June 3rd, 2011

Is anyone doing pickups?

.....At the Nintendo World Store, Mitsukoshi or elsewhere? I just saw a post about the stock of Pokedolls and if anyone could help me get any of the following that'd be awesome:

I could pay (or trade if you have one in hand and would accept) today or tomorrow. :D

Thanks, guys!!!
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pokabus + watercolors

The other day I got the cutest little Pokabu from kyraiee , thanks again! He's the banpresto keychain! ISN'T HE ADORABLE? Look at that little face. His feets! His ear thingies! His tail! OK, I guess you can't see his tail...but trust me, it is the cutest thing. His name is Baby! 

And that's Grumpy the reversible Tepig. After I reversed him too much, his velcro started losing its stickiness so I gave him a bandana to keep it together. XD Nevermind there are pawprints on the bandanna. Seen from far away, we can all pretend it's one of those polka-dotted pirate ones.

I was going to save these guys for a bigger post I have planned, later in the month, buuut I think Pokabus need more love! So they get a post of their own. <33

Here's another picture of Baby. He fits into the palm of my hand!
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Anyway~~ on to business I guess! Let's see...all foam customs have been finished and *shipped* as of this Tuesday! I've notified all my commissioners by now, I'm sure. I'll open up foam slots at a later date...for now, I want to try something new! Watercolor cutouts!

These are laminated cutouts drawn with ink, prisma watercolors and prisma colored pencils! They will have just the black border like Gabite, unless you request the white border, it depends on what look you like. I can do trainers! Original trainers! Original anythings! Pokemon! More than one Pokemon! But please don't ask for, like, 5 in one. XD Whatever you want as long as it's under, say, PG-13, lol.

I'm asking $12 SHIPPED anywhere on planet earth for one cutout! Just comment if you want a slot! I will stop taking slots when I feel it's enough. Probably be 3 or 4. I'm not sure how many to take right now because I'm partly gauging interest and they DO take me awhile to make, I'm very careful with these and I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to coloring...

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Thanks for reading you guys! ILU, and as soon as all my things arrive I'm gonna make a collection post which I'm really excited about, if you couldn't already tell. ~IT'S GONNA HAVE EXCADRILLS. XD


Wanted - Marill and Lugia Pokedolls <3

Why is Shipping so much D=
I was giving a link to a Marill but the shipping was more then the plush itself!

Also if anyone is selling a Marill or Lugia Pokedoll please contact me asap <3333

I got my Whimsicott and Cottonee Pokedolls in the mail =D and couldn't love them more!!! <3

I really recommend both of them, they are just the cutest things!
Teenie Beanie, Umbreon

Introduction & Collection

 Hi everyone ^.^
Some of you may know me from DeviantArt, as TheHarley, creator of many various Pokemon crafts (like my teenie beanie eeveelutions, other amigurumi, needle feltings...etc). For those of you who don't, I'd just like to introduce myself. My name is Harley, yes it's my real name, and I'm a college student studying Biology in South Carolina (in Southeastern US). I'm a bit of a Pokemon addict, I just love making things Pokemon related lol. (my userpic-the shiny Umbreon- is one of my many creations ^^)

As far as collecting goes, I like all Pokemon, but Umbreon is the apple of my eye. When I see anything Umbreon, I MUST HAVE IT. Most of my collection is custom work (because Umbreon merchandise is hard to find around here, a little expensive, and I'm a poor college student).

And now, pictures!

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OP_Riolu [best combo]
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A couple of gets + trades + wants and stuff :)

Some gets!

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Correct me if I'm wrong - I gathered that I need 10 feedbacks to trade, even without sales permission? If so, I'm still waiting for the latter, but I'm good to go with trades! :)

Speaking of which, tyltalis are you still interested in trading Altarias? :D

Lastly, a minor want. Collapse )

And I seem to have lost track of a GA I participated in :c I won a canvas Shinx for about 8$, please let me know if I owe you shipping for it! Because I'm pretty sure I haven't paid it yet.

