May 30th, 2011

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[Insert Multi-Purpose Post Title Here]

 Hey guys! How's everyone doing? Summer vacation (in the Philippines) for me was really nice. But I was in California so um it was kinda a Spring vacation. Yeah I'm confused too. Just want to show you guys a few things I got this vacation!

Starting off with these two!

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Maybe you're all tired seeing these two but I'm always late for action so pardon me for that haha. I was really excited to get Victini as I have been waiting for it for a long time. I decided to get Entei for completion purposes and it's still great. Thanks to nanoplasm  for these!

I got a few other things but I didn't have that time to take pictures of them. I just made these priority to put them in my collection website Sealed Chamber which can be found here.

But the best thing I got in the past few month is a gift a very good friend gave to me for our graduation. It was something both of us really worked for. So ladies and gentlemen, I bring you a very special TFG!
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 And last but not list is this,
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computer gatr

Sales post!

Some things have come up that I would like to have, so here are some sales for you!

- I ship from the US to anywhere!
- Shipping starts at $1 for flat items, and goes up from there depending on size, weight, and whether or not it's international.
- Pet friendly but smoke free home.
- An additional $1 will be added to your order so I can buy a mailer to ship it in, should one be needed.
-I ship anywhere from 4 days to one week (one week being the maximum) after receiving payment, in order to allow time to transfer the money to my account.
- I AM open to haggling, feel free!

(art by dragonbeak !)

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I've spent about an hour inspecting this Shinx's butt.... and Major Want

 Hey so I recently learned there is a "sitting" Shinx canvas. I have seen pictures of the two but I really cant seem to figure out which on mine is. Does anybody know anything about them? Are they rare? Or is there no such thing and someone was just pulling my leg.
my info is much appreciated. Here are some pics of him. The first picture makes him look like hes sitting but I could have pushed down too hard on his butt- but the second he looks like he is standing. And if you look at it from the front it also looks like its standing...

Also I am in search of a Blaziken Pokedoll. As some of you may know I only collect Kanto Pokemon but my best friend's birthday soon and I am so determined to get him a Blaziken Pokedoll. Last year for his birthday, I gave him a Torchic plush, which he glued to his dashboard and took on many adventures.  However, after a year, it still wont seem to evolve!! He will be turning 21 and little Torchic is much too weak and young to endure the craziness of a 21st birthday.

Blaziken was always his favorite. And he has always been that one guy that will listen to me blabber on about what new plushies I got and at least (pretend) to be interested. Thats a true friend... Who knows what I'm talking about? So please help me find a Blaziken Pokedoll! I will pretty much trade anything to get one. I could trade some other rare pokedolls or some neat-o canvas plush. :D
Blazkien: Take me off your boring dusty shelf....I wants to party :(
Credits to Jaceanime for the pic of Blaziken!
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Small sales for grails(EDITED!) check it out!

Hey there guys, so, my grails end in like a day, and i need some more munneyz to bid with, to increase the chance of winning,. So yeah, its a bit custom/official sales. Please help me out guys ;___;

*granted sales permission on 05/22/11 by dakajojo.
*i ship from sweden
*im not fast of a shipper xD
*I take paypal ONLY.
*would appriciate to not have to hold stuff.
 So yeah, ask any questions if ud like ;w;


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Kururu: yay!

updated sales + small get

I've put up some new items for sale in my sales post here, including a Glaceon Pokedoll and BW items.

I also received my latest PlushPlush! I love all the Pichu pokedoll varieties (and other merchandise), they are so cute~ It's my goal to have the complete family someday. ♥

Thanks for looking!
emmet and denchura beep beep!


let's take a break for weasels!

i love weasels. some of my favourite pokemon reflect pets i have had in the past, rats for example (not lions or dragons though). i've been a weasel mother for almost five years, and when i saw mienshao, the most accurately weasel looking of all the weasel pokemon, i was truly in weaselly love!

last month a new weasel joined my family, then again last week, another weasel joined us. only this one was made of fleece, and is my mienshao, weezy, made by akeyma!

