June 5th, 2011


Glameow TCG? // Card Trades

Hi! ^^

Tonight I'm posting looking for a particular TCG card. I recently discovered I'm only missing one Glameow card...which just happens to be my favorite of the Glameow cards. lol. I know where I can get one for $5 with 15 random cards, but I'd rather not spend that much money. I'd actually prefer to trade instead of buy this card....if possible.

So, does anyone have this card in mint/near mint condition they'd be willing to trade -

OH! (almost forgot), I'm also looking for a the Mew TCG Coin (I think it came with some kind of Mew deck set or something). So if someone has one of those for sale/trade, please let me know. :D

I have all the cards pictured here for trade (except a handful which have already been traded) - http://www.hemplan.org/users/Risha/ftp/TEMPORARY/ Along with some I got more recently that have not been photographed yet. I also have a few ultra rare (prime, lvl x, etc cards), but I wouldn't want to trade those for Glameow...those might be available for some of the wishlist cards below).

Along with the Glameow, I'm also willing to trade for the cards in this file (this is a little bit outdated, I probably have about 5-10 of the approximately 100-200 cards pictured (lol)) - http://www.hemplan.org/users/Risha/ftp/Card%20Wishlist%20Images/

Thanks for looking!
Pokemon Time Farfetch'D

So I Return from Toys n Joys (both stores)

So many choices, yet not enough! Their Sonic section is severely lacking (though not as bad as other stores tend to be hahaha). But anyway I did get the Werehog plush from the smaller store. Unfortunately it was $10 more than what I am willing to pay for one (and not being I'm super cheap, it was legitimately over suggested retail price), so I may either return it or sell it to a friend. Returning is hard to do since it's only by chance that I was able to go to Toys n Joys at all @__@; But anyway here's a picture of my little raid:

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And remember that I said that I may fix up my Dialga plushie and turn him into Primal Dialga? No? Oh well, here's the WIP:

Hope you enjoy this raid report brought to you by SEGAMew! Oh and I'm still looking for many Leek Duck things!
ZEKROM dun dun dun

the beauty of N

Wow!! The Pokemon Center was completely mobbed yesterday! I had no idea. I arrived at the usual time to find a line wrapped around the building. Inside the Sugimori Art goods had such a tightly packed wall of humanity around them you could not access them no sir no how!! I did manage to get everyone's clearfiles though! :D And it was overall okay because the rest of the store wasn't packed at all XD

So what do you think it was? I can't figure it out myself -- Sugimori art being so beloved, or N being such a popular character (as most of the goods featured N). Combo of both? For sure. But here are some numbers from others at the Center: the framed collectible art was sold out within 20 minutes of the Center opening, and the clearfile set was gone by noon -- a new record!?

Part of my own haul! I love this stuff.

I also have some new goodies in Sunyshore!

Those badges are called "Pokemon WithU" and the proceeds go towards Japan's tsunami and earthquake victims. As such I have listed them shelf price without any commission fees, so please enjoy!

Last but not least PEEPS IN LA!!

We will still be doing a meetup on June 21st! After some research with LA PKMNcollectors, we think maybe the Arcadia mall where the B/W Mall Tour was held might be a good place to meet -- what do you all think? You know better than I. After some more opinions are gathered we can make a formal meeting place and time :D

GA Multi-Post

GA#9 by couchpotatonet


I have extended the end time of this GA till 5pm CST

GA#10 by couchpotatonet


Ends - Monday, June 6th @ 12 am (Midnight) CST
We have had little to no interest in this auction.  Only 1 item has any bids and it is very low.

Since both of the above auctions seem like losses, how about a different GA?

GA#11 by couchpotatonet


2 days for this auction.


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Please wait while I create threads, Thanks.
Threads up, bid.
Sorry we lost. =(



Hello O: This is my Introduction -I really hope I don't mess up and sorry if I do-
I love collecting Pokemon merchandise I have tons of it and as soon as I get my camera I'll be posting awesome Pokemon stuff -I am waiting for plushes to come and I hope to post them-
Sorry about that and please bare with me. xD
But here's random facts about you that seem import to know me:
Names: Misty
Favorite Pokemon: ρσℓιωαg and piplup
and I am crazlyly random

Bye I guess for now anyway O:
-I really hope I didn't mess up-
and thanks for the help WT =D
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Offers Reminder + Sales + Group Buy

Another three in one post. I'm sorry for posting so much these days, but I need to get all this done before going back to Brazil (〃´・ω・`)ゞ

--Offers are over :D-

Also, sales! I really really need everything out asap, so, I decided that I will cover the shipping fees a bit. 
So a regular small parcel to the US will be $6.

And, now, last part! I am hosting two GBs!

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Hey there guys! Payment 2 is on now! Please send $2 for my PayPal account! <3


Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

(no subject)

I finally got around to going through the settei lots I have, organizing and photographing them for sale~

Only problem is that before I can ship I need to purchase some special shipping supplies for these so they arrive safely. I am going to do my best to get the supplies in and ship the settei before I leave for a couple weeks on June 17th, but if not I won't be able to ship until after I get back on July 6th.
Sales went over so well I've already purchased all the supplies. :D I should hopefully be able to ship by the end of this week or early next week depending on when stuff arrives.

