June 2nd, 2011

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Questions about a couple of GA's

 Hey fellow pokemon collectors! So I was looking through my receipts for the stuff i bought through here, and I noticed that a lot of stuff is missing. I'm hoping to get some of it clarified through this post. I'm missing things from these GAs:

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Also, to anyone I owe payments to, I'll have them in by Sunday. I've been strapped for cash unexpectedly due to car troubles :C

And if you want to help me w/ my cash flow then here's my Sales here! :D

'not an emergency' sales!

hi community! as a contrast to the common 'emergency sale' titles, this is my 'not an emergency [but because it's the holidays and i'm free]' sales! =D items on sale include MPC/Banpresto plushes, kids (with some updated stock like the ever-popular Umbreon and Glaceon), TFGs, Chous, charms, papercraft, and a myriad of flats such as clearfiles, glow-in-the-dark stickers, Christmas cards and Ensky Crystal Puzzles! there are some items on discount, look for the 'larvitar-green' font! XD click the banner to proceed.

thanks for reading, and may the rest of your week be great!
Pokeball Sandshrew

Pokemon stationary set?

My boyfriend has this adorable Pokemon stationary set and I was wondering what it was / where it's from and if anyone knows where we could get another?

They're basically just items in the shape of Pokemon. There's a Poliwhirl tape measure, a Jigglypuff tape dispenser and a Bulbasaur pencil sharpener. I'd take pictures, but I'm not at home. Anyone see this before? Thanks!
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Offer Reminder and a DX Tomy Question

Hey there! Offers for the 1st edition Judge TFG and Pearl Eevee TFGs (one of them still has no offer!) will end tomorrow night, Friday 9 PM (Philippines time). I also have a small Cyndaquil Banpresto plush for offers.


Click here or click the banner below.

Also a question regarding DX Tomys, does anyone here know how many are there? I've recently developed a love for them and I'm trying to hunt down the vintage ones before buying the recent BW ones. Pictures would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks so much guys!
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Regarding Pokedoll tags...

 Just a small question I have here... Do creases in the Pokedoll tags lower its value, or doesn't it matter that much? I was thinking about buying a Ho-Oh Pokedoll, but it does have a crease in its tag, so I'm not entirely sure :/
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Re-introduction + Pricing Questions

Hello everyone! I'm Cristina, and I don't think many people know that. I'm a collector of Lugia, Raikou, and Mew. I've been on the community for a little over 2 years now, but I'm not a heavy poster and do a lot more lurking than interacting xD I'm a college student, and often very busy, so I usually only get the time to skim the daily posts, if even that. But summer is here now, and I plan on being a bit more active! I thought now would be a good time to re-introduce myself, and my collection, especially because... I finally got a suitable place to display my collection! 

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Also, I'm not sure if this is allowed, but: I applied for sales permission about 2 weeks ago, and I'm preparing my sales post for if/when I get accepted. The problem is, I have NO idea what to price anything. I've uploaded photos of everything on my photobucket, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what some of these things go for, and what would be fair? I don't want to end up over pricing things, but I also don't want to underprice anything either. The images are found here: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v249/TrippedOut/poke%20sales/

Anyways, thanks guys, and I hope you enjoyed my collection! :D

emergency sales!

Greetings Pokemon Collectors! Katsu here with a small emergency! sales post.

-I have pets! Please be aware of this, especially if allergies are a concern.
-Paypal only! All fees/shipping determined with online calculators- any mistakes will be remedied with refunds! All items shipped from the US within 1-2 weeks, depending on transportation circumstances.
-Please include username and item(s) when sending payment.

Purrloin Pokecen plush- $20
(has tush tag attached; hang tag included but not attached)
Glameow Halloween UFO plush- $15
(has both tags attached)
Espeon Halloween UFO plush- $30
(has both tags attached)

All items are in pristine condition.
Thanks for looking!


This has SUCH a variety of things!!! CHECK IT OUT! (including the 1/1 Mijumaru plush, Japanese B/W Pokedolls, kids, etc.) anddd LOTSA FREEBIES :D

Unfortunately, I have to cut down my collection due to financial things :(. I need money and need to get all these guys out to good homes.

Things to remember:
- I accept Paypal only.
- Please include username and item(s) when sending payment so it's easier to sort everything out.
- And please don't express interest but then never ever respond again, just let me know what your final decision is :)
- I will only hold certain items when ASKED to hold them.

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Oshawott compleate collection !