The Pokedoll Tag and Fabric Database!~

Hey all!~

I'm currently working hard at making a wiki all about Pokedolls, but thought I'd share something early before the wiki goes live! I've been noticing lately in comments that there have been quite a few people asking about fabric/tags of pokedolls, so I thought this might be useful to the community ^_^ 

The speadsheet after the link lists every Pokedoll that has ever been released, (as well as a few that aren't out yet!), along with the fabrics they were made in, and hang tags they have. I thought it would be useful in case people want to look up which dolls are available in Minky, or with a Pokedoll art tag!

The spreadsheet looks like this (click to make it readable!):

Please note that since the spreadsheet is based on my collection and information I've collected online from archives, that I may have missed something  - if you have a doll that has a tag I haven't listed, or was made in an earlier year - please let me know, and I'll update! ^_^ <3

The full spreadsheet can be seen here! --->   tinyurl.com/pokedoll-database       
I hope that people find it useful!~

My wesbite, Amity Square (www.amitysquare.co.uk) will be getting an update this week too! :D

Happy Collecting Everyone!
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Need help from U.S. or Canada!

 So I've been looking for the 10th anniversary Chikorita Pokedoll, and actually managed to find one... But the shop only ships to the U.S. and Canada>___< So I wanted to ask whether one of you would buy it for me(I'd pay the money on paypal in advance + a 10$ fee for the inconveniences) or not. I'd love whoever would do this for me!
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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Nintendo World Pokedoll and Pokecen Pickups!

Hey guys! It's been a while since I did one of these! I'll be in NYC tommorrow so I figured I would offer you guys a Pokedoll/Pokecenter run!



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♥ S P O T S ♥
nasija - Oshawott - PAID
dreamaria DX Turtwig - PAID
bunglebearz - Ho-oh - PAID
cheeseyspoot - Gira ALT - PAID
crasholina - Piplup - PAID
dark_tyranitar DX Piplup if they are old tags
starscream8Elekid and pachirisu
olesiio Elekid, Shaymin (land), Mew, Piplup - PAID
→ (open)
→ (open)

I was also can prolly grab more of these! :D

Black and White 4-koma Full color manga~ $25.00 (+Shipping)~!
Super cute gag comics each featuring one or more B&W 'mons~!
Japanese Language 350+ pages!
Only 21 (temp on hold!) Available!
I might be able to grab a small handful more tomorrow (they had 2-3 left) while I head into the city if serious buyers are interested~ ^^
Book Samples

Kay! I think that covers it! Thanks for looking!!
[Pokemon] Kangastar
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Tin Trading!!

Zen got some new gets today in the mail!! Who could it be? Including a small photo story!
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So here's where our lovely community comes into play! I figured I could start a Tin Trading post! Meaning if you bought a tin and didn't end up with the one you wanted, find someone here to trade with!! It's simple! Leave a comment below with the tin(s) you are offering for trade and what tins you are looking for! Then, after we get some bites, check the list below the cut to see if anyone would want to trade with you!

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Good luck! I think this could be really fun :D

Kinda urgent wants, and gauging interest!

 Soooooo,a friends birthday is coming up in about a month, and there are a few Black/White plushies she said she would like. :3 I don't want to spend a fortune, but I wana get her one or two, so I thought the comm would be the best place to look for them!
Here they are: (I know she wants an Oshawott pokedoll most. The other 4 are a tie.)

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Any help getting these would be much appreciated!!

And now, I'd like to gauge some interest in something.
If I offered custom Pokemon coasters would anyone be interested??
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Offers + PleaseTakeThisStuffOutOfMyRoom


First of all, these guys here are up for offers! Offers ends on Monday, and I'm not including shipping on the prices.

Jirachi starts at $10
Plusle starts at $20
Deoxys starts at $10

Plusle and Jirachi have some dirty things on their fur that should go away with a wash. Deoxys has something oh his eye, should go with a magic eraser I guess.
Plusle and Jirachi have tags, Jirachi has his bag thingie. Plusle tag is damaged, though.

