June 14th, 2011

even more eeveelution madness sales

hi community! this week, i'm back with a final eeveelution boxed kid stock update for a bit, as well as a sprinkling of new boxed kids here and there. also on sale are Chous, TFGs, Christmas cards, clearfiles and charms! finally, these plush still need a home, so for those with extra apples/seeds/pigfeed at home to spare, do pick them up will ya? =D click the banner to proceed.

thanks for viewing, and have a good week ahead!
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question plus a late intro

Hrrrrrgh so has anyone heard from kylie_fanatic ? I'm still trying to get in touch with him ._. I'm going to PM him again, but could someone PM me his address maybe? Maybe we can get an answer via snail mail. I'm also going to try emailing him. Something has to get through somehow :|

Okay, now then. I don't think I ever posted an intro post, and that was silly. so here is a very late one :)

My name is Cassandra, but everyone either calls me Cass or Dassa. I'm 22 and I've been into Pokemon for most of the time it's been out (started when it first came out, took a 6 year hiatus after GSC, came back for HGSS). For the time I've been a fan, I've been interested in Team Rocket, particularly Giovanni, and also Fearow and Spearow. My love has grown into several side collections, and a few mains. But my MAIN MAN is Fearow. I'm a bit sad they turned him into a glass cannon later on, but I still love it to death, due to having an amazing one in Yellow years ago :) What sort of merchandise does he have, anyway?

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I am currently clearing room for my collection so hopefully I can do a collection post soon :)

Also, for those wondering, while I wasn't able to go to any big stores in Israel to check for poggles, I DID find an old Mewtwo Strikes Back book in Hberew on Ebay 8D I'm going to practice my Hebrew on it! Atfer some things calm down and I get some sort of income (here's hoping I can find a job), I'm going to check Hebrew toy sites and see if I can't find something :)

That's all I can think of for now. How is everyone?

EDIT: I forgot to mention, I also have breaks_ground as another username here /derp. I sometimes forget to change accounts or, if it's my phone, it refuses to change usernames for me. :)

One things

Is anyone going to to a run to a pokemon center that is selling the Reshiram and Zekrom note books. I really want to get my hands on both of them so bad. Before they are impossible to come by and if you come by them they are written in. I want to do the writing lol.

Thanks a bunch
Hoppip friends
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15-50% off shop SALE :O

Click here to see all the sale items!
The sale does include the giant DX Weavile Pokedoll and Airgurumi Drifloon :) The sale is for select items only; but there are many BW items included!

The sale actually started a week ago; I mailed all my customers subscribed to the newsletter. If you didn't get it, be sure to sign up or check your spam settings.
You can actually read the newsletter by clicking the preview below:
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Hey guys! 
So, I came across a weird find the other day at AnimeNEXT.
I found a Charmeleon Bell Plush for 2$ in a plush bin. It's in OK shape, has a tush tag but no other tags. It's also not in a box and the string on his head seems to be cut or something. How much is he worth? I took him thinking he was a weird lookin' fella and wanted to maybe add him to my collection or sell him to someone who'd want him. :) Collapse )

Price help?

Hey guys, I was wondering if maybe some of you could help me with something!

A long time ago, I aquired an error Pokemon TGC card. It is a Base Set Wartortle, and seemingly normal..until you look at the "evolves from Squirtle" area; there's a little picture of another Wartortle there, not a Squirtle :P It's not in mint condition (the previous owner made some minor indentations around his nose, like he wanted to give Wartortle a mustache or something >.>) but it's not bent or anything, just a little beat.

Here's a crappy phone-camera pic:

I want to try and sell this card (either through ebay or here, if I get sales permission), but I have NO idea what to price it at! On ebay, error cards seem to go for some pretty crazy prices. This particular card (the Wartortle) is only on ebay twice last I checked. One, a Portuguese version, went for about $40. The other, and American one, went for $450 o.O Those were both BIN prices though.

I have no experience pricing rare things like this, and was hoping some of you guys might know what it's really worth..or at least closer to it XD

Please don't make offers on this card, I DO NOT HAVE SALES PERMISSION!
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Mini Grail and some more auctions

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I have the rest up for auction :3

They are all in perfect condition and all of them move their arms when you pull on the beads,except for whooper.he moves his antennae :3.
All of them are about 1 inch with the figure and 4 1/2 inches with the beads.
Auctions End June 17th 2011 at 5:00 PM PST
I am shipping from California :3 and I ship international C:
1.Paypal only please :)
2.I would like payment within 3 days,but if you need more time you can ask <3
3.All Community Auctions apply,Please don't snipe <3 it only adds 15 minutes to the auction
4.Play nice d: and have fun 83

Straight sales :3


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and a reminder that this auction ends this friday ;)
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Questions on Re-Selling Customs

Hello everyone! :> Today I had some questions about customs and re-selling them. I think customs are a wonderful way for the community to share their creativity and they're especially great for adding new "merchandise" towards a collection of some lesser-loved Pokemon. I would love to be able to make my own customs and share that with the comm one day. ^^

I was wondering about everybody's opinions of re-selling a custom. I always figured it'd be okay as long as the original artist is fine with it, but I can imagine there might be a couple people out there that would think "It's mine, I paid for it, and I can do whatever I want with it now."

