June 6th, 2011

looking for eeveelutions jakks

Hey theree

I'm collecting all eeveelutions TCG, I think I spammed that message here a couple of times (lol)
Now I got this Espeon Jakks figure (from the lovely zenity) and I want the set. There you go. I just love the Jakks, even though I hear they're not that popular (come'ooon they are moveable!!)

So now I'm looking for eevee, jolteon, flareon & vaporeon first,
second comes umbreon
third, leafeon and glaceon.

I suppose you could say the first four are more grail-like :3
(and yup I'm aware vaporeon has a shitty paint-job)

Someone here offered me vaporeon & umbreon (also owned leafeon + glaceon) for a good price but I can't remember who it was, if you read this, please let me know xD

Now, if anyone can help me by any of these that would make me very happy :D (and we all want that!)

Thanks guys!!!

Intro + wants!

Hello :)
I'm JohtoFire (CrazyKitteh25 from DA!) and I am obsessed with pokemon merch, especially plushies! I love cyndaquil, quilava and typhlosion the most, but also the lake guardians, and togekiss XD
As well as this, I need your plushes, pin badges, and other stuff! The only stuff I'm not really into are trading cards, stickers and erasers. (I think...)

So yeah, not much else to say, so I'll be off!

711 Lotto Prizes part 2!

To supplement the 7/11 movie lotto prize info, have some images now! Sorry they are so tiny, but better than nothing :)

The two top figure prizes, naturally! What cool bases! @_@

This V-Generate Victini plush (18 CM) will be awarded to 100 people total.

Remember that "Last One" Prize I wasn't sure about? Turns out if you buy the LAST lotto ticket at whichever 7/11 you are at, you automatically win this prize! There is only one, and it is a Pikachu holding a Victini Pokedoll -- specifically it says it's "A Victini Pokedoll, only available in Pokemon Centers...where did Pikachu get one?"

The second place regular prizes are a pop-up toaster for the Black Hero, and a Pokeball cushion for the White Hero. Yes-- the toaster toasts a Pikachu onto your toast. Seriously.

The third place regular prizes are plush! How cute!

There is also various other things -- clearfiles, glass cups, hand towels, keychains, the usual 7/11 movie lotto stuff, but the images were too tiny to be worth much. I plan to play the Black Hero lotto until I have that overdrive Zekrom figure in my lovin' arms, so there will be plenty of prizes for the community! :D

small moving sales!

I'm going to be moving at the end of the month, so unfortunately I am forced to sell some things to free up space. I have a few plush as well as some customs (sculptures and a painting) for sale and auction in my journal including but not limited to what's shown below.

Click any of the images to be teleported!
Zoro Derp

REMINDERS~! Turtwig oversized Pokedoll and my GA!

HEY GUYS. This auction is scheduled to end in about 12 hours from now at 11:59 EST tonight! Unfortunately, it's only about 1/3 to my goal... T_T There are many items without bids and even more at super low bids! I might consider extending the auction, but I really need to get this stuff outta my place ASAP, so I'd prefer it if you guys could GET THOSE BIDS IN! D:

EDIT: Thanks to the recent splurge of bids, you guys made it to half way!  Still pretty far though, so keep 'em coming! XD

ANOTHER EDIT:  The goal was not reached in time (made it to 2/3!!!) so I am extending the auction to this Wednesday, June 8th at 9 pm EST!  I will post about it again as soon as this post leaves the front page.....  To those of you who have items at rather low bids, if you truly want the item, I highly recommend bidding as high as you can in hopes to get this lot!

**Click here or the images to go to the auction post!**

Also, poor Oversized Turtwig has no offers... I'm doing pretty well here, aren't I? XD;;;

**Click here or the image to go to the offers post in my journal!**

Some sales and looking for some clipping figures, and snivy pokecen plush!

I have a few things I'd like to get rid of for some extra cash.

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Now, I am looking for some clipping figures I've recently decided I really want. I am mainly looking for the three B/W starters, but may consider the others.
Collapse )Also looking to buy a Snivy Pokemon Center Plush(:


Jessie Grace

I knew this day would come Pokemon Clearance Sale!!!!!

 Sooo guys im having a huge clear out im going to be auctioning three things here all starting at $10
1.1 Pichu, Jigglypuff Slippers and 20" Charmander "Play by Play"
also a link to my hugeee plush auction on ebay :D

Sales Permition Granted by Gin aka denkimouse on the 1st of Jan 2011
See under the cut for photos and rules!!
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Eeveelution Canvas

I'm looking to buy all of the Eeveelution Canvas Plush. It doesn't need to still have it's tag! I am new to using this and am trying to figure it out. I want to post my collection for you all to see but do not yet know how! However, I am interested in anything to do with Mew, Plusle and Minun, Kyogre, and the Eeveelutions! If you have something for sale that you'd think I'd like please don't hesitate to show me! :D Thanks

less than 22 hours for xxiiijamieiiixx GA




Countdown timer here:


Hello there! This is your official less than one day (22 hours as of this post) reminder that this GA will end at 6PM PDT TOMORROW. Keep the bids going everyone. =)

Expect payment post that same night as I have to go on a trip Wednesday morning. I will get back in touch with you all Friday evening! =) Take care everyone!


