June 11th, 2011


Tomy Figure Keychain auction!

Sorry for double posting. A collection update and this would be too much for one post! I was hoping there would be more posts in 7 hours but :/ If I am in the wrong please let me know :(

I only wanted 5 out of the lot, so now I am offering the rest to you guys!

All community rules apply.
Auction will run until Wednesday 6:00PM central time 6/15/2011
I ship from the USA.
No sniping; extension is 5 minutes
Bids in increments of a rounded number.
Bid what you can pay. If you do not pay within 3 days you will be banned and left negative feedback! Contact me if there is an issue!
I already purchased these, so there is 1 payment (item and shipping to you)

Growlithe is in the worst shape. He is inbetween fair and good condition.
Mankey and Hoothoot have slight scuffs.
The rest are great! :)
All start at $2
Get it on!

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You can bid if that thread is up :3
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Hey everyone! I've gotten some great goodies in the mail lately... I'm going to be posting a collection update once everything gets here. Once all my items arrive, I am going to have a pretty respectable TFG figure collection XD I'm also getting some plushes to add to my collection and some Doof stuffs <33

Finally, I leave you all with another question, but this one pertains to collecting the Pokemanz! What has drawn you to collect the Pokemon you... well, collect? XD For me, I just seemed to form an overnight love affair with Bidoof XD I also like to keep stuff in my collections (not just Pokemon) that remind me of my family, so I decided to start collecting Pokemon who remind me of my family :3 Like right now, I'm starting a miniature Chansey collection for my mom <3

How about you guys? :D

collection :)

So I've been roaming around this community for the past 2 months (and lurking before that) never posting my collection. Since everybody's posting theirs, and I am very eager to do so, finally here it is! :)
As you can see my 'official' collection only consist of TCG. I do have some more stuff coming from some members of this community ^^ (thanks guys!)
I'm now interested in completing the eeveelutions Jakks set next to all of their TCG! (which is never going to happen since some of them are over $9000!!!) I blame all of you for me buying non-TCG stuff, this community is addicting...

Allright, so I'll start it off with 2 unopened 'boosters' with cute eevee's on them
More actual cards underneath the Collapse )

Hello world!

Dang, it's already June. @-@ The year seems to be flying by~

Two updates!

I have a Spheal collection now. *-* (This is after owning one Spheal item for a long time, hahah~)

I commissioned the bitty blue and pink Spheals from an amazing artist named keyismykitty on DeviantArt. She does FANTASTIC work! Super detailed, and her prices are more than reasonable! I highly recommend checking out her gallery to see the other Pokemon she has made!

Also, I am still doing Pokemon Center kiosk pickups. :3 And I can still go weekly if anyone wants anything~

Pickup News::

For all orders going somewhere in the US, you now get a free tracking/delivery confirmation with your order. (Unfortunately, getting tracking/deliv. confirmation for international orders is a small fortune, otherwise I would offer the same! @-@) And the "5th small pokedoll commission free" special still applies!

They now have Dewott, Pignite, Servine, Panpour, Pansear, and Pansage TOMYS~

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Multi-post!:EPCOT gets, art commisions, and small sales

I went to EPCOT the other day and it was awesome when we got to Japan, so much pokemerch!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Small note before the cut: they have everything seen in previous epcot posts except pignite as of wednesday june 8th.
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Next up: Art commissions maybe?
I want to try my hand at more pokemon art, and since I got back from my vacation and school's out (WOO) I figure i'll have some good chunks of time to make some arts!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Sooo follow the cut to see what you can see!
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And finally:
seriously please take this stuff
Under the cut items include:
-deoxys and groudon chess pieces
-rare ground arceus tomy
- plush
-loose gorebyss and medicham zukan
-Haunter and bellsprout tfg
-a few kids
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  So my boyfriend and I decided to plan a sporadic, one day trip up to New York (we live in MA!) and it's actually not that bad to go up! $60 round trip for two people on one of the nicer buses :D Even though we're leaving at 5am from my house, we won't be into NY until 12:45, and we gotta leave at 6:30, lol :P