Personally, I would be a little annoyed if I made a custom for somebody and they ended up selling it without asking my permission first, but I dunno, maybe once it's sold, the artist relinquishes ownership? :\

What's everyone else's thoughts? :D Oh, and has anyone ever experienced or seen a person try to re-sell their custom for more than the price it was original sold for?

What's in the box? + Spooky Candle line collection update~

So it's been a while since I hosted another collection update huh? ;A; Well the candle line has still been growing! Just been focusing more on Chandelure and Litwick. <3 I also got a surprise under here, and I bet you'll never guess who's inside~ Fair warning though under the cut is full of huge images. 8C



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TCG grab bags + individual sales

First off, sorry for having two posts on the front page, but we wanted to get this up ~ASAP~ (I can delete the other post if needed)
My brother decided he's selling all his TCG cards except the sets currently in rotation, so we have a bunch to sell~!

There are literally hundreds, so we are trying to sell them off in grab bags before selling each individually
Each one is $5 + $1.50 shipping/fees and includes 25 cards: 4 rares, 1 holofoil, 10 uncommons and 10 commons (a lot are NOT mint condition, just be aware). They're from all sets except HGSS and B&W, but if you're looking for a certain Pokemon and/or set, let me know c=

Also for sale today are some singles of more "popular" cards, including Promos and ex-s
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The Payment Post You've Been Waiting For!

 Sorry this has taken so long! D:  I've been adjusting to my new work schedule of 7 days a week along with a few pet crisises I've taken my time with these.  All of your packages are ready to ship, all you have to do is pay and I'll get them out ASAP.

Send all payments to Whalesales [at] aol.com and label it with your username and say it's for shipping.

GA shipping to you. (UFO plush GA, MPC keychain GA, theevilpotato plush GA)
Bazula $3.13
roxiired $3.66
cheeseyspoot $6.76
royalballoon $3.66
atenna $3.50
miss_citrius $5.00
schenzi $5.00
pancakemonkey $5.00
kurai_tsuki7 $3.50
poptartdino $3.50
theevilpotato $5.86
shiome $5.00
truxor $3.13
pretty_omi $3.13
dezchu $3.31
poly_rhythm $4.00
nasija $6.76
usagimakeup $4.22
rirutu $3.13
charmystar $3.68
minjei $3.23
ryunwoofie $4.02
safir_hime $8.67

Epic Pokemon Plush GA 1st payment! Found here! Send all payments to Whalesales [at] aol.com and label it with your username and say it's the 1st payment

Edit:  Anyone wanna run another MPC plush GA with me?  I'd just need someone to post and I can ship. I just want the pringles ghost. xD.  Posting soon!

For those who live under a rock Swadloon is my favorite gen 5 pokemon.  Soooo if anyone does customs i'd love to see your work.  Doesn't mean I'd pick em, but I do love plush, charms, large art for walls, aaaand art for tcg playmats. :3

Xeno lick

Offers please!

Im really wanting to sell these items now because my wedding is in only 2 weeks and we still dont have some things paid for (flowers, decorations etc) I'm opening these to offers since I dont know if I put them up for too high last time.

Any offer considered! I ship from the UK so please bear postage costs in mind! I havent put these under a cut because for me, cuts arnt working (as in, I click the link and nothing happens, I didnt know if this was just me or everyone! Sorry to be a pain)

Wooper is SOLD

Raikou is banpresto and pokedoll, suicune pokedoll and magikarp custom


All megabloks are avaliable at the moment (sorry for the small picture, didnt want to take up space!!)


Mini Collection Update + Questions <3

Hiya, I posted my intro a few days ago with some pictures of some of the stuff I already own, since then I added a few more things that I found and bought to my collection and sorted out a place to keep it all! :D I also want to ask if anyone can give me some information about some of the random stuffs I have. =]

Whaat ammmm i~ :(

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Plush Help?

 Hi, guys. I bought three plush from Ebay almost a year ago. (Yeah, I waited for forever to post this. My camera hates me and taking pictures.) I have been wondering about them for a long time, well mainly one of them. I am almost positive two of them are bootlegs, but third one is a bit strange as she has a tag. 
I could really use some help figuring out if she is a bootleg or a factory reject.

