June 16th, 2011

Seeking various used/new poke plush and tomy figures :)

Here is my super long list of plushies and tomys I'm seeking. Willing to pay cash via paypal and I live in the USA.
The tomys  $3 each price range? and the plushies name your price but I dont want to go over $20 I also have a play by play giant evee plushie if anyone wants to trade for him and a few other pokemon stuff. :)


-audinos, ~preferably seeking the non pokedoll one
-corsola (UFO banpresto one)
-duskoll jacks
-raichu canvas plushie 
-pikachu CANVAS plushie
-celebi (tomy plush)
-glaceon tomy plush
-deerling pokecenter
-vanillite pokecenter
-vulpix canvas (last on list lol)



ponyta,lumineon, tropius, togekiss,leafeon,glaceon,serperior, zebrastrika,audino,whimiscott,deerling,sawsbuck,vanilite (and all forms),litwick,chandelure,meloetta, munna

(for whichever ones are available)

u mad? maggyo

things and more things

First of all, movie theatre goods revealed! You can check them out on the official site. Really want that metal Zekrom charm... :D

I also scanned a full-color image of the movie zukans. Pretty sweet. I'll have a bunch of extras from the Zekrom set for you guys XD

Last but NOT least -- I have the new Pokedolls in stock. Notice they won't ship until June 27th! If any particular doll goes out of stock have no fear, I will restock as soon as I get back.

Thanks guys! Off to California for me! (And Cilan, Stunfisk and Tynamo!)

WANT: Soft Pokeballs for Pokemon Gangsta Nerd


Hello Fellow Pokemon Collectors!  For my show above, I'm thinking about doing animated intros using Pokemon Toys. I read that McDonald's will be offering them at the end of this month but I know they won't have any Pokeballs... Or so I heard.

I need soft fluffy Pokeballs. Something I can throw in someones face and not have to worry about it. Does anyone have anything like that?

I'm also showing off the new episode because I haven't posted here since episode 2. HAHA. If you like it subscribe. n_n
n - omg so much love
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Feedback question!

 If there are multiple people co-hosting a GA, who should I leave feedback for? ;;

EDIT: Thank you for your answers, everyone! I think I'll leave feedback for both people, because they worked together to make the GA possible! ;u;

Jolteon pokedoll want :)

Soo I'm looking for this Jolteon Pokedoll mint with tag, does anyone have it up for sale?
I was 2nd in line for one this week but the first person decided to buy it so now I'm looking for someone who wants to part with it too :)

It was on sale for $30,- shipping included so I'm hoping to buy it for that amount (or less lol)

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Eeveelution Pokedoll GA Payment 2! + Custom Progress List

Hey guys! Sorry this is late. This was supposed to be up yesterday, but my internet keeps cutting off for some reason. If this post doesn't post, I will attack something message you each individually, I guess, since I do need this payment. xD But yes. In case you're waiting on payment or something, I'm so sorry for being slow. My internet is like LOL SUCKS TO BE YOU and keeps cutting off. I'm surprised I've been able to post this. xD

Anywho, this GA! Shipping invoice from Noppin has finally arrived!

I divided shipping by how many Pokedolls you won, which is why some of the numbers are different. ;3 The spreadsheet can be found here: spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc

And again, all payments should be made to rlin4992(@)gmail.com! Please include your username and your zipcode/country in the notes so I can calculate shipping from me to you there! ;D And if you want me to send your Pokedoll in something other than a bubble mailer (with cardboard around the tag, and in a plastic bag to protect from water/moisture), please let me know ASAP! For those of you who won two Pokedolls (actually, there's only one of you), and since you're international, do you want it in a little box instead?

Also, for the Epic Plush GA I hosted, the payments can be found in this post right here: pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/9457057.html 
Payments will be made to my cohost, NOT to me! So don't send it to me, or else I'll spend your money. >D Just kidding. I'll just cancel the transaction, haha. 

And one last note... SERIOUSLY. Somebody has to want a Patrat/Watchog Zukan. xDDDD If you know ANYBODY looking for one, let me know, haha. Tell them to message me or something. 

Collection update soon to come! ;D

Edit: I thought I'd include my progress list, in case you guys are wondering how the charms are coming along. Again, I super apologize for the delay. My life has just kind of been absolute chaos lately. @__@ Slowly getting back on track!

-mizuhokusanagi (Juniper and Fennel, style 1) - 100% - Paid
-gabrielvalient (Shiny Charizard and Arcanine, style 2) - 50% PAID
mizuhokusanagi (Juniper and Fennel, style 1) - 90% PAID
-[info]layfonumbreon (Red, style 1) - 10% PAID
-lovelychu (Trainer OC and Whimsicott, style 1) - 0%


Looking for Magikarp Taiyaki Maker

Hi, I'm new here and was wondering if anyone knows where I could buy this? It's not made anymore as far as I can tell and when I search all I can find is other people wondering where to buy it.

EDIT: Rocket_chick: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/7244788.html
Growly: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/1277929.html
and Meowthcollector: http://meowthcollector.livejournal.com/5746.html
each have one. Rocket_chick got hers on Yahoo Japan for around 3.000 yen and Growly got hers for aorund $50 with shipping on a similar Japanese selling-stuff site.
On some Japanese blog, someone saw it at one point on Rakuten.

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S Greninja Pokedoll

Small collection update!

