May 31st, 2011

Galvantula and Joltik

Payments due!!!

Alright people, even though we didn't raise enough money for this lot, tortoises was so kind to take the money we raised! <333

Overall, we have raised 540$, almost the goal. However, the shipping from Australia is a killer, which is 127$! For safety and insurance reasons, me and elisha1288 have decided to take it, so please no complains. The shipping was divided up fairly and even for everybody, thank you for understanding!

Before you pay:

- On the spreadsheet, you have to pay the amount on the BLUE column.
- When you pay, ADD in the note Jedi's GA - [ your username], so that tortoises can look if you have paid!
- PLEASE EDIT the spreadsheet and add "yes" that you have paid and ADD your zip code in the USA or your country, so that elisha1288 can calculate shipping to you once the items arrive to her home!

If you have read all the rules, here is the spreadsheet:

Please send all the payments to: paypal(@)

Thank you for participating guys! <3


Hello my name is Kelly! I am new to livejournal but I hope I can figure every thing out fast! My favorite pokemon are dragons for the most part and I hope to find a lot of cool stuff to build a collection. I am short on money ATM so I will probably have to save up for most stuff but will do my best! It is really nice to meet everyone
Xous Articuno

Reminder about Articunos and a deal

Hey all, just reminding you about my sales post

There's a bunch of cool Articuno stuff still left. I have $61 of stuff listed, but $40 shipped will get you the entire lot, what a deal! Feel free to browse and make offers, the most important thing is that this stuff goes to a good home, I love my Articunos but just can't move them, I have enough other stuff to move!
♥ Kitsune ♥


Good day everyone,
I have finally updated my sales posts with new things, new prices, and a new layout. :P It may be in your interests to come take a look!

^Click de banner to visit my sales journal

I have a set of Eeveelution battrio, some beautiful stationary featuring Lugia and other pokemon, cheap pogs and stickers, and more...

Additionally... Upon finishing the organization of all my TCG binders, I have found nearly 200 cards that I don't want anymore.. So I have made 5 mystery lots, for 5 dollars each! Look under the cut for descriptions of each of them.

Collapse ) Oh yes - Has anyone seen dooman58  lately? >< I don't have their address and they ordered something a couple months ago. I apologize for making this public, but the PMs are disabled and their entries are private so I've been unable to make contact.  If you see this dooman58  , please let me know :'D

Fake Zorua?

So this is the plushie I got in a lot of stuffed animals in a random anime forum...Not a huge deal but I was going to give it to a friend's daughter for her b-day but wasn't sure if it was real...

"So I'm not good enough? Look at my cute embroidered eyes! Meh, just put me back in my pokeball already!"
Tags cut.....------->
Collapse ) It looks ALOT like this one from Hong Kong on ebay... so was worried...
Pokeball Shieldon

Pokemon... fabric?

I was wondering if anyone knows of any decently priced Pokemon-themed fabric?

I found a little bit on Ebay and ordered about a yard, but most of it seems to be a large amount of people selling identical fabric that is supposed to be ~old rare~ and thus. Overpriced. :P

I'm not sure where else to look? I need it to line a bag that I'm working on so I don't need very much, but obviously if someone knows of somewhere where I can get a large amount for a decent price, I will probably be making multiple bags in the future and thus I could use it. :P So don't hesitate if you know of like a bulk lot or something. Any amount half a yard or above will do!

Thanks guys.
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GA Reminders, Shipping Updates and More!

Edit: Guys, I don't think you realize that I do get an email WITH your comment every time you comment, even if you do delete it! PLEASE STOP DELETING BIDS. I'm serious.


First off, GA reminders! 

The 2008 MINKY Eeveelution Pokedoll GA ends tomorrow morning, bright and early at 6:45 AM, PST! For you lucky east-coasters, that's 9:45AM. A lot of the dolls are still at very low bids. Yes, these are minky, and yes, they have hang tags! ;D According to the description, they were only used for display. So bid bid bid! Click the picture to be transported to the auction~

Next, we have this awesome Pokemon plush lot filled with Pokedolls, Canvas Plush, MPC and more! A lot of the items are still at very low bids, so don't miss out on your chance to snag that plush you've been eyeing for cheap! This auction ends TONIGHT at 8:59 PST/11:59 EST! We just have a few more hours to bid, so go go go! Click on any of the pictures to be transported to the auction~

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collection update, GA updates and cards for trade!

 hey guys! I'm back from expo, and got a whole load of updates for ya!

