May 28th, 2011


TCG Cards: Taking Offers

Hi PKMNCollectors! ^^

Today, I'm posting some cards (mostly primes but there is also one shiny Pokemon and a holo Jumbo card as well) to see if anyone is interested in them. ^^ Feel free to make offers on them.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here -

Offers can be:
- other TCG cards from my wants list - All those images were saved from Bulbapedia. If the image is 1st edition/Japanese/holo, it is only because the image on Bulbapedia was. There are only a few cards I am only looking for in holographic version (most of them are title HOLO ONLY (or something to that affect). Right now, I really should not trade for common/uncommon cards (even if they're in that folder). I am STILL waiting on a package from Germany that contains around 100 mystery uncommon/common cards. I have been waiting about a month and a half...and I have been told it can take up to 3 months for packages from Germany to make it to the U.S.
- Although I am interested in all cards in that folder, I am ESPECIALLY interested in Mew, Houndoom/Houndour, and any of the Eevee-lutions (especially Glaceon because I have NO Glaceon cards ;_;)
- items from my wish list - (I REALLY want a Mew TCG Coin and a Mew cell phone charm)
- or money offers (lol)

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Btw, if you are currently waiting on seeing the rest of my cards that are available for sale/trade, I am still working on that. I am ALMOST ready. I have all my "older" duplicates listed and in a binder, but, in the mean time, I have bought more booster packs, so I would like to add those in before I photograph and make a journal post. Maybe I will finally get that up this weekend. ^^;

Thanks for looking,

confused kotone

Shipping Time

 First off, I'm sorry this took forever.  I got mono, then had finals, moving, work, getting my laptop fixed, and jury duty all of the sudden.  (Oh, and some gnarly almost tornados the past few days :D) Things are settling down. So I want to get these out to you asap.  If you were a part of any of these GAs please leave your zipcode/country here along with what you won. (I will be cross checking the list once I get to a computer so don't try to snag more :P) and I will reply as soon as possible.  I'll be at a Pokemon TCG tournament all day tomorrow and I'm going to bed right now due to a migraine (or I'd be doing totals right now, but staring at a screen is not working out too well x_x;) so I will probably weigh everything out Saturday night/Sunday morning and reply to you here.  Sorry for the delay.  I promise the next 2 GAs that come in won't take this long since I'm on summer break.

Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

My very first collection postie

Hiya everyone, while I'm not completely new to this community (I've posted a wants list which is a bit outdated before), I thought it was about time I showed you my collection^^ But before I'm doing a little introduction stuff: I'm Robin from germany, 20 years old, like to collect pokemon merch(duh), taking really field trips, playing video games, shopping, meeting my friends, and loooove cooking/baking :D If anyone wants to know something else, feel free to ask. But now let's get to the real point of this post, my humble collection.^^  While it may be nothing compared to what other users on here already collected, I hope you will still enjoy it :3

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Oh and while I'm at it I might as well give you my new wanties list:

regular wanties:
-Chikorita 10th anniversary Pokedoll
-Cyndaquil 10th anniversary Pokedoll
-Totodile 10th anniversary Pokedoll
-Mudkip 10th anniversary Pokedoll
-Wooper Pokedoll
-Marill Pokedoll (preferably the japanese release from 2009 or 2010 , not sure when it was released)
-Minun Pokedoll
-Plusle Pokedoll
-Phanpy Pokedoll
-Lapras Pokedoll
-Smoochum Pokedoll
-Porygon2 Pokedoll
-Natu Pokedoll

All preferably with hang-tags :O

Uber mega super duper grail birthday wanties:
Well, since my mum told me I'm allowed to get a DX Pokedoll for my birthday(is it weird for a 20 year old guy to like giant stuffed animals?o.o) I thought I'd try my luck on here.^^

-Buneary DX Pokedoll(preferably with hangtag)
-Pachirisu DX Pokedoll(same as above)

If anyone could help me out in finding one of those you'd have my everlasting gratitude!:D
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


Kimewaza Kids BW came in today!


Click Here or The Pic to Go To the Spreadsheet!

The following people owe me for their kids!:



Kimewaza BW Kids: (LJ Name)(Kids Bought)

You will have 72 hours from the minute I post this to pay. I will be sending PM's to non-paying buyers in 48 hours, and after the third day of not paying, I will be forced to leave negative feedback. Sorry about this, but I do front money for these!

All of these kids are for sale for $7 plus shipping! Comment below if you want them! (Available: 3x Minccino, Tepig, Reshiram)

Thanks! :D
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We won! Waiting on invoice..

