May 29th, 2011

casual daddies!!!

MPC news, movie goods news, holiday plush news??? NEWS!

at a toy fair a few months back, 15 new MPC plush were shown in the display case with no accompanying information. we all assumed it was a little peek at 2012's first MPC plush.



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more movie stuff news...

soap figures, pose figures, chupa surprise, ahoy!

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hey what! already HOLIDAY UFO catchers are being revealed by banpresto. sneak peek:

See bigger versions of the images at Dengeki's site!
Galvantula and Joltik

Claim stuff from Jedi's GA!

 So people, for this GA, we raised quite a lot of money, but not enough to raise the goal. So I asked tortoises and she agreed that she will give us a day to claim items. 


- You can claim only those items that did not get any bids!
- Claims start from now on for 24 hours! Ending claims will be tomorrow 30th of May at 11AM at CET time zone!!! 
- When you want to claim something, write: I am claiming this item for ?$!
- Pokeball magnets can be claimed at 0.50$!
- Cards and other small items can be claimed at 1$!
- Watches, drawstring bag, magnets, other plushies, setteis (except Articuno) and other items can be claimed at 2$!
- Retsuden Stamps and Articuno setteis can be all claimed for 3$!
If you have any other question, feel free to ask! :)

Here is the link:

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Thank you guys! <3

Quick help!

I don't know if I'm allowed to ask this, or post this, if so let me know and I'll remove it.
This card on Ebay is still missing from my collection, I know it's damaged but I have never seen it up for a reasonable price untill now (well it'll probably go up alot but still, it's better than $100,-)

However shipping to my country is rediculously expensive! $40,-!!!
The rates within the US seem normal.

I have contacted the seller about this just now. But I don't think he'll chose a different shipping method just for me..

Anyone want to place a bid for me? I realise this is a big favour to ask and not likely that someone will do so since it's a risk. I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to ask this.

Or if anyone has this card up for sales for a nice price I'd be interested too ;)

I would be eternally greatfull if anyone cna help me out! Either way or another!


Ok so dezchu actually won the auction for me so I'm happy! Thanks a ton again! Go give her love <3
Kio and Shi

Plush Sale and Some Small Weeding

So my house is been renovated,and so sadly I had pack up all my Eevee collection so now there in bags and boxes,while putting stuff up I decide to sell some of my side collection which include.
Some eeveelution pokedolls and some B/W Reversible Pokeball Plushes.I also did a few runs to my wal-mart and manage to get some of the Mini Plushes of Blk/White and others.So feel free check out my sales thanks!I also have many old school hasbro plushe's that I found at my thrift store and those are up for sale too.

Click on picture to go to my sales thanks!

Singin&#39; Wottz

Samurott for Sale!

Hi y'all!
After some re-arranging an whatnot I've decided to part with my dear Samurott pokedoll. He's exactly as I received him, straight from the Pokecenter; practically mint, his only "flaw" being one side of his "mustache" droops (but most Samurott dolls have some facial hair issues!). I'm looking for $42AU, shipped within Australia. Internationals, feel free to make offers; keep in mind Aus shipping is $9.50, however.

Thanks everyone!

Big sales!

Hi there!

I am having to rearrange my room, and unfortunately have a severe reduction in space for my pokemon. If these don't sell, I will have to throw them away because I literally have no space for them.

So please give something a new home! :)

I am open to haggling, as I really need to get rid of all this.

Suicune banner up for auction! SOLD
original post here:


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Thanks for looking!
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Pokemon Booster Packs

Hi, gang!

So I was nosing around in a relative's basement, and found at least thirty old booster packs. I found the originals, Jungle, Neo, 2nd edition, and Rocket. Are these actually worth anything unopened, or should I give into desire and just open all of them? P:

Thanks a lot!

tcg promo question + Fanime fun!

Ok, first off I've been collecting promo cards lately. I'm waaaay behind in my collection, and I see there are SUPER cheap promo cards on eBay! The thing is, many are stock photos. I'm always trying to be aware of counterfits, but, do promos ever get knock offs? Honestly, I've only ever heard of cards from sets being made into fakes. I'm just curious before I buy any^^ Plus, I assume lots are cheap since they don't have much value anymore/people just trying to get rid of it?

Also, Fanime was pretty fun, even though I was just there for the day! 3 hour lineup to get in = NOT fun!! I was actually REALLY surprised with how much Pokemon was EVERYWHERE!!! I did go 2 years ago, but being into Pokemon collecting now, I'm not sure if the popularity just exploded again, or if I just didn't notice before^^ LOTS of Pokemon fanart at Artist Alley and TONS and TONS of merch for sale in the Dealers Room! (I want to try and make it to the Swap Meet next year to check out some rare goods^^) I'll be doing an update soon with my latest gets^^ (I'm sad I had limited spending money... So much more I wanted to get!!)
What was everyone dressed up as, and what did you buy? I wasn't dressed up, and didn't get to say hi to anyone, unfortunately, because the group I was with was constantly on the move! Just curious if I saw you :p

a question and a want

Hello all, just a quick question that is: where is a good site to buy pokemon kids and the kid sets and clipping figure sets? At least the kids anyway, I remember I actually found a site but can't remember what it was called at all.
Oh forgot to mention that I am also looking for sites that let you pre-order sets :3

And a want would  be: does anyone have a clear hypno kid? I think they exist, as I read that there were clears for everything up until D/P.
And this might be a long shot but if any of you have anything of hypno to sell i'd be interested, 'specially bigger figures. I think i have most of his merch already but I would love to see if there is something that i don't have already <3

Thanks guys.
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HUGE Dragonite, how much should i sell it for?

 Hello guys, i have this HUGE and MASSIVE bad boy sitting in my sofa, it´s 73cm long and 50 cm wide, i know you should have seen this fella, but i think i´ll post it for sell on ebay, but how much should i sell it for?, any advice?, it has one missing antena, but it´s very esy to replace or make both new, so any suggestions or idea who might want it from the forum? here is one pic, have a great week!!!

Banpresto plush and Jakks figures/plush news!!

Now, I don't think anyone has posted about these yet, and I know I hate to flood the board right after making a post, but I figured it's enough to be news worthy and get its own post^^

First off: New Haloween Banprestos!!

I found this when browsing through Toys n Joys (don't worry, I just like LOOKING not buying off that site). I'm pretty excited! Vampire Axew is just PERFECT and awesome how dumbfounded he looks :p

Next up: New Jakks DX figures and new reversible plush!!

I know people here are fans of the reversibles, but as for me, I'm really excited about the DX figures! I didn't think they'd make the secondary evos as DXs, along with a regular sized version too! They're gunna be huge! Can't wait for the final evos to hit DX form either^^ Jakks, you've been AMAZING this year, but we sure wish you distributed better....

*end transmission*