 Hiya everyone ^^

I am new to both livejournal and to pkmncollectors. I am Jan, or swadloon from deviantart (: I heard it's a really nice place here, so I look forward to meeting new friends and such :D I just finished my exam today so I think it should be a good time to do an introduction!

I am a big fan of Sewaddle and Swadloon! Looking forward to find out what everyone has on offer n_n 

I love sculpting, and I recently started to do so with Fimo polymer clay, it's so fun! I made a lot of pokemons XD These were my collection as of 25/5 :) A few of these were given to other people. Still a lot to learn! I failed so much at making complicated things... ;_;
I also draw, but they were pretty bad and it's not an art group so I am not posting ^^;

(I hope this is not against the rule, there are some non-pokemons here but most are pokemon ^^;)

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Farfetch'D Collection Thus Far

Click the image to go to the epic Leek Duck thread! Remember is is all the Farfetch'D related stuff I physically have with me in Hawaii. More to come in the next update ;)

Not shown: Farfetch'D pog Q__Q Can't believe I forgot that.

As a bonus, you can see the Farfetch'D related userpics I made so far right here!

Also, I'm looking for the person who sold me the stack of cards! I can't find you in my messages so I dunno who to give feedback to =(

Prices Lowered and Price Check Plz

I have lots of old school plushes up for 1$ please take them! away I also lowered lots of the prices of the plushes mainly jakks plushes and b/w TRU Plush aswell.If you purchased from me before all packages were shipped out last week and you should be getting them soon,unless your outside the U.S!

Click pic to go to sales!

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houndoom and slowpoke

Sales, Offers, and some Crochet Goodies

Hey there community! No big updates atm, but I have a little bill coming up and thought I'd put up some sales and offers for you guys. Help a sister out? ^^;;

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Finally, I wanted to show you guys a sneak peek of my next crochet project....

Look familiar? :) Well, I'm planning on making one of each of the three monkeys, to possibly auction off on the comm at a later date if there's any interest in them. ^^ I've started on Pansear first 'cause he's my favorite of the trio (surprise surprise, he's a fire type of course!). So, monkey fans, be on the lookout for these cuties coming soon! ^_^

All right, that's all for now. :3 See you around, PKMN Collectors!
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Wants Post-Pokedolls, Plushies, and Red

 Sorry, I know much you guys must hate these!

I just recently sold off a good chunk of my Manga collection, so I have some money just wanting to be spent on Pokemon.
I am looking for Pokedolls and Pokemon Plushies. I am not looking to spend over $20 (not including shipping) on any one item and I am not picky about condition or fabric type. 

I own the following Pokedolls: Vaporeon, Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon, Suicune, Raikou, Zorua, Zoroark, Mew, and Absol.
 I know have a Dialga Pokedoll on its way to me. 

 I am always willing to look at any that I do not have, though. Please do not be offended if I decline an offer, it just means that I found a Pokemon that I like more or that I am not found of that Pokemon.

I may also be interested in getting customs of Red. (I am not interested in plushies, as I have one of him already.) Please do not be offended if I turn you down, I can be quite picky and I do not have a lot of room in my house. 

Edit: I am also looking for the Red TFG.
Thank you for your time.
(I am getting off for the night soon, so I may not reply right away.)
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good-bye tufty?

 so it's been about 2 months if i'm not mistaking and i haven't heard from kylie-fanatic...i PM'd them a few days ago with no response  and not to rant but i am really fed up...

I was enjoying my senior year in highschool and now as it comes to an end my best friends dad got into a terrible accident and passed away and things have been extremely stressful and the last thing i want to deal with is this package i've been expecting for months already...
sorry for the OT story i just wanted to get it out...
has anyone heard from this user recently? i understand they've got a 'full time job' but i think it's been long enough 
i never usually get upset at anyone online like this but this lack of communication is driving me nuts already...

anyway i'm sorry for this -.- if anyone has heard from kylie fanatic recently i'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know if they're even still around anymore
thanks guys you're the best <3 

My Pokemon Collection

My Pokemon Colleciton :3 I don't have much to say about it except I spend a lot of money. To those who ask, my favorite out of my entire collection are my 3 shiny legendary dog pokedolls. Also, I have the entire pokedex of the Kanto Pokemon as tomys and yes it was VERY hard to come by real tomys of them all!