jade is also here!
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Trades for repaints? And commissions!!

Hey guys, I would just like to post on here that I will gladly be taking trades for any repaints you might want/need done! I don't have pictures up atthe moment as my beloved camera isnot here and won't be until the weekend ;-; I'm having withdrawals already. But I can repaint Jakks figures, or any other figure you might have that need some new clothes. If you really would rather see pictures of things I have done, I will have to post pictures when my camera comes home!

However, I do have photos of my artwork examples for commissions! I will only open a few slots as finals are coming up, and I will not have as much time as I'd like to get ten or more done! Over the summer, though, I can open more!

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lugia badass

Lugia's Ocean

I'm currently seeking a bootleg game called lugia's ocean.

I'd like a little info on it if anyone has played it. What is it like? Is it glitchy? is it fun?

I'm also looking for a charmander and a mew candy dispenser!

saying hello for the first time!

Hi everyone! I've been looking around for a couple of days now.. and I thought I would finally say hello! The community has inspired me so much, I was browsing through a lot of photos and I can't believe how many things there are that I never knew existed before.. and the collections are all so great! I wish my little collection will grow to be as impressive one day ^ _ ^;
I've loved Pokemon since I first played Yellow, and I have continued to grow up with every generation since. My collection is very very small.. however I began to save a lot of money and with extra work hours over summer, I could finally buy my first new plushies yesterday... I hope they arrive soon! I can't wait to see them!! I'm also learning so much about the different series of plushies and figurines here, the information is really helpful and interesting ^ _ ^

Here is a photo of my Lugia, I love her very much! and four Tiger bouncy balls, they're so cute! the little figures below have little wheels underneath them to run along

I have eevee, pikachu and meowth soft toys from the 90's, but they are somewhere in the loft... I know I do not have much at all, but I hope it will grow soon! I hope to meet lots of new poke-friends and have lots of fun being a part of the community, and seeing all the wonderful things you have collected ^ _ ^~ 
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indiffernt quagsire
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Auction and Commission!

*granted sales permission on 02/03/11 by denkimouse*
RULES: ~Paypal only
~All pkmncollectors rules apply
~Bid in $1 increments
~Payments due w/in 48hrs of my confirmation of your purchase.
~Payments to AkeymaLJ(at)gmail(dot)com
~All items are shipped from 92677 (California)
~All pictures are taken by me, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!
~Backing out of a purchase or bid WILL result in negative feedback.
~My feedback thread is in my journal, if you would like me to leave you feedback, PM me w/the URL.


So after many many requests for commissions I am opening ONE slot for a bean filled laying style plush
((When I say bean i mean plastic pellets like in beanie babies))

These are 2 that I have completed so far: 

There are more views of these plush in my Gallery

These plush are made of fleece and 12-15 inches long.

I really love this pattern and I am eager to make more of them but this auction will help me gauge peoples interest in plush this style.

Commission Conditions:
★I will do 1 Pokemon of your choosing that is a QUADRUPED (e.g. has 4 legs).
★The plush will be in the style above.
★You may choose embroidered or doll eyes.
★The head shape and detailing are the only things that will really be changed at all, so keep that in mind.
★I will NOT at this time remake either of the 2 I have already made.

If you are unsure if the Pokemon you want will look good, you may ask and I will give you my assessment or sketch. Dog, cat or fox pokes are ideal.
But PLEASE don't spam we with sketch requests if you are not serious about bidding.

I may or may not open up any further actual commission slots.
I figured I'd see how this would go first.
I normally take about 1-2 weeks to complete a plush.


I'm starting them at $10
and it will be your choice if you want both or just one.
Shipping for just Pink Ditto will be $3  and shipping for both will be $6 (inside the US).

Derps need love too you know.


More fuzz than bug <3

Hello, I'm an old member of comm, but with a sparkly new username. Who was I? It's not super important, but I collect Togekiss, Larvesta, Volcarona, and Nincada. I also love to sew Pokemon plushies and Silent Hill. And I love bug type Pokemons SO MUCH!

And with this, I have the first official Larvesta and Volcarona merch! Sticker sheet FTW! Here's my fuzzy buggies as of right now. Yep, I'm one of those with like a customs filled collection. They chill on my board for now.

You have to scratch off this silver lottery ticket stuff from the fully evolved mon. That was nerve-racking x.x I kept worrying I was gonna ruin the sticker.

Let me know of any Larvesta merch! I'm in the market! Also, my other Togekiss battrio arrived! I once again only need Retsuden Stamp DPPt3 <3 Which I'm in no hurry to get since it's the most boring of Togekiss' three standard poses. I'd show off my flats, but LJ can't take all the images, so I have to sort them.

multipurpose post~ ( + fanime?)

- shipping update:
first of all i would like to inform anyone who purchased anything from that everything is packaged and ready to go.
but i will be very busy this weekend because of a convention so things will be shipped most likely next week.

- commission update:
i would like to inform anyone who commissioned me that everything has been finished and ready to ship as well
but i wont ship yet for the same reason above
( look under the cut for photos of the finished watercolors :> )

and is anyone going to Fanime this weekend? i will be selling my pokemon wares and commissions in the artist alley :>
please come by for a visit~

i will also be going to the pokemon cosplay meet. is there a pkmncollectors meet?

you can see a map to where i am located and more information here

i also have a mini oshawott collection update under the cut
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Moon Child - Kei &amp; Sho Love

(no subject)

Heya, folks!
For personal reasons, it's been a rough couple of days.. The kind that require hugs. :/ And pokemon cuddlin's.. So I am in search of a Glaceon pokedoll. Try as I might the past couple of times, she just hasn't come to pass, so I am continuing my hunt. Hang tag is not required so long as she has a tush tag. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for her. Found her! Yehaw!
Also, please, show me what other Glaceon items you have available - I might be interested.

A little off topic and weird, now, but how many of you dress up your plush? I was thinking of trying some Build a Bear clothes or other small scaled things.. Anybody use these things before and on what plush did it work?
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Minccino -- Cute

Fanime Gathering

Regarding Fanime -- Let's plan on a community meet-up at 1 PM on Saturday, shall we? You can identify me by the Umbreon mascot costume, or if I don't have it on I have a red and yellow bag with chicken print on it and a Minccino Pokédoll. I hope to see as many of you there as possible!

And let's have our meet-up between the fountains and the main convention center entrance, shall we? It's a popular but easy-to-find spot, and if we each carry merchandise with us that'll help us to identify ourselves.
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Pokemon at Mcdonalds <3

 ok guys, i work at McDonalds (ew -.- .. i hate it) and i just found out something, pokemon black and white is next months (ish) boy toy :D there will be 

and Possibly 
Zekrom and Reshiram (not 100% sure on these two)
:) so look for them if you want them <3 its been a while since pokemon has been a toy for fast food (haha) i CANT do pick ups for these guys, im sorry but i dont have Permission to do so. i just thought i would let you all know about it i'll probably post again when my store gets them next month (ish) :)