June 10th, 2011


Huge sales; eeveelutions and more ahead - plush, custom repaints, cards, etc.

Here's round two of my moving sales! Below I have Eeveelution canvas plush, shiny first generation Eeveelution repaints, and much more; I have lowered the price on select plush, added a lot of new items, and there are also some lot sales.

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Collection Update plus Papercrafts!

First off, I like to update you on my Farfetch'D collection thus far. Go and click the adorable photo below to go to my Leek Duck Collection Entry~!

Also, some of you may remember the Pokemon Papercrafts I bought from mamoswine .  Well... they arrived! I bet you are all curious about the included Pokemon. The variety is awesome and I love how they made crafts of every single Pokemon up to Gen 2 (from what I can tell anyway).

Go to the following links to view each of the Pokecrafts! Also, I don't have Sales Permission on this Livejournal Community, so please don't try and get me in trouble or something XP This is all a bunch of eye candy to start out your Friday!

Loose Papercrafts

Gen 1 Papercrafts
Gen 2 Papercrafts
Misc Papercrafts
"No Touchy" Papercrafts
fuko, fuuko, flame of recca
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McDonalds Pokemon Pics

Just found these while searching. I didn't see the images posted here yet, so I thought I would.

source: PokeBeach

I'm planning on getting the Tepig, Snivy, and Resiram figures and hope i'll get Tepig, Snivy, and Sandile cards. (makes me wonder why 12 cards and only 8 figures though) What are you guys going for?
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One more time! (Sales)

Here we go again!

I ship from the US to anywhere!
Paypal only
pet free but smoke free home!
I usually ship around 4 days from receiving payment to allow time to transfer it to my bank account
Haggling is ok!

Metro plate commands you!

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All orders from my last sales have been shipped!

Thanks for looking!

Looking for...

Manectric Clipping Figure....

Sorry for the extremely simple and boring Post, but I've been drivin to the brink of insanity trying to find one.

FOUND!! thanks furrettails  :3

But to make it less boring:

A preview of my collection update :3. Each one of those boxes is filled with Pokemon plushies ^^
Berry Vulpix

A Request with "N" in it

Hello Everyone!

i come this time with a request/question. what items are out there with "N" on them? i know there was that promotion recently at the Pokemon Centers in Japan. but from what i read that stuff went FAST! my friend who likes pokemon, but doesn't have "time" to play the games seems very interested in "N". her birthday pasted a bit ago, but i would like to get her something with him on it. any suggetions of what to get and where to get it? my budget is $20 or less prefered, but i will go up to $30. ANY suggestions would be great.


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New to LJ :3

 Well hi everyone :3
I'd been browsing the pkmncollectors part of LiveJournal for quite some time now, and finally decided to join! It seems like a really friendly and fun place to be~
I'm not a huge collector of Pokemon merch..yet XD I used to be, though. I have a TON of cards, and a large amount of Tomy Figures (in good condition) that I may sell here eventually, if I ever get sales permission. I also like to do some custom commissions for keychains, and possibly plushes. (Not sure if anyone is familiar with me on deviantart - I'm Dragowl there, too :P).
The only merch I may ever want to persue would be Totodile or Zigzagoon stuff. I love the Totodile canvas plush, but it seems to be a little pricey. And I never see Zigzagoon stuff >.< I don't have a lot of money to spend, either...maybe I could trade figures or cards for stuff? I don't really know how popular trading is in this community lol.
Anyway, I'll be looking around and trying to figure things out on here :3 See you all around! c:

In Search of Rat Kids

So I recently bought new Rattata/Raticate kids, intending to repaint them into shiny variants.

When I got them in the mail, lo and behold... they both have slightly different paint jobs from the ones I had (mostly the colors for their mouths, pink vs black). The completionist in me won't let me repaint them now, since they're technically unique variations...

So, does anyone have a Rattata or Raticate kid they'd like to sell me? Or the TOMY figures? Maybe both? Ideally I'm looking for 2 of each (both to make it more likely that I'll get an identical to redo, and because if I have 2 to repaint I can also do a "pinkan berry" version!) Condition doesn't matter since I'm looking to repaint, and I'm hoping to pay $1-2+shipping for them.

To un-boring this post, here's a photo of my Rat kids so far, minus the two new additions with different paint jobs. :)

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Thank you!

(EDIT: Tossed in a request for the TOMY figures as well, since why not go ahead and make repaints for them too, heh)
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someone from germany? + GA reminder

okay so I found an item I want on the German ebay, but they do not ship internationally. So I would love if someone in Germany could help me out! <3 if you think you can, please drop a comment or PM me!