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a question

Why are canvas plushies (specifically eevee evolution plushes) so expensive??? I mean, I would love to buy this beauty:
But she's like, 90-200 dollars! my mom almost had a seizure when she saw the price. I mean, the plushies are so cute, but why are the prices so crazy?!?
(btw, the picture is a vaporeon canvas plush. the picture isn't showing)
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Old Treasures

Today my fiance's dad went through some old stuff and apparently they collected A LOT of figures and other treasures when Pokémon first came out. From Burger King Kid's Meal toys to limited edition 23k gold plates to post cards and an old comic book.

So I went through all of them and [tried] to take some decent photos. I apologise for the crappy quality of most of these (and the dates), as it can't be helped. Our camera is very old and is in dire need of being replaced.

Anyway, onto our findings!

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Well I think that's it!
Though I'm sure he has even more Pokémon stuff that he's hiding from me, but I'm too lazy to go look for them. xD We're probably going to sell a lot of this old stuff to make room for the new merchandise!
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Price inquiries?

Icon depicts exactly how I feel right now.

So I have to ask.

How much do the Eeveelution zukan pieces usually go for? Because I may or may not have won an almost-complete set of them on Ebay but I need to make some of that money back.

So yes, can someone tell me how much the pieces are going for?


NOTE: DO NOT BEG ME NOW TO "RESERVE" OR "HOLD" ONE FOR YOU. Just keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a sales/Auctions post from me about this amazing purchase.

AND PROTIP: When it comes to "BIN OR BEST OFFER" ON EBAY, USE THOSE NOTES!!!! The Asking price for the lot was $170, and I offered $75, they counter offered $165, and I counter offered $xx, explaining the worth of each of the pieces individually, and the seller accepted. Sometimes sellers either realize they can't dupe you, or they just don't understand what their items are actually worth. If you have good feedback and are willing to explain, you may be willing to talk them down :)

Edit: Nevermind. It turns out her "Little brother got a hold of her iphone" and when my offer popped up he totally accepted it. She Refunded my money and is going to relist the lot.

I'd advise everyone not to do business with this seller.

EDIT EDIT: The seller on ebay is
kyoakra,   Known on LJ as Kyoakira

Does anyone have a Flareon Zukan piece, or a Flareon Canvas plush they would be willing to sell to me?

Or would someone like to cohost a GA with me? From Ebay. I've never done a GA before but there's one I'm eying.

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Pokemon: Politoed Power

About a big Bonsly...

So, as a newbie I'm still learning about the different merchandise. Imagine my shock and awe when I saw kylie_fanatic's sales post a little while back with a GIANT BONSLY, one of my top favourite 'mons. ;u; I learned it was a DX (Super DX? Or just DX?) Pokedoll, and I wanted it so bad. It's an understandably expensive plush, and August is getting closer, so I was thinking of dropping some less-than-subtle hints about wanting this Big Bonsly for my birthday. XD

Thing is, I need to know a price range so I can properly pitch this to family. e_e kylie_fanatic was asking $80 -- is that the usual sort of price? I'm hoping for one as mint and untouched as possible. If it had no hang tag but was still mint otherwise would it drop the price by much? The ideal price, I think, would be $100 shipped, but a bit over (or under pfff) would be doable.

And finally, are there any of you who have this Bonsly in mint condition and would consider parting with it at the start of August? I'd love you foreverrr ♥♥ This plush is my biggest grail *w*

MPC4 Group Buy!

Okay Everyone myself & omgitslph bring you this Group buy!


These guys are coming from YJ! and are being sent to omgitslph Who is doing the buying/shipping

Each plush will be around $10 before fees & international shipping


Servine - Claimed by spideyroxas
Dwebble - Claime by slowpuff
Tirtouga - Claimed by tyltalis
Trubbish - Claimed by astron
Deerling - Claimed by darkangellilith
Jellicent- Claimed by omgitslph

There will be 3 payments:
Payment 1: Payment for items from YJ!
Payment 2: Shipping from Noppin to omgitslph
Payment 3: Shipping from omgitslph to You

All of them have been claimed! And it's been BIN'd from YJ! so look out for the payments post =)

Also anybody waiting to hear about the Tomy GA I'm now getting it sorted! so please be on the look out soon!
Galvantula and Joltik

Group Buy? + new love?

 First thing, just wanted to say that I had exams today and could not ship out your items from Captainangel's GA yet, but now that I have more time (one more exam to go though), I will surely ship out your items within a week! <3
I apologize in advance for my delay! ;_;

Another thing now....lucario thought about me and found this on British eBay:

The title of these is: "Pokemon racer large launchers with figures," and I am pretty curious....of course, as a manta ray collector, I want the Mantyke....thing. Though I am curious at how it works and so on. So now my question is, would somebody be interested in the Pikachu one? It is for bids, but I don't think anybody else would be interested in these. It would be about 19.25$ with shipping included within the UK....so would somebody like to get the Pika part for 9.25$? :)
i won't get it probably if nobody else will :)

And now....I probably have a new love...

