June 17th, 2011

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GA statuses and marill collection - MARILL WITH GLASSES OHHHH YEAH~

OKAY so because I've had a few people asking about GA statuses... I'm going to do what I should be doing and post a little status update! (not complaining about the people who were questioning me, I'm thankful because you reminded me I should be doing this!!)

Captainangel's GA

mariahpixie has not received the items yet! since it's being shipped from the UK to the US, this is prolly why. Once she does one of us will alert the participants. I know we're all excited to be getting some awesome items but please be patient! Thanks again to captainangel for letting us GA the lot!

Rainbow GA

roxiexcore has received this GA recently and is working on getting shipping totals and supplies. So please be patient with her ^^ sorry for not updating you all sooner!

aaaaand for the shiny sticker GA I held recently... unfortunately I don't know when I'll be receiving the stickers (Canada post lockout/strike stuff). I put in a shipping request to SMJ the day before the lockout, so... yeah ;__; hopefully it'll all be settled soon.

aaaaand I wanted to share some Marill gets and some work in progress photos of sorting my collection! I am kinda embarrassed to show how messy my Marills are but I will share the photos with you because I know some of you love seeing collection photos! xD

first here is a preview of some customs I got! <3 <3 gotta click the cut to see them more clearly ;D

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SO YEAH Marills with glasses are ttly awesome. I will be seeking out more customs in the future when I don't owe SMJ so much money and my soul

and my monthly loltastic get!

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and a mini progress update on my Marill display! it's A MESS
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ANYWAY hope you enjoyed my terribly boring and long update post at least a little!

long story short, MARILL IS AWESOME.

...and I still want a Trubbish plush.
Venu Pokedoll

A bit later than I wanted, buutttt..


Links to the original auction are fun.

Please send your payment to pannsie(@)live.com.au, put Battrio GA Payment 2 in the title, and remember to include your username in the note! 8D
Also, be a darling and mark that you've paid on the spreadsheet?


Oh my god I have an epic collection update in the works. You have no idea.
For now, take a picture of this Tepig.

Or should I say...
Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

(no subject)

Just making a quick post to let you guys know that I shipped all paid packages save for zealey (because Canada strike) and itsmemaa (since you are moving soon). Any payments received now will have to wait to be shipped until I come back from CA on July 6th.

I will have a glorious post when I return, full of finished plush and gets. 8)
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Fun Sugimori Group Buy Reminder~ Card Sleeves News~

This is the reminder post for this Group Buy of not one, and no longer two, but three! sets of Sugimori clearfiles~ We need to have all of the clearfiles (and cases! don't forget the lovely cases!) claimed soon so you can receive them soon :D There is still a Darkrai & Dialga & Palkia file left, and there are TWO Lati@s files and TWO cases remaining! ;A; All the files and cases love you very much, so please claim them and give them good homes! :D You can claim as many as you'd like now, because the number of claims has gone down a tad.  And remember, the first payment will be $7.39, and then a second payment later will be for shipping!  This is a very good chance to get these beautiful clearfiles for a good price! :D

"Please claim us!  We are beautiful and want to live with you!" ;n;

In other news, knock on wood I received my beautiful extra N's Reshiram notebook yesterday~ I will be taking some pictures later, because for some reason I forgot to mention in my previous posts that the notebooks have those small ribbon bookmarks attached to the spine--once I receive my wonderful happy file boxes I will make a big collection update post and include pictures of what I'm talking about :)

I also didn't see any sort of update on the new card sleeves, but Hardrock-Pokemon has a lot in stock (not the Skyla and Cheren ones, although I can't wait for those either! x3 they are probably coming later though)

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Thank you all for looking! :D

New Store Website! Loads Of Black & White Singles

 Okay, so I finally have my website up and running and thought it would be easier to just direct you guys there when new items get stocked. I have many new black & white singles available so be sure to check them out :)

Oh, the categories are a little cluttered at the moment but will have it fixed soon. I'm also converting everything over to calculated shipping instead of a fixed price. So if the shipping seems high, it probably is and you should let me adjust the invoice.

Please don't purchase any of the new Pokemon Black & White Jakks as they're not available and I don't know if they'll ever be :/

Anyways, without further a do ----> Simplytoyz.com

decided on a grail for myself...

 ...and it is the 1:1 Totodile plush <3

Oh man, I didn't even know that he existed till the other day (idk why though, since I was well aware of the Cyndaquil one :P), and askdjlafj he has got to be the absolute most amazing thing I have ever seen ;-;

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever be able to afford one XD; It seems like they go for, what, $80 at the LEAST? Yeah, I don't think I could ever bring myself to spend that much on a plush, as amazing as that Toto might be :< But who knows! Maybe someday~

If anyone knows of any for sale, feel free to let me know! I doubt I'll actually be able to purchase anything for now, but I'm still interested in seeing ones for sale..X3

I'm also interested in what you guys have for your own grails! So feel free to share - I'd love to see! :D

McDonalds Toys!!!

I am so excited to own a full set! It was only like 14.57 for all 8! They are amazing and BIG! Bigger than Jakks! I've made a video detailing all that they can do and their looks below! Please mute it as there's just background useless noise.

On that note, I got all the cards I wanted! (Alomomola, Snivy, Tepig, Maractus, Munna) except one. Does anyone have the Oshawott they'd be willing to trade? I have Snivy, Tepig, and Pidove to trade! Will trade multiples. Also looking for Audino, but mostly I just want that Ott.

I had every intention of buying these to resell, but they've won me over and I'm keeping them all!



Hey all, I just wanted to get my wanted list out there again... in case some kind soul wants to help out. I'll post a collection update soon.. there are still packages on their way!
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Pokémon marked with an * should be on their way. I'm looking for Japanese versions only.
I'm also planning on starting a Zorua and Zoroark side collection. What kind of items do they have? Anything unique? I know they have two zukans... and I want those, of course.

I'm also interested in this figure:

What does it usually cost?
whats going onnnn

feedback, sales, and a berry special firecrotch

Hey, long time no see!

First off, to those of you who bought something from me, can you please leave me feedback? While you're at it, link me to your feedback page as well! If you don't remember if you did, I have people's comments who didn't leave me any still on my sales page. Thanks!

Other than that, I will eventually make an updated collection/findings post. In the meantime, here's a sales post image link and a special McDonalds Reshiram vid under the cut:



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serious want ;u;

hi everyone~! hope everyone's been well~ i have a serious want right now and i'm desperate to have one ;u;
i'm looking for a Groudon pokedoll. i am bidding on one currently but i am so bad at auctions, it will most likely be sniped from me at the last second (they do that EVERY FREAKIN TIME)

so i was wondering if anyone has one they would like to sell.
it would mean SO much to me.

even if i win that one and buy one from someone here, that would be totally all right. xD

i'm also looking for a Kyogre, but i really, really would like Groudon.

thanks all!