Firstly, I'm still owed  a ton of GA payments...specifically for these two! if you have paid your items are going out today, sorry for the delay!

Collapse )
Collapse )

and the plush GA and DVD ga...they are HERE!

I'm getting quotes for the plush now, however I need to know if people for the DVD's want them shipped in their boxes or not. Postage will be cheaper for the latter! Same applies for plush! If you do not give me a response in a few days I will be shipping the plush in bags and DVD's MIP, so please let me know asap!

secondly...collection update!

Collapse )

OKAY. PHEW. that was WAY too long.
now for a quick anyone doing pickups for the darumaka deck box and TCG sleeves?
my boyfriend desperately wants some for his magic the gathering deck. If anyone could help him out please let me know!
and finally, I managed to do a video of all my ultra rare and foil pokemon cards1 I will be tradingsome of these for stuff on my wants!
I also have a set of these for trade...
more pics of cards in the set uinder the cut!
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phew! well, thats all for now! I'm slowly going through messages as I haven't been around very much and I apologise for that. I hope this was fun to read tho :) LOVE YOU GUYS <3 MWAH <3
Red Dead - Mister John Marston

Early Bird Lot Sale from the Apple a Day Lady

Heya, folks! Presenting to ya'll a quick lot sale! I am up to my eyeballs in plush so some of these very small side collections need to moving on to greener pastures. That would be folks who really collect them and can give them a good home, to you city folks! ( Are you all liking these western refs? I know that I am reaching.. but it's fun! :> )

See 'em all behind the cut!

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Tales of the Abyss - Pokabu, Pokemon - cute little Jade
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My auctions for an OOAK Spinarak Pokedoll, OOAK bell plush of Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion & Keldeo, and various items weeded from my personal collection are still ongoing until Wednesday (tomorrow) at 6 PM CST!

Virizion, Keldeo and Shinx are still without bids and I have lowered the starting prices on the first two in hopes of finding them homes. Every dollar will help me a lot so if you're interested, please check these out while you can!


banpresto time!


That same fair I posted some preview pics of last time had more than we knew!

First off, some nicer pics of the holiday plush/element monkey plush, also some more new UFOs coming out, mostly of the main cast's pokemons! no stunfisk though???

Collapse )


These are REALLY 2012, not the movie sets. I think lots of you will be excited!

Collapse )

hey, some small, but visible, images of actual plush that before were just art! and wait....what the hell?

Collapse )

last but not least, check out zekrom and reshiram MPC's chains! they are red! so nice! so lovely.

Your Top 5 Wants!

Hey all!~ Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone who replied to mt re-introduction post, I feel so loved! <3

Now - onto the post! After seeing a few people recently searching for specific items, I thought I'd make a post where we can can share our top 5 most wanted items with everyone, and then hopefully - we'll be able to help each other to find things! 
Leave your top 5 (with pictures if you can) in a comment below - and hopefully we can help each other to find some of our most wanted items!~ Just reply to someone's comment if you can help them! <3 

(I know I have a quite a lot of things in the house I've been meaning to sell, so it'd be wonderful if I could help someone to find something they really want! ^_^)

Here are my 5! If you can help me, let me know! :D

1. Clefairy Pokedoll - not the plushplush, but the US released Pokedoll - she is made from fuzzy verboa! I would pay a lot to get my hands on her <3

2. Spinda Pokedoll - the last of the Spinda dolls I need! This cutie has a spot right in the middle of his forehead!

3. Celebi/Bulbasaur Pokedoll Keychains - these are so rare I don't actually have a photo of them! They are from the same set as these 3 though: 

4. Torchic/Regice/Registeel Pokedoll Figures - the last 3 I need to complete my set!~

5. Pokedoll Figure Collection - I've seen this a couple of times on YJ but always seem to miss it! I would love to add it to my collection ^_^
(Number 5 was a difficult choice between this set and the Cyndaquil/Celebi plushplush!!)
Comment away!~ Let the community know what you're looking for - you never know, someone might be able to help! ^_^

Happy Collecting everyone!~

Quick collection update!

So after getting unwanted sexual advances from SMJ I received my final item from them before switching to Noppin.
What could it be? Well it is adorable and fluffy....