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thanks for checking out my weasels :D

oh right -- i am going to go to Los Angeles for a week from June 16th-23rd and bringing Pokemons! we thought maybe planning a little get together for lunch or dinner or both with any pkmncollectors interested on the 21st. anyone here in LA? :D
Xous Articuno

Wedding is drawing nearer and still have lots of Articuno to sell

Hey guys, I'm getting married the 26th of June and would really like to not have to move my Articuno collection, as much as I love it we just can't afford to clutter up our new place with it. The link to the sales post is below, feel free to make any and all offers, and bundle stuff together. Thanks so much for looking, and hope to hear from y'all soon!
Kura pokedoll

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day from my Jolteon Pokedoll:

As for members from elsewhere have a happy start of summer. For countries where it is a different season...hope you have a nice day anyway. XD

Feel free to post your own pictures in the comments related to this time of the year,if you wish.

Oh and while I'm at it, does anyone have a physic energy card from B/W that I could get via trade?:
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One year ago today..

A spaz joined ;P, Yep today is the day I joined pkmncollectors 1 year ago :D.
It started with me and a friend looking up pokemon plushes on deviantart and jumped to trying to find them on amazon and google x3.
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Finally the black and white jakks invaded the target close to us >xc
My mom was nice enough to grab them when she saw them while shopping <3

I don't want tepig,reshiram,and zekrom however :3 so I'd like to sell them for 5.00 each +shipping
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My regular sales :P
and more black and white cards

HALP! Pricing?/ Anyone Interested?

Hi there com! So I love my boyfriend Norxbic because I would not be doing this for anyone else! XD

WHAT ARE THESE?! And how much are they worth? If there is a lot of interest in his lot I may put it up for people to GA, if not I might just end up doing a sale for it, dunno yet... depends on how much interest it gets:

Ok so I know this is a tomy but what is the going price for this little guy? Has a slight scuff on his head. Nothing too bad really..

THESE! WHAT ARE THEY?! I know that a few are from the polly pocket sets (which will be sold with the set) So does anyone know what sets they go to and how much the non-polly pockets might go for?
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SO! Let me know if your interested in anything for these may very well be on sale soon! ;D
Also, I am still waiting to hear from: NAMURASHI about trades that were started over a month or two ago! I am getting super tired of waiting to hear from you guys and I cannot really update my trades until you get back to me, so please contact me so we can finish our trade asap!!!

SALES/Bead Sprites/1 thing up for Offer


i come baring NEW stuff, NEW pictures, NEW NEW NEW. :D please come take a look. i also have two things up for offer because i am not sure if i want to give them up.......

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Important Info!

*I ship all items from the USA.
*Shipping; please leave your zip code and i will let you know how much shipping will be
*I have a cat, but my items are stored where must dust and cat hair cannot get to them. i will check the items before they go out though. (but a cat hair or two may still be on the item. those things are tricky! just a warning to anyone who is allergic)
*I WILL hold items, just let me know for how long.
*Haggling is okay.
*I take paypal ONLY.
*I ship everyday but Sunday.
*I am NOT responsible if items are damaged or lost in the mail. You can pay extra for better shipping. if something is lost, i will give a refund.
*To contact me, please leave a reply here on the thread first; if for some reason you don't hear from me, please PM me; THEN if for some really odd reason you don't hear from me, please e-mail me at: DogLover216@hotmail.comCollapse )

vaporeon pokedoll

 Does any one want to sell me a vaporeon pokedoll, the USA 2007 version? I've been wanting one for like, forever. The ones I know are too expensive, and I don't know if the one hobbyvalley sells is the 2007 one. Also, if anyone also wants to sell a glaceon pokedoll, I would be glad to buy it if it's not to expensive. ^ ^ <3

Plush GA Payment #1 + Sales/Claims + Fuzzy Bat Collection update

OH MAN. So much stuff to get through!
I just got back from MCM Expo, and I can say i feel honestly wrecked with a hint of hungover. But i shall power my way through stuff that needs to be done! :D

I didnt really take photos at the expo but I thought I would show my hoodie anyway!

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And finaly PS, watch out for this GA ill be posting up tomorrow ;D
Theres plenty more too than whats photo'd! <3
attack gallade

Fanime gets!

After a rather long absence from the community, Fanime has given me an excuse to get back into collecting. :P I joined pkmncollectors a little over a year ago while searching for which pokemon plush to pick up at Fanime Con. My haul isn't nearly as good as last year's, but I found some rather interesting treasures at the swap meet. Let's take a look at a bit of TCG competition history...

