June 9th, 2011


What's this? What's this? Small update!

I finally got a chance to look through the goodies that arrived from a huge GA Ewokie was kind enough to run!
One or two of these pieces were a mystery to me, right up until they arrived!
...I still don't know what the Zorua is, if anyone could help.

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Also, before I forget, my Gothy Kids GA has only 2 days left to run!
Postage to the US / Canada is only $3.40 for up to 10 big fat kids like Dialga!
To the UK it's £1.58, Europe is $2.45! Click pics to go to the auction!

Some of the Pokemon do not even have starting bids! Click click!

Pokemon - birds of a feather...
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take my money!

First off, a late notice that all paid for packages were mailed out on Monday! If you're in the USA, they should arrive soon (if they haven't arrived already) and if you're outside of the US, they're on their way. :D I apologize for the late notice as my life's taken a busy turn recently!

For the main purpose of this post, I managed to sort out my budget a bit and allowed myself to spare a few bucks towards an item or two that I'm looking for! I'm mostly after a few specific Staraptor figures to round out my collection, but also a few other items ranging from probably uncommon to ridiculously rare (actually, most of these probably fall into the latter XD). Although I have a small budget to work with, I'm also open to trading/partial trading stuff in my sales or a custom bell plush, though the latter would not be started until after my current priorities.

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Finally, for anyone collecting a large array of gen 5 Pokemon, how do you keep track of your collections and plan ahead for purchases? I realized that keeping my collecting in check was more arduous than expected that I created a spreadsheet to help me and now I don't have to worry about forgetting release dates or what I already have on the way to me! Now to debate whether I should expand it to include every single Pokemon I have a collection of...

What is available with my Poochy Pooch?! D:

 So while i give Tepigs a lot of love, my epic love is for Poochyena. I have one on my car keys... but the poor thing has had the crap beaten out of him. Seriously, it's sad. I RUINED HIM I'M SO HORRIBLE. TT 3TT

Anyways, I was wondering what is collectible with Poochyena? I'm looking for everything BUT the plushies... I can't afford $70 for a plush, its ridiculous for me. And its extremely difficult for me to find anything. So I know someone can help.
Anything Mightyena is accepted too, I love him.

But you guys are all awesome btw, I love becoming a part of this :) Thank you!
Oshawott - Dream World (shiny)
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Shiny Oshawott Pokedoll auction

Hi people! I'm in Japan right now! It's really exciting ^u^ sorry I'll get down to business.

I know I said I wasn't going to, but since the Pokemon Center here doesn't carry Oshawott dolls, and I know a lot of you really wanted that shiny one I modded, I'm gonna put him up for auction.
Since I'm still in Japan, I'm not really sure how I'm gonna get him sent out, so the winner of the auction has the option of either waiting for me to get back to the states to mail it, or bear with me while I try to figure out how to send stuff from the post office here. I know holding this auction while I'm still in Japan isn't the best idea, but I want a lot of money because I don't know when else I'll be able to get this stuff!

So without further ado... let me reintroduce...

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Shiny Oshawott Pokedoll Auction Information
Starting Bid: $50
Minimum Increments: $1
Shipping: $5 to the US/CAN, $7 to UK/EU, and $10 anywhere else! *
End date: Friday, June 17 at 8:00 PM EST EDIT in case this isn't already obvious, standard comm auction rules apply here! The auction is extended for 5 minutes from the most recent bid, and so on!

* - shipping depends on whether or not the winner decides to have me ship the doll out from Japan or when I get back to the US. Ask if you're concerned :)

Happy bidding!!

Parfearie Sabi

Wanted: Flareon and Jolteon Canvas

Last night after letting go on the Vaporeon Canvas Auction here, I managed to snag one on eBay for 103 that someone had used. It still has its tag too and everything :D Awesome right? Right now I'm looking at getting myself the Flareon and Jolteon canvas. I'm looking at hardrock and it's a crazy 125 for the little flareon and he doesn't even have a jolteon. I talk to the guy almost religiously for updates and he said he  could get one for me, but I feel his price may be a little too much. Before I go and buy his flareon and he goes through the trouble to get a Jolteon...Please, is there anyone on here willing to let go of their little flareon and/or jolteon (especially jolteon) for a reasonable price? I'd like to eventually get all the canvas so if anyone is willing to let go of their for a cheaper price please let me know. I've been on a spending rampage on here ever since I figured it out under my facebook account because I had never joined under my actual LJ account *facepalm* but yea. I just recently finished my eeveelution Pokedoll collection and Jakks figure collection and I'm on to the canvas. Please inform me! Here are my offers for those who are willing to part with theirs (I am negotiable). My offers are based on ones I've found that I can purchase for around the same cost.