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Also, I have ~~~~SALES~~~~ and I really need room so please take this stuff out of my room. They are cheap, you can haggle and I ship quickly. There are some amazing offers and a bunch of "buy this and get this for free" with it. I would be more than happy to combine shipping from the offers with the sales.

And yeah! I hope it's okay posting again like this, I deleted my old post. Sorry "orz
purple, lampent, litwick, shandera

"Lots" of Sales!

Hello everyone! Quick sales and shipping update~

Everything's been sent out except for a few items that will be going out to the post office early next week, been having trouble getting to the post office from the weather. ]: Anyway if you're missing anything that you got from a GA it's probably because you haven't sent a payment yet! Most recent GA was the Kaoria ga and the spreadsheet/info can be viewed here; Click me!

A-kon is coming up and I really need some extra cash! Have some items I wasn't looking to get rid of and some really cheap lots below the cut. Happy shopping!

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June Sculpture + Art card Commissions + GA

I can do more now ;___; And quickly at that!

So here is my June customs post. This month I am only doing sculpture commissions, and limited time only black pen art cards.

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And here is a GA I'm running for a collection of items Mizuhokusanagi is selling!
I forgot to put a Questions thread up :( So just comment any questions you have!


Ash and Infernape

Birthday Sales, Cheap BW Jakks, Poor Lost Pokemon, and Folders

First off, question: Was a clear file ever made of the Pokemon Center Chimchar bag? And if so, is anybody selling it (or even better, willing to trade for it?) Thanks!

Second, today is my Birthday, but YOU'RE the one getting the goodies! Prices have been reduced on Pokemon figurines and plush at Time Gear Sales, and some more Black/White stuff has been added, and almost every plush is now only $12!

Also, I've been saving boxes when I receive something in the mail, which means I have free boxes, which means the savings gets passed to you! :D

So come check out timegearsales !

I have a special offer that isn't in the shop yet after the cut, courtesy of Target. How would you like a BW Jakks figure for 7$ shipped?
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And last off: A funny thing happened on the way home involving rescuing a Porygon.

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pokemon: mamo!


Hey everyone!

I have alll these papercrafts and papercraft books up for sale in a lot! I would sell these individually, but I'm super busy the next couple weeks, and I need the cash. :(

One thing to note is that there are quite a lot of Pokemon missing! So please don't buy these expecting Eeveelutions or Raichu or anything like that. But there is still a lot of good ones in there! I'll check for any Pokemon that might sway your decision if you're interested in buying, but please don't ask if you can buy it separately.

I'm asking $45 shipped in the US for the whole thing. I'm not interested in shipping this internationally at the moment. :(



First, I'm about to end offers on this little guy so get them in now!

Currently at $60

Second, remember this GA? Well the shipping invoice came in! I have to get the spreadsheet ready so look for it soon!

This will be Payment 2 of 3 :D The total was like $62 >.> I'll have a screen shot of the total for ya guys as well! I'm waiting for the yen rate to go back up before I pay for it! *crosses fingers*

Second!...or Third for those keeping track, I bring you a group buy that rocket_chick found for us!
All must be claimed or we lose :(
The set is $49 and the shipping is $10 which is $59 total (duh)
So you will pay $9.83 per item
There will be 2 payments. 1 to ship to me/item and one for me to ship it to you!



Fourth, everything has been shipped if paid in full! So you should all get them shortly :3
Fifth, I have new sales!

Another Battrio GA

Hello everyone, I'm back with another Battrio GA, but first things first, I need payments from zoroarcade and shastina4ever  for the first Battrio GA. Click here for your totals and please send payment to cynthiaaluke @ gmail.com and include that it's from Battrio GA #1 and it's payment #1 and include who you are.

EDITED: A quick note to the people from the first GA, the lots have been paid for and will be on the way in the next couple of days. Should be 3 - 7 days after it's shipped before it gets here!

