June 1st, 2011


Adorable canvas offer!

As if it never fails...I have been on the hunt for a grail for years and then I end up with 2 at the same price XD Sad story, neither have the hang tag so if anyone has an extra one just lying around, I'll give you $15 shipped for it :D

I keep the right to decline all offers, I probably won't but just in case, I hold that right!
Offers end when they either die down or I get one I'll accept.
Offers start @ $35
BIN $160. BIN can override at any time.
Item has tush tag only. Other than that in wonderful condition!
I ship from the USA.
All community rules apply! Play nice and win an adorable plush <3

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I also have a poochyena plush NWT available but my camera batteries died so I have to wait to get pics.

I am still on the lookout for the laying down arcanine kid

Collection update & SALES

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Hope you enjoyed!

And now for sales!
I got a bunch of new stuff  =3
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NO trades, No holds. Paypal only.
Shipping will be from Japan, and my shipping day is Thursday only.

If you are definitely buying, SAY SO, because often there are other buyers interested in the same items. If you just ask for a shipping quote, I will assume you have not yet committed to the sale, and your item will be open to another buyer. Please respond within 24 hours if you are making a purchase, as anything longer than that would be considered a hold, which I don't do.

*Note about kids*
I don't have boxes small enough to mail individual kids- they must be purchased with other items or a plush, as I only have large boxes. I have envelopes as well, so the other option would be for me to open and flatten the box to mail your kid. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo  on 3/17/11

Seeking Cyndaquil Pokedoll

I'm looking to replace my Cyndaquil pokedoll that my dog got a hold of while I was I at work. He's never done this kind of thing before so when I came home to find the plushie in pieces, there was a mixture of sadface and omg.

I'm trying to find one mint with hand tag. About $35 for the kiosk one? For any other version, i'll raise the price accordingly! :(

Free sleeve #4

Hi there!

During the last pokemon card game tournament one of my boys tore a couple of his sleeves in a bad shuffling accident. It's too bad because the sleeves were brand new. We didn't have enough extra to replace the torn sleeves so we just re-sleeved to new ones. That means I have a bunch of sleeves to give away (20 in total for now).

These sleeves have been played in about 7 games total so not much use at all, but please note that they are used sleeves. They will not be torn, ripped or severely bent, but they will have some slight scratches (mostly visible when you hold it up to a light at an angle) from being moved around and shuffled.

The sleeve this time is Zorua/Zoroark sleeve (image below). If you have received a sleeve from me before I would appreciate a ref :)

How this works:
1. Please reply on this thread that you want a sleeve
2. I will send you a PM with my address
3. Please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to me (PLEASE read below if you don't know what this is - I received several empty envelopes last time) Please note your Livejournal ID so I know who it is coming from.
4. Please leave me a ref once you receive the free sleeve :)

More details:
- I ship from the USA
- I send the sleeve inside a clear plastic bag along with a piece of cardboard as backing. The total weight is less than 1oz so a regular First Class Stamp is enough for the return postage to the USA.
- For international shipments, please let me know where you are located and I can check on the USPS web site to see how much regular envelope costs to mail...just in case...

What you need: 2 envelopes, 2 stamps, 1 pen
Step 1: Envelope #1: TO (put YOUR address), FROM (put MY address), apply stamp
Step 2: Envelope #2: TO (put MY address), FROM (put YOUR address), apply stamp
Step 3: put envelope #1 INSIDE envelope #2 and mail away!
**Please be sure enough postage is applied to each envelope if you are outside of the USA**

Sorry, it isn't a full pack of 32 sleeves, it's just a single sleeve :)

Anyone up to co-host these GB?

So I wrote more than half of the post and my browser closed

Anyway *cough* Anyone up to co-host these GB? I would need someone to ship them. Which also means that you would be buying them too n_n They come from the same seller, which means combined shipping :D
I will do post, threads and spreadsheets (though I'll not have the shipping values, so that part you'll need to send to me. n_n")

Tomy Chocoball Figures! Each one will be $6 without shipping.
Apparently Pikachu is really rare and that raised the total.
I will be claiming Blaziken, Duskull and Kyogre.

Dex Figures and... Hm. I'm not what the other two are. Pencil Toppers too? Each one is $3.5 each without shipping.
I am claiming Altaria, Swablu, Wailmer, Wailord, and the Wailord Pencil Topper.
Since we can have combined shipping, first payment is for the total overall, second one is for shipping (from the seller) and third one is for the second shipping (from the sweet person that would be helping me/myself)!

Interested in helping me? Let me know!

Also, even if no one shows up, if you are interested in participating, let me know! As soon as the strike ends I'll host them myself if no one shows up :3
Thank you very much!
Now have a picture of me being stupid with my new Groudon Recall
He's too cute
My precious baby <3

(If anything is wrong, let me know! I'm always hesitant before posting anything here <_>)

okay here we go

welcome to random sales version three, AKA my collection weeding and closet cleaning! we have one rare raichu for offer, cheap cheap clearfiles, and a whole bunch of "offer anything, no really, literally anything, give it your best shot" stuff!