Bidding for this GA is now over! We'll let you know as soon as we can if we won or not! ;D

Hoho, Canvas, Pokedolls, MPC and more! Brought to you by
[info]omgitslph and [info]myntii . :)

-This auction will end on May 31st at 11:59PM EST.
[info]omgitslph will be doing bidding and shipping and I will be doing threads and spreadsheets.
[info]omgitslph is claiming Munna and Emboar for $37 and I will be claiming Drifloon  for $20. I put a red box over them to make it easier to tell. xD
-Each plush starts at $10. Please bid in increments of $1 or more!
-Pleasepleaseplease, no sniping or deleting of bids! 
-All other pkmncollectors rules apply!

They're up! Gogogo!!
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Another sales Post! :D Also wants!

 First off, i was given sales permission by dakajojo on 4/24/2011 :D

second, if anyone i have sold to has received their item, please gimme your feedback link so i can give you positive feedback! 
here's the link to updated sales:
have fun! 


So I'm a big TCG guy and I'm tryin to finish all of my sets but 3 sets are really hard for me to finish: Aquapolis, Skyridge, and Expedition. So if you have anything from these sets let me know! I'm gonna make a list of what I need soon but I'd like to know ahead of time who's selling these cards. thanks! (also i can do trades for other cards or things from my store)
Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

Leek Duck Hunt

Still trying to build up my collection. I'm also thinking about building up a collection of Porygon line, Doduo line, and Murkrow line. But Farfetch'D is priority one! I love plushies! Tagged ones preferably!

Click the sign to warp to my giant poster of Leek Duck needs! Right now I'm looking to buying. I'm not sure if I can trade here just yet XP

And also, do I owe anyone payment for anything? I know I bidded on some of these auctions and stuff, but I have a hard time keeping track of everyone I bidded on, or don't know if I'm outbidded or not @_@ Maybe the auctions hasn't ended yet. Maybe I'm worrying too much.

Collection update + Sales + Want

My birthday was this month and a got a great present from my parents and my boyfriend! I also have some new Arcanine and Flareon figures.

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So.. my boyfriend and I made an agreement. I should sell some things before I am going to buy new figures. So I updated my sales page. Please take a look =3
---------------> <---------------------
The new items are marked as from my personal collection. No haggling on those items please.
I only trade for Arcanine and Flareon items.

And one last thing. I'm looking for a Raichu canvas plush for a friend. Unfortunately I missed out on the ones Gin was selling. I'm looking to spend around $40 plus shipping. Maybe even a little more. (The ones on Ebay are around $50 but the shipping is killing!!)

Thank you community! <3

My Re-intoduction Post!~ (and Pokedoll Figure GA Update!)

Hey everyone!~ I've been noticing a lot of new faces around in the last couple of months, so thought I should re-introuduce myself to the community ^_^

My name is miss-fuu-chan (or Fuu, or Kate) - and I'm a Pokedoll Collector! I have been collecting for around 3 years now, and I think I might have one of the biggest collections of dolls here on the community! I'm addicted to how cute they are! At the moment, apart from a couple of variations, I have every 6" regular size doll, some mini dolls, DX dolls and some merch -I'm always on the lookout for new things to add to my collection though ^_^ Take a look under the cut to see a mini tour of my collection! <3

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I love making new friends, so feel free to friend me on LJ!~ (just comment to let me know if you have <3)  - I can also try to answer and Pokedoll questions you may have - Im currently making a Pokedoll Wiki so I've been collecting information ^_^ 

It's nice to meet you!~ <3

Oh! another quick thing before I finish my post! The Pokedoll figure GA I was running arrived the other day, so final payment totals can be calucated - See under the cut if you took part! 
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Happy Collecting everyone!~ <3

wants & quick question

Does anyone have a DX Friends Pichu & Skiploom, a Yawarakai Ledyba, or Tomy/custom Furret that they're willing to sell? I've spent nearly a month saving up money for plushes (as well as beef jerky), so I'm willing to pay a good amount specifically for one of these. Or maybe some good beef jerky, if you have any.

Also, around what would be the current market price for a Canvas Vaporeon? I've seen some of these go for insane amounts, and I'd like to know whether that's the norm.

Small collection video + sales

Kind of bad quality because phone camera yadda yadda
I really wanted to make an update but I didn't want to take picture.

I'm actually doing this update after raging because a big package that I was waiting didn't arrive this week.

Aaaand again, some sales going on. I changed the prices and put some "buy this get that" deal in a few items, and you can also get a free drawing~. I'm going back to Brazil in a few weeks and I need to get rid of all that so I can organize my suitcases properly and all that.
So, yeap. C:
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snivy, heart, cute

Update, Comparison, Grail?, Offer, and More! :D

More stuff, yay!  Knock on wood, my collection continues to expand!  So, what does this update bring?  Well, for one, it brings rejection.