I think that's....partly thanks to [info]jirachi_chan6 with those pretty necklaces you made, I have a BIG thing for horoscopes, as I am Aries myself......and who could resist this cute cotton candy Pokemon? XD
Now my question, what merchandise does Whimsicott have so far?
I REALLY would like to get the pokedoll, and I have seen four sellers on eBay, all selling that Whimsicott pokedoll for 29.99$, BUT ALL four seller have the same picture......you think that it's still "ok" to get it from either of them? (of course, depends on their feedback and so on) I would love to get the Whimsicott pokedoll with all its tags :)

I started realizing that Generation 5 has a lot of Pokemon I love in quantity...........no other Generation there has such a big quantity of Pokemon I love as for Gen 5. Even the Best Wishes anime is so much fun atm (since I didn't enjoy the episodes from Generation 3 and 4)! <333
I didn't like Swadloon at first, but Ash Swadloon is so cute and kickass! <333
Cofagrigus creeped me out at first with its cry, now I think it's awesome! 
(I might end up getting too much Gen 5 merch......)

New gets/Zigzagoon wanted

Hello everyone! Look at my new stuff <3
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I am looking for zigzagoon merch. Anyone have anything?? :)

My Victini collection is coming along nicely. I have:
Pokemon Center Plush
MPC plush? (I am guessing that is what it is)
Bottle Cap
and just recently the kid!
squeeeeee! I still need the tomy figure and then everything else being released XD

Raise Bid Objection

Would like a list of all TCG that contains Farfetch'D

Hi everyone! The SEGAMew has return to post and ask about the Pokemon TCG. In all my years of Pokemon TCGing before Yu-Gi-Oh! screwed with the balance, I only remember one nonPokemon card which contains the elusive Leek Duck: Pokemon Trader. Besides the cards whose name is Farfetch'D, where there any Trainers, supporters, etc that contain Farfetch'D in the picture? Surely Pokemon Trader isn't the only card... right?

Looks like this week is a slow week for mail, or that the postal workers are slower than they usually are. I'm expecting 16 non-GA packages still >___>;;;; Oh gosh the credit card bills. Even so, I must have more Farfetch'D (and anything non TCG with Bill in/on it)

But anyway, to bookend this posting, I give you a funny image I saw in an auction:

Pikachu made a Babychu!

Sorry I thought it was pretty cute and amusing with te placement of the two plushies XD
ღ Pokémon // Rebirth

Marble GA was a loss

We got outbid pretty bad on this, I went up to £33 total (which is when I had to give up and it's what the auction ended at) when we raised about £25 alltogether. It's the first time I've ever seen that Ho-Oh marble in my years of searching, so I'm gutted. But we tried our best, yeah?

(If anybody on the community happened to win this auction, whether you want to speak up or not, I'm very interested in the Ho-Ohs.)
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Sugimori Clearfile Group Buy!

I do have a collection update coming soon, but I'm waiting for a little bit more in the mail, so that will come later.  Until then I think that there should be a fun little group buy!

Everyone loves Sugimori, everyone loves art, everyone loves clearfiles, everyone loves N, and everyone loves group buys!  This group buy will be for two THREE sets of the Sugimori clearfiles!  I will be claiming one of the Zekrom clearfiles for my friend (update: I'll be yoinking a Jirachi one too, unless someone else really wants it--speak up if you'd really like the third Jirachi file!~ :))--the rest are for you to claim!

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Clearfile claims:

N's Reshiram 1: mizuhokusanagi
N's Reshiram 2: fishnow
N's Reshiram 3: agkelikos
N's Zekrom 1:  forest_snivy
N's Zekrom 2: corn_dog_solo
N's Zekrom 3: darkangelilith
Shiny Charizard 1: krista0000
Shiny Charizard 2: dukeburger
Shiny Charizard 3: darkangelilith
Lati@s 1: eldareth
Lati@s 2: elisha1288
Lati@s 3:
Jirachi 1: neeko48
Jirachi 2: raikourai
Jirachi 3: forest_snivy
Rayquaza 1: nagaineko
Rayquaza 2: typhlogirl
Rayquaza 3: mizuhokusanagi
Lucario 1: shortcakemiddy
Lucario 2: elisha1288
Lucario 3: slatias
Darkrai 1: blackberrypie
Darkrai 2: ladylegsdarkrai
Darkrai 3:
Case 1:
Case 2:
Case 3:
(yes, the cases are up for claims too! :) They are the same price as the clearfiles!)
Crossed-out names have PAID :)

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask, and happy buying! :D