June 15th, 2011

shiny dog zukans up for grabs

hey again! apologies for posting the next day with another sale, but extenuating circumstances involving Father's Day this weekend and a sudden upcoming holiday forced my hand. the items are new and not from any prior sales post, so hope it is OK! anyway...

these are the items on sale today - tons and tons of legendary dog zukans, all NIP.

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thanks for reading!

custom plush slot auctions!

Heeeeyyyy there!
Im in need of having something variated to work on while I finish a commission, so I'll auction TWO slots (I also need the money..)
You will be bidding for a 6" custom plush, and a 12" custom plush :D
They are entirely handmade, btw!
I will make any poke as far as I can get the right materials..Feel free to ask me before bidding :)

Bidding ends on Wednesday 22nd at midnight (Argentina's midnight GMT -3)

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I also put my giant magikarp up for auction on eBay, you can check him here:

I will be making as collection update soon, when I get all ym custom cacneas >w>
Happy bidding!
sara; glasses

Miscellaneous Wants!

Hey guys! Me again, coming back with more wants! I actually have a full(er) wants list this time complete with pictures and what condition I'm looking for the items to be in! Currently, I'm looking for a lot, but am mostly looking for smaller things right now, such as figures and kids and maybe a plush.

I'm really looking for Johtodex charms, metal swing charms, can badges, dog tags, etc and the like! If you could hook me up with any of my big grails as well, I would love you forever! XD I'm also on the lookout for Bidoof/Bibarel, Miltank, Snubbull, Chansey and Drowzee/Hypno merchandise!

In the plush department, I'm really looking for a reasonably priced Arceus pokedoll. I'm looking to pay about $20-22 shipped if not less (I've seen some pretty cheap that I've missed out on D:). Can anyone hook me up? ^^ 
Thank you mizuhokusanagi! <33

Thanks everyone~

(Follow the fake cut to my wants list!)

Auctions! Arcanine, Puffs and keyrings!

First off... We won two of the Gothy Kids GA lots (one with Raichu, one with Glaceon), spreadsheet is here.
Payments to: elwoolley@blueyonder.co.uk - I will start sending reminders tomorrow. I have paid for the auctions we won and they're on the way to me.

Next.. I am offering an Arcanine plush custom for bidding. Click on the photo! He is starting at only $30

THEN.. I am also Auctioning two pre-made puffs (Dittogoose and Umbreon)..
AND three custom slots - two for one puff, and the third for your entire team! Click either photo! Puffs start at $5 each.

And finally, if plush are for sissies and you prefer the more metal side of things, this nifty little keychain GA has just started, with each keychain only $1 starting. Click the photo to get started!


Hi everyone! I'll finally start taking orders for plushes/pokedolls (finally learned the difference between the 2 =x). I will be purchasing them this coming Sunday.  I will be be dropping by this week in case they are out of certain ones or in case they get new ones. They have the large ones (Turtwig/Piplup/Chimchar/Pikachu/Zekrom/Reshiram)  but I don't plan to buy them unless there is a lot of interest for them since I'll need to find the appropriate boxes for them to fit in. Since this is my first store run, I'm going to keep it small and only accept 10 orders.

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2nd English TCG set announced!

From Serebii.net (now, I hope they announce new promos and tins soon!)

"The Pokémon Company has just announced the release of the next TCG set in the west. This set; Black & White: Emerging Powers is due for release this August 31st with 98 cards. These cards are the remainder of the cards from the Black & White collections in Japan as well as the inclusion of the Battle Strength Decks featuring Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion. It also has the special artwork cards for Tornadus and Thundurus. Finally, it has two theme decks due for release August 17th; Toxic Tricks & Power Play based on Scolipede and Krookodile respectively. In addition to that, like the previous set, this set includes codes for the Pokémon TCG Online game. We'll bring more details including setlists as August hits."

