June 8th, 2011

Plush GA final payment/shipping time and leftovers!

Hey guys!

So everyone who has paid for their GA shipping for the pokedoll and TCG GA's, your items have been shipped! :D expect those soon!

I have also finished the final payments for THIS GA, and some leftovers for GA participants too:

EVEN IF YOU PICKED UP YOUR PLUSH OFF ME, PLEASE LOOK ANYWAY. you will most likely owe a  customs charge payment :C

HOWEVER FIRST! Lets do leftovers! OPEN TO GA PARTICIPANTS ONLY FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS, then all comm members can claim!

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and now the bit that's nasty...the final payment!

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Thanks in advance! DVD GA payments are on the way, should be in a couple of days <3 thanks!
  • tayran

Newbie here :D

EDIT: Added a list of various Pokemon I like very much! Most I would like in plush form.
Hi everyone!

It's actually quite late as I type this, but a very nice person on Tumblr directed me this way! (pokeplush)

I'm not a really huge collector of Poke-merch, though I do have a binder full of cards, many of the games (Blue was the first! :D) and I have my very first purchased plush (Vanillite o3o <3 ) on it's way from Hardrock-Pokemon which is an awesome site!

I used to have a couple small Pokemon figures, though I think in the many times I've moved, I've lost them :C but I do have a Drifloon hat I snagged from a convention from a very nice fellow.

I was actually wondering if anyone wanted a coupon code? It is for the above mentioned site, and I will probably not be using it in the window stated in the original email (must be used by August 1st), since they don't have the sitting Giratina pokedoll in stock, and it's the next one I want.

If anyone has any information on a Giratina pokedoll (note: NOT the Origin Form) I would be very happy to hear it! I'm very interested in buying one, should the opportunity arise.

And also, please, PLEASE forgive me if I've overstepped any rules/boundaries in this post! D: I'd be happy to correct anything that's in violation. I certainly don't want to give a bad first impression.

Anyhow, my name is Taryn and it's very nice to meet everyone C: I'll be lurking around and admiring all the adorable Pokemon <3

Ye Olde Want List:
Giratina Altered Form (Payment sent, waiting for confirmation from seller.)
Mime Jr. (Payment sent, waiting for confirmation from seller.)
Roggenrolla (I caught a shiny one in my Black version! :D)
Dratini and/or Dragonair (Even a nice custom of them would be awesome)
Furret (Preferably a nice custom minky plush)
Skitty Also won in the above GA!!! :D :D
Chansey (added because it was the first holographic card I ever got)
Togekiss (pending sale! yay! :D)

Just a wants post

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to get my wants list out there again to see if anyone can help out with the zukans I'm still looking for. Japanese versions only.

Also, how rare is the second half of the Rotom zukan (Heat, Mow, and Wash)?

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Thanks for looking!



Yay, I made a list :) It's like the list of awesome cynda-ness XD
I've decided just to collect cyndaquil, quilava and typhlosion stuff, despite the urge to buy every lake guardian plush out there! If you have any of this stuff and you don't want it (or need it) then note me :) I will definitely buy it off you :)
* = grail :)
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xxiiijamieiiixx GA 1st payment!


Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know that our offer was accepted on this GA and we got some nice discounts. Please click the spreadsheet below to see your payment information. =)

Spreadsheet here:
Click for your DELICIOUS Spreadsheet. Yes CLICK ME.

Shipping is calculated per item AFTER the original total. This means the more items you buy, the more shipping you have to pay. And the super giant items (I.E. The playsets, cases, etc) are of course more shipping than the little figures! =)

Please send payments to: croagunk AT live DOT com
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Be sure to leave your username and the gist of what you won in the notes. Then please go to the spreadsheet and put your zipcode and country.

A NOTE: I am pushing this payment post out early because I have to leave for vacation! :) I will be gone until Friday evening. So please get those payments in ASAP and I will round up the people who didn't pay when I get back so we can quickly get this GA in-hand. =) Thanks for your understanding and take care everyone! Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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Eeveelution Pokedoll GA Payment 1 + B&W Zukan GB!

Remember this GA?

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And now, for a B&W Zukan GB!

I will be claiming Reshiram! ;D Zukans will be $7.72 each, except for Zekrom, who will be $8.75. (These prices include fees and shipping to me (from Japan, which is why it's a bit high).) Then, there will be shipping from me to you. I am located in the US and am willing to ship internationally!

Edit: Since people have been asking, no, Reshiram is not cheaper than Zekrom. I just didn't bother putting down a price for him since I'm claiming him. 