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Also, an inquiry: Does anyone know the origins of the Southern Islands postcards? I'm talking about the ones that show the artwork that the card set art is from. I see the cards being sold in sets of three in an envelope, but no mention of the postcard. I'm looking for the one featuring Tentacruel/Lapras/Marill specifically, if anyone might have it on hand. :)

Sales and Customs and Wants, oh my.

Happy Memorial Day to all Americans, happy beginning of summer to everyone else. :)

This is my final post for the month of May. :) I still have slots open for customs. I also have some sales going on. I'm still waiting on my new camera battery to get here, once it does, I will have pictures of TCG for you all. :)

In addition to the sales listed, I have a Munna and Sandile standee that I don't want. They're from the Jakks attack figure sets. I would like $3 each plush shipping.

Click the picture or here for customs

Click the picture or here for sales.

Also, I have some wants.

Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie figures (Jakks and/or Tomy mostly)
Rilou Jakks figure
Gold Chikorita, Gold Totodile, Gold Cyndaquil (Jakks figures)
Clown Pikachu plush <3

I'm also interested in seeing some other merch for those guys, so hit me up. :)

pantherotter sales update

Hello community! I updated my sales post with more TFG items as well as the introduction of flat items!

To pantherotter sales!

I am also offering a lot of over 700 Amada stickers! :o I repeat, over 700! If you would like them, come make me an offer. I am not looking for too much on them because I really want them gone (I buy sticker lots hoping to come in contact with my favorites). Maybe offer around $35? :o

I must note that a few of them are in less than stellar condition, but a majority of them are in good to great condition so please, take them off my hands. @.@

I'm sorry. I sold the sticker lot to the first person who asked for them because I really need to get them out of my room to make more... well, room in my room. XD @.@
Alola Vulpix

Sales and a Question

As a handful of you know, I will be travelling to Japan in July - and as you can imagine, a month long trip has proven to be quite expensive!  I've decided to go through my collection and part with a decent amount of things to try and make a dent in my expenses.  

( Fake cut to VERY image heavy sales! :D )

I was also wondering if anyone had information about the following item that I got in a Y!J lot. ruenis identified it as May's Wishing Star from Movie 6, but other than that I don't know anything about it. Anyone have an idea as to its rarity/worth?

Thanks everyone ♥

Clear Kids GA reminder + custom cards + sales!

Hey guys! This awesome GA with lots of clear kids ends Wednesday and a lot of the kids are still without bids or really really cheap! Click here to go to the auction post!

Also, I did this custom cards. They are about the size of a TCG card. and were done in a watercolor paper (though they were made with pens)

Altaria, Drifloon and Oshawott are $3.59 to Canada, $4.03 to US and $4.75 to anywhere else.
Since Raichu is... Eh. I don't know, I ended cutting the border which was a bad, bad idea (imho), and... Yeah. He's $2.59 Canada, $3.03 US and $3.75 to anywhere else.
I'll be sending them in letters.
I also do commissions on the same model for the same prices. 
And if you want better pictures let me knooow~

(and mizuhokusanagi , if you are reading this, I'm working on your commission, just with colored pencils, because the Art room was closed today orz)

And,  last but not lI have some sales with nice prices (I guess), and some nice deals. Please check it out :3


Squirtle plush?

Hello lovely people of this community.

I have a question. I found a very interesting looking Squirtle plush on a website, and I was wondering if anyone has seen one like it before. I already checked ''pokeplushproject'' and tried Ebay and googling, but I haven't found anything like it.

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Pokemon Sleeves

Hey all, wow long time since I last posted. I have been busily trying to finish up my degree but this summer has been wayyyy slow so I started making some pokemon sleeves for NDS, and Ipod etc. I thought you guys might be interested, they're pretty cheap at 15$ with a clip and 13$ without a clip (includes shipping). All bags seal with velcro, and come with a one of a kind, hand painted image. I was also thinking of doing commissions for these (see details under jump please). 

Here's some examples: 

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Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Pachirisu Problems~

Well I've got a little problem regarding Pachirisu Pokedolls, I'd like the DX one but since it's really hard to get I'm about to get a normal one, but I'm unsure which release(although I'm sure about wanting a japanese one). There's a 2007 and a 2010 one. They've got different tags (2007=red with pokedoll art,2010=blue with pokedoll art). But are there any other differences? If anyone could help  me out I'd really appreciate it.^^ I'm soooo unsure which one to get I'd take every piece of advice I can get.
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