June 18th, 2011

Shipping Done and getting ready for new offers!

Shipping is done, so I am going to take a few breathers before I put up the new offers. =3

Also pretty much everything people have asked for has arrived, so feel free to request a early shipping quote (and beat the rush) if you know the general price. =)

Here is a summary of arrived items,

Pokemon Center Pixel Art Series (charms, clear file, key chain, pins)
Pokemon Center Cafe Series (clear files, charms, pins, Dr. Grip, cushion!)
Pokemon Center Pokedoll/Plush (Vanillite, Gothita, Cottonee and earlier releases)
Ken Sugimori Clear File Folio 

MPC Set 1 through 3 (maybe even 4)
Fighting Key Holder Figures
UFO Plush Backpack

Plamo - everything from No 1 to the latest Kibago/Axew set
And the OD version of the dragons

All the TTA and Bandai capsules (sets only).

Tomy released MC and plush are all in.

Anyways, that's all I can remember right now.  Please ask if you don't see what you are looking for. =)

BTW, I will take care of the two special orders shortly. ^_^;;

long over-due collection update, and some sales!

 I know, I know. It's been literally forever ;___; I have been here ;D lurkin' around like a creeper :C I did that thing I always do, where I want to do a collection update for ages, but I keep ordering cool stuff ;[ it's mostly Pokédolls, and a few new Rais! <3

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New talky plushes!

Not sure if these have been shared yet. According to HobbySearch and AmiAmi blogs there are new Pokemon goods being showcased at 2011 International Tokyo Toy Show. I just had to squee when these plushes are announced:

Victini talky plush! And the dragons look like the large TakaraTomy plushes announced earlier.
I expect these to be released next month (July) nearing the release date of the upcoming movie.

Emonga talky plush~
Release date is sometime around October.

I really love both talky plushes, it's so hard to choose which one!
Zoro Derp

Just a quick reminder

Hello everyone! Really quick reminder that this GA ends in roughly 13 hours from now at 1 am EST tomorrow.

Click the pic or here to be transported!

Sorry I haven't been posting with particularly exciting things lately. XD; But I WILL be doing some quick sales as well as showing off some of my gets very soon (since I haven't even done a freaking collection update *derp*), so stay tuned for that! :D

Reminder Auction ending tonight

Hey guys, this is just a reminder that my cupcake paintings auciton is ending tonight. There are still no bids on any of these cuties. Each painting is 3"x4" and done with Gouache paint. I think these little guys are so adorable eating there cupcakes and I plan on doing one of each of the eeveelutions (I already have them all sketched just not painted yet ;D). I am also auctioning off a custom slot for any pokemon nibbling on any treat you would like.

Here is a link to the auction with larger pictures

Please stop by and check it out XD!!!

Sales and Customs post!

I would've added a collection post for this but I'm currently packing so....I'll probably post that in a few months after I move!

Anyway, as to not overfill this post, here's the links to the individual journals- (click the links to be transported!)





I made a trip to Mcdonalds for their toys and sadly the 3 different ones I went to only had Pikachu! How do you guys find them all? DX

Thanks for looking! Have a great day!

Sales Permission granted on 3/17/11 by dakajojo 
Gintoki ♥
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Intro and Collection

Hello!!! I am new and this is my first post. I will be showing you some of my collection. Though all my Pokemon items are kind of scattered around my room and not all grouped together, so I'll only show some of it. So I've loved Pokemon forever, but never really got into like serious collecting stuff until a year or two ago. I think when SoulSilver came out I got extra obsessed with it, far more then I've ever been. And then Black and White came out. So my obsession has grown.

I haven't really collected any specific Pokemon, just kind of stuff I like. Though I love the Tsutarja line and have some items from it, and just recently ordered a few more, which have yet to arrive!! I love Gyarados and for some reason I also love Magikarp! There arn't many Gyarados items out there, I only have a few tomy figures of both Gyarados and Magikarp. My grail is the Shiny Gyarados plush and Shiny Magikarp plush. Though mostly the Gyarados one! I would love to own it!!! Ah~! So that's my want... I am keeping my eyes open for it... I would also like to find that Gyarados Zukan...