Also, this GA ends a bit over a day from now. There are some epic plush in there! And some have no bids! And look at that Eevee! IT'S SO CUTE! So come and bid on something! :D

click here or picture to go go go!

and heck why not some mini wants...

looking for the Marill magnet in the first picture, and a Marill full color advance series figure I guess it's called

These images are from hardrock pokemon. As much as I like that seller, I wanted to see if anyone on the community has these items first because I'd rather give my money to a community member!

and I want an azumarill sticker album...

I keep seeing it on SMJ but the fees will make it super expensive and don't want to resort to buying it unless I can not find it anywhere else. I'd also love an Azurill one! I know I have seen one before!

anyway, I swear I'll have a collection update someday! You won't believe all the Marills I have when I finally show you! :D

Searching... Again!


I have found my Lugia DX grail, after long last, and my adventures in doing so led a friend of mine to develop a wanting for her own DX figure of the Pokemon she collects... that is, this one:

... Absol!

Does anyone have one of these for sale? I'm posting this for my friend as she's not part of the community here. Thanks for all your help, guys!



Multi Post of Doom~

Hello Community.

First off, I have a Raichu Pokemon League Patch up for offers.

I do have a sales permission, granted by denkimouse on Jan 2, 2011

I will only be accepting paypal.
I ship slowly nowadays. Sorry for the inconvenience
I ship from the US
I no longer ship internationally unless there's a special case (aka GB/GA) or I have shipped to you in the past.

I am also here to bring an update to those who participated in this Clipping Figure GB:
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I am also wondering about a couple things.

Does anyone know if there are Keshipoke Figures of the following pokemon:


And if so, know where I can find them?

And lastly
If you have won something from my offers recently do know I have either shipped them or am about to.
I am sorry it has taken so long.
It is getting harder and harder to get a rid to the post office weekly like I would like.

I think that's everything for now.
Thanks for your time. ^^

hi <3 quick want post and a couple question :)

so i've seen a picture of i GIANT bulbasaur plush on here :) and i've only seen one and i know there are 1:1 of the other kento starters but i dont think i've seen a bulbasaur one o.O :) anyway on to the wants <3

1.) 1:1 bulba if he is real OwO
2.) Nakayoshi Bulbasaur Puppet <~~ grail at the moment its just SO CUTE
3.) bulba walking plush (* 3*)
thats everything i currently REALLY want :)

also dont forget that this action ends in less then an hour :) 
squirtle; B-)


Hello pkmncollectors! Long time no see! Extremely long, in fact - so long that I feel I'm warranted to make another introduction post since I'm being active for the first time in a long time and I'm sure a lot of people are wondering who this mystery lady is buying up their items.
Well, to start, I'm Rei, 21 years old, student at University of Florida, and I've been madly in love with Pokemon since it first came ashore to the good ol' US of A. Squirtle (and by extension, Wartortle and Blastoise) has always been my favorite Pokemon, so I started my collection with him, but now I'm branching out and just getting ALL of the Pokemon I like! I've recently fallen in love with Banpresto's plushes, especially the shimmery DX type, so I'm hoping to get a hold of more of those in the future. As for what I'm doing on this community: I'm not a big spender. I don't really have a "holy grail" and I'm pretty stingy about what I do buy. However, the things that I do buy I absolutely adore, and that's all that counts in the end! Now onto my humble collection...
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So yes! That's me. :D I'll more than likely see you around, pkmncollectors users!

Short and fast GA

GA#13 by couchpotatonet


1 day for this auction.


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Please wait while I create threads, Thanks.
Threads up, feel free to bid.

Small discounts coming your way.  PMs will be sent out ASAP.

Auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/Pokemon-plush-lot-15-/140560199061

original raichu

(no subject)


First off- hello everyone!! Some of you may have noticed I'd been lurking around
your sales posts and such and I figure I'll come out of the shadows now. So..here is my first post to you guys :) 
I'm new here (and probably could use a little help-make that a lot..) and decided to join very recently. My name is Elise. I'm 18 years old from the U.S. and was a big pokemon fan when it first came out (go Gen 1 and 2!!! :D). I had like next to nothing of the franchise though I loved it very much. I was an avid watcher of the Pokemon anime series  when I was like 7-11ish years old and collected the cards. (I also had a few BK toys once upon a time..what happened to those...) I was so excited when I saw a new pack of cards in stores- on the occasional shopping trips with my mom :P  
Well, sorry I didn't mean to make this post long so I'll end it soon. As to favorites they've stayed pretty much the same and I love them.
My main are raichu, flareon, vaporeon, and dewgong!! (Of course I love others but especially these) Fun fact: Rapidash was my absolute favorite as a little kid and I still like her (if you wanted to know)
I do switch my favorites around sometimes as to order..so they can change slightly. I guess I'm weird like that..
Well I'm excited to meet you guys and see what happens! Thanks for 'readin!

