June 7th, 2011


Pokemon Zodiac Necklace Auction

Now I'm working hard on my bakery customs, but one day I was walking around Joann's and I just had a random moment of inspiration. I love the Western Zodiac and love making Zodiac series. So I thought why not put Pokemon to the Zodiac! :D So this is what I came up with. I made 13 necklaces representing each Zodiac with a Pokemon and I thought it would be fun to auction each off. So follow the cut for more pictures and info on each one! <3

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This auction is over. Thank you to everyone that bid. <3

Looking for + question

Anyone have this chanseydarling they'd like to give a loving home? (tomy)

Does anyone know if there's any chanse to get this bandai Caterpie plush?

Also, how much does the vaporeon, jolteon and umbreon canvas plush sell for?

Thanks for your time!

Long Time No Post

Hey guys :)

It feels like forever since i made my last post Dx
my stupid wireless connection went down for nearly 3 months :/ we where lucky if we could get a signal for more than 5 mins at a time, i was lucky at times and could come on to view posts and bid on things but other than that i was left wanting to throw our hub out the window xD
thankfully it's fixed now <3 nightmare over xD

Recently i've had to pack up my entire collection as i'm due to have my room redecorated :)
i honestly hate having nothing but boxes lying around my room :( i miss my collections like mad D: not being able to see my beautiful ninetales' is frustrating :/ and having my zukan in a box is nerve wracking D: it didn't hit me untill i had the box in my hand that i was holding at least $500 in my hands O.O gaah!
anyhoo, i'm hoping to have a MASSIVE collection update and re-intro post as soon as my room is finished xD but for now there's a couple of things i HAVE to show off xP and a lot of stuff i've weeded from my collection that i'm offering up as a potential GA :)

first things first  meet my newest plush :D

hmmm i wonder what pokemon it could be xP

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Woohoo! Time for some sales!

Finally been granted sales permission by the wonderful denkimouse today!
Really happy to finally be able to share all my goodies with you guys!
Prices DON'T include shipping but I don't think it'll cost more than a couple dollars to anyone in the states.
All items are brand new W/ Tags unless stated otherwise.
I'm located in Oregon, USA  but ship worldwide
No haggling, I'm offering these for the lowest price possible.
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A plee for TCG cards + auctions

Well, I've had a lot of urges recently to speed up trying to complete my dream goal...
To have all my TCG sets and collections complete, something i've aimed to do for 3-4 years now! :<
I've always loved the cards, more than anything else I collect, and i'm going to continue weeding out my collections for money to buy TCG cards with, until I have them all <3

Here I am making a post to ask if anyone had cards I need, and to offer my items, custom services and/or money for them~ <3 Its been a while since I made a straight forwards want post for cards!

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Hi guys so I finally received sales permission from denkimouse on 06/7/11
So just a little about myself. I live in NYC (which also means I go to the Nintendo World Store a lottt). I usually go there once or twice a week so I know when the store updates its stock. I also plan to make an update with pictures on what kind of stuff they sell there besides pokemon in case anyone here is interested in it. I also have a lot of PCNY merch back when they were still open. Enjoy!
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Custom Charm Time! + GA Updates

GA Updates for 2008 Minky Eeveelution Pokedoll GA and Epic Pokemon Plush GA!
In case you haven't heard yet, we won both auctions! On the other hand, NO, I have not received the invoices yet! So please, I'm begging you, please stop asking me. And no, even if you ask nicely, I will not be able to make Noppin send out invoices quicker, so please be understanding. @__@

^This GA, only with more pictures, but I'm lazy. @__@
And now to the customs!
AUGH. I'm finaally done with finals. Except, that last one went.. We'll just leave it at 'not so well'. Anywho, I really need money right now, so if you could check out my charms.. 8D

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Kura Icon by Pichu90.

An odd sort of want:

Hello again, the other day I was looking at my oldest tomy figures and I came a cross pidgey and pidgeott, these guys are my oldest other than a pikachu and two and are quite valued.

And that brought me to think maybe I should have a pidgeyotto too, I remember when I was little I wanted the set thinking pidgeott was pidgeotto until my cousin told me otherwise,haha.

I would like a pidgeotto tomy in good but not mint condition, to match these two. If possible i'd like to spend under $5 total for one if that was possible, does anyone have one they could offer?

Oh and I am still working on my website,if anyone else wants to be an affiliate:

Small Sales and surprising collections!