Hey guys! I wanted to share some of my recent gets today. :D I'm going to be focussing a lot more on Reshiram and N for my main collection(s) too, my first big want being those Sugimori things surprisingly enough. |D I'm particularly interested in the notebook and/or mug, but the ones I've seen have been out of my budget at the moment, so I'll have to save and hope they're still around. I missed out on the clearfile group buys lately, but I'm hoping I might be able to nab at least the Reshiram one day.

For now, some things from my other collections! :3

Collapse )

That's all for now, thank you so much for being an awesome community! ;; <3

Scolipede and Cell bids ending tonight at 11:00 (NYC time)

For every bid within five minutes of end time, 10 minutes will be added to keep it fair. I've decided to end these tonight since there doesn't seem to be much interest and so I can get them out ASAP :)

Go here to bid and for infos: touchfuzzybug.livejournal.com/649064.html

Scolipede could be in YOUR mail box :D

(sun has really brightened the colors in this photo >.>;; )

Wants! (again, but I know what I want now) XD

MY WANTS POST (at last...)
The all important wants post.
This is where the magic happens, people :)
1 = highest want.


1. Banpresto Cyndaquil UFO 2010

Will pay up to $25

2. Custom Quilava plush

Something a bit like this, about 12" long and cuddly :)
Willing to pay up to $60

3. 1/1 scale Tomy Cyndaquil plush

Will pay up to $35

Too expensive :(

4. Tomy Cyndaquil 2009

Will pay up to $20


None right now.

Thank you for looking, and comment if you want to take away my money :)
I need this stuff more than I need the money anyway :)


Thank you for everyone who's commented - I now know just how rare the 1/1 is o.O

Radioactive Minun Kids GA!

I spy with my little eye... WE WON! Discounts and totals as soon as Noppin emails me.

I am only claiming two figures - Arcanine and Dialga. Tempted as I am by the tasty goodness of Mightyena and Altaria..
I know there are collectors here more desperate than me!

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Also, anyone waiting on news about the Gothy Kids GA, there's been an unfortunate hiccup - The seller has sent me a package full of GoGo Crazybones instead of the kids.
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Other ongoing auction links:

Custom Arcanine Plush Auction!
Custom Pokepuff Slots!

McDonald's Pokemon toys!

First thing I want to say is...these are HUGE! They are bigger than Jakks figures 0_0
I highly recommend Tepig, Oshawott, Snivy and Pikachu!
Zoroark is very derpy XD Poor thing..
All the cards are holo! I know right?!
I am selling Zoroark, Reshiram, Zorua and my extra cards!
Can't wait to go to McDonald's tomorrow. Hope they put up posters!

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All for sale but 1 Oshawott and 1 Tepig

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Will trade for Zorua <3

auction reminder :) 24 hours left!

Quick reminder on this auction, it ends tomorrow, at some point ^^; just when the intereste dies down really.
So you know ive pulled Suicune from the auction cause I actually kindda like his creepy face xD But he had no bids anyway. Entei still needs to be started :)

Auction in link below!!

Also shipping status! I got most of my USA items shipped out...Monday? And my UK Europe items too. I will be posting the rest of the GA items this saturday so keep an eye out for your retsuden stampers in the post people! <3
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Battrio GB #4 and #5

There's at least 200 Battrio to claim.

These are ALL a guaranteed win. Payment is due when you claim. (or within a few hours of when I give you your quote, if I'm late giving you your quote due to being asleep or away from the computer) I will not take late payments.

Please link the picture with your claims so that I can figure out which one you mean. Each battrio is $1. If we get enough claimed, this will include shipping from Japan to me.

All community rules apply. Sales permission was granted by dakajojo .

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Cupcake Eeveelution Paintings Auction

Hey guys I decided to do a few small paintings over this past week and wanted to put them up for auction. Each painting is 3"x4" and done with Gouache paint. I think these little guys are so adorable eating there cupcakes and I plan on doing one of each of the eeveelutions (I already have them all sketched just not painted yet ;D). I am also auctioning off a custom slot for any pokemon nibbling on any treat you would like.

Here is a link to the auction with larger pictures

Please stop by and check it out XD!!!

Another McDonalds post!

Well, after the post earlier on the eBay post, I was skeptical if I wanted to go that route, just in case they were stolen goods :( But looks like fortunately now I don't have to! I've had to stay indoors for a few days from a nasty cold, and my boyfriend was awesome enough to check out McDonalds, knowing I wanted them! Apparently the worker there was REALLY nice and opened the box in the back and went through and got all of them out! So... I guess it depends where you go if they would even be available right now or if you can even pick them out. For me, it was a special gift in the middle of being sick <3 (At first he brought me a Happy Meal that had a Megamind toy inside. I was like "awww..." and then he brought in a WHOLE Happy Meal box full of the toys! Awesome!!) Collapse )
Splashing Lapras


First of all, I was wondering whatever happened to that Pokemon Collectors zipper pull  pathtag contest? I didn't ever hear about who won or where/when we could buy the zipper pulls. D:

Secondly,sales! My shipping days will be Saturdays and Tuesdays. I have oodles of black and white Jakks, so come and take them away!

Quick Want & Question! <3

Hello Community! I hope everyone is having a nice day ^__^

Just stopping by quickly to see if by any chance anyone has one of these little guys that they could sell. He has evaded me ever since I started collecting! So much want. *3*
 Found! Thank you so much pokepalace <3

On another note, I've been rearranging my collections on my shelf a lot lately, even spending hours at a time arranging them to my liking. How much time do you all spend arranging your pokemans? Share teh stories >:3

Also, expect a long overdue update in the next month. Perhaps sooner *looks at knienke