June 12th, 2011



Just a quick post; I'm a little busy at the moment... but has there been any Deino and his evolutions related merch yet? I'm dying for the little guy!

I'll delete this once my question gets answered :)

<3 you guys!
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#1 Want!~

I unfortunately lost my first auction, and while I'm disappointed, I'm not giving up on my dream! So I'm using this post for one reason and one reason alone.

My number one want is this little lady right here (photo courtesy of Pokeplush Project):

That's right: the 2007 minky Glaceon pokedoll! She's been on my wishlist for four years now, and I'm dying to have her in my collection!

If you guys know of a sale, auction, or prospective seller, please let me know right away!
Pikach and Pichu

Pokemon Canvas & some old photos!


i guess this is another want list......sort of. i really don't have the money(although i seem to always say that and i buy stuff anyway.....) but i don't think i could afford to buy any Canvas plush at the moment. i am more showing of my list of wants to make sure i have all of the Canvas plush listed. i do know i am missing Uxie and Starley(i don't want them) and Dragonite(he is on the way from the UK at this moment:D). am i missing anyone else? PLEASE let me know if i am. thanks!

Pokemon Canvas wants



These are a dream......but i do WANT them:

also, kind of OT for this community, but i wanted to mention it anyway; i have posted pictures of the Pokemon Mall Tour from 1999 in my journal!! :) feel free to go there and look if you would like.

Have a GREAT day everyone!
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Finally an intro post!

Hey all! I've was a lurker for a long time, then kinda just was a member but didn't watch any posts for even longer. I think I've been here at least a year if not more, just in the shadows. I just recently became somewhat active. :)

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Anyways... I also wanted to mention I live in Redmond, WA. And I've noticed there are quite a few of you that mentioned going up to the Kiosks. I was wondering if anyone wanted to plan a meetup or something. Maybe run around the mall, get some lunch, maybe draw Pokemon art, and all that jazz! :) I mostly go up to the Alderwood one since its bigger.

I also do Pokemon art and crafts. I'm on DA as PKMNTrainerPurple!
Hopefully this wasn't too long of an intro. :o I'm never good at these things.

Updated wants and a question...

Good news, everyone! I have a few zukans on the way... but there are plenty I still need!

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Is it complicated to use one of those in-between sites for Yahoo Japan Auctions? I know there's a walkthrough for one on the community, but I would just like to hear some testimonies about such services.
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MPC IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PART 4!

It's that time again. MPC update!!! This time it's part 4!

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Don't forget that another MPC set is coming out the end of this month -- along with THREE!!! MPC sets in July!! You can see pics and details if you click the "info" tag!

Also my post with MC/MC+ info was short three MC figures. Ooops! So the full list of July 23rd releases is:

--MC+ Hydreigon
--MC+ Golurk
--MC Archeops
--MC Carracosta
--MC Escavalier
--MC Accelgor

Thanks guys!

Mudkip plush question and wants:)

 Has the Pokemon Center ever released a Mudkip plush? If so does anyone have any pictures of it? Id love to see it.

and now for the wants! Im looking for, you guessed it, Mudkip plushes:) I dont have any right now and  Im looking to make a little Mudkip plush collection. I will consider any and all plushes:) Thanks!  
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Auction Reminders!

All auctions are now ended :)
i didn't sell the jigglypuff slippers so if anyone is interested please contact me and make an offer :D

Im running an auction over at eBay :) That ends on monday 13 Jun 16:59:10 AEST
Check it out a massive lot of jakks, Tomys and Play by Plays starting at $20 :)


SUNDAY 12th of JUNE at 8.00pm AEST in Australia


1.1 Pichu, Jigglypuff Slippers and 20" Charmander "Play by Play"
Still no bids on jigglypuff slippers or the charmander


HERE: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9368871.html


GB and GA things, lots for sale. (LJ deleted my title :c)

 Ok, so, for the people that were in that super quick GB of attack kids, no one claimed the last 4 guys so we lost. I would carry on with it but the seller didn't relist so, bluh, I'm sorry.