For some reason I can't upload the image of the new wrappers, I keep getting "

Method Not Allowed

The requested method GET is not allowed for the URL /interface/webupload." 
>_> Anyone else getting this, I've never had trouble with uploading pics before!

http://www.serebii.net/card/emergingpowers.jpg  <----wrappers seen here!

houndoom and slowpoke

Crochet Plush Commissions- Now OPEN!

Hello, comm! Well, no collection updates today... Instead, I'm excited to once again officially open new slots for my Pokemon crochet doll commissions! <3

Please click on the banner to get to my commission thread; I'll only accept commission requests from that thread. <3 Be sure to read the rules and guidelines! (You can also see more examples of my work on deviantart.)

I'm only opening three slots at this time, and its first come, first served! I may open a waitlist if there are more requests. <3

Prices range from $45-60 and vary based on the complexity of the Pokemon (ex, Voltorb will be much cheaper than Reshiram, lol). $15 is needed upfront to reserve the slot and pay for materials; shipping charges are then determined at the end. Please don't hesitate to ask me for a quote for a certain plush! ^^

I plan on rearranging my collections in the near future, so I'll hopefully have a more interesting post for you guys later on. <3 For now, this is all I got. xD So, see you guys later!

(Again, please click the banner and post commission requests in THAT thread, thank you!!)
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Canada Post issues


So, they decided that they are getting in a full strike, even though yesterday I was assured that the mail would be regular during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

They also don't inform us when the strike ends.

For you that are participating on any GA/GB that I did (blocks, lottery prize and dex figures), this is how it's going to work:

For the Dex GB, the package was already sent. If it doesn't arrive before I leave, my friend will send the package for me, in Brazil.

For the participants of both GAs, I ask you what you'd rather me to do: try to wait and hope that it arrives on time, or contact Noppin to change the address? None of the packages arrived yet on their office. Pleeeeeeeeeease let me know what you think, I will make a final decision based on that, and I need to make it quickly (before the stuff arrives in their office).

For you people that sent me stuff on the past two weeks, I will ask my friend to send the parcels to Brazil, and contact you if he gets it.
If it gets lost, I will contact you to try to recover the package.
If you didn't send my stuff yet (on my spreadsheet, lampent  andtyltalis  didn't ship them yet. If you did, please let me know, and if anyone out there didn't send my packages yet, please don't ship it and contact me)

For the people that I send packages on the past few days, don't worry, they are all out of the country, so the strike will not affect you.
I'm going to the post office tomorrow and try to get more information about it. Until yesterday everything was okay.
I'm really really sorry for everybody that is going to be affected by this, but I can't do anything if Canada Post is, excuse me the word, a dick.
And good luck for us all.

(no subject)

hi guys :) i know you've heard alot from me these past few weeks, but i LOVE pokemon!!! But is there a difference between the velboa vaporeon 2005 and 2007? I know that they are the same, but i noticed that the vaporeon 2005 was an indigo blue at the top of it's head and the 2007 one has more of a dusty blue...which one is worth more? is one better than the other?
thanx u guys :)))))
Pokemon - Jigglypuff&#39;s balloon

Sales/Offers reminder & meme

Hello all!

Just posting up a reminder about my sales and offers post. I have up for offers: Arena Adventure playset, Medicham Line Zukan, Manectric Line Zukan, Banpresto Probopass UFO, Banpresto Glameow UFO and Banpresto Cyndaquil. Offers end Saturday 18th 5pm EST. There are also a lot of merch up for direct sale! Please check it out :D

Click the banner or here to get to the sales post!

And here's a meme to make this post less boring :)

I have been going through my collection, and took a picture of the first Pokemon merchandise I ever got :D

It was when Pokemon first became popular, and I hadn't a clue what it was about. I was out with my friends and they bought a pack of sliders. My interest was piqued by the pack with a small pink round cutie that I found out soon after was a Jigglypuff. So I bought that pack and ended up falling in love with all things Jigglypuff :D my favourite item of merch from the franchise is my Jigglypuff slider ♥

So, the meme is what was the first Pokemon merch you ever got your hands on? Do you still own it? Is it your favourite merch? :)


Part one: I would like to introduce my traveling partner. He goes on most of my adventures to various places and today we went to my old high school(just graduated YES) and then we went shopping and to Wendy's. But that story is for another time~

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Small sales

It sure has been a while since I last made a post to this community (to be exact, it's been 8 months) so I'm sorry I'm not bringing you a collection update this time around.