Let's see, there are a bunch of other Pokemon that I love: Breloom, Mudkip,Lugia, Ampharos, Tabunne, Eevee evolution, Raichu, Octillery, Wooper, Mew, Reshiram, Dunsparce, Urugamosu, .... Just to name a few. Haha.

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finished commissions and a wee auction


scoliopede get's it's own picture because he was already mailed out when this other pic was taken XD

just a quick post showing off the commissions i finished for this month ;) if you want to see more pictures, feel free to peruse my photobucket:
http://s46.photobucket.com/albums/f130/channingw/ (there are a few other pictures mixed in there, i need to clean it out >.<)

ALSO that umbreon and vaporeon you see there are up for auction at my journal if you want them: 
 thanks for looking! :)

Sales update! Help us buy a TCG booster box!

 Hey everyone! Firstly, if you've bought from your sales, your items have been shipped apart from 2-3 people I need to talk to (pm's are on their way!)

And secondly, we've lowered prices and added a bunch of rare items to our sales, as me and my boyfriend want to buy a triumphant booster box! Items include articuno and zapdos zukans, a raichu tafetta plush, espeon halloween plush, registeel pokedoll figure and more! Click the banner or the sales link to go!


Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaales! Low prices and stuff

I seriously lowered prices, I mean...seriously. It's so ridiculous that you should have a looksee :P
On another note, I love my Pikachu toy from McDonalds <3
New items include
Poochyena plush MWT! (shipping included if domestic)
Pokemon McDonald's toys, keychains, etc etc.

I am having issues with the post office right now. I don't know if they raised rates or if I was doing this wrong the whole time and now suddenly they caught on, but packages were returned to me today. Ones that were shipped on 6/10/11. So if you participated in the COLORFUL KIDS GA hosted by me and breethezebra , or just won some keychains from my Tomy Keychain Auction, your package may be delayed. If I get them back then I will contact you and reship the next day with proper postage, at no extra charge to you. Everything has been shipped and the participants affected have been contacted. If you have no PM's from me, then you should be getting your item shortly! If it doesn't arrive within a week (domestically) then it is probably on its way back to me. So hang in there with me. We will get this fixed! INTERNATIONAL NOT AFFECTED!!! This is domestic only!
To ease my mind please leave feedback here if you have already received your items. If not then I will be on the lookout until late July XD Don't put that evil on me Ricky Bobby!

a pink, blue eyed cutie / wants / possible future sale?

first, something i recently received from kurai_tsuki7 about a week ago...

very cute! i adore it. it came with a hang tag and everything but my rabbit chewed it off, the silly little thing! it's alright though because i like my plush without tags to be honest. i like loving on them. thank you, dear.

i don't like considering myself a collector because i mainly buy plush to love on and snuggle when i'm sad, hence why my collection is small and why i will probably never post it here. for this reason, i take quite a liking to large/DX  plush. if you are wanting to get rid of some big plush that is possibly loved, let me know! i don't have a ton to spend so i would actually prefer tagless, loved plush. my favorite companion has been my big elekid pillow whom has been a comfy, constant friend post-dental surgery healing.

my grail is the DX bonsly. i favor the fluffy raichus and other round, fluffy pokemon :) if it makes for a good place on my bed, i want it :3 customs are also considered, of course, because i know many people make them bigger. it will be hard for me to consider some though, because i know they can be fairly pricey..


with that said, i am thinking of selling my DX UFO darkrai or possibly trading it. i do not have sales permission right now, but i'm wondering how much i could possibly get for it and what would be a good trade.

but yeah, that's all! thanks in advance if you can help me :>

Sugimori cear file sales and other things

Sales time! I didn't want to, but something came up. I got my debit card stolen and they overdrafted everything from the bank. =( It's cancelled now and everything is fine, but my funds are tied up pending investigation and I have my paypal smartconnect bill to pay in the next few days. Thank goodness I can use my paypal balance to pay it though SO -small- SALES <3


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Golbat FCS figure

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Quebec McD Toys/McD Wants

So I went to the McDonald's a few blocks away to see if they had the new B&W toys. They did, but [a little] sadly, only Pikachu and Reshiram.

Not too much of a loss, since I did want Pikachu and my brother is happy with Reshiram. What I do not know is if they will ever carry the other figures. I might go back July 2nd to see if anything has changed, but...