About this guy here:

Ok, invoice is in. It was more expensive than I thought (god damnit domestic shipping), but, I will cover the fees. The extra that is there is for PayPal fees. Spreadsheet is here! Please edit when you pay :3 All payment go to milk.luv@hotmail.com! C:


Whee, bidding is done! I'm waiting for the invoice/making the spreadsheet!

Now, in less than a month I'm going back to Brazil (bluh bluh), and I have this bunch of stuff that needs to be gone :T
I made some lots, and they are pretty cheap I guess? Please take a look and all that. :333

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Thaaank you very much for reading!~
(and I really hope the cut works)
Pokemon- Sewing

Settei and Swadloon Reminders! Plus Taking on Commissions!

Settei here~
My mailers are here but the rest of my packing supplies for these haven't arrived yet. Hoping they'll get here soon. :(

Blanketbug here~

All my auctions end tonight, Sunday June 12th at 8pm PST!

Don't miss your chance to get Black and White settei or a superadorable blanketbug. :D

Also have a preview of something incredibly silly:
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And lastly, I need stuff to work on while down in CA, also I'm trying to save up money so I can afford a plane ticket to go to a good friend's wedding.

So I am going to open up commissions again. :) I have about half the cost of the plane ticket saved up already, but I'm not going to limit the number of commissions this time. Just keep in mind that I might not be able to keep in close contact after the 17th since my internet access will be intermittent depending on where I am. I'm probably going to purchase a bag of Polyfil while down in CA, since I can't see packing a full bag in my suitcase as reasonable. XD (Unless I use up enough... HMMMM)

All my plush are made of 100% fleece and lines are hand embroidered

My chibi/"Pokedoll" plush have a base cost of around $50. However, if the Pokemon has a much more simple design the price will be lower than $50.

If you're interested in something smaller, I also offer "Pokepillows" which are simple, flatter and cost around $20-25

If you're interested in a commission, please list a few Pokemon you might want, as some might be too complex in design for me to plush.

I can make larger plush such as Yamask, however I do not have as much experience with it, comment or message me if you'd like to discuss something like this.

I will not remake any commission/trade that I have done previously. If it wasn't a commission/trade (ex. Swadloon, Yamask) feel free to inquire~

I accept Paypal only, and I'm located in USA but ship internationally.

I might be willing to accept a trade although I am mostly trying to raise money at the moment.

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GB Reminder + Updates!

Hey guys! I'm really, really sorry, especially to all my commissioners, for my lack of activity lately. It was finals week, and then moving, and I finally got situated with internet connection. @__@ I'm also working full-time this summer, so commissions are gonna be coming out a bit slower. D: Sorry!


I am like, desperate to get that Reshiram Zukan. You don't even know. D: So somebody please claim this last zukan so we can buy the set. xD Patrat/Watchog would be 7.72+shipping from me (US) to you! That 7.72 includes all fees and shipping to me. The zukan is still in its plastic pouch!

Also, for the Eeveelution GA, it has arrived to Noppin! ;D Now, to wait for a shipping invoice~ I'm going to go ahead and choose EMS shipping, since it has tracking, and I don't want something so expensive to get lost, or I'd go ballistic. @__@;;

Ok! That's about it for me right now. ;D I'll be back soon with shipping invoice and all that good stuff.

Buneary and lopunny

Spring Clean and something a little different

Hey guys,
I have had to recently give my desk that had my collection on it to my sister and so as compensation I was given an old set of shelfs we had.
And with this change of furniture I decised a re-organisation and spring clean was in order; and a good job too!

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Edit: Images are working on one of my computers but not the other. Sorry if they don't load for you >

DVD GA shipping and MEGA SALES!