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Reshiram - myntii 
Zekrom - tyltalis 
3 Starters - my_chapstick 
Munna/Musharna - mizuhokusanagi 
Patrat/Watchog - 

Also, a mini wants list: Latios, Shinx and Luxray Kids! O: I currently would prefer to trade charms for them~~

Anywho, that's it from me! Sorry for the wall of text. @__@ Expect a ginormous collection update in a few weeks, and maybe some mini-sales. ;D

Intro ~ Hope I do this riight x.x

So, I’ve been lurking for a little while now and decided to join because I want to buy stuffs, basically. xD Everyone here seems really nice but I’m so shy, I might not post much as I hate to bother people... So I hope making this post is okay. x.x
Also, I REALLY need to learn to take less photos. Sorry. ^^;

Edit ~ My pics are also rather big, sorry x.x Really hope this is okay as it'd take ages to resize this and I want to eat noww.. D:

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Also if anyone has any more information about some of the things I have (Background/worth?) I’d like to hear it :D Thanks. <3
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Galvantula and Joltik

GAs + GRAIL GETS + question

First all these people (my icon won't work OTL):
You people have still not paid for your claims in GAs! Please do so immediately!!! You can find more information here:

Now about this GA...


Well yeah, it does XD
Just wanted to let you know about this GA that I got it TODAY to my home!!! <33333

Please have a little more patience, I need to buy bubble mailers, find out shipping and whatnot XD

Anyways, to my most recent gets of Charmanders, Wynauts and little manta rays! <3

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Now to the question. I remember somebody in this community that likes the brown striped Charizard......who was it again? I think it was the person who has the icon with the "broken wing Charizard," but not entirely sure. Anyways, I have gotten myself some TOPPS cards and look what I have found there:
Well YES! It's that one! I couldn't help but think of you when I found it among the TOPPS cards I have gotten! :)
Oh god, I love these cards, they are so amusing to look at, because a lot of them are from the anime! :D:D:D

So that's it for now, thank you for looking! <3333

Wants post

Just my wants list http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/8748125.html
I'm looking for any Oshawott items especially pokecen items, is anyone offering pokecen Oshawott stuff? .w. I'm willing to trade for it too, also looking for pokedolls, anyone have some? :D I don't want to spend more then $20 on them, I'm willing to trade for probably anything here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/8906200.html
5th gens
Shinx/Lucario I'm willing to buy trade too :3
Also, I haven't recived sevral packages from members for a while. If I've bought from you, please reply. I may not of got my package. Some members I think don't come here anymore >W< What should I do? I hope I can get my stuff. .w. Thanks, sorry I don't post anything interesting -w-; I've been trying to get Oshawotts for months and haven't gotten any.

NWS Pokedoll Stock (Nintendo World Stock) *EDIT*

Hi all, I've been having people ask me what pokedolls are in stock. In the coming weeks I will do store runs (once I read the rules for it of course ;) )I made a list for all of you to see below:

-At the moment I am unsure how much I will be charging for plushes+pokedolls.
-Just wanted to update the community on what pokemon were in stock since people were asking me (either because they were going to the store or would be doing store runs.)
-Yes I would ship internationally.
-Also will find out the difference between pokedoll+plush, unless someone can post pics of the difference between the 2 :)
-The store run would probably occur during the end of June/early July.

giratina (altered)
3 monkeys (basic form)
stage 1 oshawott form
stage 1 tepig form
snivey stage 1 form

Big Plush:
Alola Vulpix

May's Wishing Star Reminder

Apologies for the boring post, just wanted to put out a reminder that offers for May's Wishing Star end TODAY at 11:59PM EST (countdown here). I'm willing to work out any sort of potential payment plan, just let me know before bidding.  Bidding has ended, thank you for participating!

( Click here or the image to get to the offers page! )

It also looks like I'll have a little bit of extra spending money due to recent sales, so I'll throw my wants list out there. I'm still looking for a Japanese copy of Pokemon Black, and am working on expanding my Ninetales, Zorua, Houndour/Houndoom, and Poochyena/Mightyena side collections. Let me know what you have for sale!

GB reminder + Sales reminder + Help with creased tags and dirty plushies!

There are many figures that still need claims! I was planning to buy them on the 11th, so, c'mon peeps, super cool and kind-of-rare chocoball figures set 2, dex figures and a Wailrein Pencil Topper TM Collection! C:

And another sales reminder, because I need this stuff out bluh bluh ;_;
I really really need everything out asap, so, I decided that I will cover the shipping fees a bit. 
So a regular small parcel to the US will be $6. HAGGLE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN PLEASE C:

Aaaaand, I have two plushies with creased tags, and one of them (the plushie) with a orange stain thingie, that looks like when you store winter clothes for too long. Anyone with tips for this kind of thing?

Thank you very very much!  C:

about GA'ing random lots of stuff

Hey guys. I know for the past few months throwing all your sales stuff into a lot and hinting for it to be GA'ed by the community is the popular bandwagon -- and that's fine! It's an easy way to clear your closet out -- but, there have been way too many examples of suspicious activity, and blatant attempts to rip members off because this is kind of a weird situation with no firm rules surrounding it.