So I'm here now looking for:
Oshawott & Snivy (preferably bought together)
Also, if it's possible, their cards.

And a word about the Promo cards:

I'm guessing it's only in Quebec, and I don't really mind since it's neat having cards in other languages, it was simply a surprise to see the name on my card: Mascaïman (aka Sandile) with his attack "Tourbi-Sable".
(My brother got Zorua's card, who's name is the same in French.)

I will take pics soon, and I also need to take pics of my newest gets. I was waiting until a couple kids I had purchased arrived, but because of the strike they probably won't arrive for 2-3 weeks. *sob*

Collection Post

It has been a while since I posted here, so as an excuse to make a post I shall do a quick Collection update :P.

These are all my plush give or take a couple, which its the majority of my Pokemon collection.

Click the cut to view :3.

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American (?) Chou Get toy interest?

Hi, everyone!

On vacation visiting my cousin. On the 6 hour drive last night, we stopped at a rest stop where I saw these....

I was considering buying a few, then I dropped my phone...shattering the screen. So, we left. I am considering stopping by there on the way home tomorrow. Would anyone be interested in any of these? I don't know what they are...tiny figures? Which pokemon would you like (I obviously can't guarantee this)? And how much are they worth?

I do have sales permission, but I am updating from my phone (the one with the broken screen) so it us difficult to get that info at the moment. I also apologize for typos.

~ Risha

I keep editing the title of this as I receive more information about these via comments, btw. ^^;

Pickup info:

Okay! After a stressful trip to get these during which I almost wasted all the money I spent in these due to a broken machine and having to make three stops instead if one, I managed to get 9 of the figures. I was supposed to get 11, but things didn't work out that way.

So...the list:

Fan rotem
Arceus (x2)
Silver arceus
Silver regirock
Staraptor (I plan on keeping)
Silver riolu (I plan on keeping)
Mesprit? Or whatever the pink one's name is (I plan on keeping)
And....a Thomas the train (I have no idea why or how. X.x)

I actually got three of the four I liked. I had hoped to get mote rotom since ppl seemed to like them. I will work on pricing tomorrow.

Night! Lol
Pokemon: Politoed Power

custom get...?

My current collection of Pokemon merchandise consists of only the old toys I got as a kid, which is presently split up between boxes in my basement and boxes in our spare room, so I can't exactly show that yet, not that it would be terribly interesting to anyone in the first place. XD But when I do find a way to gather it back up and set it up somewhere, I'll post photos. In the meantime, I made something!

I hatched my first shiny Pokemon in White a little while back via Masuda method, and it happened to be a Cleffa. I wasn't terribly fond of Cleffa -- and actually thought the shiny sprite was pretty funny looking -- but now... I have a huge soft spot for it, and think the shiny is adorable. XD So, in order to celebrate her birth, I decided to bring her to life, if you will. I'm actually embarrassed to post these photos because she didn't come out very good and there are so many amazing plush makers on this comm. orz; But maybe someone can give me tips? Haha. I'm still new to making plushies. :)

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On a side note, I'm still after information or leads on the Bonsly DX Pokedoll (photo here, taken from kylie_fanatic)! I'd still love to get it in early August for my birthday, if at all possible~ My biggest grail <3
Pokemon - Buds


So those new pokedolls, guys. Pretty awesome holy crap!

I bring you SALES! Sales of McDonald's toys! Sales of Zukan! A Mightyena Chupa!

And some cards. But the non-flats are more awesome, right? Right!

So, under the mystical cut, you will find:
-Zukan! (Zoroark movie set)
-McD figures! (Starters and Zorua!)

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Buy buy buy! Look at all this awesome stuff!
Everyone needs an Ambipom zukan!
Emolga Dream World

small collection+awesomeness

PHEW. What a busy week and its not over yet, I have tons of art I need to get to, including 4 art gallery pieces due at the end of the month. X_X I know I shouldn't but I want to make a small collection update. Artwork can wait an hour. 8) Come see!

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And If you haven't guessed by Gin staying over my place, I will be going to the LA Pkmncollector' meet up. For those in CA and haven't read about the event click the bonochu! It will be my first meet up and I'm so excited to meet everyone there!