I need to do a final collection update in its entirety. I have been here almost a year!!! Well...early July will be but I am excited. I went back and read most of my original posts. Man, I broke so many rules >.> *facepalm* I hope to be here for many more years :3 So I can be broke forever!

Also,  megami36  you still owe for payment 1 here:
If you want any other arrangements let me know!  Don't make me send Charizard to come get you. He will do it! He will!

Toys N Joys Question

Hello again everyone, hope you're all doing well! I have a question before I go on vacation this weekend to Hawaii! I was wondering about the store Toys N Joys, since I hear so much about their bad reputation I'm curious to go in there ant see what's in store, but a while ago someone from the community ask a similar question, and one answer said that there were two on Hawaii or something similar or one store was bigger then another? I could have this mixed up with another question XD I was wondering what kind of pokemon merchandise they have there, and if allowed, I could take pictures of their stock of pokemon stuff, if anybody ever plans to make a future trip there, or to whomever is curious.

To make this post a little less boring, here's The pokedolls I will be taking with me on vacation, all wearing lai's and little stowaway Paras XD (Just ignore the other stuff in the back...)

The last GA reminder


Claiming the leftovers in my GA ends at May 31st at 6PM PST, so now's your chance!
You can claim anything that has no bids for a dollar or two, just go and decide what you think is an appropriate price.
There's still lots of stuff to be claimed, like battrio coins, kids and other figures. A good chance to grab $1 kids! :3

Sorry about there being so many reminders, I promise this is the last one! After this, hebilea  will do the spreadsheet and I'll send the goods to safir_hime  right away! ^^


Hey guys! Just thought i'd post a new wants list for my TCG collection! so if you guys have any please let me know and we can sort out a trade or i can buy them!

Okay So im looking for any cards made before Nintendo's TCG take over, so basically Wizards of the Coast Releases, Im mainly looking for Jungle, Fossil, Black Star Promos & Team Rocket for the moment!

I'm also looking for cards for my collected Pokemon!

Cyndaquil - Expedition 105/165
Cyndaquil - McDonalds Promo 6/18 (Japanese)
Cyndaquil - 2009 Movie Promo 4/22 (Japanese)
Quilava - Expedition 91/165
Typhlosion - Neo Genesis 17/111 - SCORED!!
Blane's Typhlosion - Vs. 70/141 (Japanese)
Typhlosion - Expedition 64/165 (Non-Holo)
Typhlosion - Expedition 65/165
Typhlosion EX - EX Sandstorm 99/100
Bruno's Hitmonlee - Vs. 82/141 (Japanese)
Hitmonlee - Expedition 81/165
Rocket's Hitmonchan - Gym Heroes 11/132
Bruno's Hitmonchan - Vs. 83/141 (Japanese)
Rocket's Hitmonchan - Best Of Game 9/9
Hitmonchan - Aquapolis 81/147
Hitmonchan EX - Ex Ruby & Sapphire 98/109 -SCORED!!
Rocket's Hitmonchan EX - Ex Team Rocket Returns 98/109
Hitmonchan - Legends Awakened 99/146 -SCORED!!
Hitmonchan - Platinum 129/127

Please help me out guys! I'll be up for trades/buying and what not! I really want to get my sets completed! But please NO Reverse Holos seeing as i despise them

Kids Shipping payment and extra sale YAY


Click here for spreadsheet information!

Hello! This is the final payment for this GA. Shipping from me to you. Please access the spreadsheet and pay accordingly. As per my sales post and this is no different, base shipping is 2.50 for the US and 3.00 for Internation parcels. I went to the post office and got a quote for every kid combination people had. The change is weird. I can ship 8 kids in the US for the base price and 2 kid for international parcels for the same price. So 3+ kids will be a higher price for shipping for international people. So keep in mind that the price reflects everything from shipping, packaging, PP fees, handling, etc.

As much as I want to get pictures of everyones kids, it is not feasible for me to do so due to time constraints. =( So if I don't list anything, that means your kids are in great condition =) If you really want pictures of your kids, just let me know and I'll happily take one for you!

AS CONSOLATION, HERE IS SNORLAX IN THE MOST PACKING PEANUTS IVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Did anyone see the Destiny Deoxys movie where munchlax evolved in the little block things? haha. Reminded me of that and I thought it's cute!