First, I have small sales! These include some zukan, scale plush, etc. Just some little things. CHECK IT OUT: http://touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/643084.html I was given sales permission back on June 7th, 2011 Anyone who pays today will have their items shipped out tomorrow since that's my shipping day :D EDIT: No, I don't know why my entry is running over into the comments and I can't figure out how to fix x.x but still feel free to comment. I can still see them ;P Anyway, on to the meat of this post. On this comm, we are all sort of associated with what we collect. I collect Togekiss and bugs (and Larvesta, which I'm slowly becoming known for ;D). Gin collects electrics and Raichu. Amber has ghosts, Meowthcollector has...well, take a guess. So I want to know about the items in your collection that might be surprising for others to know you have and cherish! I don't have much Pokemon stuff outside Pichu, Togeline, and bugs, but here's a small sample of some of my collection that many might not know I have and love! Collapse )


i was wondering what the cost is for around these guys, and how rare they are to find?

chimeco ufo
marshtomp ufo
whishcash pokedoll
also does anyone have the torchic backpack? id love to get one for my best friend whom collects the torchic line

wanted plush and small collection update under cut
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Zoro Derp


I'm super duper sorry about this repeat-post... I'm sure you guys are sick of seeing it. ;_; I edited the last post I made, but it was already fairly long gone, so I hope this is alright....
I extended this auction to Wednesday, June 8th 9 pm EST. The last reminder made it to 2/3 of the total I'm looking for, so hopefully this extension will help somewhat! There are still plenty of cheap items in the lot... ;D

EDIT: Thanks to Gin's recent modpost, I figured I should mention again here that I'm looking for around $300 for the entire lot.  You guys are doing great - close to $250 right now - so keep those bids up! :D

**Click here or the images to go to the auction post!**

And a small reminder for the awesome oversized Turtwig Pokedoll that I'm taking offers on. XD;  Offers low on this guy, too!

**Click here or the image to go to the offers post in my journal!**

Gothy Kids GA!

Granted sales permission today by Denkimouse!
To celebrate, let's have a go at this super fast Kids auction! It's only 3 days and 6 hours long!

 - Bonus: I'm going to cover the first postage (from the UK seller to me in the UK)!
So there will only be one payment - the cost of what you win plus postage to you!

Postage to the US / Canada is $3.40 for up to 10 big fat kids like Dialga, or a dozen or so smaller kids.
Postage to the UK is £1.58 for up to 10 big fat kids like Dialga, or a dozen or so smaller kids.
Postage to Europe is $2.45 up to 10 big fat kids like Dialga, or a dozen or so smaller kids.

Click HERE to go to the bid threads!

Who's in there? Well, some Shinx evos, Clear Palkia and Dialga, Glaceon, and my favourite... Purple Pizza Ghost!


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kids ahoy sales

hi guys! this week's sales are so full of new kids you'd have your heart 'Palpitoading' faster than an Aqua Jet! (Please do not watch the anime while doing your sales post - Editor.)

EDIT: Many of them have been snapped up, but there are still many boxed kid figures up for grabs, including some Gen V ones! the 'Outrage' Gyarados is really quite the figure, don't miss it! i also have some Ensky crystal puzzles and MPC/Banpresto plush for sale. click the banner to proceed.

thanks for reading! have a great week ahead. =)
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Tissuepapernet GA of Awesome reminder + update

Just a reminder that this GA ends at 8pm tomorrow, June 8th. Tissuepapernet has added a Glaceon kid to the GA also, so there's a thread for that at the end. Click the picture to be transported.

Also, anyone who participated in the Battrio GA with me and Roxiired, please be aware that it is here now, it's just sitting at the post office waiting on me to pick it up tomorrow afternoon. :)
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Collection Update and a question

Hello i joined the comm over a month ago and i taught it was time for a little collection update, even through i'm still waiting on many things.

You can see my collection here:


how is it with the last payments for these Ga's:

- Captainangels Tomys GA (second payment) http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9144734.html

- Plush GA (third payment) http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9178653.html

- Karoia's GA (second payment) http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9200025.html

I will be on vacation starting from June 20 till 1 July so maybe i can't go online very often in this timeframe.

Bidding is done!

Ewokie just showed me this lot. I need that swampert in my life :)
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I'm moving next week so my sales will close on Saturday until September :) I'll be packing this weekend, so expect pictures of my entire collection in the next few weeks. Thanks for being an awesome community!

Spin! Spin!

GA reminder! this time it's fo'realz!

Remember this GA?

(click picture to go to the GA page, there's lots of items not pictured here!)

well, it's over in 24 hours, guys! (time in Argentina for you: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=51 , it ends tomorrow at 17:00 :D)
we still need to raise a lot, so come and get your bids in ;3 most of the items don't even have their starting bid!

And please, don't expect this to become another GB sort of thing, come on and get the GA spirit up! bid!
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Kind of Sad Multipurpose Post :(

First things first, for those of you who took part in the fun PokeDoll GA, we sadly lost :(

If I ever come across a similar GA, I will do my best to host it and help us win next time! ;_;

Now for part two of this multi-part post...knock on wood I've been able to order everything (I really hope they get here soon!! ;n; ) shown in this picture...