I've finally desided to start my collection, Oshawott; my Oshawott colpleate collection! :D I'm trying to find out what Oshawott merch is out thare; I'm looking for anything all I have is a banpresto plush and american merch :c Oshawott has tons of merch so far, and alot of small things on rankuten noone seems to be selling on ebay (can't use it, don't have a credit card) anyone know the best way I should do this? Is thare a site for each band I should use like for banpresto, takara? My wants list is too huge to post here (so many things on hardrockpokemon and rankuten) but throw me your Ohsawotts :D I'm doing trades too, so anything in my collection I'll probably trade: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/8906200.html Main things I'm looking for are plushies,figures, japanes merch, I have all the jakks ;w; If you have any Oshawott merch collection, show me! I'd love to see your otters :3 I'm looking for:
Reshiram, 5th gen pokemon
1st gen pokemon
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Wanted - Marill Pokedoll! Willing to pay well!

So im looking for a Marill Pokedoll,
If anyone has anything to offer let me know how much you are willing to sell it for!
I am just wondering if I can get a better deal then on Ebay! shipping something that small for 35$ are you kidding me?

Please help me out everyone!

This is one of my 10 Grails!

I now have 5/10 of my Grail gets <333
Pokemon- Tug tug

Naked phone

Okay, so I just got iPhone 4 and well got a free case for it that I really dislike (okay its better than the rest of the ones they had, but anyway) I saw this on ebay

Can someone help me find where I can buy it or sell me one if you have it? The one on ebay I found (and its the only one there it looks like) take a long time to ship (I am moving soon so I can't ship it to where I am right now).

Help a girl out?

Nevermind! I just found out that it will only fit the AT&T iPhone, not the Verizon one that I have :I Oh wells... Thanks for the help tho!
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Hey everybody, Like my canvas plush i've decided not to collect Pokedolls, i keep straying from the path of my main collections! So i really want to focus on them! So click the link under the banner to see whats available!


Also remember this GA?

WE WON! We raised what was asked by crimson_angel02 But we ended up raising way more, so discounts all round people!

**The Spreadsheet cannot be edited, so please reply to this post once you've sent payment!

Payment can be sent to ccstangfan2 @ yahoo.com, remember to mark your LJ user & GA Name in the Paypal comments box!

Thanks for taking part guys!
Galvantula and Joltik

Super large multipurpose post

 Large multipurpose post with 2 GA reminders, Torchic pokedoll, and pan stickers!

First to a reminder to Jedi's GA!

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Next GA you have to pay is rainyan's GA!

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And next, I have a European Torchic pokedoll for ANY offers:

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Next up, I am selling all the leftover pan stickers (I have counted 110) for 40$ shipped OBO anywhere in the world!!! If you want singles, I might consider selling them too! 
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Thank you for reading guys! :)

Latias Pokedoll Pricing Question...

While I haven't received sales permission (I don't have really anything to sell lol!), I do have a question concerning one of my older items.

I have a Latias Pokedoll who is in pristine condition... other than missing her tag, d'oh. I know having no tag severely brings down her value, even though I can say that I've been the only owner and I bought her from the Pokemon Center when it was originally online and available to the US.
So what would her actual worth be? She will need a new home at some point, I will eb moving soon and simply don't have the room for all of my stuff anymore.
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Default Steff

Just a collection update now ; D

I love you all...~ *__* I honestly can't imagine how boring my life would be...without the constant fear of missing sales post, having cute Pokedolls sitting on my shelf, and what not haha _ A_; I don't want to think about it /sob ... But yeah, I'm really grateful for this community!! Everyone that I've bought from have been really nice!! So thank you all for being patient with me _ w _!! I've been here for like, two months, maybe? And everyday, as soon as I come home or wake up, I'd check the community for sales post. I am so obsessed... OTL!!!!

Anyway! My collection update haha~

So... this was my "collection" of pokemon plushies, if you could even call it that, before I joined the community haha = w= ...

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So that brings me to another topic!

I have a question about the ebay seller, garfield0709. The person's located in Guangdong, China, and I know that, unfortunately, many of the plushies sold in HK/China are bootlegs or rejects... But this person's Shaymin is soooo adorable ; A ;... it looks legit to me, though it's missing its hangtag... well, anyway, my point being is that since I'm still a newbie collector, I'm not good at telling what's official aside from pokedolls OTL.

So if anyone has any information about this seller, and whether his things are legit or not, etc, please tell me * A* !!! ... I really want that Shaymin, like, asap as soon as Canada Post gets back to normal sobbbb!!

hehehe, thanks for everyone for helping me with this : ) Really appreciate it!!!

Anyway, thanks for reading haha : D... sorry my post isn't as entertaining as other people's OTL!!!!
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May updates + Fanime stuffs!!