I will be doing everything and you can combine shipping with the previous one if you would like. :)

I'm claiming 1 torchic, pikachu, pichu, chikorita, 1 turtwig, 1 pachirisu, bulbasaur, piplup at $8

Everything starts at $0.50 each. Please bid in increments of $0.50 or more.

No sniping. Bidding ends Friday, June 10th at 8pm EST.

I'll add more pictures in a few minutes, I wanted to get this up first.

Please wait til all threads are up to bid. Thanks. All threads are up. Bid away. :)

EDIT: Sadly someone BIN'd before we could. The last two by the same seller sat around for awhile, so I was hoping this would too until we could raise the money necessary.


my god, it's full of news.

and zebras.

MPC movie set B (july)

MPC movie set C (also july)

notice rankurusu is missing tho he was in the case with the others, and is also a movie star. he's been replaced by angry victini, who was not in any previews at all (regular victini is in july's usual lineup). daburan was also missing from set eight in the last prize fair, replaced by tynamo. why are the green blobs being replaced? possibly their shiny plastic coating was getting negative reactions or was too difficult to mass produce? i don't think it's a coincidence two pokemon have vanished from these lineups and they are both of that line, and both promised to have (kind of ugly/awkward looking) plastic wrap shells.

july's regular six pokemon MPC lineup... featuring the only two non-unova pokemon in the MPC line so far!

August Pokemon Kids Set

pkmn; snubbull &amp; friends

Treating Myself To A Graduation Present!

Hey guys! I just graduated from high school on Wednesday, so I thought I'd treat myself to some goodies :D I'm currently looking for lots of random merch from lots of random Pokemon, and I'm working on new collections!

So if you guys have any merch of Drowzee/Hypno, Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam, Snubbull/Granbull, Bidoof/Bibarel, Miltank or Spoink/Grumpig, and also if you have some cheap TFG figures you'd like to get rid of, please point me in your direction! :3 Please don't be offended if I don't buy anything from you-- I'm trying not to go overboard, but I'd still like to know what's available and I love to browse!

Thanks! :D

Pokemon Salesness

I've moved into the new apartment but unfortunately my old landlord charged me rent for this month (despite my inability to get into my old apartment) and I have about £30 to last me for a week (not including electric costs X_X). So my money woes are far from over. I gotta spend my next day off getting help on getting my money back..and my deposit.

This is the last of my Pokemon collection. I have some shirts, some lots with charms and stylus and little plushies.

I ship from the UK.

Due to being still broke I'll consider any reasonable offers.


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GA#10 by couchpotatonet

GA#10 by couchpotatonet


found an auction with a few v-trainers.  Houndoom anyone?

3 days for this auction.


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You can bid as I create threads, Thanks.

 Okay, all threads up. Bid away.
Canceled due to lack of interest.

swizzie, anthro

Finally an intro! :D

Well I've been lurking here for abouuut 4 or 5 months and finally decided (and had enough free time) to make myself an intro :]
I'm Cassie, or Cassuchu as my friends like to call me, and obviously an avid 'chu collector.
I first got into Pokemon as soon as the games were starting to be advertised in America when I was 9 or 10. I got Pokemon Blue and a clear purple Gameboy color and the obsession was complete. I took that game with me everywhere and even traded Pokemons at school. I sort of started collecting then but not seriously xD Most of the stuff I got were toys and cards and were heavily played with. I also got Silver when it came out and played through it too.
I took a short hiatus from Pokemon during middle school and the beginning of high school. People made fun of me so much that I liked it that I stopped and missed out on the 3rd gen. :[ But in high school I got readdicted and got a DS and played Diamond and Pearl and its been all Pokemon all the time again for the past 5 years :D

I mostly collect Pikachus, with little side collections of Mijumaru and Zorua/Zoroark. My favorite type is electric <3 followed closely by water.

So I'll show you guys my humble collection, most of it OG Pokemon stuff from the 90s haha.
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Thanks for looking guys! :} Nice to meet you all~