 Hey guys! Me again :D Firstly...DVD GA payment 3 time! kiiyame   - DVD 7 - $3.50 unboxed, $4.50 boxed .captainangel   - DVD 1 - n/a .kiiyame   - DVD 3 - catch me on msn, we'll organise trades and whatnot B: .kiiyame   - DVD 2 - $3.50 unboxed, $4.50 boxed .kiiyame   - DVD 5 - $3.50 unboxed, $4.50 boxed please send to your_master_is_here@btinternet.com and mark as DVD payment 3 please! Thanks! secondly...mega sales, dead ahead! Me and my boyfriend have done a TON of collection weeding, as both of us have grails that have popped up! includes a flareon jakks, tons of zukans, registeel pokedoll figure, most of my breloom collection and lots of other things!
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Richmond Finds

So today I went to Richmond and found a legit Gengar Pokedoll as well as what I believe to be a legit Cherrim Pokedoll =3

Eventually when I get selling permission I will auction them, Im happy that I got the Chikorita one though >.<

There are a lot of Black and White Kids there as well So I hope someday to do some pick ups because they are only 3.50 CDN
>.< Some decent plush as well!

here are some images

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Jasmine &amp; Steelix

collection update, photostory style!

Last night found me with a good camera, boredom, and a realization that I've only done the one collection post - and have bought lots since then! Therefore, I figured it was time to do another. ;D
But this isn't just any collection update - it's a photo story, and one that took me hours to do... mostly because I was giggling the whole time while putting it together. I hope you find it as amusing as I did. ^w^
There are 17 images under the cut. I couldn't downsize them too much, so I just figured I'd warn those with slower connections. ^^;

I won't be doing the collection showing though - I left that to a little friend of mine, courtesy of bluest_mercury. If you haven't seen her work or even commissioned her, you seriously should! Her plushies are soooo cute! <3

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Amazing Kid GA mailed out, gets post and wants post!

HI EVERYONE. Thank you all for your patience. As promised, I mailed everyone who paid for their shipping payments out on Saturday. However, things did not go as well as planned. I don't want to type a "sob" story haha, but as you know I had 80 packages to mail and there was only 1 person working there for a while.Collapse )

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As requested! SIZE COMPARISION. If you didn't meet my seal before, he is 40 inches long ;) 3+ feet. HAHAHAHAHAH NOT LYING
For the xxiiijameiiixx GA, everyone paid and I paid him on Friday! I'll let you all know when it gets here. It might be a while to calcalate shipping payments because of the various sizes of figures involved. Thanks again for your patience <3

NOW MY GETS. Thank you so much Brian for working with me on getting the photo frame. I am the proud owner of an N Reshiram photo frame =D
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Now for my wants post. I DESPERATELY want this. I've seen it around forever but of course, now that I want it, I can't find it anywhere. PLEASE SOMEONE SELL ME A GOLBAT FCS FIGURE ;-;

Image taken from slothyshroom's website here: http://slothyshroom.weebly.com/crobat-collection.html

If you want me to take it off, let me know. <333 Just found it through google xD
original raichu

(no subject)

 Hey guys, my second post!!!! 
So..I think I like this comm so far :P and just checking out people's posts and stuff is fun! Even if I'm not buying stuff it is fun to look..just..not too hard.. xD Anyway, I thought maybe I'd post a list of my big wants and stuff while I figure out getting a photo of my miniature collection hehe. These are the things I just would really like to get and some I know I probably never will- but like anyway (and I know, some are just frustrating to find anywhere..I'm not a big collector really, I just kinda feel like getting stuff of my favorite pokemon if I really like it):

Raichu Super Dx FUZZY plush (Oh my goodness so cute!)
Flareon canvas (would be nice if I could ever find this for a somewhat reasonable price :/ but it's so pretty! I'd probably get this before the vaporeon one if I did get one)
Raichu Lt. Surge Kid
UFO Raikou (I think the cutest Raikou plush I've seen)
Raikou kid
Raikou tfg figure? (? because it's so cool but I don't know if I'd get it for sure..kinda expensive)
cool Rapidash figure (don't really know what's out there)
Spheal kid or adorable figure
Voltorb kid (if it exists?) Or some kind of cute ball or something- this would be for a good friend- who loves it for some odd reason
cool Dewgong stuff (if only there was an adorable dewgong plush- haven't seen any)

      -So yeah these are just some things I'm kinda keeping an eye on. If you wanna help, then cool :P I'm trying to prioritize my wants..and will probably update this, but right now it's pretty solid. Also, I'm kinda picky and may do a bit of thinking on stuff. And..I guess I know what a grail is now so..I'd consider the Raichu plush to be my grail of sorts. It's just so cute... The flareon is very cool too and up there on my list. Thanks for readin!!