Yup, that's the face of rejection...poor Rayquaza misses his beloved Reshiram!  But, who could have possibly taken his place?! :0

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However, with this wonderful collection expansion, I seem to have run into some credit trouble, so I've added 15 items to my sales post, including cards and mini binders.  I really don't want to part with this stuff, but at this point I sort of have to ;n;

Tasty sales this way!

Also, I've decided to put one of my most favorite things up for offer.

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Thank you so much for looking! :D

Battrio GA #2

I'm currently hosting this battrio GA with roxiired, and saw this lot and figured why not try this one too. I am shipping for the battrio GA that is already going on, so I have no problem combining shipping if you win something from both. :)

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All threads are up. bid bid bid!

EDIT WITH AN UPDATE: The seller got back to me with a list of the ones you can't see. So I will be adding threads for them. There's a full set of the Eeveelutions, minus Eevee, so bid bid bid! All new threads are up.


Would anyone be interested in a brand new in box game boy color? I bought it back in the day, used it for 20 minutes to make sure it worked then put it away cause GBA came out. It hasn't left since. I have no clue what they go for. On amazon it is $430...which is ridonkulous.

Pikachu's cheek is the power button :D
Turn it one way its silver/other its gold
bla bla bla more info

Is it June 17th yet? I want Mcdonalds Pokemon toys!!! Why no Victini :(
POKEMON - Turtle breeder
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Turtle Poke Photo Story (and plush collection)

I love the little photo stories everyone does about their items, it really shows the love. I recently got a Torterra grail-for-me plush (not from here) and a (we think) 1:1 Tomy Turtwig plush.

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I think this is a small collection of plush, compared to some of you. But it we were to take in comparison my other turtle plush... wow, I might make a SEA of turtles. :3

I will take some photos of my figures and kids soon. ♥ Thanks for viewing!
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Sales update, wants, and a little shoutout

Sales update! I now have metal collection figures from Gen I in my shop, in addition to the usual Black and White Jakks toys and TCG cards.

Sales link:

Also, some quick wants. :D
Anything Growlithe/Arcanine I don't have, I'll pay top dollar! Link to known items I'm missing:
Dream World Tepig plush
Osaka Tepig ceramic piggy bank
Play-by-Play Eevee backpack
and I'll look at your premade (and I stress, already made) customs of Growlithe, Arcanine, Stunky, Skuntank Vullaby, and Mandibuzz, but I am picky!
TOMY Heartland Lucario plush (lol yeah right)
Houndoom TCG league iron-on patch

And one little shoutout, fizzycat, I left you an LJ comment a few days ago but never heard back from ya... you around? I need some information from you before I can ship your order.
whats going onnnn


Hey guys! Hope you've all been doing well~

Earlier this month I made an introduction post, and within it had some art I've done. To my surprise, a bunch of people enjoyed them, so I'll give this a try:


Thanks for looking. c:

Hello! I'm new here, and I'm searching...

Hi there, Pokéfriends! 

I'm originally from the Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno, and I'm in serious need of some collecting help. I nearly won one of these in an art contest, but sadly ended up placing second... and ever since then I've been desperately searching for this:


Honestly, I'm not even very worried about condition. I just need to get my wings on one of these. I will pay well for it! If anyone can help me get any closer to owning this Lugia, I'd be eternally grateful. (Kind of like the aliens from Toy Story. Only not.)

Thank you so much in advance, this seriously means heaps to me!

EDIT: Yes, it's the Tomy DX figure. I believe the year is 2000, but I can't be sure.


GA Info and my gets!!!

It's not that big a deal, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up notice. The kids have been shipped and will most likely get here TUESDAY. There will be extras offered up too! I already got shipping quotes for all your kids from the post office today so the hard part is over with =) Look out for the final shipping payment TUESDAY NIGHT. I need to transfer this money ASAP to my bank account so I can ship it out Saturday because as you know, shipping will cost A LOT xD

A reminder for iceminx  I've tried PMing and thread commenting, but I do need payment from you. I overdrafted my bank to pay for this extra bit so if you can send payment in that would be wonderful =)

And lastly to my GETS :D 3 LOVELY packages came today!!!!

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sara; glasses

Small Collection Update + back from China Town!!

Hey guys! I'm happy to report that I arrived safely home from San Francisco today... and China Town! Unfortunately, I was unable to get any pictures of the inside of the store (I only went to one and it was REALLY tiny and crowded. I didn't bring my camera with me because it was such a pain to keep up with everything... sorry guys D: I don't think the woman would have let me take pictures anyway). BUT I can tell you guys what the store had. They actually had a LOT of Pokemon merch (and bootlegs lolz).