NOTE: I have extra kids for sale =) It will be .20 each for GA participants and .50 for non-particpants. This is first come, first served so if you are a GA participant and want to add them to your package, let me know and I will give you a new calculated total!  Here are the ones up for grabs:
Collapse )

SECOND NOTE: If you have any name/address change requests, please LET ME KNOW in note or PM or here, whatever! Otherwise I will ship to your PayPal address listed in your payment. =)

Spreadsheet link:

Send payments to croagunk AT live DOT com

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Sales! Cards, Figures, Marbles!

Sales permission was granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
-I will only hold items for 24 hours. I may allow longer holds depending on the situation.
-Paypal only please.
-I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.
-I ship regular first class mail, any upgrades will cost you more.
-Tracking will cost more as well.
-All community rules apply.
-I will not be taking any trades at this time.
-Ask questions below in the proper thread.

Things to keep in mind...

-I ship from a home with dogs and there is smoking in my house.
-I am not responsible for items lost in the mail or broken during shipping, if you want insurance, ask.
-Payment is expected within 24 hours of expressing interest, otherwise it goes back up for sale.
-Shipping is not included in the sales prices.
-International shipping WILL cost more.
-I ship from the US
-I tend to be a slow shipper. I rely on my parents for rides.

My feedback post is located here.
I will leave feedback for you if you give me a link to it.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, onto the SALES

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Pokemon custom club

 Is there any club or group that are for just custom plushies. or jut custom things in gerneral?

i know we have a custom pokemon artist list. but i rather watch a group instead of searching that artist than e-mailing them or noting and asking them if they are open for commissions. usually when this happens they are closed, full, or just take auction slots. which is sometimes hard to fight for.

i mean it's all fun and everything. but things would be alot easier if we had a group for that.

would anyone like to start or thought of a idea like this before?
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Collection Update! and a few wants <3

*note to anyone who bought from me: ALL packages have been shipped :) *

FIRST! some GETS!!!Collapse )
Now for a collection overview!

Slowly but surely My collection is taking shape and direction.
There are still some randoms that make their way into my heart;
but I am really trying to do my best to limit my merch buying to just my main collections

(Quagsire, Lapras, Kingdra, and other misc water type pokes (and ditto... i cant help myself))
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Yay!, Cubone

Meiji Plate GA here! + anyone?

It's here at last!

Collapse )

Also, a question.

Is there anyone here who could get hold of a pack with the online codes attached? I'd possibly be interested in buying just the codes, but only maybe. Also tell me I'm not the only one who is amused by the UK address being here and on the Nintendo World plushies even though we don't bother to stock Pokemerch like most of Europe does lol

Speaking of UK, I've heard we'll be getting B/W merch in July! Please be true >_>

Pokemon Pinball has gone AWOL

I've been getting messages today that GA packages are starting to arrive at their destinations, but a game escaped someone's package. I may have put it in the wrong package, so if you happen to open your package from me and Pokemon Pinball is in it PLEASE PM me!

Thanks a bunch!


Re-introduction post!


My name is Ritzy and I collect flareon. Some of you may remember me, you new folk probably won't, but I haven't been active on here in months because of [REDACTED]. I am hoping to change that because, let's face it, you people are awesome.

Plus, what better way to re-introduce myself than by showing a previously unknown, official flareon plush! Which I have mischievously tucked under the cut.

I desperately need to reorganize/catalog my collection. 8| Haven't done that yet (it's a personal project to get done over this summer) so I just took a couple of pics of some of my more rarer items.

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Spin! Spin!

The "call to sympathy" multipurpose post!

Well, this is made up entirely of reminders, but these are very special reminders:

First, this GA:

it was going to end tomorrow, June 1st, but because of lack of bids it's going to be extended one more week.
This was made into a GA both because pheonixxfoxx is in dire need of cash, and because she would like these beloved items to be sold to people in the comm, rather than random strangers in eBay or else.
So this is the first call to sympathy: Help a fellow member in need and at the same time win yourself a rare Suicune item!

And second:

A small reminder since everyone who has money seemed to look over it xD
This customs post:

i made it because i need some money to pay some debts,
and none of the slots have been claimed so far!
if you'd like, you can talk to me about the price if you can't pay what's asked but can still pay a bit less :3
i won't judge you! xD