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on that note, i've also added the entire sugimori clearfile collection to sunyshore. right now it's the main thing i will be selling as the rest looks rather breakable or gigantic, but i will bring back more goodies saturday probably!

Palkia coke

A question for the owners of Poképla models

 Hello everyone. I hope this is the right place to ask but I have a question.

I ordered a Zoroark Plamo set and I heard many rumors about the stickers that they are very anoying. So I'm gonna decide to paint it. But I have a question. What kind of things do you guys use to paint it?. Cuss I need to buy it first but I don't know what. So can someone tell me what to use?

Thank you very much! :)

Tissuepapernet GA of Awesome

Today pokepalace  and I bring you a GA full of fun things. tissuepaperpet  has put a lot up for grabs and naturally it became a GA.

There's more goodness inside as well as some more pictures.

The GA will be running until 8PM EST on June 8th. Collapse )

I kindly ask you to wait until all threads are in place before you bid. ^_^ threads are up. gogogo! 

Also, more pictures and conditions to come later. :)

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This GA has ended. Thanks for bidding.

Boring requests and questions post?

Edit: what if I would stop using 'pokedolls' instead of just plushies what if e_e'

Collapse )Hello everyone!~

I've been a member for a while now, lurking in the dark forever....  I have yet to make an introduction post, but I'll make one as soon as I get the time to take pictures of my small collection!

But nooow, the main reason of this post is to request some plushies... and informations!

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Alola Vulpix

Offers and May's Wishing Star

Just a quick reminder to get your offers in on the rare candy bottle cap figures as well as the other items I have for sale, as I will be making final decisions on offers tonight :)  As for regular sales, you guys completely wiped me clean of shipping supplies!  I'll be shipping out all US packages first and then international packages once more supplies arrive.  I apologize for the delay!

( Fake cut to offers/sales page! )

I've also decided to auction off the May's Wishing Star pendant that I posted about a couple of days ago.  Apparently it is a very rare promo item from Movie 6 - in all my years of collecting I didn't even know this item existed.  

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Price Check on Plasma Flag

A friend of mine recently cosplayed as a Plasma Grunt at a small college convention. She made a flag for her cosplay and it was pretty nifty, and now is looking to sell it on etsy or ebay. I'd love to sell it here for her, but alas, I still don't have my sale permission (still need a few more positive feedbacks). Anyway, she doesn't know how much she can sell it for, so I told her I'd see if I could get a price range from the community members here.

Here's the only picture I have of the flag at the moment. She has yet to upload the cosplay photos (which is driving me insane because I really want my Hilda cosplay photos, but I digress). It's very nice quality, roughly 3 feet long, and 2 feet wide, and is lined with fabric in the back. She is only selling it as the flag and it's horizontal dowel, not the vertical pole shown hanging from, as she uses that for many other cosplays.

Anyway, I'm just looking for a price. If this isn't allowed, please tell me and I'll take it down asap.

Super Multi-purpose Post~ (sales, collection, auction)

hey everybody~
since fanime is over and i bought a ton of stuff as well as received some things in the mail
its time for a collection update :>

thanks to anyone who came to say hi at my table in the AA at fanime last weekend :>
i wasnt able to make it to the pokemon cosplay gathering since i was late >>;; i was looking forward to it too :<
but i wore my oshawott costume both on saturday and sunday if anyone saw me

also an update for anyone who commissioned, bought from or traded with me. i will make a trip to the post office this weekend to send everything out. sorry for the wait.

i also have some new things for sale such as a bunch of new buttons as well as an auction for these festival masks.

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Wants List!!!

I've only started collecting pokedolls since October:) I have a velboa espeon, a velboa flareon, and a bottleg/factory reject leafeon. If someone can help me get my hand on some of my wants, I would be eternally grateful :D
-Velboa vapreon usa pokemon center-u never find these anywhere :(
-Leafeon minky pokedoll- ditto (haha get the joke:) nevermind)
AAAAND that's it :). I have more wants, but if I wrote them all, I would overwhelm you people. :)
                                                                                   BYE BYE!!
houndoom and slowpoke

Birthday Gets and an Eevee auction!

Guys. Guys. Guuuuuuys.

Guess what?


I can't contain my excitement (although I've had it for a few days but haven't taken pictures of it til now. XD)

WHAT IS IT? Well, here's a hint, with more goodness under the cut!

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I've decided to put my Eeveelution watch up for auction!

  (If you would like to see more images of it, just ask!)

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All right guys, happy bidding! ^^ See you around~ <3
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Looking for....


Hey Guys! I'm sorta new to this community but i absolutely LOVE pokemon(: I have just started re collecting and I'm especially interested in pokemon plush's! I have a few wants and i'm hoping I can find these guys :D
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TCG Trades updated! :3 (also looking for cards+ question) multi post

 So I have heard back from everyone about trades (except numarashi, please get back to me asap) So I have added more cards to my tcg trades! Please feel free to come and check it out! (I will also be updating my sales post soon ;3)

Rares/ uncommons/ promos/ japanese:

Common cards:

*Also, I am on the hunt to finally finish my Arceus collection! I am missing psychic Arceus, fighting Arceus and I am searching for a promo in english of this arceus card:

I am also looking for any cards of: eeveelutions, raichus (any raichu things really, lol!), legendaries
And kids of: wailord, garchomp and custom painted shiny luxray :3

As for those figures I posted pictures of in a post the other day: 

^^^Yeah those there (and more) XD^ Here is the link to that post:  pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9300597.html
Well I will be posting a sale for them soon but I was wondering before I do a post for them, do you think I should make it into a GA or just a sale? Let me know your opinion com, thanks <3
strawberry jolt

Cherry time ^^

 Hi everyone!