...EXCEPT for the file boxes!! D: I know that this was an especially popular promotion, and that everything sold out quickly the first day, but I still have to ask:  Does anyone know if the file boxes are back in stock?  Or, if anyone online is selling them?

ALSO, all promotions I've seen have had "preview" images like the one above^^^, but there ends up being more different items than what's actually shown.  So, another question I have, is:  Does anyone know what, if any, extra items are part of this promotion and if anyone is selling them?  And if there are extra items, does anyone happen to have a list of all the items included in this promotion?

The last part of my multipurpose post (which I apologize for the lack of images D; ) is a shameless sales plug...as you can guess, all of this purchasing has really put a major MAJOR dent in my bank account, so my prices are low as always but I have added my Christmas Plate Set to the list of items available! :) Everything MUST GO, so please take a look around!

Click here for sales! :D

Thank you all very much for looking! :D

Intro Post, Collection Show-Off

 Hi fellow collectors! First time posting, thought I'd introduce myself :)

So, I've been a Pokemon Collector since it hit big in America... 1998/1999 or so. I bought mostly the cards, since I was 10 and didn't have enough money to get plushies or... anything else really. I had a few things back then and I kept everything stored away until a couple of years ago when I realized "wow, kawaii is fun". And since then I've started collecting. En mass. Everything Mew and Super Kawaii Pikachus.
What's funny is I didn't care for Mew originally. I <3ed Vulpix. But when the Pokemon Center was still online (what was that, like 4 years ago?) and I had a chance to buy plushies and "real merch" I lost my love for the firey fox and gained lovin for the pink kitty.

What's really cool is having a nice job to be able to afford to have a collection, but it does suck that working takes up so much time so I loose out on bids :(
So if anyone has pretty much any Mew merch they haven't sold yet, I'll most likely buy it from you. At good prices too :)
Pikachu: I'm a little picky on. I'll only buy super kawaii (cute) plush or figures, or merch that has a use to it (containers, binders, notepads, towels, etc)

Here's my collection so far.
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Pick Ups? and Group Buy lost

Remember this group buy? No one claimed Munchlax so we lost :(
Sorry guys. If I could afford to cover him I would.

I just got back from the mall today. Hot Topic has some more Pokemon stuff and Batman underwear!
I got a shirt with the starters on it. FYE had a bunch of stuff as well. 2 Pikachu shirts and a lot of plushies and figures! Also, a binder and a Pikachu hoodie (in the middle of summer?!?!)
Anyone want me to do a pick up? I am not gonna mess with the 3 shirts and hoodie since I don't know the estimates :/
They had the keychain figures in the pokeballs which were:
Jakks plushies which include:
And this Binder:

Tyranitar on back and Steelix on front. Big binder!

Final Collection Update!

I have decided not to collect Pokemon Plush anymore because I am going to college and wont condemn them to an eternity in my attic. I owe a huge thanks to everyone who sold, traded, and searched for things on my want list. I really couldn't have done it without you guys. Over the summer I will be selling my collection in order to make a down payment on a 2010 camaro. You may notice how much my collection has changed. I actually sold most of my plushies to get rarer plushies that I wanted. My main focus was Kanto pokemon plushies!

*I will not sell to you or trade you no matter how much you beg! So please do not ask! I dont have sales permission nor do I want to sell them individually.
I am quite sad to part with them but a few lucky ones get to come with me to college, like my new dittochu! Thanks to Beavisfreak! And my magikarp Pokedoll (thanks to slowpuff!).
So onto my collection!
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Pokemon - Buds

A-Kon, anyone?

There any kind of gatherings planned for A-Kon? Is anyone going?
I will be running around with a basket full of easter eggs, passing out little Pokemon figures!

As long as we don't try to meetup during the Cosplay, I'm up for any time if we want to do something!

Collection update definitely coming after the con! I have new shelves to display all my Pokemon goodness!
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BW Kids Sale Slots Part II

Looks like the next set of kids is ready to ship to me already! As such, if you claimed anything in the other post, you can also claim kids from here and save with combined shipping from dukeburger to you. Each kid will be $7.50 (which includes shipping to me and fees) + a second small payment of US to you shipping, and I'm looking for someone in the US who is willing to ship these out to people (as I live in expensive Canadaland). I WILL GIVE YOU A DISCOUNT!! on the kids you want to claim for the favour! PLEASE be ready to pay in a week or two's time, you're committing to pay if you're putting yourself down for a kid!

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Aaaand for this lot:

There are still some slots left, including Tepig and Panpour who you are 100% guaranteed to get! I'll still take claims for the others with the chance of getting extras.