Just a few notes:

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In happier news where I am not so frustrated, have some Movie MC sets! Those rotating bases still make me scratch my head in confusion, but boy do I want that white/black one for some reason.
Harley Quinn
  • riyko

Long time no post =/

Heya everyone, i've been away for so long i figured I should reintroduce myself.

I'm Riyko, 24, I collect Togepi, Togetic and Togekiss. I live in Canada, but i'm Moving to Chile soon. So while this is also a collection post it's also an interest post as i'm going to be selling off some if not all of my Togepi line collection (when i get home in July) as i can't keep it at my home in Utah and i can't take it to Chile with me. the only things i won't sell are the customs, everything else is fair game, and it's not everything i have because i don't have pictures of everything yet.

Some of my stuff can be found here (with the exception of munchlax as i've moved all the pictures):

On a search for...

Jakks Suicune!

Does anyone have it for sale? And if not... is toywiz a dependable site to order Pokemon related things off of? Let me know! :D

Also, packages were shipped today! It should be getting to everyone soon, I hope!

<3 you guys
Breloom Wut

Wants+Lowered Prices

[Click King Vigoroth to be transported to small sales post.]

I've decided to lower my prices for my small BW sale from a few weeks back. I've also added a couple new things to my sales. C:


And its been ages since I've put up a wants post. *Since I've been saving up and this and that* Things have become more stable for me and I'd like to get a few items I've been eyeballing for awhile.


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Pokemon Region 1 DVD's: Want's List

I've brought this up once or twice a long time ago, but how many people have good DVD collections of the pokemon anime?

I know there are some tricky DVD''s of the Region 1 episodes. like pretty much all of the johto seasons. but i figured since I've just been itching to buy stuff and i am afraid starting new collections will hurt me too much I'll ask about the DVD's i don't have.

First off here is what i do have.

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Hey guys & gals. Just thought i'd do the 2nd half of my collection update! Basically i'm showing you the inside look of my collection room! My last post focused mainly on my Cyndaquil items, so i've gotten photos of my other stuff now =D

Larger picture is here - http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d47/Doug_Pumpkin_King/100_3257.jpg

So if you wanna check out my collection just look under the cut
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On another note i've updated my sales with new stuff!
http://spideyroxas.livejournal.com/1362.html - Follow the Link

Thanks for looking guys! Hope to see more of your updates too!
Whistling Wombat

Kind of two questions in one.

I have a super large Meowth plushie that was purchased at a KB Toys when I was a child. It has been hanging out in my mother's house for years and is not looking too great. The "whiskers" have split down the middle and are kind of saggy. There are also some dirty spots. I love this think like wow and I was wondering if any knows --->

1. Any tips for cleaning it up / fixing the whiskers?

2. Where I can find a new one? :] I've done some basic searching and haven't come across one yet, but I'm knew to this Pokemon collecting so perhaps there's somewhere I haven't looked / maybe one of you guys have one?

Red Dead - Mister John Marston

Quick Sales + Question

Quick sale behind the cut!

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Also, quick question.. I am debating getting the Pokemon Black Nintendo DSi. Is the design worth the extra cost? It looks lovely and I am hoping that pictures just don't do it justice. Is the design carved on or screened on? Does it scratch easily? Any photos ya'll can provide would be of great help!
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Spin! Spin!

Gauging interest - Possible offers?

So i was painting in white base some sculpts that i have yet to finish (this include's karoia's Marill-with-real-minature-Glasses) and saw this one, my first pokémon sculpt. I could really use the money and i feel i don't appreciate it as maybe someone else would, so i'm showing it to you guys to see if anyone wants it or at least know what you guys think of it (:

it was made from epoxy clay, so it won't break easily! the paintjob was done with regular acrylics, and the mane and crest were painted in pearly acrylics (there's a subtle hint of this pearliness on the ribbons too!)
it's about the height of a kid (looks quite good next to my 2000 entei kid!) and quite light, shipping will be around $3-$4 (:
Yes i have sales permission ;) if you want to offer, please make it something over $10, and everything will be considered~

GA#12 by couchpotatonet

GA#12 by couchpotatonet


6 days for this auction.


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Please wait while I create threads, Thanks.
Threads are up.  You may bid now.

Bidding is over.
We Won the auction.  PMs will be sent out shortly.

Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles


My grail arrived! :D Come share in his AWESOMENESS. <333

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ALSO, I bought this Mudkip off eBay recently, from Thailand. Mainly because he was a mystery. He's still a mystery.
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And DX Mudkip came in a box of friends, so I could do with some help ID'ing and valuing some plush. :3

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Oh, and. One last thing. <3
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And, I just wanted to say, I've just passed my first anniversary of being a member of the comm. Thanks to all of you guys for making this such a lovely place to be and share my obsession collection with you. Hopefully I'll be here for many years to come! :D