     -P.S. I'll try not to break any rules D:

auction reminder/ sales

hello just leaving my first and only reminder for my auction on these oshawott and snivy festival masks. snivy has no bids
they are fun to wear on your head~
the winners also get to pick up some free custom pieces and a free pin from my sales
if you want anything from my sales i can combine shipping as well

Auction will end tomorrow/ Saturday on June 11 at 12:00 am PST

click the link to be transported :>

Jessie Grace

Reminder! Pokemon Clearance Sale :) (Some items still without bids :O

Just a reminder!!!!! 
 im having a huge clear out im going to be auctioning three things here all starting at $10
1.1 Pichu, Jigglypuff Slippers and 20" Charmander "Play by Play"


Bidding will end SUNDAY 12th of JUNE at 8.00pm EST in Australia

HERE: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9368871.html

Count down here

Also im running an auction over at eBay :)
Check it out a massive lot of jakks, Tomys and Play by Plays
starting at $20 :)


Final Reminder!

Heya collectors! I just wanted to say that my auctions are ending *tonight* at 10 PM CT (11 PM EST) My sales will also close at that time as well. So now's the time to act on these guys! Some items have no bids, or are at still very low prices :3

Thanks and good luck!


Sales and Auctions Here : http://lampent.livejournal.com/2708.html

Pokemon Zodiac Necklace Auction Reminder

Hey everyone! <3 Just encase you missed it, I wanted to drop a quick reminder for my custom Pokemon Zodiac Necklace auction that will be ending Sunday. It's the time to get in those last bids. :D

And note Bouffalant - Taurus , Dwebble - Cancer, Leavanny - Virgo, and Frillish - Aquarius are still at their starting bids! <3

Auction Post: pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9379240.html

Attack Kids GB!

(inb4 Mariana stop posting)

I guess it's okay to post again? Because I swear this is an awesome GB. Mhmm. It ends soon though (soon as in 10 hours and 50 minutes), so let's claim this babies!

Oh dear, looks at these cuties. In box and everything.

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About my other two GBs:
I might give up in the Chocoball one if no more offers show up.
If a few more people claim the guys in the Dex figure one, I will buy it and sell the leftovers later on.
Click in the pictures to see the GBs! c:
Best of Friends

Looking for Reshis

Hey guys, sorry for the boring post! But I recently received the Jakks Deluxe Reshiram and fell in love with it. ;A; And it's prompted me to want to put more of a focus on my Reshiram collection, so I thought I'd see what was currently out there. :3

I'm currently interested in Reshiram figures, mint or used, box or not, I really don't mind! Just as long as they're in good condition. ^^

At the moment these are the ones I already have:

Normal Reshiram Kid
Jakks Deluxe Figure
Sukui Doll

I'm particularly looking for the first Clipping Figure, but I'm also interested in the Tomys and Plamos, including Overdrive versions! Oh and the light up keychain that was going around in a GB that I missed ;; I'd check out anything you have to offer though, I'm sure there are things I've missed/forgotten about. :D

Thanks! <3

EDIT: Also looking for the Abra Megablok because it's adorable ;3;
Fennel&amp;Juniper// &lt;3

Pokabu DX!

Hey guys, I just have one quick want!

I'm looking for a Banpresto Pokabu DX plush.

Yeah, this guy!

I've seen them on eBay, but I thought it couldn't hurt to check here first. (Plus, I am kind of "eh" of purchasing any off there, they all use the same picture so it's hard to say if you're getting a bootleg or not.) So if anyone has any in their sales or anything, please point me in your direction :D Thank you~

I'm also starting to hunt for the 1:1 Pokabu and talking (not keychain) Pokabu...because my birthday is in a month and I'd love to get them as a present to myself if I make enough at the con I'm selling art at XD

I just love this derp pig so much <3

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Houndour's,Natu's,Espeon's,Plusle's,and Minun's oh my (and some silly pika's and rai's sneaking in)

mmm Pokedoll Auction (why yes that is a new computer screen fufufu)

I assume all of theses are velboa since they are all from the us pokecenter except plusle,but she feels the same as the others.
They are all suffering from cat fur fuzzies D: I left the room for a second and my fatbutt cats shoved themselves into the box.I rolled most of them with a lint brush,but there might still be some stray cat hairs sticking to them.