Eevee: 45$

Flareon: 75$

Jolteon: Unsure

Espeon:  89$

Umbreon: 60$

Leafeon: 89$

Glaceon: 75$
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Online Store Question

 Has anyone on the com ever bought something from poweranime.com? Their prices are all over the place and the pictures seem kind of unlegit, so i figured I'd ask everyone here. So if you have any info on them, positive or negative, lemme know :D

Quick card tales- 1ST Edition Jungle Booster Box

A few years ago I bought a sealed 1st edition booster box on ebay ( wrap was plastered with Wizards Of the Coast, no worries, lol )which i promptly tore through (carefully!)aaand.. I really don't need all of these cards! So I'm selling mot of them, I hope! If you make a large purchase, I'll give discounts- ideally i'd like to see all of these cards gone! Minimum purchase $3 (before shipping)
First Edition Jungle Cards
Common 50 cents

oddish x 15
Exeggcute x19
Paras x15
eevee x 9
meowth x15 (Pending sale :1 )
jigglypuff x 15
spearow x 16
Bellsprout x 15
Venonat x16
cubone x15
goldeen x 18
trainer : poke ball x16
rhyhorn x 14
mankey x15
pikachu x 12

uncommon $1

Weepinbell x9
Parasect x9
Buttefree x9 (Pending sale;1)
rapidash x7
marowak x5
Nidoran Female x12
Exeggcutor x6 9Pending Sale: 1)
Gloom x8
tauros x 8
primeape x7
rhydon x5
lickitung x2
fearow x5
persian x6 Pending Sale: 1)
Nidorina x8
dodrio x 6 (Pending sale: 1)

Rare $5

vileplume PENDING SALE
nidoqueen x3
venomothx2 (PENDING SALE: 1)
clefable x2 (PENDING SALE: 1)
wigglytuffx2 (PENDING SALE: 1)

Rare Holo $10

Jungle Booster 1st edition wrappers (each unripped one comes with 1 free random common card!)
Wigglytuffx10, Scyther x11 .75 each
flareon x7 $1 each
ripped flareon x2, wigglytuff x1 .25 each/free w any purchase

Adding: Not Jungle nor 1st edition, but:
Regigigas FB SP Lv. 50 holo $8 OBO
Fire Arceus: $8 OBO
HO-Oh Legend top: $8 OBO
Raikou & Suicune legend top: $8 OBO
Crobat Prime: $10 OBO
Ampharos Prime: $10 OBO
EMBOAR Holo $10 (# 20/114)
Serperior Reverse-Holo: $8 OBO
Pansage reverse holo: $2
Mandibuzz: $2
Snivy Pokemon league TCg Promo reverse Holox2: $5 Each
Houndoom Pokemon League TCG Promo reverse holo x2 $5 each

21 kids, TOMYs, and some very cool oddities for sale

Some of you may have noticed it's been a while since I've posted--life has been kinda crazy lately and I've found myself too busy to put time into collecting. I figured I would let everyone know I'm still alive and well and haven't given up on my collection, I've just been extremely busy lately.

Hopefully I'll have more free time (and more funds to continue expanding my collection) over the summer, but for now I'm just posting some sales. I should be posting TCG sales in the near future, so keep an eye out for my post and feel free to send a PM my way if you're looking for any specific card(s) (I have quite a lot, particularly from EX sets).

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Small and Cheap GET THIS OUT OF MY HOUSE sales

I'm slowly getting in some packages for my big collection update :D I have so many togeflats to photo that I will have to make a site for them XD
For now, a small and cheap sales post. I just don't want this stuff in my house. Includes zukan, cards (1.00 old holos) etc.
So just check it out. My last sales flopped because LJ ate my entry and no one could see it >:C W2G LJ
I do take trades! I like cute things <3 and Munna/Reuniclus/Sewaddle line/Joltik line/Larvesta/Togekiss :D
feel free to haggle, but don't be offended if I turn it down.

I was regranted sales permission on June 7th 2011.

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Also, if interested, I have some fabric for sale over here that you can buy to make pokemon. Includes minky: touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/644841.html

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Hey all,

A week or two ago a member here (cant remember username) held a GA for the MPC black and white set and i believe i won kibago/axew, when the auction was over they said in a few days they would post if we won or not on Y!J, ive been checking everyday but i still havent seen an update and i just want to know whats up. Anyone know about this?