ANYWAYS! I will be stopping at Nintendo World when I go (Wednesday of this upcoming week!) and I will be trying to update everyone on what they have available. IF I can also get maybe a phone number or something for you guys to call like in that Epcot post, then I'll also bring that back :3

And photos. And sorry if my face is in any of them haha. I'm going to be exploding from all the Tepigs and stuff. x)

I am waiting on a new friend my boyfriend bought for me! I'm very excited, but he probably won't be here until after my trip to NY... WAIT JUST CHECKED IT it arrived in my town at 5am this morning, so hopefully I'll be getting it today or monday! :D :D :D Then I'll show pictures x)

EDIT: so, after a long day at work, hanging with my 'rents and my boyfriend, I finally got to see my new part of my collection! I literally unwrapped him two seconds ago, I haven't been around all day, so i'm giddy :D

I got my Best Wishes 10" Banpresto Tepig today! HE'S SHINY! And his head is huge! He can't stand by himself, but he's adorable. Loving it! (sorry about the poor photo, it's very late here!)
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totally not what you would be expecting from me!

I come today with not a request for marills, but a request for an adorable trash Pokemon.

I am pretty sure there is a Trubbish kid out. I have been looking at sales posts, but have not seen one yet. I don't know what it is with Trubbish, but I LOVE HIM! He is so dorky and cute. And I bet he stinks really bad. But he is so cute!!!

So if you have a Trubbish kid, or know where I can get one, that'd be swell~

And I just was looking on Y!J and saw a Trubbish plush... I didn't think there was a Trubbish plush? It must be brand new??? So it has been confirmed that it's the MPC plush I came across! Now I need one in my life! XD

ANYWAY I STILL LOVE MARILL, but my Marills want a new trash bag friend! :'D plz help me!

Intro + Wants!

Hello~ So I joined the community a few weeks ago, made a few comments and there, and I'm sure plenty of people have been wondering who the fudge this weird girl with the flaily icon is. D: My name is Anh, I live by the sea! Nice to meet you! :D I graduated from California State University of Long Beach with a BA in Theater, and I will be pursuing a BS in Graphic Design at AI in July. I was way late to the B&W bandwagon (mostly from being unemployed and having little spending money >.> *cough*), but I rediscovered my love for Pokemon after playing a borrowed copy of Explorers of Sky, and finally caved in and bought a copy of Black for myself soon after. :D

While I'm really not a super-serious collector myself, I love seeing everyone's collections and all the care and love put into them here. ♥ D'awwww.

I also plan to make some customs in the future and I hope to share them with the comm soon!

But anyway, I figured a good way to get more active in this comm is to make a wants post. :D

I am looking for the Umbreon Jakks Figure. I've only been able to find it in the value-pack tube and I would really rather find an individual pack of it instead. I am looking for both a loose figure and one MIP. I really don't know how much these go for (the ones I've seen online just seem horribly overpriced XD) but I don't want to spend more than $8+shipping for the loose and $13+shipping for the MIP. I am negotiable though. :)

EDIT: Going to have to hold on the MIP one as I have to transfer some funds. If you have one and are willing to hold for a couple days, please comment or PM me. :D

Small Collection update+TCG & non tcg sales update!

 Hey there com! I bring you my small collection update with some amazing card pulls I got over the last week!!!

Shiny Swablu Teaser! <3

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Lastly, I have updated my TCG trades page so come check it out! I even put my Rayquazza up. I also updated my main non TCG sales! Please check out my sales! ;D Lol yes I have sales permish <3

Common Cards:

Rare/Uncommon/Promo/Japanese Cards:
Also if you have traded with me or bought from me please leave me feedback here, thanks! <3
Thanks for lookin' peeps!! <3
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Parcel turned up finally

I really don't know where the parcel got lost, but it was the last thing a friend of mine bought with Y!J in january (around january 8 i think was it)  this year but it arrived today. I didn't even know what would be in it, cause it should have been a surprise for my birthday but it never arrived. So i opened it and i don't know if i should be happy or not. This three where in it:

I know that all three are Play by Play plush and arcade prizes, even when nobody from them has a tag anymore.  Surprising they are not so filthy like usually, but they smell a little. I think Togepi is the only one i like from this three xd.   

misha joltik cosplay


So I saw this on my Tumblr dashboard and of course, I can't read it. 8D Apparently a new game coming out for the 3DS!