And I did get a couple things while I was there, so here's a mini collection update as well as store details/merch inventory under the cut! :D

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Cyndaquil Figure

Hi, I'm looking for this hard to find Cyndaqul from 2000 made by Hasbro.It has some sort of Flamethrower feature and the series it's from has no specific title that I can see. I'm really new to livejournal so if this is the wrong place to post i"m sorry and where Am i supposed to be asking this sort of thing.

Urgent PANSAGE wants and more!

My younger brother's birthday is coming up, and his current favorite Pokemon is Pansage. Fortunately for me, a lot of new merchandise has come out for the monkey trio recently because of the Pokemon Cafe, but I'm going to need things that can safely arrive in time for his party on June 8th. If you have any Pansage items for sale (and/or know someone who does) and can guarantee their arrival by that date, I'm willing to spend a decent amount on shipping [to 06840] to make that happen. Customs would be great too, but I realize they take a lot of time and effort, so while I'm not opposed, I don't expect to be buying much on that front.

I know that's pretty demanding, especially on such short notice, but I'm starting to run out of options as far as presents go, and I really don't want to let him down. Even if you don't have anything for sale yourself, any information you can provide would be awesome; as someone who doesn't normally focus on the monkey trio (and I'll be honest, I haven't been the best at keeping up with new B/W promotional releases lately), I don't really know where to find them or what to look for, so any advice you have would be much appreciated!

He also loves Venusaur (very Grass-centric, can you tell? xD), and I know there's a Venusaur plush out there somewhere, but the last place I saw it was auctioning it off for around $80, which is probably out of my price range for a single item... xD; Still, any pointers on where to get Venusaur products (or even which ones you'd recommend) would be fantastic as well!

Thanks in advance! ♥

Rainyan GA open once more!

Hi guys~ You might still remember the GA of my stuff, hosted by safir_hime  and hebilea ?

Well, it went great, but we weren't really even close to the amount I was looking for and there were so many items that were left completely without bids. So in order to raise some more money + get more people to share the shipping costs + get more stuff out of my house, we decided to try something different:
The leftovers are up for grabs once more!

This time the rules are as follows:
- There's no more bidding, just claiming.
- You can claim any of the items with no bids just by replying to the thread with something like "Claiming at $1" Or if you just say "claim", I'm assuming you mean the starting price.
- You can participate even if you haven't bid on anything before ^^
- All the smaller items, like kids, other figures and keychains, can be claimed at $1. With bigger plushies and other things with a higher starting price you can decide an appropriate price yourself. Just reduce a dollar or two from the original starting price. Whatever you think is right.
There's still lots of nice stuff like kids and it's first come first serve, so go go go! :3
You can claim stuff until May 31st at 6PM PST.
And I'd also like to add, in case you are worried about this GA not being won: don't worry. I really need to get this stuff out of the house so I'm not expecting much and I'll at least let you claim all the items that got bids. ^^

Question + some wants :3

So I was browsing for some TCG cards on Google and found this website: They had some nice additions to my collection for reasonable prices. Also a card I hadn't found on Ebay untill now (or maybe sometime on the past)
I was wondering if any of you guys has ever ordered anything via this site? Can it be trusted?
I wouldn't wanna be stuck with some fake TCG

The site looks ok but I figured I'd ask since maybe someone here know it?

On the other hand I'm looking for some eevee + eeveelutions TCG
Can anyone help me with those? I need most of the rares ones like promo's or cards from the older series, I can send you a list if you like!
Star Driver - tau radiance
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⚔ bell plush auctions ⚔ musketeers and MORE!

Better late than never! Alongside my monthly bell plush auctions, I've prepped a few side auctions in hopes of preventing my bank account from bleeding further than it has been lately.

Included below the cut are the main course auctions for OOAK bell plush of the Musketeer quartet of legends (Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo) along with bonus auctions for a OOAK Spinarak Pokedoll also made by yours truly, the Advance Gen Pichu Bros Train Playset I showcased in a previous post, and a Natu Pokedoll and Mystery Dungeon Shinx plush weeded from my personal collection! If any of these pique your interest, please check them out!

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Additionally, I've added some items from my personal collection to my sales post, including the below plush! Please click the image to jump over to the post~

Please wait until this sentence is striken out before commenting! All ready! Thanks for looking~
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Birthday Search!

Hi, guys! Long time no post P:

I'm here on behalf of a friend, who is looking for a birthday gift for a friend of hers. The friend is interested in either Haunter or Raichu. BUT she'd prefer unique things--handmade items, perhaps. Dolls are acceptable too, however.

Thanks for the help!


pokemon center kiosks

I went to the Tacoma mall kiosk and instead of the big setup with multiple towers of plush and employees, theres just a vending machine with the small pokedolls only, like Northgate.  Is the Alderwood Mall one still the big setup or did they get downsized too?