June 13th, 2011

Quick wants

Hi, I'm trying to do a Dawn and White cosplay, but I need a Pokedex and poketech, and BW pokedex. Can anyone tell me whare to get these things? Or have one up here? :D I can't find the pokedex/poketech/BW poke dex any whare, only one is $50 and they want 20 more for shipping. I know they sell them in Japan :s Can anyone pick up me one? I need these things
Dawn Pokedex
Piplup plush lifesize
Pachirisu plush
Buneary, Buizrial and Cyndaquil/Toge/Swine plushies
BW pokedex
Oshawott lifesized
Also and cosplay things I could use, and BW things I could use. I'm still wanting any Oshawott things. thanks!


Hey, I lost my grails not so long ago, attack and defence deoxys pokedolls,first ones ive EVER seen for sale, and i almost started to cry, lol. :/ and was just wanting you to know that if u see any for sale/looses interest in yours/have for sale, please let me know, these guys are my dream :_____: and it feels they are the only missing parts to my collection. so please peepz! <3 also, I<3 u all :)

Collection Update + Finished sprites + Card Sales

Firstly, for those of you who have been waiting for pictures of your sprites, here they are!

Sorry for crappy webcam pictures. Sprites on my sketchbook to show scale. Drowzee is a surprise for the amazing tufails <3

Secondly, a little collection update~
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Finally, it seems like a lot of people have been posting Cards Wants lately. I have a ton of cards, but don't do anything with them (I can't resist buying packs of new cards). They have done nothing but sit in a binder, so I'd like to let other people have them that will actually appreciate them. So I'm putting them up for sale!

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Thanks for reading!


quick auction!

Im chucking these 4 plush up for auction/offers!
Most of these are very recent gets, but im selling on as either they were too big, im not fond of them OR because they are not what I expected.
Please read under the cut for info.
I also have 2 figures for direct sale (a ho-oh tomy pose figure (?) and the lugia one too, both mint in packets with flattened boxes)

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Fire moth bbs <3

If you bought from me, everything was shipped out that next day (Friday) except for the people who paid me after that. Yours will be shipped out on this Friday. I have a hectic work schedule this week and Friday's the only day I can get to the post. So look forward to that :) also working on some plush for a custom auction. What sorts of custom plush would you like to see from me?

loneplushieinfo.webs.com/ is my plush website. I have a page of links and was wondering if anyone wanted to be linked! If you have your own art or collection site, just let me know! My banner is on the bottom of my homepage if you need one. I have a few art and collection sites already, but I'd like to get more :)

My fire moths had a little new addition!

SOSOSOSOSOSOSO CUTE!!!! I am also insanely excited for the new cards because of Larvesta :B


Cutest bb <3 (I also love that girl's Minccino hair clip)

I also got this tag which is uber adorbs! Yes, I have insane love for Reuniclus. He was my first love from this gen.
Irene makes the best tag art, I swear <3 all my collections feel incomplete without Irene tags.

This was supposed to be followed by an epic cut featuring my favorite get, but Livejournal is a killjoy and has decided that it's going to ONCE AGAIN run my pictures into the comments @_@ so...next update. I'm done fooling with it. Wasted an hour of my life.
Yukiyo, Trainer ID

June Clearance

I'm clearing out all my extras this month, so I have more boxes of stuff to send away. :>

[Take me to the stuff~]

Please note that I will be shipping from Australia, and I won't really be splitting up individual items. If there is enough interest in the flats, I will take more time to photograph everything. But there are thousands of things in there. Box offers and GA runners are welcome, as everyone will save money the more shipping is combined.

Items not being GA-ed: All dice, playsets, and all flats. :P
Custom Ambipom

Are there any Tranquill dolls yet?

I was trying to think of a plushie I could get. The first one I thought of was Ambipom, but then I thought about Tranquill.

Sure, I don't want their zukan because it's Normal/Flying, but I do have a Tranquill in my game that I keep with me all the time. Her name is Bernice and I refuse to let her evolve.  So I thought maybe I could get a Tranquill Pokédoll. Does one happen to exist?

Wants list

stuff that i have been drooling after for like, FOREVER.

1) glaceon pokedoll with hang tag
2) leafeon pokedoll with hang tag
3)VELBOA  USA vaporeon pokedoll
4)chikorita pokedoll
5) bulbasaur pokedoll
<3 i love pokedolls :D
If someone would help me find these guys, I would be sooooooooooo happy!!!
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My tomy keychain auction is ending Wednesday at 6:00 PM. Get those bids in peoples! :D

Everyone's items from the colorful GA I held with breethezebra  have been shipped! You should be getting them shortly.
I am still missing 3 payments. These people are hard to get ahold of...
airinkitty -Do you want Brock? 2 other members are waiting on your decision :p
megami36  You owe for payment 2 and 3. I can't find you to PM you! D: I am gonna keep your Teddiursa if you don't hurry! ;)
sugar0coated Payment 3 is due!
You all can find the info here:

I need some kind of answers in 3 more days or they are going back up for sale! I have PM'd and commented. <3

I bought the whole set of Mcdonalds Pokemon toys off Ebay yesterday. They should be here Thursday! I'll probably be selling zoroark. Since I have a million items of her in the exact same pose XD So I'll have an update then to show everyone! I am so excited.
Is there a live action Pokemon movie yet. I want to play Misty! hehe

Anyone have this for sale???