Grrrr I've been getting issues with making my entry enough as it is! Sorry about posting and deleting so many times (if anyone noticed).
Rich Text REALLY doesn't like you cutting and pasting usernames (but I like giving credit...) So, after my fail post since Cut didn't want to cut the whole thing for whatever reason, is that I'll just link to my Journal entry of the same thing^^ (I've worked on it for hours and it won't let me take a break v_v...)
So, let's get on with this >_>

I've been on a roll with my collection! Sadly, my bank account is making me slow down^^ Well, here's my grabs for May, including my Fanime gets^^

Cut- oh right, cut failed me... Click the link to see tons of pics and lots of ramblings of a fellow collector^^

711 Lotto Prizes + Kids Info into October!!


Bandai has announced a 15th Anniversary Campaign where you can be one of 1000 people to win a special Pikachu kid. Cool, but what's cooler? How about PokeKids set info into October? And that's not all... these aren't all ordinary kids sets.

June (next week actually!): Dewott Set
July: Pokemon Kids, Movie Edition (confirmed! no set list yet)
August: Samurott Set (set list can be see on info tag)
September: Pokemon Kids Special -- each kid in this set will come with a new matching TCG card. HOW COOL!!!! (but no set list yet!)
October: Serperior Set (no set list yet either!)



Looking for a movie kids setlist, I found something even nicer. No photos yet, but sometime this month we ought to have them...

Prize 2: Pop-up Toaster (...well ok)
Prize 3: Black Plush (2 kinds, probably Victini/Zekrom)
Prize 4: Shoulder Pouch (2 kinds)
Prize 5: Clearfile (3 kinds)
Prize 6: Glass Cup (3 kinds)

Prize 2: Pokeball Cushion
Prize 3: White Plush (2 kinds, probably Victini/Reshiram)
Prize 4: Hand Towel (2 kinds)
Prize 5: Note and Memopad (3 kinds)
Prize 6: Reflector Strap (4 kinds)

On this list it also says "Last one (1 kind)". Nooooo idea what that means! :D

Anyway be on the lookout for pics of these prizes -- I am really really excited since this is an electric type's first ever First Prize Lotto Figure!!

Last but not least...
Banpresto's Movie Goods Site is up!

Keep an eye on this site for whenever they update with July and August's movie goods! As this set of plush proves, Banpresto does NOT reveal all its goods in those toy fairs... only a few teasers :)

How fun is movie time, guys!
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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(no subject)

Hey, anyone going to the Nationals tournament on Saturday in GA? :) It's less than 5 minutes from where the mall tour was held a few months ago, extremely close!

I'll probably be doing my gym leader thing- fight with me in HG/SS for the Fang Badge. :D Sorry I'm not using Black and White for this, I'm reticent to transfer my guys over quite yet... not til I can get duplicates of their hold items in the new games! And I haven't even beaten Black yet... augh this is going to be really pathetic! But that's okay, I'm mostly going to geek out, and to learn about the new gen in competitive combat... I am at level zero in the new games. ;_;

ALSO if you buy stuff from my sales post, I can deliver it in person at Nationals too, just ask! Here is that sales link again: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9014106.html

And here's some things I've been wanting to show off but kept forgetting!
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(Pokemon) Pachi costume
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June watercolor auctions and update + twins!

Hi community! :D

It's a new month again, so I am opening new slots for watercolor arts! Under the cut you will see my completed commissions from last month, as well as a progress shot for the digital commissions/keychains (which are actually done XD)!

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Edit: Derp I forgot to post this picture. XD May keychains update! Commissions for these are also open, Click here to be transported to the keychain commissions page!


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Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

My super ultimate collection-life goal :O (Also Wants List yet again XD)

 Well I've thought about this quite some time, where I'm actually going with my collection... This sure wasn't an easy task, since most people collect a few of their favorite Pokemon, but I just like way too many to do that.>.< Also many of those Iike never got any pretty plushes. So I've thought about the best thing I could settle with, and the result is...

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Ack, sorry to keep asking! D:

 I'm getting more and more into this as the days go by, lol :P

So. I'm moving into my own place soon (huzzah!).
But, as crazy as this sounds, I'd love to find some really cutesy pokemon decor for my room. Like... fabrics, posters, dishware, clocks, etc....

1. anyone know where i can get these?
2. what is available?
3. what has tepig?!

tepig = new love. goes with vaporeon. <3

as a side note, found my 1st edition holo vaporeon from way way back, squeed, and fell over a box. that was my day. :D
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