Anyone know what it says?

Well whatever it says, I want it (even though I don't have a 3DS :c)!
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Collection Weeding Sales!

Hello all, on the 7th I got sales permission from denkimouse! I'm happy to make my first sales post :D

I haven't got a banner or a permanent sales post yet, but just some things I've been wanting to get up on the community for new homes :) I've put quite a few up for offers, you'll find the threads under the post, as I'm not totally sure on how to price things :3

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Pokemon B&W Best Wishes Chou Get Group Buy

Hey guys i'm going to do a GB for the Best Wishes Chou get sets. The details will be below on claims and what not! There are two sets the one with the Starters in and the one with the Final Evo of the starters in. They're slightly different prices due to the sellers.

Sales Permission granted on 03/10/2011 by denkimouse

The prices include the Chou and shipping to myself from the sellers!
There will be two payments one for the items & shipping to myself
The second will be shipping to yourself from me

Once payments have been recieved i will order the lots ^__^

Pokemon B&W Best Wishes Chou Get Set 1
$2.50 each (Includes shipping to myself)
Snivy - Claimed by spideyroxas
Oshawott - Claimed by xxxandra
Tepig - Claimed by lilpinknavi
Pikachu - Claimed by xxxandra
Zekrom - Claimed by 3kame
Reshiram - Claimed by agkelikos
Clear Snivy - Claimed by hebilea
Clear Oshawott
Clear Tepig
Clear Pikachu
Clear Zekrom - Claimed by 3kame
Clear Reshiram - Claimed by agkelikos

Pokemon B&W Best Wishes Chou Get Set 2 (I couldnt find a good image on google.. im sorry)
$2.25 each (includes shipping to myself)
Serperior - Claimed by spideyroxas
Emboar - Claimed by lilpinknavi
Samurott - Claimed by shadoweon
Haxorus - Claimed by dukeburger
Minccino - Claimed by espie
Clear Serperior
Clear Emboar - Claimed by okapifeathers
Clear Samurott - Claimed by shadoweon
Clear Axew
Clear Haxorus
Clear Minccino - Claimed by espie

So please comment if you'd like to claim any, multiple claims are always welcome ^__^
Ace Attorney

New MPC Plush GB?

Anyone wanna go for these?

I'd only be claiming Summer Deerling.

- Each plush is $12
- You won't pay until I've actually won the auction/get the shipping total
- There will be two payments, for the items+shipping from Japan and shipping from me to you
- I ship from the US, will ship internationally
- Closes June 14th

Male Jellicent: heychado
Dwebble: heychado
Servine: straydogstarbck
Tirtouga: breethezebra
Trubbish: heychado
Summer Deerling: Me

- Thanks guys, I'll message you to let you know the totals when the auction ends~

Winning Bid: 4480 Internal Ship: 720 Commission: $8.00 Wire Fee: $3.00 Total: $80.35
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A few sales/trade things....

OK guys, I'm here with......
...not counting commissions.....

Ahem anyway. I was going through my collection and my boxes of Pokemon crapness, and thought I'd offer these things to you guys. Look under the cut for rules, etc....

****EDIT! Added 2 Welch's jam jars that had been left out somehow. Sorry!

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Leek Duck Needs

Okay I actually updated my poster of Leek Duck Wants. Remember that my wants is not restricted to what's the on the poster. If you have anything containing the duck (Farfetch'D doesn't have to be the centerpoint of the item), let me know =) Also as always, I don't care what language the item is in.

I'm also interested in item(s) that have Bill/Masaki on them. I loooove Bill and his habit of getting spliced with Pokemon genes. It surprises me that he didn't turn himself into an Eevee in any continuity.

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