It's the whole "Gotta-wait-till-I-get-THIS-LAST-THING-in-the-mail" excuse. A pretty bad excuse when I keep buying new stuff XD

Instead I bring you a small sales/offers post!

I have Pokédolls up for sale and offer as well as some zukans, charms and clipping figures among other minor things.


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Please allow me a moment to make offer threads before making any replies, please ^_^ Done! Go nuts.
Espeon &amp; Umbreon

Introductory post!

Hello everyone! I recently joined livejournal after having lurked on your community for a little while and I have to say I was amazed at how friendly the community seems and how everyone is willing to help each other build their collections. It's nice to find a place where not everyone is only interested in buying, there's a real sense of friendship.

I decided to take pictures of my tiny collection to show you guys, and I hope in time to become an active and contributing member of the community. :)

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Any June Jakks mini plush sightings?

I'm really looking forward to the June Jakks, and I've been checking targets and toys R us's on off for the last couple weeks, but the ones near me don't have any mini plushes in stock at the moment. Has there been any sightings of the plushes?

I'm also wondering if anyone's going on a pokemon center run any time soon? I'd really like to purchase a few pokemon with you buttons. Most pokemon center stuff I just wait until they show up at the one in NYC, but I don't know if these will.
found them on sunyshore. thanks~

thank you!

Shipping information and rest of sales

Hey guys I'm a bit delayed on shipping due to the move, and catching the flu X_X I'm going to be shipping everything asap so don't worry!

This is the rest of my collection, I'm still hard up on money so I need to get rid of the rest of this. I will consider all reasonable offers.

I ship from the UK.


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Custom Trainer - Front

ModPost: Monthly Reminder

Alrighty, it's ModPost: Monthly Reminder time! I will be reiterating and covering rules that have been consistently broken and/or ignored lately. So please read this post thoroughly regardless if you are a new or tenured member.

Did you know you cannot post more than once a day?
Our community is extremely large, and by posting multiple times per day you are cluttering up the page. The only exception to this is if you’re posting about NEWLY ANNOUNCED MERCHANDISE. Otherwise, your post will be deleted. This rule does not mean you SHOULD post once a day every day. Please do not do this unless every single post has new and original material.

You didn't know? Please take the time to read our community rules before making your next post.

Did you know advertising/posting links to/encouraging to purchase bootlegged items is against the rules?
We do not condone supporting illegal sales. This rule does not bar you from posting about bootleg/fake/unofficial items in your collection; only the advertising of bootleg companies/sellers. You may sell bootleg items, as long as they are CLEARLY LABELED, only because the items are already purchased and no more money will be going back to the companies.

You didn't know? Please take the time to read our community rules before making your next post.

Did you know selling non-Pokemon related items on this community is no longer allowed?
We are a Pokemon collecting community. Non-Pokemon related items may no longer be sold on our community - no ifs, ands or buts. If you have a sales post on your personal journal please keep your non-Pokemon items on a completely separate post. If you do not want to do this you do not have any obligation to advertise your sales here. You may link to your non-Pokemon sales on a sales post hosted in your own LJ. Non-Pokemon items in GA lots are the one exception to this rule.

You didn't know? Please take the time to read our community rules before making your next post.

Did you know making posts asking who you owe money to is against the rules?
It is your responsibility to keep a record of your purchases/sales and contact members privately via LJ PM, email, or AIM.

You didn't know? Please take the time to read our community rules before making your next post.

Did you know posting links to auctions in progress (i.e. eBay, Y!J, ect.) are no longer allowed?
These posts are often called “cool yahoo japan/ebay finds,” and are often abandoned right after being posted. This is unfair to the people already bidding on these items who do not want their auctions advertised to add more competition.