Hey Friendsss...sss

IIIII have QUITE the obsession with fire Pokemon... so I'm wanting to at least get one plush of each of my fire babys <3 And now I know THIS IS RARE, like SO RARE... but does anyone have any information on it? Anything would be appreciated... thanks <3
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

BW6 Kids!!! Pay now! :D//SOME LEFTOVERS!! :D

The BW6 (Dewott Set) kids have just come in! Please note that this does not include the buy ran by rachelled, so do not panic if you are with her, the information for her people will come soon! :D


Click here or the pic for the spreadsheet for the BW6 Kids!:

Please send all payments to jandjsimonenterprises(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject (BW6 Kids HRFTW)(LJ Name, Kids Bought). Please send payment in 3 days from this post or I will leave negative feedback! Pay ASAP please! :D

The following need to check it out!!!


Oh, and to the MPC Set 3 GB people, shipping payments will come at the end of the week. :D Be ready! :D

I also have some leftovers from this box of kids! They are:


They are $6.50 each plus shipping! Comment below if you want them! :D

Super quick

just a super quick want list, I wanna build a ghost pokemon collection so:

Mismagius pokemon center plush (seriously, top of the list)

Custom plushes of every ghost species (no way thats gonna be done any time soon with my monthly income)

The few official ghost pokedolls that were made (does darkrai count? you bet your sweet ghastly it does)

custom lilligant plush (I just love lilligant, it reminds me of someone)

I'd add more, but I can't think ATM, so yeah.
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kabu altomare
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lost stickers?

Hey all,

Has anyone heard back from the person that did a huge lot of stickers and magnets (NOT hebitheivan - got those just fine :) recently? I ordered some Reshirams and darumakas and it was at least a month ago, and I've yet to see them, and I totally lost track of who it was...

If this kind of post isn't allowed let me know and I'll immediately delete it. I'm just wondering if these ever went out...?

Teeny Canvas Plush Sales & Shipping update!

Okay guys it's came down to this, i'm trying to be strict with what i collect now and stick to my main collection lines!

So i'm selling my 3 Pika line canvas plush, all 3 are MWT and are perfect condition, they've just been sat in a box recently =/
It's these guys =D So please if you want them check under the cut for details

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i still have plenty of stuff left in my sales post so take a look =D

and all items purchased in my sales recently have been shipped out today!!
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love of 'loons - my collection!

OKAy i figured i should post my collection n_n
or atleast, a part of it, the biggest parts. xD
most of my collection is handmade/custom items,
but i do love official stuff too, and i will be getting more eventually,
but right now i'm all about handmade because that's what i do c:
i'm still waiting on a few additions, some kid figures and other figures!

-warning, pretty image heavy haha! I HAVE A PROBLEM

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jin orange ♥

I ♥ Pikachu ball chain plush?

HELLO AGAIN, just posting a quick want that I found the other day! These are from the "I Love Pikachu" series made by Banpresto and they actually just came out a couple weeks ago!

I have no idea where to get these online, though. Toys 'n Joys' online store sells these, though I've heard nothing but bad customer service from them and they pick a RANDOM one if you opt to only order one (meaning, you can't choose which plush you want). :\

Does anyone know of a good online store that sells these plush? I would be eternally grateful. :D

Block GA + Lots

 But first, small question: how do you say pan stickers and amanda stickers in Japanese? n_n"

Payment 2 is due! Spreadsheet is here!


We got discounts. I think you will all be pleased with it. :3


In the subject file please put "BLOCKS GA 2 - [username]" (or "GA01 02 - [username]" if you were in the Lottery Prize one)
And in the memo field, your items.

Ok, so, the shipping was... Surprising.

Grand Total :7,245 JPY

Hm, I did the conversion by yen at 80.5 (it's more than that today but, hm) and added PayPal fees to that final value. I am paying most of it ($30 or more), but it's still pretty high. I am really sorry about that but there is nothing much I can do, I can't cover more than that, sadly.

If you have any problems with that or a better idea on how to cover this, let me know. :T

Spreadsheet for the Lottery Prize GA is here.

Now, lots. I need them out, pretty please? >:

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Thank you! <3
Ash and Infernape

Jakks Snivy Presents: A Collection Update! (And shop and wants list)

With leftover kids, the latest Japanese stuff, Snivy's narcissism, heartfelt reunions, and MATER YOU'RE NOT A POKEMON GET OUT OF THE SHOT.

Some of my pictures got turned sideways but I'm too tired to fix them right now. D':
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Soooo I'm gonna keep Snivy I guess, which means Darumakka Tin and Oshawott Tin are officially my new wants. I'd prefer to trade, if possible. For not tins, obviously. Since that be all I have. As usual, timegearsales  is happy to consider trade offers (and haggling!)

And speaking of trade, I'm looking to trade my Black Tin for a Victini Tin. I guess I could trade it for an Oshawott too, but it's rare n stuffs, so I'm not sure how I feel about that. :C It will be safe and sound in its package in my sales crate, so just let me know. :D

Sales Update


I am here to post the link to my sales as I have updated it with a few things and I am taking offers on a Raichu Pokemon League Patch.

Offers thread is in sales post which is located here:

And a quick side note
Everything that has been paid for from offers has been shipped.
Please let me know when you receive them!

And to those from the Clipping figure GB.
I am running to the Post office tomorrow to get quotes and will let you know via PM what the shipping payment will be.
And just so you know, they are all in perfect condition. ;]

K that's all for now.
Thanks for reading~

Squirtle and Blastoise plush search

 I just got in this cool Banpresto Warturtle plush(www.flickr.com/photos/pokeplushproject/2262711017/in/set-72157603903636186) and found that there was a similar Squirtle and Blastoise made too:)

Does anyone have either of these that they are willing to sell or trade? I dont have my own pictures of them so im using links to the Pokemon Plush Project for refrence(that place is great).

Squirtle want: www.flickr.com/photos/pokeplushproject/2262711017/in/set-72157603903636186

Blastoise want: www.flickr.com/photos/pokeplushproject/2264129340/in/set-72157603907194027
thanks in advance.