That said, follow the link to my journal to check it out. :) I've got Black and White stuff, including Dento, Iris, and more! Some Zoroark movie stuff including a ton of really pretty background art, and lots of other random Pokemon.

I'm also going to try to get a Swadloon plush done for auction this week but I can't combine anything with settei since I'd be afraid of them getting damaged.

Small sales again!

-I ship from the US to anywhere
-I ship 4 days to one week after receiving payment, in order to allow time for the money to transfer into my account.
- Pet friendly but smoke free home
- $1 may be added to your shipping total in order for me to buy a mailer, if needed.
- I am open to haggling!

(art by dragonbeak )

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Shipping update: All orders from my last post are in the process of being shipped!

Photostory and uses for tin

So this week I received a box from Sunyshore.
I also saved a poor Meowth from a lifetime of being stuck on a shelf at a comic book store (he would have been there forever; his companions were mostly pokemon beanies in dreadful condition at rip-off prices; and no; I couldn't save them as well!)

So Meowth came back to my house with a friend.

First of all they needed to get out of the bag:
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New Gets~!!

 So I had a package show up on Friday (that ended up buried under some stuff due to house reconstruction)~and when I opened it today I saw THESE GAIZ:: 

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I DO HAVE ONE WANT-- Does anyone have a clear Kyogre tomy? I had one, but one of my dogs got his little teeth on it and decided to carve him a new face -.-;;;; So any help on that would be great!

Also a reminder-- for my offers/auction post. Most of these guys are still at a low, or starting price!! I plan to take offers through June 11th,  and would be more than willing to work out a payment plan or something XD

Hello again! Gets and sales!

First, here's my new gets!
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Everything from the last post I made has been shipped, except for the 3 people who paid after Friday.

Feedback- I am horrible at leaving it- especially after starting full time work in Japan. If you purchased from me and I have yet to leave feedback, please let me know! Likewise, you can leave feedback for me here in sarahs4sale.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo  on 3/17/1

Bonus: special deal
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Halp! Looking for...

 So, as it turns out, I may have a wee bit of extra cash on hand after splurging... and not on a pokemon collection (I'm also a high quality designer name lover, and I just bought a Betsy Johnson handbag that was on sale and super rare... AND LEATHER MMM GOD I LOVE THE SMELL OF LEATHER MMMM)

...-cough.- anyways.

I'm looking for a... I believe he's the Super DX Sparkling Plush/ Best Wishes plush... He's 10-12" tall, and I'm looking for the Tepig. TEPIG YAAAAY

But I've found a couple for $30-35 with shipping, and I'm trying to see if anyone will part with theirs or knows of one for sale for a little less. I'm also trying to pay off my credit card at the moment, so every little bit counts.

Thanks guys! :D

PS. OH YES! New addition to collection: The Jakks Tepig figure :3 Yay!
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Sales and Auctions

So I have some sales and auctions again! Sadly life's taken an unexpected turn, and I need some extra cash, and need to relocate some of my collection. Please give it a look see. Hopefully you find something to your liking!



strawberry jolt

Mini birthday collection update :)))))

 Hi everyone! I have a small birthday update, since today is my birthday :)))))) Yay i'm officially 19! :D

I don't have much time since the night is waiting for me, aswell as my friends:)))))) I"ll have another collection update when my other gifts arrive, with a reintro post aswell :D

So onto gets :)))))
Little Zorua nicknamed Change:))) I adore him! Sooo cute and soft ^^ 
I will have a lot of change, since i got a year older and i'm going to university to Finland. Yup Finland XD But that's another story :D

So lets move on to my  growing side collection Sneasel.

The Jakks sneasel figure is new, but there is a repainted kid aswell :))) Also imagine a Sneasel pokemon time clearfile there. (i forgot to take a picture of it XD)
So little time so little post, but next time ^^

Thanks for reading! :))))
Bye Everyone :))))))

lugiaapproves!--by me

Looking to buy--Settei and Books

Ok so I'm looking for movie 2 settei. I have some of the inside of the Hikoukyuu (um...that's the airship), but I'm looking for more. Does anyone have any of Jirarudan himself, or of a height chart? I've seen shots of a height chart in a book, so I know there's one out there.

For that matter, that book. I'm not sure what it is, but I want it. If it's got production notes and internal schematics for the ship, I want it.

Other books I'm looking for are the English versions of Golden Boys and Phantom Thief Pokemon 7. They were translated in Singapore but not in North America.

Also, how do you tell that settei are legit? Ones used in actual production are still photocopies, so how do you tell which are real and which were copied after the fact?

Ebay Lot + Plush/Flats GA payment #2 + FLUFF

Firstly I'm weeding out some more items of my collection, I need some money for my mums birthday to treat her to dinner ;u;
I thought I would show it here on the comm too in case anyone was interested!


Secondly the Plush and Delicious Flats GA payment is due, shipping from them to me.
Don't worry Flats people, shipping will be very cheap from me to you xD
Heres the Spreadsheets for the FLATS and PLUSH lots.

Send all payments to WeedRose@hotmail.co.uk and make sure you include your LJ NAME and what GA you took part in!

And lastly, just so this post isn't too boring!

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