May cherries at my grandparents summer house have already ripened so photo time ^^

Let's go
Gizike accompanied my on the way ^^
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Oh yes i updated my sales so check it ^^

Click on the banner to be transported ^^

Thanks reading ^^
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Super Emergency Sales! Nothing Over $16 Shipped!

As June 4th slowly trudges forward, my need for extra money rises exponentially.  I've added figures, erasers, binders, and more and I've lowered the prices of everything so that nothing is over $16 shipped overseas ($15 in the U.S.)  Everything really needs to go!

Please click here!

Thank you for looking! ;u;

A Little Update Before I Go!

I haven't been around much at all lately. @_@ Life has been craaaaaaazy for me the past few months so I haven't had the time to be around! I thought I'd do a little update before I leave on (what I think is a well-deserved) vacation on Monday. I did take a little break and went to Fanime last weekend where I bought one of my mini-grails!

(Ack...sorry about the earlier post. I accidentally hit the enter key x_x)
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Battrio GA of Awesome Payment #1

Remember this GA? After spending the last 2 1/2 hours doing totals, I'm now ready for your payments!

If you bid on the GA, please check for your totals. Unfortunately there were no discounts. Shipping is a beast, but it should be here in a week, so that's good news! Please click here to view the spreadsheet.

You cannot edit the spreadsheet yourself, so please comment here with your zip code or country when you have paid. Please pay the blue column if you are in the USA and green if you are not.

Payments are due within 48 hours or negative feedback can be left. I cannot afford to cover you, so pay please.

Please send all payments to cynthiaaluke @ gmail.com and remember to include your username and Battrio GA of Awesome Payment #1 in the message!

(no subject)

Hey guys!

I'm going to be posting pics of my Cubchoo collection within hopefully the next week, I'm just waiting for one last item to come through.

I still have some rare cards, some games and a couple of styluses in my sales post, check them out if you're interested.

Also I had a really great time with everyone who was at the comm meetup at MCM Expo in London. Thanks everyone for an awesome gathering! :)
Chillarmy Doll

Collection update of sorts? It's small. But price check? and Trades?! And so many inspirations!

Hiya luckies!~ :D Well. I went to my friends house today, and got some awesome stuff from her for free to say the least! :D I figured I could do a small update, sine it's so awesome and I re-did a very special shelf to me. (Along with a hammock my ferret used to have.)

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Thanks for reading guys! :D A lot of you inspire me! :D Hm. Imma say my biggest inspirations on here are denkimouse, miss_fuu_chan, anddd mellow_candy 

You guys are pretty. Darn. Awesome. Just saying. (And so is everyone else on here! )
un tsk un tsk

Reintroduction -- Collection Update -- Sales!

Hello my favorite group of people everrr. ♥

I'm seriously overdue for an update, and my excuse of, "I'll just wait until everything comes in" just doesn't work, because I just KEEP buying more and more amazing thing. So now that I'm settled comfortably in front of my laptop, in bed, with all my pictures finally taken, my website well on it's way, I figured it was time to suck it up and just POST ALREADY. SO, for our newcomers....

I am Ariane, I'm a 19 year old french-canadian girl from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada~  I just finished my 2 year program in 3D Animation in a college in Ottawa! Woohoo! I'm graduating! My dream is to become a concept artist or 3D modeller in the video game world (or in my fantasy world, a prop-maker). But right now, I'm just enjoying my summer. Like most members here, I've been collecting since my childhood, as I grew up in Pokemon's prime time, so I'll save you the blabla on that. I hardcore collect Zorua, which is my most complete collection. But I also collect fairly intensely the eeveelutions. As side collections, I have human characters, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Vulpix, Growlithe, Buizel, Lugia, Raichu, MWT Jakk's Plush, cute plush in general, and I'd like to start collecting Mincinno and Emolga. I started collecting around the time I joined, a little over a year ago, led here by Gin's site. It was her Raichu collection that made me fall in love with seeing such complete collections and such rare obscure items for something as simple as a game I used to play as a kid. Thanks Gin, because of you, I've discovered all this! ♥

So without further ado...

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OMG OKAY THAT'S IT FOR NOW, I've been typing for a couple hours! If you want closeups of anything, MOST things are up on my collection website; www.aeriesykatoys.weebly.com but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Also, something else I've been working on tonight, my sales post! The PLEASE GET THIS STUFF OUTTA MY CLOSET SALES:


Thank you so much for reading, for selling to me, for being there, supporting, selling and being the amazing people you all are. I wish I could meet you all and give you big hugs! <33 Goodnight!