You didn't know? Please take the time to read our community rules before making your next post.

Did you know excessive mini modding is against the rules?
A member breaking a rule should only be told once of their infraction. Feel free to copy/paste a rule from this page if you are unsure of how to be polite when pointing out rule-breaking. Notify either Gin or myself if something needs to be addressed. There is a big difference between friendly reminders and excessively mini modding.

EDIT: To clarify; we encourage friendly reminders - friendly reminders are not against the rules.

You didn't know? Please take the time to read our community rules before making your next post.

Did you know customs/artwork posts may only be done twice a month?
Customs Artists may only post about their custom work twice a month. Unless you are hosting an auction for a commission slot or a finished item, in which case you may post once advertising the auction and again as a reminder, for a total of FOUR custom posts a month. No, mixing your customs posts with your regular posts is NOT a loophole to get around this rule, sorry.

You didn't know? Please take the time to read our community rules before making your next post.

Did you know you are allowed only one reminder post per our community rules?
There is only need for ONE "reminder post" for your auctions/best offers/store runs/group auctions/anything you are running. We do not need a reminder once a day for a week about the same items. This rule applies to a post whose sole purpose is a reminder, simple text reminders added to your posts are not limited. This has been happening too much lately, especially with customs.

You didn't know? Please take the time to read our community rules before making your next post.

In fact... everyone, please take 5 - 10 minutes and reread our community rules. It is shameful that I've had to post a reminder about so many of our community rules.

Also for those with sales permission - if you've accepted someones offer on an item (or items) only to later decline it because you received a higher offer... this is completely unacceptable behavior. Gin is currently on vacation, but I will be working with her to add this to the rules. If you wanted more money for the item(s) you SHOULDN'T accept an offer. If you DO accept an offer then you need to follow through with that commitment. I've seen this a lot lately and to be frank, it's ridiculous and unprofessional. Anyone I see who is doing this will have their permission to sell on this community temporarily revoked until Gin and I come to a conclusion to either allow you to retain your sales permission or if you will be permanently banned from selling.

Thank you and remember...

Scraggy we are watching you. ♥


Before I try and put my Reshiram DS case on eBay, the one from the Black Reshi/Zekrom DSi bundle.. I wanted to see if anyone had the Zekrom case that wanted to trade? :) I wanted the black DSi, but I collect Zekrom not Reshiram and would prefer having his case for my collection.

I thought this would be the best place to ask!

Its this one:

Looking for a Whimsicott Pokedoll!

Hermit Crab

Happy Magnemite Shop -- Closing Sale

Hey guys! I have not been very active on here lately :( I just graduated college and, having moved back home, realize that I can't keep carrying my entire Pokemon collection around anymore. That means dropping the side collections. I am keeping all of the magnets! And also my Ludicolos, I love them too much to get rid of them. I am also planning on getting as much Dwebble stuff as I can (I already missed two group buys for his MPC plush! Aaah.) But I justify getting new things by adding Dwebble to my slowly growing hermit crab collection. (Hermit crabs are my favorite things.)

So without further ado, here is what is likely to be my last sales post!

FOR SALE: Regigigas, Electabuzz line (including Electabuzz bell plush), Reuniclus, Mankey line merchandise

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I am going to bed now! I will respond to new comments tomorrow.

Do you like Scolipede and Reuniclus customs?

I know I do! And today is your chance to own them if you so wish! I am taking offers on two GORGEOUS customs. One is OOAK never to even be attempted ever again. The other has four brothers, but is the last I will EVER be making.

These are currently for offer. I will put an end date on them once interest dies down.

Offers and more pics here: http://touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/649064.html

Scolipede is OOAK he is also 11 inches by 14 inches and is part beanie (and weighty, this guy is HUGE compared to what I normally make)
He also appears more pink in this photo than he actually is o_O;;

Reuniclus is unclaimed and now homeless. Won't you give him a home?

I also have a pattern for sale that's perfect for your horse, deer, etc Pokemon needs :D only 10.00

So come on down and check these out! http://touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/649064.html