Auctions End June 17th 2011 at 5:00 PM PST
I am shipping from California :3 and I ship international C:
1.Paypal only please :)
2.I would like payment within 3 days,but if you need more time you can ask <3
3.All Community Auctions apply,Please don't snipe <3 it only adds 5 minutes to the auction
4.Play nice d: and have fun 83
5.Non payers will have negative feedback left :(
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Re-intro and recent gets!

First off, hey everyone! XD I haven't been very active at all, dunno if anyone remembers me. I've been with the community for like.. at least a year, I don't think two yet? But I go into periods of inactivity. :c School is eating my time and money so I haven't been collecting as often. So I'll reintroduce myself. I'm 19, female, and I live in New Jersey~ I collect mostly plush and zukans of Pokemon I like. Specifically, I have a lot of stuff of Totodile, Buizel, Sandile, and Heatran. I have other favorites, they're just lacking in merch. (poor Swampert and Yanmega :c)

Even though I shouldn't, I found some things I couldn't resist buying. And they arrived in the mail today!

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Collection Update!

Look at all my new stuff <3 I had to pack a lot of it up because my room was becoming over run! But here is my new items from the community! Thanks everyone!!

Eevee canvas and Victini plush. I need more of each in my life :3
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I am still missing MANY payments from this GA.
This is the final payment. Send money-get item :D

Want to hear your happy stories

Ok a quick update. I've been getting people asking about the horrendous pokabubu GA. Its been cancelled by Denkimouse. So please no more comments or PMs. Just forget that GA ever happened. 

On another note im glad it was cancelled cause I had to have my hamster put to sleep this morning and the mixed drama was stressing me out. So I just want to update. I want to hear about your luckiest buys you've had where your collection is concerned :)

Mine involves this guy, story under the cut!

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i need some psyduck

hey guys, looking for someone who can point me in the direction of some psyduck plushies! a friend of mine is looking for a gift for his girlfriend and she loves that crazy duck.

he would prefer one of decent size, but i'm not sure how big the ducks come. he also wouldn't mind a well made custom.

his price is "preferably less than $40".

anybody got anything? the end of july is probably the latest we can wait.
  • herar


Hello again everyone :D i really would love to expand my Drifloon collection,
and i was wondering if you guys could help me.
if you have anything Drifloon related, or where I could find any, that would be lovely.
I don't care if it's official, or it's custom work - i love them both, honestly,
my collection consists mostly of custom plush, (99% xD)
since i can't seem to find anything Drifloon related ;u;

i take anything from plush, to figures (i have a Drifloon kid figure), charms, and
even jewelry (i have some amazing Drifloon bracelets done for me.)
oh and i've also made some Drifloon lanterns, which are pretty neat xD

i am unable to take pictures as of now, but but collection isn't THAT big.
so anything you guys have would be great.

i also would like some Swadloon, Slowpoke, or Bulbasaur stuff.
i understand Swadloon doesn't have much stuff as of now, but like i said,
i'll take custom work too,
and we can work out a trade if you'd like since i do custom plushies/hats/etc myself.

edit; oh, and Snorlax too. i want to start a Snorlax collection n_n

New Pokemon BW card sleeves!

Some of these designs are pretty neat so I'm really considering if I should start a card sleeve collection or not...tough decision!

Featuring the tastiest Pokemon ever, mini Pikachu and friends deck box and sleeves, Bisharp!, some chick pushing her chest and ass out in opposite direction and a geek hanging out with his purple pussy.


Multi-Pokemon Tattoo 1/2 Sleeve!

 Finally got some color done on my 1/2 sleeve. It was too much to keep going to finish coloring it... my arm started twitching and messing up my artist LOL. Soon enough it will be fully colored and have a background and look like a real sleeve, but I got such good responses from this wonderful community that I'll show you all the progress so far X3

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jin orange ♥

omg collection update!

Today I went on a Pokémon excursion at the mall/Toys 'r Us with my fiancé and I got some things I wanna share with you guys. <3

To recap, I had just started collecting Pokémon merchandise again and my last post I had just bought the piece to my collection: Salamence UFO plush. I had A LOT more stuff during my childhood when Pokémon first came out in the US, but lost all of them when I was growing up, moving, etc.

But anyway, Salamence was lonely, of course. :c
So over the past month, I've been saving up and getting him some new friends!

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Well that's all for now! I'm expecting A LOT more packages coming from the mail soon with some more plush and stuff! I ordered a Salamence Kid the other day and should be here soon. ;A;

Haha, I think my collection has come a looong way since my first update. XD