May 27th, 2011


Mystery Egg Promo Pickups / Packages shipped!

Packages that have been related to technicolorcage 's GA have been shipped! That was $64 worth of packages, and took a whopping 45 minutes of employee grimacing to get through! Now I have a taste of what  denkimouse goes through haha.

Hey everyone! I went to my TRU to check for the mystery egg promo packs of cards, and there were a whopping 23 packs of them! I know a lot of people can't get them, so I'm offering to do runs. I will be going tomorrow (Friday) afternoon or in the early evening EST.

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WoW - Khadgar

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

I fear that the current running GA, for the Suicune items from my personal collection, may not reach the $500 goal! I could be wrong, let's hope that I am, because I would love for my former Cunes to stay within this community! It means a lot to me if they did...

So, to the point of this much as I really really really hate to do this, I am putting my Shiny Suicune PokeDoll, "Margarita" on the auction block:

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Thanks, I have a very small collection update coming soon! :D

Pokeball Sandshrew

Information about a bag?

So, I'm pretty new to collecting, but I have a few things from my childhood laying around still and while some of them I recognize from various promotions and things, I have some stuff that is a mystery.

I have this yellow pikachu bag that I'd like more information about, if anyone has any.

It's probably not worth anything / isn't anything special, but I've not seen one before. I've had it since I was in elementary school, so I can't remember getting it, who gave it to me, etc. so I can't ask anyone at home, haha.

It's lovely though and is in amazing condition considering the age. Just wondering if it is bootleg or not, what it's from, etc. Maybe worth if anyone knows? I don't know if I'd be interested in selling it or not some time but it would be fun to know anyway. Thanks!

Update, quick reminder, and a NEED!

Hey, back with yet another update as a BUNCH of stuff just came and I got very lucky at the local Wal-mart XD

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EDIT: Moved these. XD Sorry.
Also, I am still taking commissions here!
Only ONE colored pencil drawing slot is taken, so come and get those word drawings! And if nobody takes up a scratchboard soon, I WILL close them! I have about 8 days to get some scratchboard in, so unless I take a piece or two and just start some on my own, this is the last call!!!

And as an end note.....does anybody with a PIKACHU POKEDOLL want to trade with me for my Jakks Sandile, and maybe a few other small things to match up the value? I need a Pikachu Pokedoll in my life and missed them in Kawaiikes's pickups, please! I'd love to keep this guy, but...that Pika just needs to come home. XD I'd also trade the Jakks Buneary if youd rather have her than the Sandile, and some other plush you can look at if you like, just ask!
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i was looking through ebay and i stumbled upon an auction for these
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does anybody know if they are bootleg or not? if they are, are they based on anything? though they look kind of strange i'd love to have them for my human character collection!
Chillarmy Doll

SMJ puts me in debt with $100+ in fees. So sales time.

Heya. So, I have to part with a lot of my collection in order to pay off SMJ. .___. I need make at least $100 ASAP, so here we go.
*Sales permission granted by the wonderful denkimouse 4/25/11
*Prices do not include shipping or fees.
*Once items leave my hands I'm not responsible for lost or damaged packages
*I'm not open to trades right now
*I ship internationally!
*Haggling is welcome, but not too much.

*Thanks for reading, and I hope you all find something you like~*

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That's it for now... Anyways. Here's something I got commissioned by myntii recently. It's adorable! I can't wait for it. ;D /JuniperAndFennelMakeTheMostAdorableCouple
Sylveon Happy Contest Smile

Small BW sales

First off, I'd like to inform meowllz, katcheecricket and koujakai that your commissions are almost done. I had about 10 all together I had to do so it took me a bit longer than expected. I'll try to get them completed and sent over Memorial weekend. <333

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Dooflujah--not useless

(no subject)

This might be a bit of a long shot, but I suppose it's worth asking!

I'm looking for just the munna from this playset. Does anyone happen to have one for sale? Alternately, would anyone want to do a small group buy for other pieces?

Thanks for any responses!

Super mega multipurpose post

Heeyyyyy there fellow collectors :D
I wanna start this post telling you guys MY BDAY IS NEXT WEDNESDAY, I'll be a 21 years old woman in only five days!
So, you may ask yourselves what the hell does that have to do with the comm, right? Well it means im holding a coooontessssstttt for all you guys to get some cool stuff and celebrate with me.
Of course this idea was originally from hebilea & then blackdog333 .

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I have a big big big want, Jakks Foam Pokeballs. I want many, mostly normal pokeballs but I'll accept great,ultra and master balls.
But I need many, from one seller so I don't waste so much in just shipping, please let me know if you have them or can pickup em.
(I like in Argentina, so shipping many small packages is a total waste of money)

And then, im taking offers on this little guy:

2008 Jakks Eevee, great condition. Shipping this would cost $5 so have that in mind when offering.

I still have many plushies in my permanent sales here:
And TCG sales:

Thanks for your time!
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