Secondly, its already almost the middle of june. Has anyone seen the Jakks plush set with kibago released yet? I cant even find pictures of the actual plush, and i really want to buy one. Any idea where i can find it? My local stores dont keep up to date >
Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

(no subject)

Had enough of sales from me? Good. This isn't sales. >:U

This is some pretty damn awesome new gets.

And this isn't even the best part.
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Oops I lied about the sales thing.

The original commissioner was unable to pay and so I'm left with this plush, anyone interested? $20 shipped within the US~ (Outside of US I'd have to calculate)

GA is in!

This GA is in!

These items arrived in sticky, dirty, and downright disgusting condition. I spent about an hour and a half scrubbing, cleaning, and touching up these kids for everyone. Almost all the gunk and dirt came off. (And I touched up many noses!) Now they all look brand spankin' new and are ready to head home! The one I claimed was the worst...never fails >.>

Before: You can't see it but it was covered in dirt and had a scratched up nose.
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After: No more dirt and pretty nose!
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checkyoufeet your item was not Ash....it was Brock. Zorua used illusion and it was super effective!

mana_mihara , marshallgregson , megami36 you still owe for payment 2
Payment 3 is 2 payments combined!

Spreadsheet is here:
You are paying for package, fee, and shipping! I am also rounding. I am rounding UP and DOWN.
Example: If it's $4.17 then you pay $4. If its $4.91 then you pay $5

Extras are here:
These will be $1.25 each to participants ONLY. (that covers shipping and everything) Whatever they don't claim will go in my sales page

Please send payments to smokey560@hotmail.com I am a derp and forgot this...AGAIN!

~ * Textured Pokemon Bookmarks * ~

AW YEAH. Every commission from me - minus 1 order whom I noted - has been mailed out! I am opening customs again, but only for the textured bookmarks at this time as it's all I can really squeeze in as well as it's what I enjoy doing the most. <3





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Also anyone DAYUM excited for the Litwick Pokedoll? I mean, plz people. Has anyone else ever gotten multiples of a pokedoll? Because I'm thinking of getting like... 3. No joke. 8C


Pokemon BW clipping figures set 3

Have these been posted yet? I apologize if they have; I'm not on here as much anymore :x

Anyway, this set comes out late July and features Pokemon from this summer's Pokemon movies.

Beartic's crotch is where nightmares are born...

By the way, I really like Zekrom and Reshiram's pose in this set. They're so different from all the other standard poses you usually see these two in.
eatin ur foodz--by me

(no subject)

Newly updated today!

Also, I know it's not until September, but is anybody planning on going to Kumoricon? It's in Vancouver, WA over Labor Day weekend. I hope to be selling stuff there, but it's not for sure yet. I did get a temporary Washington business licence for it, though!

Shipping updates + GA updates + McDonalds Toys + Nintendo World run

All items bought and paid for will be shipped Saturday. *except charms which will be shipped when I'm finished with them*

Okay Now to the GA payments

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People for Battrio GA 1 and 2, the battrio are in and sorted. I have tons of leftovers available to ANY COMMUNITY MEMBERS for $0.50 each.

Leftovers can be seen here. Please take them away. To make life easier on me, please link the picture you found the battrio in if you want any.

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EDIT: Due to a member being banned from the community, the following items from the tissuepaperpet GA are up for grabs at the following prices:

Koffing kid - $1
Gastly kid - $1
Haunter kid - $2
ace attorney, dahlia hawthorne

Hi, there, everyone!

Hi! I'm fallennightwings, and I'd like to introduce myself to the community! I'm excited to join pkmncollectors on LJ.^^

I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was in elementary school way back in 1999, and my special area of interest is collecting Pokedolls.

Right now, I'm looking for a Glaceon and a Blitzle pokedoll.

I hope to have a great time sharing and adding to my collection with you guys! =D
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Introduction <3

Hello :D I've never actually been a part of a community before (i don't go on LJ often enough ;u;) so excuse me if i make any sort of mistake. Just want to get my intro out of the way!
My name is Herar, and I'm 19.
Some of you may know me as SmileAndLead on deviantart, and HeatherMassacre on FA.
I'm obsessed with Pokemon, and have been since I was a kid, but I probably love it more now than I did then :3

As for collecting, I have a lot of older official items, but i currently LOVE handmade things, since I do a lot of that myself.
I grab up pretty much everything related to Drifloon, and currently, Swadloon.
They're both my favorites, especially Drifloon haha ;u;
(it's an insanely bad obsession...oh dear.)

I make a lot of Pokemon plushies, and hats, and pretty much anything I can, and I sell on etsy, and where-ever else I am. xD
I'll probably end up having auctions here if I'm able, but who knows!

Anyway, i hope to see everyone around. It's great to be here.