Charmander bell plush and a few wants thrown in

Hello fellow collectors! Not sure if you're allowed to ask, but how much do bell plush charmander's usually go for? AKA is $35 including postage a rip off? Seems quite a bit (he is so gosh darn cute though) I haven't seen any for sale on here so can't compare.
Or if anyone does have one for sale I'd rather buy from the comm to be honest. THANK YOU :D

Sorry no pictures but LJ won't let me upload anything. Guh.

and a few wants for good measure :P
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Sales and requests

Hello all! I still have some stuff left for sale and added a few new items as well. Everything from this post has been shipped!

If anyone is looking for recent B&W kids, I may be able to get them for you, just let me know which characters.

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NO trades, No holds. Paypal only.
Shipping will be from Japan, and my shipping day is Thursday only.

If you are definitely buying, SAY SO, because often there are other buyers interested in the same items. If you just ask for a shipping quote, I will assume you have not yet committed to the sale, and your item will be open to another buyer. Please respond within 24 hours if you are making a purchase, as anything longer than that would be considered a hold, which I don't do.

*Note about kids*
I don't have boxes small enough to mail individual kids- they must be purchased with other items or a plush, as I only have large boxes. I have envelopes as well, so the other option would be for me to open and flatten the box to mail your kid. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Feedback- I am horrible at leaving it- especially after starting full time work in Japan. If you purchased from me and I have yet to leave feedback, please let me know! Likewise, you can leave feedback for me here in sarahs4sale.

Sales permission granted by dakajojo  on 3/17/1
sad raven is sad


has anyone heard from stymphalid  at all? outside of LJ?

we used to be bros and when i went to japan last year i got her two plushies, one as a gift and one as a trade for something important for my collection. we talked and i sent the plushies and i never worried because we were already bros, but this year she seems to have disappeared. i waited and waited some more and tried to get her to reply to my PMs, but no luck.

i hope she's ok and everything, and i really don't care that i sent her two plushies, but i really would like the thing she was trading me.

if you're wondering, it was a paper burger king bag with the nidoking line on it. do you have any idea how lucky i am that she decided to keep it? well, i guess i'm not that lucky, since she's vanished. any info would be great, but it doesn't seem like she had many friends here... idk.


Auction reminder

Here's a reminder of the auction I'm currently holding for several items including Latios/Latias Gameboy Advance console and oversize Treecko Pokedoll, ending on Tuesday, June 14 1PM Malaysia time. The console is still at its starting bid~

Click on the auction picture to be directed:

I have also updated my regular sales, so feel free to combine if you're a participant.

Thanks for looking!
Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Hoenn Pokedoll wants!(and one from Johto :3)

The last time I've gotten my hands on mostly Johto Pokedolls and some I really wanted at that, so I thought something else would be nice for a change. I've got this really huge nostalgia vibe going on for Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, so I'd like merch specific for Hoenn Pokemon and so on a lot^^(just random merch like cookie tins, bed sheets or whatever XD , not figures and preferably from japan ;3. Mainly with the three starters, Beautifly, Swablu, Skitty,  Plusle, Minun, Spinda  or Jirachi on it.^^).  But I've also got a few specific Pokedoll wants, which I might as well list right away, here goes! 

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I'll offer as much as I can on each individual wanted item, so I really hope you guys can help me get some of them^^ (Mudkip and Wooper especially ;3)


McDonald's Pokemon Black and White toys video preview!

Hey all!

The Pokemon Black and White toys + cards will be launching this Friday at participating McDonald's restaurant in the USA (Canada too?) and here's a video preview of the toys in action! Hopefully, this can help you decide which one you want to get in case you don't get them all. ;)

source: Happymeal.com
my post if you care to read it: Here